Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ann Althouse. Infamous Internet Hostess of Hate, Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny. Racism. You Name it.

All under the cowardly umbrella of what I call the cult of free speech.

Now she's got the very strange (to my mind at least) habit of taking what usually is a dead on witless bit of stupidity from her comments section, or shit from their blogs, and pimping it as a separate post. She did that today for one of her more . . . for lack of a better word, unstable contributors. He's a brother man who can out rant both Bill O'Reilly and wasshis face? Denis Miller even if both were on some extra pure crank.

Anyway, brother man laid down a tribute to Patrice O'Neal, recently deceased black comedian, on his blog. Then Althouse promotes that on the home page of her own hate indulging site, as a separate post. Then the fun begins. Now turns out that this Patrice O'Neal had some skills. He had some interesting observations about, particularly, black white issues. Not as funny as Katt Williams, to my mind, but funny and insightful enough. But O'Neal had a deep misogyny streak. He actually has a vid (of sorts) of him guesting on some radio show where he rants about how he (we??) hate women. Likewise there's the one clip of him vamping on how women's lib has led to oppressed men? What the fuck? How immature and undeveloped can a man be? Talk about having issues much?

Anyway I am not going any more into that part. The guy who wrote the tribute to O'Neal said this, which is less directly hate mongering and more just plain ignorant:

"No political correctness, no caring about anyone's feelings (but no harm intended) or any of that - these are just ideas, finally free, and they must (and will) be dealt with. Fortunately, people do laugh at what he says."

That was from his own blog, and published a couple weeks ago before the comedian died. I think that statement counts as witless. Or at least some bizarre knee jerk cult of free speech (Or Anti Political Correctness) ejaculate. Notice how he puts the people do laugh, almost as an after thought? That's telling to me. Personally I take those anti Political Correctness peeps as general bigots. It's a low level hate mongering, but still it is just a dilute of the purer shit.

Anyway, this really is not about that guy. This really is about the racist comment I found at the end of the thread (at least end when I read it first.) And I am publishing that racist asshole's name just for the records:
paul a'barge said...

So, I watched the first half of the first clip. Sigh. Funny? Sure. Creative? Not. Cheap? You bet.

I've pretty much lost all patience with black males. Done. Moving on.

Emphasis added. And that thread can be found here.

Wow. Just wow. What's next for Professor Althouse? Publishing David Duke's arguments against being expelled from yet another European country for being essentially an unrepentant racist piece of shit? I mean really. There really is not too much distance to travel between that racist level of shit, and VDARE, if not Stormfront.

Addendum: I intended to go back to another thread on Althouse's Hater Friendly site. There were a few comments a couple days ago on a Herbie Cain themed thread, that were so vile, so repulsive, that I almost posted about them. Then I changed my mind. But here goes. This is the kind of really ugly shit she lets fly on her page.

One minion's idea about what should happen to Cain's accusers:

"If there's a God, he'd be running a hot poker through the lot of 'em."

Another minions view:

"Buncha grifting litigious lying whores."

Moving on, one poster flaming another:

"STFU, Byro-sorepaw, LDS queer-pagan garbage."

More fraternity among minions:

"Just so you guys know, Mark also wants to forcibly rid the country of all illegal aliens at any price in addition to being a racist cunt."

"Talk about pot-kettle-black. Like anyone takes you seriously around here, queer bait."

And how about this. One minion talking about Barney Frank:

Funny he hated the “Douche B@gs” he worked with, so suddenly Mr. Witty is just a grumpy old Queen, I guess the mask is dropping…he was a nasty, venal human being propped up by a LSM Meme and fear of being “Homophobic” who ran in a gerrymandered district, in one of the most Blue States in the US.

I'll stop there. This is all taken from one thread on Althouse's blog, mind you. And just between you, me, and the walls, I think the one guy who was being called a racist cunt from the other guy would rate as a racist in my book. (Another addendum. He definitely is a racist!) But the use of cunt there was sorta excessive. (Even another addendum. He might actually have deserved cunt, too!) But I doubt the one playing the race card would "pass" my test either. Funny but both fuckers seem way to the right of me, so it's possibly another example of Wing Nut cannibalism, going on there. I love knock down drag out GOP Primary Season. Watching GOPers eating their own (metaphorically speaking) is one of my favorite spectator sports.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Does Dedicating the Video of George Clinton's Atomic Dog to Herbie Cain Make Me a Racist?

Well some asshole ignoramus, Prof. Douglas, might think so. Here's his bovine, witless post. According to that other wing nut hack, Instapundit, he's "fighting bigotry." Here.

I want to go with the smack that both professors don't seem to know the meaning of the word bigotry, but that is not the whole truth. Both fuckers are right wing hacks. And like Humpty Dumpty says, they intend their words to mean no more than what they want them to mean. In other words, they don't give a shit about the real, actual meanings. It's all about what ever shitty scam or game they happen to be running, that minute.

