Thursday, March 31, 2011

Those Wing Nuts in Congress Aren't Even Pretending to be Lawmakers Anymore. They Have Gone Rogue!

House GOP: We don't need no stinkin' Senate.

Eric Cantor, a member of the House Republican leadership, suggested this morning that the House will pass a measure mandating that a House spending bill will become law if the Senate does not pass a spending bill of its own by next week.

I know there's some sort of legislative term bar from arrest. But geeze louize, there should be some provision beyond impeachment for this planned gang rape of the US Constitution by the Right Wing Nuts. Just for the record folks. It's on account of shit like this that I am so through giving the benefit of the doubt that the GOP is not an enemy of the Federal Government. It clearly is, and should be dealt with, as such. More I think about it, the more treasonous it seems. Does the bar against arrest still count if a congress critter commits an act of treason? I might look it up, later.

But just to make sure I say the point plainly, these people have to go. Maybe not to prison, but no one possessed of a right mind can think they are actually really trying to govern the nation. It's as plain as day. They are trying to dismantle it, at the state, federal and social levels. They have to go!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Amendment Extremist Immature Insane Batshit Crazies

One of the weird little issues that have popped up collateral to the whole Wisconsin melt down (for lack of a better way to say it,) is that some professor in the State University System has been harassed by a FOIA request by some GOP hack legislators. They are after certain emails, designated by certain key words. They claim the right to do so under some open records law. Ok. The opposition seems to be relying on the fictional, childish, extremist free speech ideology, and as well, "academic freedom." What silly assed bullshit. That. The opposition.

My heart goes out to the professor. But he apparently never had "that" conversation with a good lawyer. One as good as me. As I will explain. Before I get to the part where I quote myself and my counsel, I'll give the preface.

I have worked as a contractor, sub contractor, temp for so many years, it is not funny. I remember working at this one shop for a spell. I was on a team that was processing mass tort claims. We lawyers had our own work stations, email, normal Internet access, and shared paralegals (really liked that part.) And not only did management make it's use policy clear, the IT crew were more blatant. One guy told me point blank, yes we do monitor the Internet use policy. And that was cool. Meaning, it was legal. Why? Anything done on the employer's equipment, on the employer's network was their business to pry into. Simple rule, Ain't it?

Fast forward to my time as a union/employment lawyer. I would give "the speech," often. I would give "the speech," at the drop of a dime, even if not in context of the consult. Short version of the speech? I have typed part of it already. "Anything done on the employer's equipment, on the employer's network was their business to pry into." I took it another step further. I would tell people,"Assume your boss reads each and every email you send on work place equipment." If I were being even more particular I might throw in, don't even use a personal net mail account. They have the right to fire your ass for that. So don't even do that.

But here's the thing some morons do not get, even if they should know better. Just about every employer above a certain size has the same core Internet policy. You are only supposed to use their network and equipment for work related reasons. And breaking that rule is grounds for being fired. More to the point, though, most places above a certain size make you sign an E-policy form where all that shit is laid out. So no one has any cause to whine here. Or in a similar circumstance.

This is not about free speech. It is not about academic freedom. It's work place/employment law. It might not be kind. But there nothing ambiguous about it.

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How Messed Up is the Circus that is the Right Wing in America?

O'Reilly's The Adult in the Room.

Leastwise, according to Lawrence O'Donnell. Sorta. He's speculating that Bill O's trying to keep the batshit crazies on the margins, and make it more than less likely that the sane (should I say merely saner) candidates on the right have enough room to get noticed, or otherwise be heard. And not only Fox Not News, but even the rest of the media love a good freak salad sandwich with a side of weird slaw, over baloney and cheese on wonder bread. The freaks get the attention. And that is not good for sorta or at least more serious candidates on the right. Now O'Reilly trying for the status of Kingmaker? Well I can see it. He is not the dumbest person in a room full of right wingers. I have to admit that. He might have his head up his ass on a wide area of matters. But he still seems to have actual cognitive abilities. Unlike others (Palin, Bachmann, and so on . . . )

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quickies. What do You Call Reverse (Geographically) China Syndrome?

Do you call it Toledo Syndrome? I don't have a globe here, and I am not up for the math. Wait. Let me google it. Ok. I got a little obsessed there, worked it out and if that reactor in Japan that has melted the floor of the plant keeps melting shit until it comes out the opposite side of the planet, I expect it to come out off shore of Argentina. So call it South Atlantic Syndrome?

Moving on. Donald Trump is full on racist opportunist mode, with his birther whoring. I always thought there was something fundamentally shitty about him. Now I am convinced beyond any doubt of that.

Bill O'Reilly can't see the forest for the trees, re Mrs. Palin. Yes, she appears weak in not talking to the REAL press, but I don't think her poll numbers are down on account of that. They are down because even with out real reporters asking her real questions, she still comes across as some ignorant, snowbilly who's maximum brain power is equal to a bucket of snot.

Oh, and speaking of insulting Mrs. Palin, it's not necessarily sexist to use really harsh insults in her specific direction. It might be mean and nasty and meant to sting, ya. But it is not an indictment or slur against all women to viciously insult her for being no smarter than a bucket of snot, in the harshest terms possible. (Bill Maher is a Jersey boy. Love us or hate us, we usually don't do passive aggressive insulting. We call out a ho as a ho! If we really go old school we use the pronunciation who-ah.)

Anything else? Herman Cain. Kudos Herman. You have just proven as a concrete fact that yes, blacks can be every bit a racist as white folk. It's just that you happen to be a black wing nut racist.

Lastly, touching on one of my pet peeve topics of late. Yes Andrew Breitbart. We are trying to shut you up. You make us sick. And as opposed to wing nuts, who seem to believe in some childish, warped, redneck outlaw, unsophisticated and all the fuck ways hypocritical view on non-governmental involved free speech, we hold some values higher than that. For example, I would say my right to tell you to shut the fuck up means more to me than your right to be an obnoxious liar and rat fucking GOP hack badly masquerading as a journalist. But that is my explicit way of saying it. The more general liberal way of saying it, is society has a right to protect itself from being violated by shit like you. If society does not have the right to set standards, there is no real civilization. There's just outlaw rednecks, stinking up the joint. And we don't need any more of that, fuck you very much. Ok. I'll end there.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

"Why Do You Drink That Shit?"

Said the Irish da to his son. Well, that was in an episode of "Rescue Me." It's a TV show about NYC Firemen, and drinking. And I mean drinking. I recounted the scene to a friend of mine, last week, after he told me the story about how he and his buds made the whole bottle of Jameson disappear, on St. Paddy's Day. Oh. The "shit" in question in the quoted scene was Jameson. Apparently, as far as even the limited class of Irish whiskeys go, there are many more higher quality drams than that.

And that brings us to the real motivation behind this post. I'm reading this spy/mystery book, and it's moving along nicely. But in this one scene the one character pulls out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Red, and the narration describes its aroma in what I thought was over glowing terms. I quickly concluded the writer was not a whiskey drinker. She really did not seem to have a clue. Then again, here is the tale of my rake's progress.

Sure, I had had tried bad low end American bourbons, and even some of the Canadian stuff, in high school. Now peg the mark about mid way through college, and I had already progressed past Canadian Club, and on to JW Red. By the time I graduated, I knew that JW Black was gods yes, much more refined. So that summer after graduation, I went on a trip to Europe. It was when I was taking the overnight boat from La Havre to Portsmouth that I finally got past the amateur class. I was at the bar, thinking I was all sophisticated, ordering my JW Black and this short Scotsman next to me says something like,"Aye laddie. Try the Glenfiddich. That's the good stuff, aye."

Let's just say that I have never gone back down hill to JW Black, never mind JW Red. (Not if there was a choice, that is. Could have been a banquet or two with a limited selection at the bar. But for the most part? Particularly what I bring home from the liquor store. Ya. Only the good stuff!)

Turns out that likely the last bottle of good Scotch I bought was Glenlivet. Well, I still have the tumblers that came with the bottle. I actually prefer the deeper complexity of the 'Fiddich to the 'Livet. But the 'Livet is nice. It's an individual taste thing. But qualitatively both are in a class way above the low end JW labels. Haven't tried the Gold or the Blue labels yet. They are notoriously good. I'm not sure if they are best buys for quality at those prices. That's when the rankings both get tricky and perhaps more important.

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Outlaw Libertarians vs Social Contract Libertaritans.

Work with me here, kids. Please. Still working on the first cuppa joe. Anyway . . .

I was reading some article about that evil anti worker man, Scott Walker, and my mind got to wandering. (Again not enough coffee in the sys yet.) And I was thinking as evil as he is, problem really is with the allegedly independent/swing voters who put that nerdy mess in office. Thought hit me that they might be worse creatures than wing nuts. At least wing nuts are consistent in their ideology. They are more perfect in the sense they are perfectly wrong, the wing nuts.

Then I got to thinking about the other people I sometimes think of as worse than wing nuts. That would be the right wing libertarians. I start of saying it that way as there a a political axis/grid out there that fixes people on the traditional left/right spectrum, but as well on the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum. Slight digression -- page where I saw that argued that the authoritarian/libertarian spectrum is more important to what is some one's real core political philosophy. I'll just say I think that's an interesting theory.

