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I am not at war with those people. I am at war against the fucking idiotic things they seem to believe and say.


With that in mind.  If you can read this.  And if you really believe in the idea of free speech.  And if you really, truly believe in the marketplace of ideas.  You really need to believe in this, to be actually consistent, actually.

And there is the related idea of voting with your feet.  Essentially, the core of the modern, not really a thing, thing that gets called cancel culture. is both.    At minimum. the complainers are voting with their feet, if not their whole bodies, turning away from the people they are upset with.  And if the people doing and saying the upsetting things are making their living in a way that is very much tied to personal approval in the marketplace, like actors, celebrities, journalists, writers, politicians, and even sports figures?  The upset people are voting with their wallets, by boycotting the folk who upset them, and the horses they rode in on.  Sometimes shit is that simple.

Now I was thinking not to get personal in this post, but I am calling out John McWhorter, again.  Yeah.  He had every right to write his book filled with idiotic ideas.  And his publisher had/has every right to publish his book filled with idiotic ideas.  The market will ultimately decide the value of the book, in both the marketplace of ideas and of commerce.  But . . .

My opinion is this is a wasted opportunity.  Instead of being a knee jerk, cranky old (but not all that old) man.  Instead of using this opportunity to at least in many many cases, unfairly smear people who he disagrees with in tactics, at least, and in some cases I imagine what he believes they believe, at least.  (Not sorry to say it, but the psychological insight and mind reading ability of an English Professor are presumptively invalid, actually.)  He could have focused on the actually interesting questions.

What are the actually interesting questions?  I will tell you soon.  But first, an observation that isn't new, but sets up what I am leading to.  Ya know how they say that if you are going to punch at anyone as a comedian or even merely as a critic, you should punch up?  If you punch down you are just being a bully?  Ya heard that old bit before, I assume.  And let me mention, the punching down part is one of the main meta complaints the so called woke mob have.  They see, sometimes a little, sometimes greatly powerful people punching down, and they do not approve.  And they get all upset, and then they complain and boycott, and shit.

And now to the interesting questions.  And I confess.  I haven't read the full bit, but I have read some of the some of the essays that became part of his book.  And I have seen/heard him speak on these matters on various sho-grams and pods.  And I know,  in the end he chose to call his book, "Woke Racism."  So I think it is fair to assume  his main thesis is not the metal level . . . . at what point does a complaining mob become the bully? At what point is the reaction equal to greater a bad thing than the original thought/word/act crime?  Is there some kind of sliding scale, such as a POTUS is given a higher weight that has to be matched by the mob, than some virtually unheard of farm league outfielder?

But even if  McWhorter pays some small attention to the meta issues, he mostly is going after people he disagrees with on the tactical level, if not sometimes on the flat our content level.

Let me make another point, relying on some old bit of  wisdom.  So the other night.  I was at a dinner party.  And I mentioned the ancient line about how:

"Above the talk of plays and taxes, one hears the incessant grinding of axes."

Like I said in previous posts, there is nothing new under the sun.  Bitches be complaining about bitches, who complain about other bitches, complaining about other bitches.

Now I can be a very critical bitch myself.  I have no problem admitting that.  I also admit to being an O.G. Internet Troll.  I helped invent that shit, back in the day. But I wised up, and grew up, and gave up.  And I don't want to be too insulting to McWhorter.  But I truly believe he is spreading some really childish, silly ideas at best, in addition to engaging in some dead common axe grinding.  But hey.  The rest of us get to vote with our feet and wallets.  And buyer beware, he wants money from you to expose you to his axe grinding.  

I repeat.  The marketplaces will decide the value of his product, I mean axe grinding.  

And that is the way the world is fucking supposed to work.  Yea that!

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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Truth Why Stupid People Think They're Smart

No.  I am not going to go down that rabbit hole again about how the people who criticize people who criticize people for saying mean, stupid shit  are stupids themselves. But but but . . . 

This video, about Dunning Kruger and related stupid human tricks.

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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Following up. How Fucking Stupid is it to Believe That So Called Cancel Culture is a Thing? How Hugely, Motherfucking Stupid is it?