And in this case it is Professor Douglas being the bigot. Why am I so comfortable hurling that trebouchet in his specific direction? Because it is patently obvious he's doing that perverse wing nut game. And I wish I had a more succinct way of saying it, but here goes:

Ya know that thing where someone is just so overeager to accuse someone else of being what they know in their hearts and minds they themselves are guilty of, that they will make the accusation with the tiniest bit of cause, or none at all? Well it is that thing, here.
. For a baseline, let's load up a definition of the word bigotry. I will go with the one from Wiki:

A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs. The predominant usage in modern English refers to persons hostile to those of differing sex, race, ethnicity, religion or spirituality, nationality, language, inter-regional prejudice, gender and sexual orientation, age, homelessness, various medical disorders particularly behavioral disorders and addictive disorders. Forms of bigotry may have a related ideology or world views.

Notice the words I bolded. We are not, where bigotry is concerned, calling each and every barb, dig or crack evidence of bigotry. From that extreme pov every criticism of people in the "suspect classes" would be bigotry. And no one in at least half of a right mind would believe that. So what is going on here that makes me point the finger back at Douglas? He basically is taking some really minor cracks taken at right wing wing nut icons, and going all bat shit crazy with the accusation of left wing bigotry.

Turns out the first incident in his post concerns some blogger's 1/2 crack at Tim Tebow. Now after some hugely long and boring set up, Douglas posts the "evidence" of bigotry:

"Now that Kyle Orton has been cast from DenverEden, God will be particularly protective of Timmy because, Notre Dame or no Notre Dame, nobody wants to see Brady Quinn placing his hands near another man’s manparts. Not even Touchdown Jesus."

If that is christian bashing, bashing is the same as a pillow fight.

And now we come to the false charge of racism. For starters ya'll might have heard that Herbie Cain has been called out by his lady on the side, for having a lady on the side FOR THIRTEEN FUCKING YEARS? That should be he headline. That should be what Professor Douglas is paying attention to. But noooooo. He's indignant at the headline a certain blogger used, while republishing the news of Herbie Cain's love you long time, girl on the side:

"Herman Cain Has Sexed Up Every Woman In America Including Your Mom."

And along with that, the blogger posted a graphic of some Blackploitation comix. And that is the evidence Professor Douglas puts forth to support the charge of racism???

Gimme a break! The man's been drowning in sexual harassment charges for the past three weeks and now his paramour steps up and speaks out about a 13 year affair. And some blogger goes with the Blackploitaion graphic? Sorry. But being portrayed mockingly as super hot ghetto hero with some Bettys dripping at your legs is not being made the victim of racism. Granted it was a joke, I mean really! But it actually pumps up Cain's image more than I would. That's why I posted George Clinton's "Atomic Dog" to my FB page last night and dedicated it to Herbie. Emphasis was on the word DOG. I was not going for anything so flattering as that Ghetto Hero pic.

So do I have anything else to say about that or that idiot Douglas? Well I think he either needs to renounce his faith and embrace his inner asshole and claim it as part of his personality that does not need to be disguised with and under false license or cause. Or the fucking hypocrite needs to give up on that sort of insulting shit and get right with his god and face the truth. The truth is he's a shitty excuse for a christian if he's insulting any the fuck one for any fucking reason. And that make him a perfect poster boy for the hypocritical Religious Right.

Now me? I'm an extreme agnostic. I don't pretend to be a christian. So I get a pass from the charge of being a hypocrite. Because I don't go to church and make promises to some god I have no real intention of keeping. But it never ceases to amaze me when alleged self describe christians go all bat shit like that. Or any way. For any reason. Love they neighbor. Love they enemies. These alleged christian might as well be telling Lord Jesus to fuck off, the way they demean him with their unchristian behaviour, beliefs, thoughts. All that shit.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Slipping Into Objective Analytical Mode. Mostly. Post Turkey Day Primary Politics.

Ok. Post Turkey Day Politics. I was basically correct in my guess that Cain would be done before Turkey Day. I am not all that surprised he is not officially out of the race. But I did see some headline this morning with him being all immature whiny on losing the love.

But unless something unforeseen happens, he and the Stepford Wife and Ricky Perry are doomed to the kids table, and falling out of the race soon.

On to Unka Newt. Mere fact Newt got to front runner status with all his negatives, ethics scandals, being a bought and paid for whore for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, three weddings and a funeral (that last part is a joke. And if you read my last post mentioning Newt and followed the links, you should get it.) And let's not forget the clearly sociopathic tendencies minus anything resembling "charm" or personal appeal? That tells me Newt might be with us as a wanna be nominee front runner for a spell. The republican base loves them some crazy. They love them some sociopathy.

They raise negative personality traits, like stubbornness, inflexibility in the face of contradictory reality and facts, belligerence with out just cause, meanness, selfishness, and just play assholery to virtues. Sick. I know. That's why I see Unka Newt as viable perhaps past the S.C. Primary. And if he is still competitive after Super Tuesday (Feb 7) expect the rest of the primary to be ugly like we have not seen in a long time. Not to say it is not going to be ugly before then. Remember the buzz about Romney's dirty lying Obama add? That was what military types call recon by fire. It was a test shot of sorts. And now we know Romney can play very dirty, and by and large the media will let it slide.