Back on track. My next thought was a nugget that bubbled up from the back of the brain, relating to my redneck studies of late. If Thomas Sowell is correct, that the great American Redneck is a direct descendant of Scots Irish outlanders and outlaws, maybe that explains the more . . . for lack of a better word . . . insane brand of libertarianism that pollutes the American Right Wing. After that, the division as I have in the title came to mind. The insane brand of libertarianism seems to be more outlaw, more anti social, as it ignores in many cases the core rule of civilized society. That any person's liberty (or rights, other wise stated) stops at the next person's nose.

Granted, that is not a strict recitation of social contract theory, but it's a core idea of it. That's what I believe in. My liberalism, and my understanding of theory of Liberty is firmly rooted in that idea. But for these Outlaws, naw. It's all about them. Like a bunch of outlaw English/British highwaymen who claim to own the road or forest, and consider anything in it, or moving through it as theirs or theirs for the taking.

Ya. That's it. I think my theory of Right Wing Wing Nut group dysfunction is falling into place rather nicely.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Definitions Matter. Fuck.

I'm telegraphing my real ox to gore there, but I could have posted this link to this vid featuring chatter about Michelle Bachmann for several reasons. I'm going with the false flag of sexism, Ms. Rubin plays, though.

Bachmann's a joke, but not according to everyone.

Firstly, I am tired of fucktard wing nuts changing the meanings of words to fit them better into their linguistically demented, bullshit arguments. No, ya bunch of lying assed bozos. Every time someone criticizes some human who has a nice matched pair of X chromosomes, that is not fucking sexism. Some people are clownish. Bachmann is Clownish. Palin is clownish. In the case of these two clowns imagine the following. Imagine how much shit a man would get if they had either clown's personality and ran around saying the stupid assed shit they do? Sexism my ass!

Seems to me GOPers/wing nuts really love that shit. Not only in the particularly odious context of creating a fake victimology meme. But it seems they only way some of them can (in their warped little brains) 'score a point.' I'll stop there for now. this is one of my deepest longest pet peeves. I swear. Fucking wing nuts would kill the entire English Language, and the common culture, if that's what it takes to get control of the country back. Talk about odious, blind, self serving zeal.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Has Bill Maher Been Reading My Theory About Thomas Sowell's Theory of the Menace of Rednecks to America's Well Being?

(Toldja I planned on using that as a cudgel against the wing nuts, metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Nope. I don't think Mr. Maher reads this blog. After all, I'm on the ass end of the Internet. This is The Frontier. It's like that place in the movie "Apocalypse Now," when the assassin shows up at the last American position, and asks the scared soldier where he could find officer in charge, and the soldier says I thought you were (some shit like that.) And there's the following scene where Brother Man Rocket Man says he don't need no flare, and homes in on the VC on the other end of the firing line who's taunting the troops by saying things like, Joe. Joe. GI Joe. Fuck You, Joe. And Brother Man Rocket Man takes his ass out with one shot of his grenade launcher. That scene really had an impact of me. But I digress.

Actually, wrong analogy. That's way too much action, for this joint. It might be better to say there should be a sign here, like those old maps saying,"Beyond Here Thar Be Monsters!"

Anyway, I'm pretty sure Mr. Maher isn't tracking this site. But in this clip he goes off on one of the most lame and racist (for lack of a better word) wing nut fads; birtherism. Shit. Even Sean Hannity is now pimping that ho. But I do agree with fellow Joisey Boy Maher. This is racism. And like he says to David Brooks, it's not the lack of overt racism that is notable. It's the staggering amount of covert racism that's prevalent in the wing nut party, that we are noting, and birtherism is a function of that. So we say. Anyway, link to the vid.

Only Race Could Explain Birthers.

Notable in this clip is David Brooks. I confess he drives me crazy on his worst days, but he's clearly not a wing nut. As far as alleged moderates go, he's sorta what one should sound like, I'd say. He's often wrong, but rarely is he crazy wrong.

Moving on, and as the text from the Mediate (don't want to call them journalists or columnists. Editor is better . . .) editor mentions, Tina Brown was like a Delphic Priestess. She really laid it out with her contemporary politics is like Lady Gaga, observation. I'd say the clip is worth watching just for that. And yes, it's the end of the tape, and there's good stuff happening before you get there.

But yet again (time to book end, kids.) Even if there was no mention of Thomas Sowell's Theory of the Menace of Rednecks to America, it's there. It's implied in the racism of the birthers, and the rise of stark raving lunacy in the political sphere. Lady Gaga Indeed. I love the observation for it's visual potency. But I would instead reactivate one of my own favorite images, that I have been using for years. And it's basically a mash up of two ideas. I call the strange theatre that has been going on with the wing nuts an Insane Clown Posse Clown Car routine.

Of course the Insane Clown part comes from the musical act. And the Clown Car is the classic gag where a seemingly impossibly numerous number of clowns come out of a tiny car. Ya. That what the right wing looks like, these days. But the clowns are insane.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Finally Going On Record About the Intervention in Libya. And I Am Recycling an Old Argument.

Granted, I first used the argument to show why the invasion of Iraq was wrong/unjustified. Now I use it to argue why the intervention in Libya is justifiable.

It goes something like this. Well, I have dolled it up a wee bit. The core dynamic and logic remains true.

Ok. So you see your neighbor in the street wailing on his wife. It's going on there, right before your eyes. Under these circumstances trying to protect the wife would be a noble thing (even if risky.) At least, if one were not willing to get in the middle of that shit, one should call 911. At least. Get someone in there to protect the wife.

Now compare that to the other situation, where you see some guy who you pretty much know beat his wife ten years ago. Under these circumstances, trying to go after him might not seem as clearly noble as the other circumstances. Hell, even the call to 911 might not make much sense.

"911. What is the nature of your emergency?"
"I see the wife beater. Out in front of my house."
"Sir. What is that? Are you saying someone is beating their wife in front of your house?"
"No. But he is a wife beater."
"Sir. What is he doing now?"
"He's eating a bag of pork rinds."
"So how do you know he's a wife beater, Sir?"
"Everyone knows he is. He did it ten years ago."

Ya. not a convincing case there, to scramble a cruiser to investigate.

Thing is, the Iraq war (particularly as the whole WMD thing was a lie, was from the start, and some of us -- me me me included, knew that from the start) came down to a justification based on bad reputation/history. It really was not about preventing on going slaughter.

Libya is about preventing on going slaughter. That's not only its justification, but the major ethical difference between this adventure and Boy Bush's invasion of Iraq.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Get to Slam Wing Nuts With a Theory From One of Their "Darlings?" Excellent!

I get to say, when ever some wing nut or tea bagger plays the blame game, specifically the what's wrong with America game, that,"Ya know what? I agree with Thomas Sowell."

And they should ask what he said. And I get to reply,"Blame the rednecks."

How I got to this nugget, today, stems from my reading about some stupid appearance Mrs. Palin made on FNC last night. And I got to thinking about Jeff Foxworthy's definition for redneck; lacking in any sophistication. And I got to thinking that if that's America's most famous self-described redneck's definition of the term, then Mrs. Palin is the poster child.

And I did some net jumping, and finally stumbled on first a discussion about Sowell's redneck theory, and then, his own article: Redneck culture to blame for lack of intellectual development.

Turns out (and I knew it but forgot, as I never read it) that is the subject of an essay in, and the title of a book he wrote a couple, few years ago: "Black Rednecks and White Liberals."

Honestly, his core theory is nothing new. I've been saying it for years -- trash is trash, and poor is poor, and people on the bottom of society (all of them not necessarily trash, I must say plainly) do, as a practical matter, have more in common with each other than they have historically admitted, no matter their color. * (For the sake of the point, forget about institutionalized slavery and legally mandated inequality. That's a different point.)

I would bet that de Tocqueville figured that one out, nearly 200 years ago!

Anyway, the following, from the wiki art. about the book:

Black Rednecks and White Liberals

The title essay is based on Sowell's thesis about the origins of the "black ghetto" culture.

Sowell argues that the black ghetto culture, which is claimed to be "authentic black culture", is historically neither authentic nor black in origin. Instead, Sowell argues that the black ghetto culture is in fact a relic of a highly dysfunctional white southern redneck culture which existed during the antebellum South. This culture came, in turn, from the "Cracker culture" of the North Britons and Scots-Irish who migrated from the generally lawless border regions of Britain.

Sowell gives a number of examples that he regards as supporting the lineage, e.g.,

an aversion to work, proneness to violence, neglect of education, sexual promiscuity, improvidence, drunkenness, lack of entrepreneurship,… and a style of religious oratory marked by strident rhetoric, unbridled emotions, and flamboyant imagery.[1]

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Instead of making my own observations, here, I will go for the joke, instead. Yes. I finally got around to watching that movie Eminem did a few years back, 8 Mile. Now I know why he comes across as so 'authentic.' But there is no explaining that Vanilla Ice guy!

I'll leave it there, for now.

(*Side bar here. Back when I was still wasting time fighting with wing nuts on a message board, the enigma there, a black bisexual conservative redneck used to give me shit for my inauthentic ghetto trash talk. I told her I took that as a compliment. She and some of the other wing nuts there also criticized me for my believed to be authentic "Elitism." Like wise, I took that for a compliment, whether intended or not.)

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Guess I am Burnt Out, for the Moment, on the News of the Day.

So I might as well pay homage to the ancestors.

Yes. I am descended from old time whalers.

This picture? In theory, this was my great grandfather's idea of a bad day. Lucky for him (and the family) he never was swamped, or otherwise taken down by the big fishy.

Ok. Now if I let myself go that way I could transition into workplace safety and exploitation of the work force. But I will leave it just there, just for now.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Suffering From Doctor Who Depravations . . . .