Do you know that fucking stupid thing some people say?  That truly motherfucking stupid thing some people say about how celebrities die in threes?  Despite there being no evidence of such a thing? And they hold on to that truly motherfucking stupid belief, despite there being no evidence of such a thing?

Yeah.  I have told people who believe that, again and again.  Fuck no!  Celebrities do not die in threes. You are just fucking counting in threes.

Now go ahead and say that is not a perfect analogy.  Ya.  It's not perfect. But pretty much all ipse dixit "logic" is equally fallacious.

ipse dixit

ip·​se dix·​it | \ ˈip-sē-ˈdik-sət  \

Definition of ipse dixit

an assertion made but not proved DICTUM

My specific point to Professor McWhorter.  Just because you have placed thousands of words in close proximity to, and or following as published, an ipse dixit argument, does not equal proof.  I continue to call bullshit on that bullshit.  Prove me wrong.  Prove to me there is anything new going on under the sun here, with all this tiresome chatter about so-called cancel culture, other that the speed of communication?

Two further points.  I am fairly sure I did not f-bomb anyone when I pointed out the error in their ways, by counting celebrity deaths in threes.  And I love, love this kiddy korner graphic.  I find both as equally fallacious beliefs; equally kiddy korner level shit.  

Let's add a third point, before I head for the door.  I have ancestors who were kicked out of Portugal for being Jews.  Decades ago, I edited the old rhyme about Columbus:

"In 1492.  Columbus sailed the ocean blue."  (And my addition.)  And the Iberian peninsula kicked out all the Jews.

But my Sephardic Jewish ancestors got off easy, compared to those in Spain.  


/ˌɔːtəʊ də ˈfeɪ/
/ˌɔːtəʊ də ˈfeɪ/
[uncountable, countable] (from Portuguese)
(plural autos-da-fé 
/ˌɔːtəʊz dɑː ˈfeɪ/
/ˌɔːtəʊz dɑː ˈfeɪ/
  1. the practice of burning people who did not accept the religious beliefs of the Spanish Inquisition.

So my message to anyone whining about so-called cancel culture.  First, stop yer fucking whining.  Second, learn your fucking history, man! Third, admit that you have been a fucking idiot for comparing so-called cancel culture mobs to religious zealots who burned heathens at the stake  (you decided to run with the religion metaphor.  Not me!)  And lastly, stop yer fucking whining. 

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Forgive Me For Being Redundant. If I Have Said This Here Before


But John McWhorter is a blind man, in a dark room, looking under the bed, for a black cat, that isn't there.

I get it.  He is trying to sell a book.  And I watched some of a clip of his latest appearance on "Real Time."  And he is back to selling a point of view  (allow me another metaphor,) that is not merely missing the forest for the trees.  He is in the wrong fucking forest.  He should be up in the PacN'West rainforest.  But instead he is lost in the Cedar Forest of Lebanon.  That hasn't been there for a couple thousand years.  As it was deforested, back in the day.

I suppose some context is required.  McWhorter is a very smart English Professor at Columbia U., who really hates the not real thing called cancel culture.  He has a particular despite for aggressive civil rights advocates, the anti racists.   (And for the record, none of their ideas are new.  I have been part of that movement for decades.)  But he can expand his bubble of contempt to other people who's criticism of other people rubs him the wrong way.  So he criticizes them, for being hyper critical.  But I am not going to call him a hypocrite for that.  Even if when viewed from the  meta level.  Criticizing people, in a way some folk might not like,  for criticizing people, because they have been criticizing people, in a way you don't like? 

I mean . . . seriously?  Seriously?  This is the shit that you think is a danger to society?  People criticizing people, in a way you don't like, so you in turn criticize those people, in a way some folk might not like?  Negro please!

I know you got a book, deal, and shit.  So there is a market for that brand and flavor of bullshit.  But as I just said on my FB wall today.  Things are fucked up and bullshit in America!

Now on to the part that likely is redundant.  But first allow me to say I lose track easily of what I post here, and on my FB wall.  So I might not have said in sum the following here yet.  But I sort of think I did, and used the device of the over the top f bomb fit.  Here goes.

There is nothing fucking new about going after people for the fucking shit the think, believe, and say.  As recently as the 1600's they had fucking witchcraft trials here in America.  Fucking 19 people were hanged.  During the previous few hundred years:

Between the years 1500 and 1660, up to 80,000 suspected witches were put to death in Europe.