So here we go! Hopefully the circus will be over soon, and now we get to see some good old fashioned GOP on GOP carnage.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Quickies.

I will pass on taking my own shot at silly person Ann Althouse. Instead, I will link to someone else's take down. Short of it is is "centrist" Althouse is touting the praises of wing nut extremist lunatic Jonah Goldberg's Anti-science fiction theory of Liberal Fascism. Go here for that.

Beyond that, my explanation for resurgent Unka Newt:

The wing nuts have already tired of their shiny black pizza man toy, and remembered what they like best: dull boring white guys, who are old enough to be gray haired grampas, but are no more emotionally mature than toddlers. And if that's what you like you are gonna love Unka Newt.

I'm only quoting myself from my FB page. And from the same post there, my political nightmare:
An Unka Newt and Sarah Palin, Arctic Cyborg ticket. Ohh noooo! the Horrowah!

Scenario that would let me sleep at night:

a Romney-Rubio ticket for the GOP and a Palin-Trump insurgent party.

Moving around the corner from that? Bachmann is not satisfied with the apology she got from NBC regarding the song title used for her walk on, on the Jimmy Fallon show. Way to double down in the whiny crybaby shit.

Anything else worth mentioning? I have been keeping watch on the phony scandal regarding "Fast and Furious" that the GOP congress critters are ginning up. They are acting desperate. That's good. As long as the forces of the Dem Army respond smartly to this obvious rat fucking attempt. That's all. For now.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

I Understand Being a Partisan, but Jeeze Lousie!

Now I call myself a once and perhaps future democratic political hack as I used to be a labor union lawyer, and on account of that, a registered lobbyist. So I totally get being partisan. But gimme a break . . .

I am not even going to link either site, but there is this wing nut blog I rubberneck, called The Anchoress. Blogger is super Catholic. And even if I was raised that way she's so far off the edge it's like reading an alien's description of the world through their alien filters.

Representative titles of posts: "Carmelite Nuns Wreaths On Sale!" "New Book on Bishops!" "Cathecism is Cool!" You get the picture.

But she also writes about politics. And she posted a link to one of her buddy's post elsewhere taking P. Obama to task for . . . wait. As this is so petty it might blow your socks off . . . the way he pardoned the Turkey! En-croy-able!

Re the source blogger? Well at least she got some good push back in the comments section:

"I won’t be voting for Obama either, for important reasons. But this “classless, ungenerous, ungracious ” sniping over every silly thing is what’s really “adolescent” and “pathetic.”

And: "Wait, so this was actually meant to be taken seriously? You should probably step away from the keyboard for a little while and try to regain a sense of perspective."

Oh and for delicious irony the name of her blog is,"Seasons of Grace." Seems she's fairly graceless to me. But hey. It's hard to live up to the example of Christ, and be a minion in the GOP, party of selfishness, hate, and petty meanness. Helps if one is immune to cognitive dissonance, and blind to hypocritical self irony.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

You Wanna Go to War, Bitches?

DNC's response to the sleazy Romney "misquoting" add.

I think Mittens should have focused on taking down his rivals for the nomination. Now he's fighting on another front as well. Leave it to asshole idiot republicans to fuck things up this badly. Mittens has a resurgent Unka Newt now in the lead, in some polls, and taking good effective shots at him should be as easy as hitting the side of a barn with a shoulder launched rocket at a range of 30 yards. So does he do that? Nooooo. He takes on P. Obama in such a sleazy fashion that the some folk on my side would HAVE TO retaliate. Granted, I am sure some of the rank and file wingnuts got all wet over the shitty sleazy dishonest add. But those people are wired that way already.

You are not likely to win over statistically meaningful primary voters by cheap shotting Obama at this point. You are still running against 7 (actually more, but those other clowns don't count) rivals for the GOP nom. You have to convince the base that you are better than them. Then you get to take on the DNC and Team Obama.

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Hey Althouse, and Other Wrong Headed Christians . . .

Shouldn't you be whining about the lack of mentioning of agricultural deities, instead?

Ok. Back up the truck.

Today, Ann Althouse (perhaps not intending to come across all whiny) published some silly nonsense about how P. Obama failed to mention GOD in his Turkey Day proclamation.
Go Here for that silly shit.

And as an aside, it's when she goes down the wing nut road, like in this instance, that she earns the reputation of being mostly a wing nut herself. Granted, merely being a whiny religious person, either generally or specific to your own beliefs/denomination, does not instantly and always equal wing nut. But it's their issue, to whine about how some people don't go out of their way to promote religion. As if that is an insult to religion and religious people --- to chose not to do so.

Ok. Now it's time to get down to the truth of the matter, and why I think her post is fucking silly.