Lucky for me. I found the exact right image of the delectable and dangerous Dr. River Song.

And here is the exchange/dialogue that goes with the image:

Dalek: You will be exterminated!
River: Not yet. Your systems are still restoring which means your shield density is compromised. One alpha meson burst through your eyestalk would kill you stone dead.
Dalek: Records indicate you will show mercy. You are an associate of the Doctor's.
River: I'm River Song. Check your records again.
Dalek: Mercy.
River: Say it again.
Dalek: Mercy!
River: One more time.
Dalek: Mercy!!!

Anyway, I am eager for the next season. Given my eagerness, either I better figure out how to bypass the country code lock on the BBC website (episodes are available on line in the UK before televised on BBC America,) or I better hope that iTunes will have the epis available, and ahead of the BBC America Broadcast schedule. (Ok. I know some peeps have figured out how to befuddle and bamboozle the YouTube bots, by uploading a flip-sided vid file. But I can't depend on that remaining viable. At least that's how I got to see the 2010 Xmas Special.) But we will see how it all shakes out, eventually.

Moving back to Dr. River Song (in order to execute my eventual transition,) that character is not only one of my favorite kick ass "companions" for The Doctor (even if she is in a special category, not the traditional traveling companion,) but she has to be one of my all time favorite kick ass TV characters. And that brings us to the dopey thing that has been buzzing in the back of my mind.

Months ago, while slumming around the Internet, I encountered some alleged right wing feminist website. (I think at that time I was in a pissing contest with a couple wing nuts on a message board, who were advancing right wing feminist theory. Yecch. I think the difference between traditional feminism and right wing feminism is comparable to the difference between real cheese and processed cheese food. Just saying.) And on this website I found one of the strangest . . . not even so much an argument, but rather line of inquiry concerning (allegedly, according to the author) feminist empowerment/victim hood on Doctor Who. The author's yardstick for how pro feminist the particular season was (just the new Doctor Who,) was how many times The Doctor saved the female companion vs the female companion saving him. I think mutual saves were tallied but not part of the end score. Now among all of the seasons under evaluation -- featuring companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, and Amy Pond, the writer concluded this last season, featuring Amy Pond, was the most sexist.

I shit you not about this theory. And since this was some right wing (alleged) feminist, I have to wonder if she bitches and moans about the kinds of research traditional (make that liberal) feminists do. But ya know? Even with all the Sociology I have taken in my life, I do not claim to be an expert in feminist theory. But I know Dramatic and Literary Analysis and deconstruction better. That's my mind set. So trust me when I say that when I have enough time on my hands to watch that much Doctor Who, I'm doing it for entertainment purposes, not to count the times who saves whom. What a fucked up exercise, I think. And never mind the thesis is much too reductionist to be credible. To boil down and limit the data to just the saves by sex of the characters, and to try to make any conclusion past the math, is just such a silly argument.

Now for my theory -- cancel that -- make that my thoughts about the ladies of the new Doctor Who. Loved Rose Tyler. Very young, but very spunky and brave. Channeling the Time Space Vortex to lay waste to vast armada of Daleks. That's very Kick Ass. Martha Jones. Loved her too. She spent a year traveling the Earth and coordinating a unified, bio transmitter-weapon out of almost all of humanity. That's very kick ass. Then we had Donna. Loved her too. Given the comedic talents of the actress (the brilliant Catherine Tate) a lot of her 'business' was comedy. But in the end, she ends up as sort of a hybrid human/Time Lord. Oh. And she lays waste to another vast armada of Daleks. Now we get to Ms. Pond. Love her too. So young. Brave. Smart. But so young. Still, at the pivotal moment she (well both Ponds, actually. It's complicated. Temporal shifts usually are,) helps save the whole of creation, by saving The Doctor, after he saves her, which lets her save him. (Again. It's complicated. Temporal stuff.)

But I will give the author this much. Yes. Amy Pond does a wee bit less ass kicking. It's not her forte. However . . . getting back to River Song, yes, with the introduction of that character, we have a recurring Ass Kicking Fem dropping in and out of story. And boy does she kick ass.

She made the Dalek beg. She made a Dalek beg. Anyone who can make a Dalek beg is totally kick ass. Daleks usually run around raving about how they will Ex-terminate anyone. A Dalek begging for mercy? That's as rare are rare gets.

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Researching My Theory of Anti Elitism. I Shoulda Just Googled Redneck.

Yes, at one point last night, I was watching some Jeff Foxworthy vids on Youtube. Don't ask me how or why I got there. I was, eventually, in the mood for comedy, as my posting of a Kat Williams vid and a link to the "Natlie Portman Rap" last night shows. So I got there some how, at least.

Anyway, in one of the vids I watched, he explains his understanding of the word "redneck," as a complete lack of sophistication. Now that does not necessarily equate to my Theory of Wing Nut Anti Elitism, squarely. But it lives, at least, in the next zip code. I take that bit about lack of sophistication as a parallel idea, at least, to what I said about desperate 19th Century embittered Protestant homesteaders, desperately scratching out their hardscrabble lives, out there on the prairie or the high plains. Or what ever strange patch of land they were scratching on, far away from urbanity and it's sophisticated temptations.

I don't think I indexed the routine. But there were two aspects of it, beyond the tie in to my theory of anti elitism, that stood out. Firstly, it was a gig shot before an audience in Montreal. Alors! I thought it was very brave of him to do his redneck humor in front of les Québécois et Québécoises. Secondly, he killed. I guess redneck humor is exportable.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What Does a Random Kat Williams Routine Have to do With Ann Althouse?

Fucking nothing! But her husband spammed/trolled me a couple days ago (and in fairness to his interests, I have called his and and his wife's intelligence into question, more than once. And I am not a nice guy. Leastwise, I do not CLAIM to be a nice guy, routinely.)

Anyway, this is some classic shit. Kat, at his best, does and succeeds in that dangerous high-wire, with-out-a-net act only the best of comedians can pull: running across the land mind field of race, and not triggering a Bouncing Betty, and blowing one's balls off.

Keeping in mind the running gag in this routine. Motherfuckers, embrace your friends of other races and shit. (But not politics. That's fighting words!) Seriously, kids. Appreciate Kat's genius, but don't try this shit at home, even. Never mind in public. You can't carry this shit off. Trust me. I am an ex and future (if my life gets back on track) sho biz ho. Pimp. Ho. What the fuck evah!

Edite to adde:

As Kat would say, jus fuckit.

I finished watching tonight's episode of "The Good Wife," and that was some good shit, but I went back to comedy.

Here's one of my fav routines of the past few years; the uncensored Natalie Portman Rap.

Please gods please. I thank you for not making me born some boring, dull-assed square. Thank you for making me able to appreciate this totally rude, but funny shit.

Natalie Portman rap.

Hey. After this I might just post either "Shy Ronnie," "Dick in a Box," or my NYC favorite, Stephon! YEA!

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And How About a Libyan (Related) Quickie.

I'm not all that obsessed with the goings on in Libya, but I am following it, insofar as it is still above the fold news.

What I am finding more interesting are the following two tangents.

One the one hand, it's lots of fun to see how views in favor or against the 'intervention' are not neatly lining up in partisan fashion. (I really think that's cool.)

But on the other hand, I'm amused -- in the way I would be if I saw someone I really despised completely drunk and acting like a total dick wad in public -- by the reaction of some wing nuts. They are taking way too much borderline psychotic pleasure in the fact that many Dems do not necessarily agree with P. Obama's choice to participate in the UN sanctioned intervention.

Stop the Presses! Dems do not follow their Dem President in a Knee Jerk Fashion!

Now who would be surprised to learn that, but for the fucking morons who embrace the lie that Dems always follow their Dem Presidents in a Knee Jerk Fashion?

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David Frum Sings a Song, In Praise of Elitism, and Against Tea Baggers . . .

Now that's a Republican I can respect. Well, at least a little.

I wasn't going out of my way to find something from or about him. Actually, I was following up on my "Theory of Wing Nut Anti Elitism," and ran a quick google to see if I could find evidence of my working thesis out there. And the link to this recent article popped up.

I do admit, that as far as right wingers go, I think he's sorta ok. He's no wing nut, that's for sure. It's nice to know there are still a few sane people on the other side of the fence. And I totally agree with what he is quoted as saying, in the article:

"In a “sane” country, anyone more conservative than him would be institutionalized."

Gotta love the candor, and good analytical skills.

Since I am talking about him, I will say that as far as right wing blogs go, his is one of the most rational-seeming, to me. I can read articles and essays there, and usually my strongest reaction is merely,"I disagree." It's pretty much a bat shit crazy-free zone. Unless one of the bat shit crazies is the topic of interest, naturally.

Anyway, since I am here, and since I breached the topic, I might as well toss off the summary of my "Theory of Wing Nut Anti Elitism," flesh it out a little maybe, but reserve the right to get back to it on a later date. The more I think about it, the more I think there could be a book in it, if I could concentrate and dedicate the time to the task. Anyway, here goes.

Thanks to my urban, East Coast history, growing up Catholic, attending an elite university, and being interested in the intersection of culture, sociology, history and politics, I have had some thoughts about what I now call wing nut anti elitism bubbling in my head for years. And most recently, thanks to that PBS special on God In America, I believe I have a greater appreciation of the effect Protestant bigotry (specifically, Anti Catholic, Anti Urban, Anti Old World European bigotry,) had, if not still has, on American Culture. And now I am now pretty much convinced to a great extent, that what I call wing nut anti elitism is mostly just a product of lingering, Protestant bigotry (specifically, Anti Catholic, Anti Urban, Anti Old World European bigotry.)