And you have the audacity to argue that people getting criticized on the interwebtubesnet is some calamity?  Negro please!

I could go longer with the history lesson.  But I got shit to do, and I am looking for the exit.  There is nothing fucking new about that part of shit.  The targeting of people for real or imagined thought crimes, and shit.  Main difference is the communication technology.  100 years ago we had radio.  So news and opinions could get around the planet in a few days, maybe even hours.  50 years before that, they had the telegraph.  50 years before that there wasn't even a Pony Express, yet.  News and shit travelled by slow coach and boat.  So it was really really really  fucking hard to get the word out there that someone was thinking and saying the wrong shit.  And then it took weeks and months to organize, and have your convention, and mobilize your mob.

Thanks to the technology of 2021, it takes mere minutes to inform and mobilize a digital mob.

So please, listen up professor.  There fucking is nothing fucking new about going after heretics, or others who do not agree with the mob.  And there is nothing new about the why of it, or the desired result (but homicide is usually not on the menu, not in America at least.  Not usually, not yet again.)  The only new thing is how fast you can inform and virtually round up your mob.

Hurts my pretty brain, this ignorant, mostly false bullshit.  Tiresome!

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Racist With A Pretty Face, Megyn Kelly, Gives Up the Game!


I have said it before.  Megyn Kelly is my personally chosen representative for an example of meeting the minimum requirements of being flat out racist.  There are far worse out there, for sure,  But between  Santa is white, and what is the big deal about blackface? She has over the years been a fairly solid protector of whiteness as the default superior value in America.  And that really is all that is needed.  Or to take the issue from the other side. you don't have to be emotionally, never mind actually physically, violently opposed to not white people to be a white  American racist.  You just have to show an obvious bias, that demonstrates a clear preference for whiteness.  That is the core of white supremacy.  You don't have to lead or even just follow the lynch mob.  All you gots to do is honestly think, "Them people need to be more like us." 


So I was reading some article on some blog/site I despise (oppo research)  and she was quoted from some anti CRT rant as saying . . .

"it doesn’t have to be classical, critical race theory."

What this really is about. What all this anti CRT racist bullshit is about, is a radical, revanchist redefinition of what constitutes racism, as that is the conclusion these white supremacists run to.  That CRT is racist, not white supremacy.  I call this revanchist, as for the most of the history of white people in America, what they like is what is good, and what they don't like is what is bad.  And white supremacists are upset that not white people are getting a say.  Their voices are being heard.  They are part of the narrative, more than ever, in their own terms.  And white supremacists hate that shit.  And they are fighting back!  

So if CRT, or any mere attempt to correct the pro white supremacy faux history of America makes white supremacists uncomfortable, that is bad to them.  That must be stopped, according to them.  That is the 'real' racism.  Making white supremacists uncomfortable is the real offense, not 500 years of white supremacist hegemony, and racist bullshit.  

Life in America for white supremacists is so hard nowadays.  Having to rely on white supremacist bullying tactics, to counter the narrative that white supremacy is everywhere?  So they have to fight the truth that that white supremacy is everywhere, by denying that white supremacy is everywhere.  And in doing so, attempt to preserve and maintain white supremacy, everywhere they can.

It hurts my pretty brain!  Shit.  I need a palate cleanser of sorts. I need me some Anansi!  He knows what time it is!  Oh.  I found this compilation reel from Season 2 of American Gods, featuring the Black gods. Let's go with that.

The Black American Gods. Compilation Reel.

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sometimes it is Worth it to Go Down the Rabbit Hole, Just a Bit.

So you see someone's tweet being reported as if they said something newsworthy, or worthy in some way.  And you never heard of them.  So you click on the link and go to their twitter page and you still are all . . .  who da fuck is this?  So you look around because you are there already.  And if you are lucky you hit pay dirt.  In my case to day, this line:  The actual line:

"During our show, I passed this storyline along fairly credulously."

The actual person's name is irrelevant.  Likewise, the story.  The point is doing that shit!   As a quick aside, the rest of the story is about how the writer chose to verify or not the story, after passing it along.  And they discovered they passed on bullshit.