Are you ready? Here goes. There's nothing fucking religious about Thanksgiving! It's so fucking not a religious holiday! It's the American Nation's Harvest Party! If there is going to be any religious aspect attached to the event, it should be doing what our heathen ancestors did this time of year, worshiping the Agricultural Deities, for fuck's sake. In other nations in the North Hemisphere, often at the regional if not smaller level, folk are (or have been) celebrating modern day variations on the heathen ancestors' celebrations in honor of the harvest, and the Lords and Ladies of Agriculture.

So where the fuck do people get the idea there is something Judeo Christianist about Thanksgiving? Well before I answer that rhetorical question, let me plainly say that what most people think about the "First" Thanksgiving is more so a result of myth making rather than actual solid history. So that is the context. Beyond that, there's the bit (and likely true, but follow me) about how during that first Harvest at Plymouth Colony Throw Down, that the settlers gave thanks to God Almighty. Ya. These people where Extremist Christian Outcasts. They thanked God for everything, be it waking up alive in the morning, to that first successful bowel movement of the day. They were religious people. The celebration wasn't specifically religious merely on account of that. So in ending I say, what the fuck?

Oh and Happy Turkey Day. And for the record my favorite Agriculture God is Dionysus. Just saying. And the picture there is Xochiquetzal, an Aztec Earth Deity. I know. She got some long slinky gams for an Aztec!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waahhhaa! Waahhhaa! Shut Up Ya Big Baby!

Reason 1,234 why Michele Bachmann is not ready to be POTUS. Can we say petty, whiny crybaby? Now to be as fair as I can be, yes it was a mean cheap shot prank they pulled on her. And since I don't like her at all I can have my cup full of schadenfreude over it, even as I say it was a cheap shot prank. But anyone who can't take a cheap shot prank (and let's get real here. That was some weak s...hit they threw at her there) is definitely NOT a person I want representing the interests of my country against Hugo Chavez, or The Mullahs in Iran, or North Korea.

There is that line from the movie,"A League of Their Own." "There's no crying in baseball." Same goes with politics, except even more so. And Bachmann's a whiny child. Get out of the race now, ya crybaby.

Go Here for the Whiny Baby.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Republican Racist of the Week. Already?

Fucking fucktard Rush Limbaugh. For using the word Uppity toward Mrs. Obama.

Now I know some of these fucking fucktard racist wingnuts love to hide behind the fact that there is a non racist connotation to the world uppity. As in, if you are not talking about a black person, saying that person or group of people don't know their place, is not a big bad insult?

For example, if one were to say Sarah Palin is one uppity bitch that would not be racist, on account of Sarah Palin being as white as Carolina Rice. But it would be sexist now, wouldn't it? Even with out using the force multiplier "bitch."

But here's the deal. When ever the word uppity is thrown at a black person, the racial racist component is built in. One need not say or otherwise publish the full thought,"That uppity nigger don't know their place," for the message to get across loud and clear.

That's the part that these fucking fucktard wing nuts think they are getting away with. So that is why I am starting off this early with the wing nut racist of the week award, and bestowing it on Limbaugh. I hear what you are saying, you fucktard. Deny it all you like, but I know my History and my Linguistics, and my Sociological Study of Institutional and Personal Racism in America well enough to get your meaning. So fuck you. Fuck you with a elephant dick.

Oh. Last thought. Even with out the racist history and connotation attached to the word uppity, what the fuck kind of brain damaged person can think that is NOT a highly offensive thing to say to someone?

You don't know your place.

That's defacto giving someone the nigger treatment, no matter their race or ethnicity.

Again, these fuckers think they are getting away with something, and I say call them out on it!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Exactly How I Feel.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

No, I Don't Intend to Quote Some Church Lady . . .

But just before, I was reading the no belief sub part to the Wiki art. on religion. The following perfectly describes the logical foundation for my extreme agnosticism.

Faith is the commitment of one’s consciousness to beliefs for which one has no sensory evidence or rational proof.

Remembering that is a lot easier than trying to remember countless scripture verses, dogma, and all that shit.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Nobody in Their Right Minds Want's to be That Person . . .

Oh and I going to shock lots of folk with the following statement. I am not in agreement with what the OWS people did yesterday. Setting up an informational picket line is one thing. Blocking people from their ability to make their daily dollar is another thing entirely.

What they did was allow their passion for what they believe in, to "give them permission" to screw with other people's rights. And that is dead wrong.

There is a name for that kind of person. Republican. Or asshhole, if you prefer. Words are interchangable. Point is, don't act that way, damnit.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Was This Really a Genuine "Black Face" Incident (Meaning Meaning to be Insulting?)

Or was this just bad stage craft?

The national office of Phi Mu sorority has put six white University of Southern Mississippi students on probation after a photograph surfaced on Facebook showing them in blackface at an off-campus costume party.The sorority sisters put on the makeup and donned curly-haired wigs to attend the 1980s-themed party as the Huxtable family from the sitcom ‘The Cosby Show. Here.

I admit. At first read of the headline and teaser on the blog I found this story, I was ready to go all batshit. Then I read the story. And the story that is linked to in the story. And very quickly I was willing to cut slack. Why?