Now back in the days when I was consuming European History books (or novels set in old Europa) the way other kids my age were consuming comic books, I was building on the slim knowledge of Protestantism in Europe, and all those religious wars, found in my grade school text books. And I learned the minimum about Protestantism's role in the formation of Early American society from those text books. But honestly? As a topic by itself I found most anything having to do with Protestantism, specifically American Protestantism, to be square, dull, and rather boring.

Hell. Even when I was in college, in my last semester, I took a gut (for a senior) class in Euro History -- Renaissance through Congress of Vienna. One of the assigned texts was a slim bio of Martin Luther. But once I found out the Professor predictably gave the same final for the course, and the essay would be a choice between the one on Luther, and the one on the Jacobins, I left the Luther bio on the shelf, unopened. The Jacobins. The Tennis Court Oath. Dr. Guillotine's Invention. Now that was some exciting stuff. So even when I had a chance to get to know more about one of the chief founders of Protestantism, I passed.

But when I watched the PBS documentary, recently, it sharpened the issues for me. Firstly Protestantism is, and as a function of it reason for existing, Anti Catholic. Has to be. You have this thousand plus year old religious institution essentially (meaning to a great part) ruling Europe. Protestantism not only rejected liturgical if not theological views held by the Catholic Elite (the priesthood,) but as well, cultural views and values. Remember that Henry the VIII not only looted the monasteries, he let the malicious fucktards destroy the rood screens, and smash the statues (Remember the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas? Shit. They could have stolen that idea directly out of the history of Protestant Malice.)

Anyway, with out belaboring the Euro history part, by the time you get to colonization of America, you have people coming here who were not merely allegedly escaping "religious persecution." But you had people who were rejecting all of it. They were rejecting "Catholic Mysticism," and along with that, the arts and culture that they, as an institution, had patronized, if not funded, for centuries. They rejected the idea of urbanism, and set out for the frontier, to carve their lives out of the soil. And they, in many cases, were embittered, to start. And they were distrustful of anyone not close enough to people like them, to start. And the isolation of the lifestyle was not really good for the mind. It allowed for all sorts of weird solipsistic thinking (even if you had scattered family units, not just individuals. Think of it as scattered mini cults, peopled by desperate semi literates, desperate for some meaning in their otherwise drab, little, hardscrabble lives.) And being freed of the binds of urbanism and community, in lots of cases, they were (as made plain in the documentary) basically ripe for the picking, once the first wave of revivalism swept the land.

And that would have been in the early 19th Century. After the Nation was founded, actually. In any case, The "churches" that popped up in the 19th Century served the dual purpose of providing a sense of community, and a sense of meaning, for them who needed some external validation of that sort.

I'm going to jump to the chase. Even if the roots of American Protestantism (and conservatism) might be said to be based in a desire for simplification of the relationship to God, and of one's general lifestyle, it ended up, to a great extent, in many but not all cases, more of a cult of small, if not simple mindedness. But that is not the whole of it. (And that is the judgmental part, I will admit.) But as I said above, the real roots of Protestantism is one of rejectionism. As a movement, its reason for coming into being was to reject the Old World way of doing things. Perhaps not ironically, ask one of these wing nuts why they waste their time getting all upset about "Them Elites," they will likely spew some borderline psychotic babble about how "Them Elites" run them down, and talk down to them, and treat them like inferiors and simpletons. But hey. I say not ironically because wing nuts love to embrace the idea of a cult of victim hood.

Let's not forget the fact that it was their spiritual if not biological ancestors who turned their backs on the Old Word and its ultra sophisticated ways. It did not work the other way around. The Protestants themselves chose to go off and wander around the wilderness. They were not cast out. They voted with their feet (metaphorically and sometimes literally.)

Ok. I went long, but I swear, I could knock out a dozen chapters on this, if I put my mind and fingers to it. So I will leave off here, but before I head for the exit, I will toss off the part I totally avoided, and that would be how my "Theory of Wing Nut Anti Elitism," blurs into my "Theory of Tea Bagger Racism." Hey. Not only are those different looking people crossing the border brown skinned, but they are Catholics! Yes! The largest denomination in America, these days, is Catholicism.

They outnumber Southern Baptists by at least three to one. And the more of them who cross the border, the more Catholics there will be, and the so called Christian Conservatives will be less numerous and powerful. Let's face the facts. Old Time Protestantism might not be as bad off as the Shakers ended up (extinct.) But their numbers are dwindling, by comparison. Just reporting the facts.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Teaser for Tomorrow, or When I Get to it. Chaos Chases My Heels Sometimes. I Hate Pressure to Make Promise, But . . .

Idea brewing in my head right now, is a revisit and elaboration about how (short of violent felons) some of the most despicable people in the world are anti elitist, anti intellectual, goat fucker trash.

And that is a weird way of saying, YEA. I just picked up some tix for a Chamber Music performance with the delicious and brilliant Anne Sophie Mutter. At Lincoln Center. Avery Fisher Hall. Within the next 14 days. Lincoln Center. My most favorite place I ever worked (cause of what it is.) And I worked at the GE building back when it was still the RCA Building. And I did have a gig at one time at the Royale Theatre, Broadway.

Now granted, I worked, when I worked at Lincoln Center, at the former State Theatre. Now it's (sadly) known as the Koch Theatre (as in those goat fucking GOP environmentally raping, anti worker motherfuckers.)

And I love me my Lincoln Center. That's the place I feel most at home. But to be honest, I have not been to Carnegie Hall in years. Love having a box seat there. Now that is a hall I love.

But that is all for now. But for saying I think the most repellent folk on the planet, short of felons, are low rent, dirt bag, bottom of society loser-snobs.

Teaser. If I get to what I mean to get to, I should cover the brilliance of not exactly college educated union journeymen in show biz. Used to be a time on this planet where the tastes of the educated and the not so educated were far closer. Let me say it bluntly. They don't generally make peasants like they used to. Peasants used to have class, and knowledge, and an appreciation for the arts, even if they had to settle for the cheap seats. And that used to be the orchestra. And that used to mean admission to the 'pit' where there were no seats at all.

Ignorance, is as ignorance does.

Editing note:
Ya I cut some of the cussing, as first published. I was having way too much fun there. And my first (if not more accurately to say, most recent) run on anti elitism is now up. I ran in another direction. Life's a work in progress, iddn't it?
Oh. And I might as well post the 'note' here. Thought occured to me that sometimes I start off shooting for snarky, forget to put on the breaks, and make it all the way to nasty. I can live with that, usually, as long as I think them on the end of my ire got it coming (as always, metaphorically speaking.)

But There Are Still Hours to Go. So Let's Call This Tentative Wing Nut Moron of the Day.

Seen, over on the comments section of instapundit, following some, "Go get'em Juan," article about Juan Williams' latest shriek fit against NPR. Some commenter goes off on a tangent about how he flipped up to his local PBS station, which was doing on air fund raising. And with all the Dunning-Krugeresque lack of shame, comparable to the famous line from that movie Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, "Texas has a whorehouse in it? Shocking," this guy noticed that the phone bankers were wearing IBEW shirts. (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.)

Poor, sad, little dim witted clown. Those people (some of them, at least I would recon) likely were employees of that station. The IBEW has jurisdiction over some of the technicians, and in some shops, the cameramen. So no, Frodo. You did not see evidence of some vast, unionist, left wing conspiracy. What you saw, instead, was evidence of the craft guild's member's commitment to their place of employment. Ya moron.

Just in the interest of substantial disclosure, although I never was a member of the IBEW, I was a member of IATSE. Ironically (well to peeps outside of the industry, and the guilds, seemingly,) one of the things I did back when an IATSE journeyman, was lighting. If I was assigned for a certain gig specifically to do lights, I was working for the Electrical Department, reported to the Master Electrician, and was for that gig, an electrician. In a live performance theatre, you usually don't have IBEW members present. Anything dealing with the power tie from the main junction box out to the furthest hung lamp was under IATSE jurisdiction. In a TV studio, things get more complicated. And when you get on a major film set, you get all those funky job titles like, grip, gaffer, best boy. Ok. Last bit on this digression. On a deck we might refer to grips and gaffers, but they are not the proper job titles/descriptions. Ok. Enough reminiscing about the good old days of my former career in show biz.
Edit to Add:
Less about my actual professional career, but more in mind of my college theatre days, some of my best memories come from the production of Hair, I was worked on, back in the day, not as an actor, but in the band. I played drums. But we were in costume on stage, and more than anyone else, I interacted with the cast. Someone had to get rid of the roach. (It was just Drum Tobacco. Swear.) The actor playing Burger would pass the joint to me, I'd take my hit, and snuff it out, behind the kit. I was a technician first and foremost. Taking care of open flame/burning matter was a given for me.
Anyway, I have been thinking about this song from Hair, today, because some fuck wit accused me of making a racialized comment?
Racialized? Fuck a snow white duck! Call me a Mandingo, and related to Kunta Kinte (likely true, going back four hundred or more years, actually.)
As if anyone has the right to comment on me commenting on my negritude? Anyway, here is the ultimate (arguably) expression of negritude, from an award winning Broadway musical, leastwise.