Peeps are free to pass on bullshit.  Peeps are free to do all sorts of thoughtless, stupid shit.  And sometimes they pay for it.  Sometimes not.  And sometimes peeps admit it.

That is refreshing, when they do that!

PS.  The passed along credulously story was from the Daily Wire.  Tisk, tisk.

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Not Even Gonna Point to This Latest Example of Ignorant Whites on Black Issues, Crime.


I am just going to sort of copy paste the last shit I typed out on the matter of how some white people understand issues concerning pretty much anything about black and brown folk as badly as a four year old would know about the proper way to calibrate the control rods in a nuclear breeder reactor, but continue to talk about issues concerning black and brown folk.

I edited a bit.  

Let me now  sort of copy paste the other part from some other recent post I made.

When white (lady bloggers) people talk about black and/or brown people, they prove how little they know about us, and give us increasing reasons to despise them and their disrespect for Black and/or brown people.  For your own good, shut the fuck up about black and brown people.  

Keep up the disrespect.  We know better who and what you are, when you do so.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Fucking Stop Promoting Paid Trolls! Especially if You Ain't Getting a Cut!

I am not going to name names, because I am tired of that shit.  But a particular blogger is once again promoting, by way of publishing and linking, paid Republican trolls.  And I am just assuming that the blogger isn't getting a piece of the action.

The paid Republican troll is Bridget Phetasy.  One of those comedians no fucking one has heard of. And in saying that I mean no Netflix or HBO shows, or appearances on any of the traditional late night shows.  (Far as I can tell.  And Greg Gutfeld doesn't quite rate, as his audience is so politically, ideologically trollish and parochial.)  But she does have some credits, so she has not merely and only done podcasts and her You Tube Channel.  Anyway . . . 

So she must be a Republican hack who smears liberals  and gets small amounts of money from other Republicans for her owning the libs.  Because that is what passes for humor among Republicans.  I am reminded of one of my favorite Homer Simpson moments,  He is watching TV and something painful happens, and he says something to the effect of . . . I don't like that guy so that's funny.

But here is the paid troll part.  I googled her career.  In her own words:

I am a ‘media personality’ who occasionally opens my pie-hole on conservative media outlets. I’ve even appeared on Fox.

 Like I said.   Paid Republican troll.

Why republish troll shit?  Seriously?  Why pretend trolling is anything but?  Oh. And sometimes she writes for the NY Post.  So she is suckling off both American Murdoch Family teats.  Among other Republican teats.  Paid Republican troll.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Found that article where Jon Stewart takes on the Media for feeding us Shit.


And he is correct.  While we as a nation bemoan Face Book analytics, and their bias towards and monetizing of hate and stupidity, we should not forget.  They are not the only ones pedaling shit.  I made reference to Limbaugh.  Talk about a endless (till he fucking did something good for once, and died) source of shit.  How about Fox News?  The original source for fake news!  And thanks to the interwebtubes, it has metastasized and or spawned multiple, deviant, toxic strains of bullshit.  Even the MSM  falls victim to it.  Usually they are treating some missing dead white lady story as if it is deserving of national attention. All the care I can send to the dead lady's survivors.  But this nation got some meta level problems.  Existential problems.  You all should not be on national TV now.  But I hope you find a measure of closure, if not justice. 

Speaking of meta.  That trend to raise local tragedy  to national prominence is tricky.  Sometimes it is warranted, when part of some greater, bad national story like white on not white racism.  But other times, and too often, is is pandering  and playing to the lowest common denominator.  

But I also accuse the audience of complicity.  That Isn't A Shiny Thing. You Are Wired For Shit.

But I confess.  When I am in the mood for it, I can watch a good Karens in the Wild story.  But I go over to You Tube, where there is channel pretty much called "Karens in the Wild."  Unless MSM  is tying the Karens kind of story into some sociological zeitgeist related to either specific white on not white racism, or the more meta problem, and that is the epidemic of entitlement?  There is more important shit to cover.

And before I let go . . . . Ann Althouse  again.  She is a repeat offender of treating stupid shit as if it is some kind of shiny thing, and is blind to her self being wired for shit.  Granted, she doesn't rate at actual media source.  But she has a following, and is a not so shiny example of what is wrong with the  interwebtubes.  And that is why I mention her in this post.  The shit she posts, and her toxic comment section (still curated.  Every hateful remark is approved by her or her husband,) fosters the fallacious belief that everyone has a valid opinion.  What rubbish!