I have a degree in Theatre. I know how to apply theatrical makeup. Likelihood is these stupid girls did not have a clue, and to make matters worse, did not track down some one who hangs out at the theatre for some help. I have shopped for makeup myself, back in the day. So I know about the kinds and varieties. And all these dumb girls needed to do was go to a store that carries the stuff, or even order it off the Net. I would recommend to pass on the sticky greasy stuff, and get the pancake. And the range is so varied they could have picked any number of nice shades of brown. Now theatrical make up isn't all that expensive. And there were six of them. They could have chipped in for one unit of one good shade and it would have cost them next to nothing. Each. But they were stupid. And stupid is as stupid does.

Oh. Go here for the Mehron makeup brand's performance Color chart.

One last thing on this subject. Now stage actors, ballet dancers, and even opera singers (who are a specialized kind of actor) usually do their own makeup, unless it's way too complicated for the role. It's an age old tradition and serves an important function in the whole "getting into character," ritual. And there is this famous story that has been out there for decades about the one star tenor who was singing the lead in "Otello." And he did his own makeup. And he liked to leave his shirt unbuttoned at the neck and upper chest. And one day he did that. But he forgot to apply the make up on his neck and chest.

Whoops! That looked weird, I bet!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sometimes a Scarf is Just a Scarf. Usually, Actually.

Ya'll have heard about that one wing nut named Michele Malkin? Do you remember the idiotic story about her launching some hate mongering campaign against Rachel Ray? The reason for that was because Ray was in some ad for Dunkin Doughnuts wearing a scarf that clearly was NOT a Keffiyeh, but was too close to one for Malkin's tender loony sensibilities.

That was back in (as recently as) 2008. Flash forward to the now. Seems I can't watch a news clip of the troopers or marines in either Afghanistan or Iraq with out seeing Americans in uniform wearing one. Hell, a few weeks ago I noticed that the age old Army Navy store in NYC on 42nd and 8th Ave were selling some of the "military" versions. And when I googled it (before starting to type this) I found the IDF one!

So will Malkin ever apologize for her hateful insanity over something that really even wasn't really one? Don't hold your breath. And that my friends is yet another reason wing nuts really suck.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Forget Ice Cream. We Are Talking Flavors of Crazy!

GOP sure love them some crazy. I am not going to drill down with that. But it is what it is.

So they have had their dalliance with Batshit Crazy Bachmannn.

Then, it was Bat shit Crazy "Insane in the Membrane," Cain.

Now it's with the crazy old uncle, Newt.

"Now kids. That's just yer old Unka Newt. He's mostly harmless. But don't ask him about the Civil War. He'll talk that one to death. Fer that matter, don't let him start talking at all. Before long you will be feeling like a critter in a spring trap, so desperate to get away you'll chew your own foot off."

Newt is ascendant. What a fucking clown car circus gag this season has been. Who's next? Crazier Older Uncle Ron Paul? Or the one with the crazy eyes, Rick Santorum? Does every uniquely in their own way unqualified wannabe get their moment in the sun before the glaring eye of the public eye and media disposes of them, nearly as quickly as they rise up?

Again. What a fucking clown car circus gag.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Althouse Defends Cain, in Recent Bloggingheads Vid.

No. No no no no no no!

It might be a good seven years since I was practicing employment law, but I remember well the general rules of workplace behaviour. Never mind a lot of the law. Now silly person Ann Althouse chose to defend Cain's possible over-the-top, and possibly too familiar work place behaviour. She basically argued that it was a valid defense to being such (as opponent in the vid, Glenn Loury suggested,) a cad that that just his personality. Ya. She went there.

Then she made the to my mind totally 100% wrong statement that his personality was running afoul of something that was merely a subjective standard held by some people in that work place. Now I have heard more offensive and blatantly wrong defenses of Cain's alleged, and similar alleged behaviour. but this is likely the worst offending bullshit I have heard from a lawyer (leastwise, one who's day job is not being a wing nut pundit, radio/TV host.)

Now before I get to the fun part, where I gratuitously use a lot of cuss words (cause I enjoy it, and more so, it's the cheap and lazy way to add emotional emphasis here,) I will recount a story of a fight I had with some fucking idiot on a message board, regarding proper work place behaviour.

Now that week there was this conservate faux outrage story about the unfairness of the treatment of some stage hand/grip booked to work some democratic political event. Now he got his nose all bent out of joint because one of the people higher up the food chain told him to cover up his T shirt, on account it advertised the naval ship named after Ronald Reagan. His excuse to showing up on the job site wearing that shirt, was he was "honoring" his son who served on that ship. Some people, particular the stupid fucker I was arguing with, thought that made it ok. I went bat shit on her. No. That was not ok. And I explained why.