The message in the song is easily missed. Then again, compare it to some 1990's hip hop and it's sorta almost quaint. Oh. and while I am on the topic. There was a great segment on 60 Minutes, Last night, about the 'controversy' over use of the word nigger in Huck Finn.

Personally, I stopped reading, The Sun Also Rises, as I thought Hemingway's use of the world said a whole lot more about him, than the narrator. But the sanitized Huck Finn? Sorry. I can't agree with sanitizing that book. It's not gratuitous. It's historically and culturally accurate.

Anyway, I'll gladly link the Report.

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This is What a World Without Unions Looked Like.

Saying it is ironic that we are at the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, at the same time anti unionism (make that anti workerism) is running rampant, might be an over sell. It might be mystifying something that really does not deserve any mystification. Exploitation of workers has been the norm, for these past ten thousand or so years of alleged human civilization. And it is one of my favorite personal theories that the 20th Century in America, and the gains made by the nation at large, and the many individuals who thrived, who were able to enjoy the middle class level of lifestyle, was more a matter of the unlikely coincidence of some social, if not international factors. But in the case of work place safety and wages and benefits, we can never discount or ignore the importance of collective bargaining, agitation, and pushes for legislative reform that came not from the corporate exploiters, by and large, but from the unions.

The Triangle Shirtwaist fire was a watershed moment. The disaster was (and I am vamping here, going mostly off memory) one of those lightening bolt moments where people stopped, and took notice of what was wrong in the world. And they were angry.

Sidebar. That building still stands in "The Village." It's part of NYU. I actually think I walked past it the first couple two three times before either awareness hit me like a realized fit of déjà vu , or I noticed the plaque telling the building's history. (That would have been at least 25 years ago, so I don't exactly remember which way it went down.) Anyway, as I don't have HBO It will be some time before I get to see the documentary. Hope they put it up on the website, sooner than later.

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I Need to Remember Never to Go Back to That Page Again.

First shot of the day. And I am running behind schedule, so there.

Anyway, I do confess to "slumming," on the Internet, that is. I actually live in a sorta run down urban area, but it's less of a slum than a barrio. But I digress.

When I say slum, that means I will explore, I will get lost, I will deliberately start checking out links to wing nut blogs, and such. And usually it's the same Fox News/Limbaughish bullshit. Actually, I have noticed (and I have read this as a criticism of the movement) that the wing nut blogisphere is much too much in lock step. And even more so than the rest of the net, likely to post the same exact shit, page after page, even if there really is no credible source, originally, for the alleged "report."

But that is not why I am writing, today. I am writing about the true ugliness that some of these wing nuts put up on their sites. There is the (call this a coinage) right wing cult of argument by offensiveness, that every now and then leads to some pretty sick shit. I mean, and yes I lack the credentials to be a diagnostician, but I mean, for example, I really would love to know a psychiatrist's evaluation of the diseased mind who runs this blog I visited today. I am betting on some deep, far reaching differential diagnosis. Ironically, maybe, it is a blog run by a black conservative. And I have to tell you, I have slummed far and wide on the Internet. I think I would have to go to some white supremacists' web site to find something equally offensive, and over the top with Obama hating, as that psycho shit littered site. That is, if I were trying to find something equally offensive or worse, in less than five minutes.

The deranged mind in question is one of Althouse's drones. That's not ironic. That's par for the course, actually. Seems to me at least.

I feel sorta filthy, after that experience. Let me go see what's shaking over at "Lawyers, Guns."

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Follow Up Regarding Ann Althouse and Her Moron (JMO) Husband.

The Moron (JMO) husband, got banned by the web blog "Lawyers, Guns," for trolling. Turns out he had been doing that for some time before this most recent fracas. He was already on "Double Secret Probation." And his ignorant, disruptive ass got kicked.

No surprise (but I expected the wha . . . wha . . . whining to be about her (or lack of, as the one comment suggested) sex life. But instead Queen Bee got to throw herself a Class C hissy fit (I don't grade on a curve, Perfessor) over her favorite drone's being banned.

Thanks to one of the lesser drones, a link to the cached files of LGM (that blog,) was posted.

So far, the best Meade Bash:

"His most grievous sin, other than rank stupidity, was that he was boring."

I agree. And I admit. I have been accused of that latter part. And in response to that (If I had been inclined to fire up the babel fish, then):

Vous pouvez embrasser mon non tout ce que quarts de derrière noire. En fait.

Stark, Raving Wing Nut Morons, and the Women Who Love Them.

Yes, that sounds harsh, but I do not promise to be a nice guy. So there.

Anyway, to get back to the topic at hand, I did something different today, when I got on line. Instead of quickly heading to Huffpo for my first dose of Internet News, I loaded up Perfessor Althouse's page. Things there have been a litle more psychedelic, than usual. That's on account of the non-threats she received from some townie in Madison. (Side bar. When someone says mean, aggressive words to you, but specifically disavows violence, it ain't much of a threat, honey. How wing nut of you to take that that way!) But things there have taken an Escheresque turn to even more bat fucking lunacy. Let me explain. And I mean explain a bit more about the Perfessor and her husband.

Despite the fact she has been sounding more and more like a full fledged wing nut, Althouse considers herself an independent. Personally, and trying to be objective about it, I'd call her Extreme Center Right. And by that I mean she is as far to the right one can get and still be able to pull the lever for a Dem, now and then. If I were to take the facetious route, I'd say she's an indy in the same way Greta Van Sustern is a Dem. (As in,"Hunh? Ya sure about that?")

Anyway, that's her, in a nutshell. Her husband, Meade, whom she met originally as one of the drones on her blog's comment section (that makes Althouse the Queen Bee,) is a full on wing nut. He's the kind of person who is as fiercely partisan for the forces of evil (GOP/Cons/World Wreckers) as I am for the forces of good and light (Liberalism, Progressivism.) And he's so dull witted he can't seem to make a debate point without resorting to talking points stolen from Limbaugh, Hannity, or Beck. Dull witted, and lacking in independent cognitive function. My Opinion (I say for legal purposes.)

Anyway, here's where it gets all freak salad sandwich, with a side of weird slaw. So I popped over to the Queen Bee's blog, and she has an independent post about some stupid-assed post drone-hubby posted on some other blog. Like I said," So dull witted he can't seem to make a debate point without resorting to talking points stolen from Limbaugh, Hannity, or Beck."

I'll link the other blog. I am still avoiding, on principle, linking the Queen Bee's page. I have done that once or twice and that's enough!

Lawyers, Guns and Money -- On Libya.

And here is where the title (above) comes in. Queen Bee is (actually seems, a respected) law professor. Con Law. She is supposed to know a good argument from sophistry, or recycled partisan hackery. But her little wing nut husband's stank, rank, unoriginal prose? She puts that up on her blog as if it were her young child's 5th grade drawing, that she'd proudly display on the fridge in the kitchen.

What makes it more delicious (for my entertainment value, that is) is the fact that the weak-assed, recycled, ignorant, partisan hack argument was quickly and efficiently demolished, in that thread. Again, for legal reasons, I say my opinion, but it seems to me both Queen Bee and her favorite drone are as deep as a sheet of paper. I am sure the perfessor is actually smart, but deep thinking is not her forte. That (if not proven previously) was well demonstrated with the pissing match she recently got into with an academic who publishes a blog for philosophy academics and students. The (actually sorta simple, for anyone with a minimum understanding of the principles of Deontology -- ya I started off as a philosophy major) subject matter, and key concepts flew past her little blonde helmet headed noggin as fast as a French fighter bomber nailing tanks in Libya.

And as far as the deep as a sheet of paper crack goes? Granted, I am likely to say that about most wing nuts. Now I have to clarify that. I don't literally think each and every person right of center is a dull witted wing nut. But there are those who seem to operate more in a one dimensional universe of right wing memes and slogans, than real ideas. Those are the wing nuts. Ya know what I mean. Limbaugh fans (and Queen Bee is a fan. Yar. I do not lie. I have heard her say that in some of her appearances on "Bloggingheads.")

But the story gets even more freakishly delicious. Given what I have already said about Queen Bee and her favorite drone, it should be clear that those two lead a rather public life on the Internet. Not that I haven't done things on line that a reasonable -- make that discreet
person would never do, but I am not that public. (Save a couple incidents. No need to go there.) But there obviously is a lot of their shit that is out there. Ya go and marry some slow witted wing nut drone you meet on your blog's comment section. You constantly refer to him there. You pimp him on line as New Media Meade, or Meadeia (how the fuck ever done) to promote his (*cough*) citizen journalism. You go the ever further freaky mile and pimp "gear" celebrating his amateur not-journalism with pins and T-shirts sold off your blog. You post the shitty amateur vids he takes with his child's toy camera on YouTube, and you let Fox News run that shit, and guess what? What, is you should not expect to have much privacy. And for better or worse, that is how that thread on Lawyers, Guns and Money went.

Can't say I am sorry, Queen Bee, that criticism of your favorite drone, and his dull witted, recycled partisan arguments, quickly became about you, and then speculations about your sex life (or in the case of one of the comments, there, a guess as to the lack of one.) This is the shit box you have created for yourself. Live in it.

And before I get to the exit, let me go I bit further in my commentary about this strange relationship (to my mind, at least.) And I have to confess my bias up front. I have a hate-hate relationship with the Internet. That means I hate it, for it's limited abilities and the shallowness it exemplifies, and its relative poverty as a communication medium (in person is so much better.) But I really hate it, for all the same reasons. And I have had Internet based relationships -- much to my shame (bygones!) So when I say the whole thing is a little creepy. I mean to me, as someone who spends way to much time on the Internet despising the Culture of the Internet, it's so very creepy to me.