But I have my biases.  I just posted some major shade at podcasters.  And I really don't like people all that much, or care much for their opinions about much.  If I dare attempt to read a comment section, it is my own version of "confirmation bias."  Rarely do I read more than five comments in a row on her board, for example, without feeling disgusted.  I try not to extrapolate that to all of humanity.  Most humans don't behave so badly or have such mental defects, or obvious hate, as her hive drones.

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Monday, October 18, 2021

I am not letting racist adjacent Ann Althouse off the hook, as she keeps on promoting racist promoted, racist bullshit stories.


Because so much of the right wing bullshit she republishes is flat out white on not white, racist bullshit.  Her most recent infraction?  Posting about the Yale Law School nontraversey over the Native American student drawing the ire of the Black law student group for some pretty much obvious and widely know as historically white on not white racist bullshit cracks.  I won't quote directly but the email made some reference to a drug house, and Popeye's Chicken. We black and brown folk have been victim of that shit by the more racist white folk for years and years.  And I get why the black law students took offense, even if Ann Althose doesn't.  

As an aside, she needs to work on her  . . .  dare I call it selective color blindness?  I don't mean that literally.  I mean that in the general sense that she truly understands issues concerning white on not white racist bullshit and, pretty much anything about black and brown folk as badly as a four year old would know about the proper way to calibrate the control rods in a nuclear breeder reactor.

Let us mention the glaringly obvious.  She routinely falls for this shit.  The hook in this story is it involves one group of not whites  going after another not white.  White racists love that shit!  And beyond that, any time a white racist gets a chance to take a shot at black and brown folk is another thing they dearly, dearly, really love.  So who the fuck in their right mind would republish that shit without saying something along the lines of  . . . . here is yet another incident of white racists stirring the pot?

Again, this is why I use the phrase racist adjacent.  You don't have to be committed to the same racist bullshit goal as the white supremacists.  All you got to be is an accessory after the fact.

Shit.  I went long there.  I was supposed to get to the other part.  I don't have a link but recently Jon Stewart was reported to say something critical about reporting of these bullshit, divisive stories.  I think he has a point there.  

And about the Native American's weak assed defense?  Sorry for getting redundant, but I have been saying the following shit for decades.  Back in 1984 I graduated with a BA  in Theatre.  I did a little comedy acting and a little MC work.  Not rap MC.  MC as in, warm up the audience with some weak jokes, and introduce the acts, work.  So I technically was paid to tell jokes.  And with that authority I say:

Any time you go on stage, you take the risk of pissing people off.

Anytime you tell a joke, on stage or off, you take the risk of pissing people off.

Don't quit your day job.  Leave it to the professionals.

Professionals often fuck this shit up, by the way, and piss people off.

That last line is a new addition to the decades old advice.  Call this my first tacit reference to the shitstorm with Netflix and Chappelle.  And as well any situation where professionals fuck this shit up, and piss people off.  

And one last word.  The phrase, "Read the room," is now in play a lot.  And that, in regards to the reality that even professionals often fuck this shit up, and piss people off?  Never ever fucking ever assume that shit will stay in the room.  Shit will find a window, a door, a ventilation duct, and find its way out of the room.  Do not assume it will not!

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

"He's a Know it All Who Knows Nothing."

Line about a Brit comedian's on stage, altar ego.  I am learning about his act on a "60 Minutes" piece about the vanishing institution of the pub.  Real pubs, not bars.  A proper public house.

But the description of the pub blowhard not only well describes the American Know it All who polishes many a bar stool.  But it applies to lots of bloggers and podcasters.

Goddess save us from them!

Now  I need to add weasel words  There are blogs and podcasts by people who know what they are talking about. I am not talking about those people.  I am talking about  the Joe Rogan's of the world, who might have a narrow slice of shit pie they know about.  But they still go on and on about shit they don't know shit about.

And for the record, I am offended that anyone thinks  Rogan has anything worth listening to about medicine and public health.  But I know people.  People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals.  And more so, Republicans.