I explained that I had recently been and employment lawyer. But before that I used to be a stage hand myself. And I explained that (often, not always the case) stage hands have dress codes. If I was working backstage at a certain kind of performance, I would be told to wear all black. At another kind of show, classical music performances, where I had to step on stage to move a piano or set up or remove music stands or chairs? I had to be dressed almost as formally as the musicians. Not a tux, but black or dark suit, or suit jacket and pants, proper shirt with professional tie, proper dress shoes. I explained all that to the stupid person to make the point plain, if you are a stage hand, you should be used to being told what you can and can not wear. It's part of the job. It's part of being a professional.

More's the point though, I argued, after switching into lawyer mode, no fucking one was paying him to honor his son. He was there to do his job. To do what he was told, not engage in advertising his opinions or feelings about anything.

And that gets me back to Althouse's silly defense of Cain. Even if he was a lobbyist, and even if doing his job did involve to a greater extent than many people "selling" his personality, while in the office, he had to follow the same rules as the rest of the office. He might be paid, mostly, for his real or imagined or hit or miss allegedly charming way with people. But in the office he was in the regulated zone. There is nothing new about work place standards. There is nothing new about knowing that if there is an objective standard (and that is pretty fucking clear stuff -- has been for decades,) and if one's personality goes past those standards, one not only is fucked. One should be good and well fucked. And that seems to be what was wrong with Cain. Cain must have had several workplace sexual harassment trainings or at least had to read policies and usually one signs the thing, saying they read, understand, and agree to be bound by that. So Althouse's defense is no defense at all.

Even if the rules in the workplace are more restrictive than in the social zone, there are similarities. Try to be charming at your own risk. Try being flirty at your own risk. Try to pick up or hook up at your own risk. And that is why I think Althouse's defense is silly. Not only does it go against the known law, and what most of us at least know is the law of the workplace. But it goes against commonly understood social rules. Be "Yourself," at your own risk. Some people might dig you being you. Others will take offense at your presumptuousness, your over familiarity, your excuseless, rude fucking nerve. And in the work place, more so, if you do any thing past the work place rules about sexual harassment that you likely agreed to on paper (and there is no doubt in my mind there's a signed policy form with his siggy in his archived HR file,) you do so at your own risk. And there's no excuse for it. Never mind, defending it.

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As Joe Jackson (the musician) Says, There's Something Going On Around Here.

Now I know I am not the most objective person when it comes to us vs them, political matters.

I long for the day the GOP is at least reduced to a still weakening, regional only party, mere years away from functional extinction. So I confess my deep partisanship must cloud my otherwise empirical and fact analyzing mind. Sometimes. So I will phrase my observation in the form of a question. Is it just me or does Insane in the Membrane Cain and the Mrs. look more like brother and sister than husband and wife? I mean damn! LOOK AT THEIR FACES!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Noonan or Althouse? Who's Being Sillier?

Ok. I will actually throw up (pun intended) the link. But here is the question restated. Who is being the sillier person? Peggy Noonan, for first saying that Rick Perry's brain fart was "endearing?" Or Althouse for seeing the point?

I won't go so long, but this perverse observation and seconding of the emotion needs a little bit of deconstruction, at least for the record. We are talking about Rick Perry. Man's a gaff machine built in the George W. Bush vein. But even more goofy than W. To re-tool the old line I like to use, if just about any other of the GOP Nom Wannabes save Insane in the Membrane Cain had that kinda brain fart during a debate, it would have been a new low for them. For Perry it's just a new medium. Particularly if Romney had such a humanizing moment, now that would have been special. But for Ricky Rick? It's less of a must see TV moment than one that merits a Gallic shrug. And I mean un petite one.

Now between the two ladies, I would rather down a couple two three many good single malts with Ms. Noonan at The Alqonquin. I think she would make for better conversation. And I would find it a cheap thrill to experience her well known sighs, in person, up close, with the unmistakable whiff of Highlander Scotch on her breath. Or maybe she's more into Cosmos? Whatever.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

What the Cain Scandal Really is About.

I say the following as someone who clearly is a flirt. And to the surprise of some of my lady friends, I'm rather a tame flirt for my family. (Call that just the blood lines that form my greater family, or even the whole tribe I belong to: Cape Verdians. Flirting is like breathing to us.) But that is the it's-all-good-fun stuff.

But I think about the Herb Cain allegations and I am thinking he's nothing like a flirt. He's first and foremost a salesman. So he's selling a line of bullshit to begin with. And he's more horny for power than anything else. He will try to charm in his salesman's way. But he's always after some THING. Money. Power. Advantage.

And that's why this scandal isn't so much a sex scandal. It's a lack of character scandal. (So says me.)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

So She's A Hot Mess. You Say That Like It's a Bad Thing. So What The Hell's You're Point?

Personally I have given up on GOP chix. No matter how hot a hot mess, I am no longer attracted to GOP chix, because I end up fucking broke, or feeling like someone has been trying to slowly kill me over time, if not faster than that. But that's the lessons of life for me, at this point.