Anyway, if you want to know more about how the Queen Bee and her favorite drone got hooked up, details are available on line: No matter how you look at it, it's creepy.

It's still something of an open question -- which part of this is the creepiest? Having an Internet blog as the place you fell in love, or having the details of all that shit right there, on line, for all to see?

Anyway, back to the weirdness of having one's personal shit end up as not only Internet fodder, but ending up the butt of jokes for other people's amusement on line? And my speculation about what Queen Bee will think, when she gets wind of how that thread became about her and her sex life, or lack thereof? Now granted, as of the last time I checked either her page or the one at Lawyers, Guns, she has not started whining about how she has been yet again victimized for her and her favorite drone's "free speech."

But as the character Wednesday Addams, from the film,"Addams Family Values," said, I say:


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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reviews Are In. Ya Suck. Don't Give Up Your Day Job.

(Usually I cross post from here, to my FB page. Today is ass backwards day. Yea. But I am adding to my remarks, there. Anyway . . .)

One of the non stories of the past couple weeks involved some ding bat blonde Cali Girl at UCLA who thought it would be appropriate (if not funny) to post an anti Asian rant on You Tube. It went viral, but not the the way she hoped.

Most Hated Blonde Chick in the USA (After Ann Coulter, likely.)

From the article:

"In a statement to the Daily Bruin campus newspaper, Alexandra Wallace said she has chosen to no longer attend classes at UCLA because of what she called "the harassment of my family, the publishing of my personal information, death threats and being ostracized from an entire community" in the wake of the three-minute video.

"In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video, I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture," Wallace said in the statement, her second apology of the week. "Especially in the wake of the ongoing disaster in Japan, I would do anything to take back my insensitive words. I could write apology letters all day and night, but I know they wouldn't erase the video from your memory, nor would they act to reverse my inappropriate action.""

Naturally, I did not even watch the video. Why ingest that poison? Why smell the thing you are already know stinks? But I love the outcome of this story -- except for the death threats. That's uncalled for. But let me break this down.

Ok. The chicklet in question claims she did that as an attempt at humor? Well honey. Here's the rule in comedy. If you dare to offend, you very well might offend. That's why comedians who have a bad set say they,"Died out there."

Reviews are in. Ya suck. Don't give up your day job.

Beyond that general rule of comedy, ya had to go for the racist joke? Ya had to go with that, not making fun of people like you, who look like you. You had to go all racist, ya know, you being a blonde white American, picking on any one else?

I repeat. Reviews are in honey. Ya suck. Don't give up your day job.

Beyond that, dismissing as bullshit your "attempt at humor" defense. All you did was give voice to a bundle of stereotyped, bigoted, anti Asian, racist sentiments. Let's be real.

That kinda shit used to pass for humor in the USA . . . . thirty years before you were born.

Here I am going further afield, and these are some of my pet peeve theories. And I am going to curse, more so for the joy in doing so, but hey, I am using them for the purpose of injecting some emotional emphasis to my words. Here goes.

Motherfuckers need to learn that speech ain't free. Speech has a price. At minimum, the price is you will be judged on the content and nature of your speech, and perhaps harshly.

Motherfuckers need to learn that if they are not already honing their stand up routine on the circuit, even if only at one local club, they should not think they are funny, no matter how many friends say they are. Never minding if one is a sorta fine looking Cali Blonde, and all the guys are kissing her back side, to get at the front side.

Motherfuckers need to know that if at the base line, any attempt to communicate any message has a built in risk factor, cracking jokes has a much greater risk factor.

Motherfuckers need to know that the do not have a right to be loved by The Masses. The Masses is a dangerous, fickle beastie. Trying to get love from that beastie will likely get you "killed," not in the literal sense, but in the metaphoric sense that comedians use to describe a bad turn on stage.

Motherfuckers need to know that the beastie knows as "The Masses" takes on a more vicious nature, in the virtual world of the Internet.

Motherfuckers need to learn they are not really good at some shit. Or more importantly, they need to know how much they suck.

Motherfuckers need to know that even if in this age, TV is dominated by untalented, insane, nasty, fucked up specimens of humanity, that unless and until they sign a contract with a production company, they are still just unfunny, untalented, nobodies.

You can try to launch your career on the Internet. But as someone who was a theatre major, finished the program and actually worked in the industry can say, most motherfuckers crash and burn. It was that way before the Internet, and it still is that way now.

Oh. and lastly, motherfuckers need to know that, call them race based jokes, or blatantly racist jokes. Playing with that shit is like juggling hand grenades. Don't be surprised if all you do is blow your own shit up. Or off. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

When Was The First Time I Vamped About The Cult of White (Right Wing) Victimhood?

I seem to remember using that phrase years ago, here, and on the message boards, too. Anyway, someone (in a piece over on Politico) has taken that idea and applied it to Mrs. Palin, and quoting some other commentator, concluded that she's Alaska's Al Sharpton.

I'm not going to go long about how fair or not the label is. At the least I get it, that the very same lost-in-their-resentments, revanchist, if not racist, right wing nuts who revile Sharpton are some if not most of those who now embrace the white & right cult of victim hood like a man at sea who can't swim clings to a life preserver.

Ya'll don't have to go any further than my mission statement at the top of the page, to know how I loathe anti intellectualism. I say the worst snobs are trashy snobs, be they ghetto trash, trailer trash, snow billies, goat fuckers, or some combination of the above. There is something seriously wrong with people who waste too much time being resentful of what others have, and what others have going on for them.

If I wanted to be kind, I would say something like, sorry for your feelings of inferiority. But I'm not in a kind mood. So I will instead say, do fucking something with your sad, miserable, waste of a life. That's how one gets real self esteem. Not by envy, spite, and petty meanness.

That's the way I learned it, not only at home, but in the elitist educational institutions where I earned my place, therein, and completed all work necessary to earn my degrees.*

Oh. When the idea for this post stared churning in my mind, I was thinking about using this rather long quote from the article. But that was before I finished reading it, and found a shorter, more elegant quote directly about Mrs. Palin, near the end:

“She seems to me to be extremely defensive and embittered.”

Ya. That's a tidy and truthful nugget.

*(Had to throw that part in. I'm no legacy. I'm no trust fund baby. Now I wish I had a trust fund, but I really don't resent those so lucky. But I would tax estates at no lower the the maximum income tax. Why should people accidentally born into the right family pay less taxes than someone working for a living, to bring home a 6 figure salary? But I digress.)

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Friday Quickies

Yes, I know Japan is in disaster, in a nuclear disaster, and it could get worse (and the gvt. is teetering and the markets/economy there in shambles,) but I will leave all that for another venue if not another day. And there's bloody business going in in North Africa, and around the Arabian Peninsula. But let's stick closer to home.

Great news, if like me, you openly hope for the day Fox News, or it's Founder Murdoch, go down. A share holders' suit has been filed. And the suit is squarely aimed at Murdoch.

Have My Hopes and Dreams Been Answered?

I am not going to get my hopes up, but hmm. If deep discovery is done into the way the Board of Directors operates, and how the Chairman, Murdoch, operates, who knows what sort of nasty nuggets will turn up?

Moving on, Ann Coulter has outdone herself with abject bullshit. She was on Bill O's show, ca cawing about how radiation is good for people (in therapeutic, measured, carefully applied doses, ya shit for brains looney!)

Limbaugh mocked the Japanese for their misfortunes (he manages, time and again, to re set the bar for odiousness, doesn't he?)

Oh. And some fucktard (Larry Kudlow) said something like its better that the human toll was higher than economic, in Japan. Odious! And not only that, but it's a bit premature, Mister.

Shit. I did touch on Japan. Anyway. That's my content for now.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Know. I'm Looking a Little Obsessed with Althouse, But it's Getting to the Interesting Part.

Apparently, Ann Althouse and her husband have pissed of the Townies in Madison. I found, posted on her blog, today, a chunk of a demand letter some seriously unhappy people have 'served' on her. Seems her right wing advocacy was not such a smart move. Seems they think her blogging and her husband's amateur, shot with a piece of shit cam, video was unfair and deliberately so.

I bet they have a point.

Anyway, and this proves to me how much of a wing nut she really is, she posted one of the more seemingly aggressive bits. But she did not post the bit where they specifically swear off any violence. They swear to use every legal means necessary to "ban" her from Madison. But they deliberately swore off any acts of violence.

So Althouse is telling something of a lie there, and she's playing the victim. That is so wing nut of her! That is to say that it is typical wing nuttery to piss in some one's corn flakes and then turn around and act all hurt when called on it.

Oh. Here's the link to the full screed:
Operation: Countertroll.

Now if they did not specifically swear off violence, I would have had to object to this. But since they did swear off violence, I got to say way to go, kids! Althouse is one of those wing nut free speech hypocrites. And it seems her speech, lately, is biting her in her cushy ass. Even before the Union Busting story blew up in Madison, I noticed she had, on the one had, that very childish view of free speech that seemed to deny the fact that speech can piss people off. Speech can anger people. Speech can bring out strong emotions. And she did not seem to grasp or was in denial of the fact that there is a difference between the mere fact anyone can say any shit they like, and whether they should say it. And I have seen her, even before she did it with the Union Protesters, trying to shut down speech she did not like. That's the hypocrite part. And now these Madison Townies want to shut her down (after her criticisms and or defamation/misrepresentations of them.)