But I have seen that the sexist, evil lying tea bagger faction of the GOP is bringing out the sharp and deadly knives against Sharon Bialek. Now if you want to see misogyny, watch the wing nuts. But after seeing the "classic" smear job on the Cain Victim, I have to say, so she's a hot mess? What of it? It's not her personality and character that's at issue here. It's the fuck face who claims to want to be POTUS.

This sordid new chapter, now that there is a face and name behind the accusations, is all the evidence any rational person needs to know, to know that at it's core the GOP is an evil, wicked thing. Never mind the shell game they usually play. No bitches. What ever the fuck happened with Clinton does not have a place in this debate. That's ancient history and is not at issue. Likewise, bitches. Clarence Fucking Thomas, no matter how many real or not parallels can be drawn, has no bearing on the issues of the moment. Those issues are properly, whether Cain is a dog. Whether he is a liar? Whether he is a sociopath? Whether he is mentally well? And I use that term instead of stable and I don't think he quite qualifies as generally unhinged, or bi polar, catch him on a bad day and he's boiling the cat alive, because he's angry and bored. But Cain is insane in the membrane. And many of these wing nuts admire that about him.

The GOP is is an evil, wicked thing. And far too impressed by the veneer of charm that barely disguises sociopathy. But that is what so many of the unimpressive, emotionally and intellectually stunted base aspire to be: a full fledged, powerful, evil bastard. Sociopath. Same fucking thing.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Na Na Na Na Na Na, Today's Your Birthday.

Actually I mean it's mine. So I am giving my FB friends a break from my political whoring over there. But that doesn't mean I can't post here. And I was willing to do that, but I just saw this and had to express about it somewhere. So much for the vast left wing media conspiracy. A sub unit of News Corp has released the name of one of the heretofore unnamed Cain accusers. Here.

I have been reading a lot and watching a lot of cons/wing nuts whining about journalistic ethics. Now is that ethical? Will we see or hear any cons/wing nuts calling out News Corp for that?

I don't think so.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

It's Odd When a Wing Nut Makes Sense . . .

And even more odd, when they confess their tactical agenda. Now there's this fool of a blogger I usually refer to as some wing nut professor. Now the post in question isn't his, but I read it on his blog, just now. The headline is "The Right Must Not Use The Race Card As Recklessly As The Left." Here.

Now I do not concede that the left uses the race card recklessly. But I agree with the author that in the Cain drama, several wing nuts, inc. Cain and his campaign, have gone into the insane alternative reality, by playing the race card. Beyond making no sense here, it is just more evidence of how Cain is not-ready-for-prime-time.

But there's an odd confession in that piece. I will quote the chunk first:

"Our desire to hit the left back in kind is making us lose sight of the need to control the narrative. In using this tactic, conservatives make the discussion about racism while conceding that there is a lot of it. The question of just how prevalent racism is in America is key to the differences between liberals and conservatives on the matter of race. By claiming that it is rampant, we concede an important point for the momentary satisfaction of a gotcha soundbite."

I find two interesting confessions there. Firstly the one about desire to hit back in kind. Yup. That is a pathology. And even if that is not the first time I have seen that confessed. Shit. Limbaugh all but confessed the same shit last week in the middle of one of his racist rants regarding the Cain scandal. But it is interesting to me that wing nuts are admitting that really sick pathology.

Oh. and the other confession is the one about it being important to conservatives to oppose the idea that racism is rampant in this country. That's even more pathological. Note that the writer did not qualify that to the limited idea that racism is rampant in some sub part, like the GOP. Nope. He goes for the maximum application there. Wow. Just wow. Which just makes the whole post pathological.

Shorter version of the whole argument:

Don't act like racism is rampant, as we are married to the idea it isn't.


Silly Person Ann Althouse Caught Being Silly Again.

I want to give proper credit. A poster on her blog said it best, regarding her froot loopy opinion of the Howard Kurtz "interview" with Politico reporters, about publishing the Herb Cain sexual harassment story. Credit goes to a person going by the handle Ritmo Re-Animated:

"Shorter Althousian narrative: "How dare you criticize or question the integrity of a Republican candidate for president?""

That pretty much sums it up, but the real silly part is the dopey assumptions she seems to be going forward from. Particularly, since when the fuck is it a journalist's duty to ONLY publish the story if all the sordid details are known? Answer. It has never fucking been so.

Likewise, since when the fuck is it the duty or even job of other jornos to "interrogate" other journos about publishing the story with out having all the sordid details? Answer. Since fucking never.

I know Althouse does not consider herself a (hack partisan wing nut) right winger/GOPer. But she seems so willing to buy into their alternative reality narrative that she might as well be wearing the t-shirt and have the membership card in her wallet.

But enough about that silly person. As I said on my FB wall last night, I find it completely odd (but I am not surprised about it) how Cain can get more popular with the base by declaring war on the news media, instead of scorched by the actual history of his own scuzzy behaviour. But that is some of what is wrong with the GOP base. They really don't give much of a fuck about certain kinds of scuzzy behaviour by their own. And they seem to hate the so-called liberal news media so much that they get off on seeing some asshole fucktard like Cain growling and snarling at reporters. Seems very fucking sick to me. Not that I think the news media is beyond criticism. Then again my criticism is more about how the news media pull their punches too much. That's my take. So the phenomenon of people going all batshit on the news media for dogging folk is an insane thing to me.