Payback's a bitch.

Bet this will get her back on Fox News.

That makes me have to wonder . . . is this a fugazy? Hey. I'm a deep analyst and experienced political and legal tactician. I got to think it!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm Frustrated. And Ann Althouse Done Made it to the Promised Land! Lawdy, Lawdy!

But the two ideas are not related.

I'm frustrated that some video I had uploaded to my youtube page, my craptastic instruction vid on the chords in EWF's Can't Let Go, is still processing more than an hour later.

And the Ann Althouse thing is just lingering petty shit I saw earlier today, and well I am typing out my frustration here.

Now Perfesser Althouse has made the cross over to talking head for FNC. Yippie for her. The idiotic non story that is serving as her crossover moment (I can't swear this is her first appearance. Work with me here, peeps,) is some dumb assed vid she (or was it her husband Meade?) took of children chanting protest chants in the Wisc. State House. Horror of horrors. Calamity of calamities.

Now GOPers and tea baggers never take their kids to demonstrations, right? Fucking wrong. Anyone who makes that argument, either directly or indirectly is a liar worthy of being sent to spend eternity in that 8th level of hell as described by Dante; the Malebolge. Otherwise known as the Evil Ditches. That's where the liars and oath breakers go (according to Dante.)

Just figures Perfesser Althouse's vid of this non event was showcased on Megyn Kelly's shitty allegedly "real news," show.

Did I say Shitty?

Ok enough with the blonde bad right wing leaning lawyers I don't usually (but every now and then, they surprise me and I got to say they got it right) agree with. But if I am wrong and Dante is right (about the afterlife, that is,) both counselors are going to hell, to the Malebolge. And they are going to hell not as most lawyers do, as middle management, but as "clients."

As it should be!

In any event, let's end on a more positive note. Kudos to her. Maybe she might make paid pundit status over at FNC. They do have a couple openings there. And I hope she gets on payroll. Makes her look sleazy ho-ish the way she asks for donations on her blog and sells really silly assed shitty merchandise off her page. Can you say Ferengi?

(PS. Althouse has the vid of her FNC appearance up on her site. I will not link that shit myself. Not sorry. But google 'Althouse' and you will be there in two clicks, or a few seconds. Swear.)

It's Not Stockholm Syndrome. It's Antebellum Southern Syndrome . . .

More juicy nuggets from James Lee Burke's latest Dave Robicheaux novel. Now in preface, Burke is not a political writer. But I'm fairly confident he dresses left. He's a southern writer, and sets his stories in the South. But he manages to bridge the gap between the strong pull of southern nostalgia, and a deep and abiding loathing of the old caste system. He hates the exploitation, and the exploiters. And I know that because he puts those sentiments in the minds of his protagonists. And as a native son, he knows of what he speaks. Anyway . . .

To set the following quotes up, Dave Robicheaux is a detective for Iberia Parish. His case brings him closer and closer to one of them families; the Abelards. They are not an original southern aristocrat family, but one who set up shop down there close before the war. So they have been in the exploitation business for 160 or more years. And for the most part, Dave Robicheaux is rather unforgiving of them people (even if he tries as long as possible not to over harshly judge the patriarch of the clan.)

So here is the first critical quote:

""I'm not sure about anything when it comes to the Abelards," I replied. "Their kind have been dictators in our midst for generations and admired for it. They created a culture where sycophancy became a Christian virtue."" (The Glass Rainbow, p. 303.)

The next one:

"The real story was one that people seldom figured out. It was that the Abelards and their kind had taught others to disrespect themselves, and in large numbers they had done exactly that." (P. 313.)

Even if Mr. Burke was making more of a sociological point there, I see it as very political, and sort of answers the question why do so many GOPers (particularly southerners) vote for and in the interest of people who oppress them? These are the descendants, in many cases, of the very same sociopathic bastard families that have been exploiting their ancestors for generations.

Forget co dependent relationships. this is multi generational co dependence. And they do it so willingly, and with such passion, in many cases that they are a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome gone regional.

And the odd part is in any given cluster, neighborhood in the South, you have the James Lee Burkes. You have people who's roots go back far enough in the bayou or in the county who know, and know rightly and properly, that those GOP bastards have been keeping the rest of them down for generations. They are the enemy. They are the parasites, and the wasters and the abusers. Granted, 50 years ago they might have been that weird version of southern sorta Democrats. Once the Civil Rights thing became law, the racist worst of them all ran off to the GOP tent. And they have been happy there, whistling their coded racist whistles and trying to convince the poor and the working folk that the plantation owners, opps, I mean corporations have their best interests at heart, and the real enemy is the Mexicans, and Affirmative Action, and the Muslims. (Never mind that good old boy down in the dell with the stockpile of Chi Com AK 47s and illegal AR 15s. He a constitution loving patriot. Until he sprays the crowd at a strip mall. And we never would be caught alive or dead at a strip mall, ourselves!)

But still. It's the same old exploitation that has been in place since the Antebellum days, just electrified and much more mechanized.

What exactly makes people respect sociopathy that much to vote for it's practitioners continued domination over one's and one's community's well being? This is not the sickness (and I have been there, trust me) of hanging on to some love interest way past the spoilage date. That's love. That's its own form of insanity, where self esteem gets transferred from one's own self to another.

Where's the love in a relationship with the socio political exploiting class? What's the pay back? What's the currency? I suspect Old Time Religion has something to do with it. I have waxed on that, here, in the past. But I am running out of steam so I will leave the questions hanging for now. Maybe I need to find and apply for a grant to do the research. Sure, some PhD candidate has done it before, I guess. But not with my eyes.

Oh. One last thing. There is another line from the book I want to share with you. Dave is talking to a member of the family who is about ready to give it up on the rest of them. She clams up, after getting handled by the patriarch. In pleading with her to give it up, Dave says to her,"Don't rob yourself of your own virtue."

I think lots of people who support the exploiters of the GOP do that, not only every time they pull the lever (or otherwise cast the ballot,) but in the way they live their lives, in thrall to people who really do not have the slightest bit of respect for them, and to ideals that are more likely to diminish them then uplift them.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ordinary Arrogance, and Religious Gangster Arrogance.

I've been reading the latest of the Dave Robicheaux books from James Lee Burke, a gifted writer of mysteries/detective novels. Anyway, the name of this one is,"The Glass Rainbow." And one of the things Mr. Burke does so well in his books is his observations of human traits. It's like little nuggets of human truths, usually more on the darker side of people.

So this one observation jumped out at me, last night:

"To try to control the lives of other people is a form of arrogance. The only form of behavior that is more arrogant is to claim that we know the will of God." (P. 60.)

Other than the nearly obligatory observation by me, that I have met people suffering from both afflictions (or should I said, loudly barging through life like a bull on crack, forcing others to suffer on account of their dysfunction) I have to say yes. That last one really annoys the snot out of me.

Don't get me wrong. I am not a fan of organized religion. Admit that. I have no intellectual or emotional understanding of the why people believe, why they have faith. I mean, on paper I can dryly list the psychological and sociological reasons. But I truly can not get it. As a human, I can not really get it. But as a general rule, as long as folk keep their religious stuff to them selves, keep that shit in their homes and houses of worship, I adopt the live and let live attitude. On my worst days I say people should treat their religiosity to the same degree of privacy, and selfish - if shared with a tiny few - mystery (if not embarrassment) as sex. But I don't mean there should be no mention of it at all in the public square. But in a society that holds matters of religion as not so much one of social inclusion and binding (despite too much misunderstanding on this very point), but instead of individual conscience, the less that gets dragged out in public, the better. Which is to say in America all religions are equally valid. By operation of logic, however, they are all equally invalid. And that is where people fuck it all up. More so they fuck up that last part.

So now we get to Religious Gangster Arrogance. It's not merely the most extreme level of that arrogance, claiming to know the mind of the God, but actually, that general sense of,"I/We have the answers. You don't," that bugs the shit out of me. We are not talking rocket science here, people. Either your equations solve and are accurate, or shit blows up. It's tricky math, but it is finite. There is only one right answer, and it is testable and provable. But with religion?

I am reminded of this intellectual exercise from my intellectual property law classes. It's the black box problem. The inventor has the brilliant invention, but in order to prove how brilliant it is, he has to basically divulge the secret, and risk giving the invention away. For the prospective buyer, the problem is what ever is inside the box might be totally useless. It could be utterly worthless. It could be empty.

Religion reminds me of the black box problem, but for the one twist. It's not as if the seller is trying to hide something in the black box. There is nothing at all of any earthly substance in the box. As a matter of concrete, physical science, there is nothing in the box at all. So for the prospective buyer, if they are nuts and bolts kind of people, they can plainly see there is nothing in the box at all.

So here is where the arrogance kicks in. Prospective buyer points out that there is (as a matter of fact, of physical science) nothing in the box. It's a fucking empty box! But the Religious seller goes all arrogant (in substance, if not style) and stars blaming the prospective buyer for not being able to find something in the obviously empty box. "You have to look deeply in the box." "You have to look deeply in your own soul." "You have to change your outlook." "You have to give your self up to the Prophet/Son of God/God." "You have to set your mind/heart free." "You have to be born again." "You have to give up control to a higher power." "You have to let yourself go." "You have to let go of everything you think is true and embrace this truth. The real truth."

Now I am reminded of that great line of argument, and based on my quickie check, attributed lately to Stephen Roberts:

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”

And that leads to the last element of Religious Gangster Arrogance, argued here in this post, at least. And that is the patently obvious arrogance and hypocrisy in true believers. Consider the arguments about the empty box I posted above. Now if people can reject all the defenses of any other religion's advocates, if they can see that those other guys' boxes are empty, how is it they can't see their own box is empty? Why does the very same arguments that seem stupid or otherwise lacking when used by people of other faiths, seem any better coming from themselves?

That is the dilemma. Not that it keeps me from sleeping at night, but as an intellectual matter, its quite the conundrum.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Quickies (not because it's Monday, mind you. This is all I am up for. But I might get cranked. Stay tuned, and see for yourself.)

Story of the week/month/year. Well, disaster story of the moment and near future, at least. Japan. Natural disasters suck. Ironically, the nation in the world that should be most mindful of the harmful effects of radiation (other than Russia, to be accurate) now has at least one nuke reactor in meltdown, and who knows how bad it will get?

All humans are not fucking stupid, but humans can be so fucking stupid, sometimes. Criminally so!

Moving on? More about partisan political hacks masquerading as journalists. Fuck them. Andrew Breitbart got column space over at Huffpo, over the past few days. What he wrote was at best polemic, and at the most objective level? Political hack hate speech, lies and bullshit. And since I am in that sewer again dealing with that shit as topic, wtf with the rehabilitation of O'Keefe? An objective neutral description of him should read as either "convict," or "convict still on probation." (But hey. We live in the day and age where Snooki gets the cover of Rolling Stone. Seriously, civilization itself must be on the brink of collapse!)

Don't legitimize that punk ass, and the punk ass shit he has pulled. And that means do not call it a sting. It was a scam and a hack job. Remember what Nixon's hatchet men called what they did: ratfucking. It's not journalism. It's not running a sting. It's the politics of the gutter and gutter dwellers. Use the right fucking words, dammit.

And now we get to the twin sisters of different mothers: Bachmann and Palin. First Bachmann.

As someone who went to (law) school in the great state of New Hampshire, I know a little bit about Granite Staters. They not only hate Massachusetts, but they hate it with a passion no one else can understand. They have a particular nickname for people from Mass. They call them Massholes. Swear! So kudos to Mrs. Bachmann for committing a faux pas on the order of magnitude of calling a room full of Irish Catholics "English." Good luck with the NH primary if you choose to run, honey!

And now, on to Mrs. Palin. Her bad news of the week is rumor (more conjecture really) that she is on Roger Ailes (AKA Satan's big fat Helper on Earth) shit list. Reason for that? He (among every one else she pretends to listen to, with some professional experience in politics and related shit) advised her not to do that stupid assed "blood libel" tape message. That message was in response to the implication that Mrs. Palin's style of evil, violent rhetoric (morally, mind you) was a possible contributory factor in the AZ massacre. Mika Brzezinski went so far on "Morning Joe" today to guess that Palin might get fired (or her contract not renewed) from FNC.

Not that I should wish harm on people, but shit. Now loosing that easy money will really make that sow crazy. (Remember kids. A female bear is a Sow. Not a Mamma Grizzly.) I guess. And even if I have been avoiding Charlie Sheen references, I think a full Melt Down from Mrs. Palin will make Charlie's look like a 10 second tantrum from a mute baby, by comparison. I am not wishing her a break down, but if mental break downs are what passes for must see TV these days? Well that footage will be sizzling hot! Question is will the good shit happen on cam, or will all that makes the airwaves is the recounting of the event, after the fact? She does have that studio. I have to wonder what the contract says about the fixtures and equipment following breach, termination, or non renewal of the agreement? Can you say stand off?

But I am not really predicting anything here. Just speculating.

Oh. One last quickie. I am calling it first contender for dumb assed white republican racist remark of the week. It's from that pixie cute evil twit, Dana Perino. Now for the set up, P. Obama cracked the following, on Crybaby of the House, Boehner, during the Gridiron dinner:

“I’ve made a few jokes over the years about John’s unusual coloring. I used to think that it was a tan. But after seeing how often he tears up, I’ve come to realize: that’s not a tan, that’s rust.”

And I don't know if she just has no sense of humor, or perspective, or only the most tenuous grasp on reality, but Perino behaved as if she took offense. Or she merely and deliberately took a partisan shot (swing anda miss. By my count.)

"They keep going back to the same well and making fun of John Boehner’s skin color? Really? This White House of all White Houses?"

Gimme a Break!

Now it is not a classic racist race bait, but here is how I break this one down. Firstly, Boehner himself has made jokes about his odd skin color, even so far as to make a joke about conversations between him and P. Obama on the subject of being "people of color," so Perino is wasting her time taking umbrage here. Unless . . .

her real aim was not so much to make a reality based remark, but was a bullshit attempt to paint P. Obama as a reverse racist. I actually think that is what this really was about. And it was done in a passive aggressive, sneaky, right wing, evil bitch way (and I know that shit way too expertly. Been there, had that done to me, and finally learned my lessons.) But lady . . .

black and white identity politics are not primarily about skin color so much as about status. For hundreds of years on this continent, it was not merely a matter of social status, but it was legal status. And that really did not stop being law, until 1964. And society is still playing catch up to the law more than 40 years later. And it is particularly the GOP that is lagging behind.

But hey. If you take away the Battle Cry of The Whine of the Cult of White (or now it's Orange) Victim hood from the GOP, they won't know what to do with themselves. Fucking freaks.

Like I keep saying kids. We need push back on this shit. Those fucking freaks are in the driver's seat too often, steering the national conversation ever towards the delusional alternative reality they live in. We can't let that happen. Ya know?

PS. Unverified, but I read some remark somewhere that the weird coloring of Boehner runs in his family. So if you want to paint P. Obama as insensitive, don't make it about color. Make it about handicaps. Get the facts right, ya freaks! (Then again, they do not deal in facts where scoring an ideological or partisan point is at issue. Let me stop there. I feel another diatribe building and I should stifle it. Deflect, deflect!)

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Culture & Arts (and Politics.)

Oh. It's time for another of my culture & arts moments. The transcendental experience I hoped to get from seeing/hearing Mahler's 9th last month, and only almost had, was found today, experiencing Beethoven's 9th. Sublime.

On a side bar, I would say it's quite the shame, to my eyes, that the age of the audience for NYC classical musical performances is so tilted to quite old. I believe in the arts and would like to see more people my age or younger, there. This really is the good stuff.

Anyway, here's the political part. And this is related to some vid I saw today with some Washington insider pundit saying that the thing with the wing nuts and NPR is not really about the left right shit, but the elitism thing. Fuck a classically trained duck! How do you get quality with out standards? How do you have standards with out ending up elite? And since when the fuck is either standards or the state of being elite a bad thing? If one is a standard less fuck wad, maybe?

Before I go too long down this road (and I have fought that fight, time and again with immature, poorly educated, classless redneck goat fuckers,) let me just cut to the chase.

No. I am not going to hold someone in contempt merely because they do not share my cultural tastes and interests.

But as soon as someone starts slinging that anti elitism shit, I really want to shove their face in a pile of hot, wet dog shit. Metaphorically speaking. Mostly.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Like Pretty Woman, if You Are The Whore . . .

Happy Saturday, kids. I'm going with the following vid of my nearly home boy (Joisey boy at least) Bill Maher. The subject line above is merely one of his great jokes in his latest 'New Rules' routine.

Earlier today I watched the 'Overtime' segment from the same broadcast. One of the guests was Conservative (she whines, "I'm not a Republican!!!!) Dana Loesch. Now if you don't know about her, she is a disturbingly (but aren't they all) unfunny wing nut radio head (and works for that shit, Breitbart.) I am zeroing in on her, as the Overtime segment started off with a question sorta directed to her.

Turns out she (again, unsurprisingly) uses hyperbolic, bullshit language in her radio show. And (again, unsurprisingly) when she gets called out on that bullshit, she all of a sudden is running for the shelter of calling her bullshit 'just a joke.' I wonder why Bill gave her any cover (she looks good, but she's married Bill. Ya not getting any of that sweet shit.) But he did. He helped her make the 'just a joke' defense. I wouldn't have. And unlike Bill, I am not a professional comedian, but whenever I hear one of these unfunny wing nuts say."It was just a joke," I want say in reply, "Fucking lame one, at best."

I do get it. wing nuts live in this weird echo chamber, best described by the following routine from "The Simpsons." Homer sees something and says,"I don't like him and something bad happened to him. That's funny."

That's what passes for humor among those shits. It's merely a matter of paying insult to those they do not like. They ignore all the real attributes of humor, like universal truths, grain of truth, humorous observations, or actual instances of hypocrisy caught and noted and used for the cheap thrill of some low level schadenfreude. Their pathetic attempts at humor are usually nothing more than partisan sniping. And that's not really funny.

For example, Think about how people use Sarah Palin as the butt of jokes. It's usually based, generally, on the stupid shit she herself says. Sometimes all ya got to do is quote her exactly. It's picking low hanging fruit, often, truth be told. But too often for the wing nut funny bone, the joke is based on bullshit or a lie, and that makes for some fucking lame jokes.

Ok. So much for my rant. But Bill did hit her with a real good zinger, during that Overtime segment. He mentions Dana Loesch's defense of Charlie Sheen by saying something like,"I find your defense of Charlie Sheen, like him, a little weird . . . "

That was a good joke. It was based on truth, not a lie, not bullshit. That well demonstrates the difference between a trained professional, and the amateurs.

Nice one, Bill!

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