That's their fucking job! To dog people. And they frequently do not dog folk hard enough. But those wing nuts do get it. Some of them are still whining about how P. Obama was not properly vetted. But what those fucktards don't get it, no one really cared much about Bill Ayers, or Rev. Wright. Now if there was a juicy sexual harassment story that had actual minimal factual basis back in P. Obama's past? Now that would have been a story with legs. But when it was all said and done, there really was not much in Obama's closet. Same can not be said about Herb Cain.

Anyway, I am sick of Insane Cain. And I am sick of fucking GOPers. And people who are not, but play one on TV. Or on the Internet.

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Friday, November 04, 2011

Can I Be Sick of the Story, and Intrigued at the Same Time?

Ya. Cain. Can't get enough of it and I am sick of it. I have heard the hook up story. Funny how that's not getting much press. Even funnier, the threat by the campaign mgr about suing Politico. Ya. Stole that one right from Cyborg Sarah's play book. I know that as a general matter there are wing nut lawyers out there with no ethics at all. But filing that civil complaint would really put someone on the bottom of the lawyer's shit list, even if restricted to wing nutters.

But I think the main reason I am getting sick of the story is this is not so much looking like a Shakespearean tragedy as much as like a monster/slasher movie. The fucking zombie won't stay dead, damnit. And I want the huge ugly ending to the Cain Insane Train NOW damnit! Before the big Hollywood Holiday flix come out.

Entertain me, damnit! Show me a good show! I got tix to the opera in a couple weeks.

Gimme something disastrous and rubber-necky before I see Le Boheme.

I'll stop there. For now, at least.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cain. The Insane Darling of an Insane Party.

I'm going freestyle here. No links. I have been ODing on the Cain and related stories. So here goes.

Cain is stupid and scuzzy. He's stupid as he had advance notice this this was going public, and just waited on it. He's scuzzy, never mind that I think the allegations are true against him, because he chose to indirectly attack the accusers. Saying the charges were false, is the same as calling them liars and all that shit.

The Cain Campaign and it's supporters are scuzzy. No bitches. Someone disclosing or publishing shit you want to keep secret is not an attack. It's called journalism. Assholes!

Likewise now that the Cain camp is directly blaming the Perry camp for the "leak," no bitches. It is not despicable when you political rivals disclose shit that will embarrass you. It's called politics. And there's no crying in politics!

Moving on, will we see any walk backs from the loud mouths who blamed this on the left and it's alleged racism against black conservatives? I think the odds are better that I hit Power Ball for that big pot last night. Or will hit the lottery sometime soon big big!

Some bitches got too much money, as Cain's been raking in the dough lately. What the fuck up with that?

Lastly, the perhaps not so odd (as there is not too odd for wingnuts) argument that has been gaining traction and what not with apologists for Cain? Blame it on the sexual harassment laws. They are bad!

So if Cain had been accused of a violent felony, would these people blame them laws? Maybe the law is racist against black conservatives.

Ya. None of the other arguments these people have been using make much more sense than that, so why not?

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Sinister Cynicism of Republicans on Race.

Yes, I am talking about all the insane shit spewing from white republicans about how Mr. Insane in the Membrane Cain is getting "lynched" on account of some unflattering history of his coming to light. No bitches. That's not a lynching. That's vetting a candidate. The media goes looking for dirt, and if they find it, they publish it. This is the way American politics have been done for as long as there has been American Politics!

But they (wing nuts) got them selves a negro now. And true to form as I have accused these shit wads, for years and years, they are now doing the exact crime they accuse the Dems of doing: cynically playing the race card. Not that this is the first time they have done it, and done it with the most transparently false of grounds. But they really seem to be doing it, in a concerted fashion, and they (pundits) are using the same script. Disgusting!

I think that when it comes to race and the race card, the wing nuts have this weird sense of being deprived of some thing that they have been denied, and are so eager to have at it that they will invent a reason to play the race card. This is clearly one of those circumstances. It's sinister, and it is sick. But we are talking wing nuts. Conservatives. Republicans. No matter what label it is, we are talking about some sick puppies.

And speaking of sick puppies? The other day Rush Limbaugh all but admitted he was throwing the race card just for the sick thrill of it. Ya. But there is one thing that racist fucker doesn't get. If one is not a racist one usually does not smart from being called a racist. Usually it's the racists who get all bent out of shape when the charge is hurled. So on behalf of the forces of the left libs in the world, here is the reply to his charge.

You must be joking with that shit. Oh. And people have been calling you a racist for decades because you obviously are a racist. And ya fat ugly racist piece of garbage. The real idea behind being a racist is how one feels about the group, not one individual or just a few in the the group. So you can be deeply passionately in love with Mr. Insane in the Membrane Cain, and still be a racist. Yes. It does work that way.

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