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Why Any Criticism of So Called Wokeness is Racist.

So I saw that racist enabler Ann Althouse made a post today about Bari Weiss's latest attack on Wokeness.  She was making a racist attack there, and Althouse, as accessory after the fact, earns yet again my despite for being racist adjacent.  I am not sure right now that I have ever explained succinctly what I mean by that.  At minimum, it is racist adjacent to republish a racist screed, whole or in part, and not clearly dissociate from the racism.  Althouse does that bullshit all the fucking time.

But on to my main point.  Like I alluded to, in my remarks yesterday about how John McWhorter's titling of his book "Woke Racism," is support, even if unintentional and negligently,  for white supremacists, and bad for black and brown folk.  The reason for that is the original meaning of being woke was for black and brown folk to be always on guard against white on not white racism.  

No matter what woke has come to mean in the current political and cultural spheres, encouraging the mocking of Wokeness is encouraging people to abuse and dismiss people fighting racism.

Yes, we live in a world full of nuance.  But some people have been trying to dismiss black and brown folks' opposition to racism for decades.  Sometimes shit is that simple, despite the presence of nuance.

Here is the part I am sure I have said a few times.  The first rule is don't help the white supremacists.

It is that fucking simple, people.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Just When I Ready to Serve McWhorter and Loury Their, "Your Black Cards Have Been Revoked," Notices. This Shit.


And to explain, in one of his books, the late, great Professor Derrick Bell imagined a powerful body called the Celestial Curia that pondered the fate and state of life for black and brown folk.  Using that literary device for my own purposes, if there ever was a body that could revoke black cards, they would be it, and I am a Monsignore of that illustrious power.  Meaning, I get to serve the papers.  It ain't real  but I have an agile and fertile imagination.  

But to explain, I had all but given up on these two negros. Between Loury's knowing better about the reality of white on not white racism in America, but spewing his recycled Booker T.  bullshit?  And McWhorter's knowing language better, and still calling the current Civil Rights movement a "religion,"  and using "Woke Racism," as the title of his new book (doing the white supremacists a solid, and nothing good at all, something really fucking awful to black and brown folk? )  I got fed up with the two of them.  Said simply, the shit they were publishing, viewed broadly in all media, was hurting my pretty brain.  So I put them on mute.

But today I felt like breaking the embargo as one of the segments on their most recent Bloggingheads pods was titled on the idea of authentically black. So I gave it a try.  And I was surprisingly pleased with their output.

Summing up.  Glen admits, by reference to a paper from one his brighter students, taking him to task for what I call his . . . not in any way useful, recycled Booker T. Washington self help ethos, that ya. He is not really addressing the issues of the day for black and brown folk.   And if I heard him right, he is thinking about coming up with better answers, specifically to the question as McWhorter phrased it, how do we dismantle systemic racism?

Since McW.  at least gets that part, he earned a Silver Star from me.  But he said he is thinking that using the word racism might not be the right word to be using. Good for that.  Because I say the word alone is insufficient,  The phrase to go with the idea of the race related problems here in America (and other lands,)  is white on not white racism.

In using and using again, just the word racism, as if it is some kid of . . .  both sides do it, phenomenon, allows the white supremacists, and their adjacent enablers to play the false equivalent game.  And that helps preserve the status quo, and that preserves white supremacy, and all the remaining, related, toxic racist bullshit, as it still exists.  So we must do better at ending that evil and self protecting for the racist Republicans, toxic bullshit racist argument.  

The problem is . . .  how some white people treat most not white people.  Fucking focus people!

Hope the link works.

What, if anything, does it mean to be “authentically black”?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Despite My Peeve About White People Who Know Nothing About Black and Brown People, Talking About Black and Brown People

I am not going to rag on a certain racist adjacent white lady blogger for continuing to talk about Black and/or brown brown people.  But to say this, and repeat myself in sum:  when white (lady bloggers) people talk about black and/or brown people, they prove how little they know about us, and give us increasing reasons to despise them and their disrespect for Black and/or brown people.  For your own good, shut the fuck up about black and brown people.  

Now for the main thing.  I had an idea about how Rush Limbaugh  and Newt Gingrich are two people who are most to blame for the shit show that is the GOP lately.  And in a related vein, the GOP is so unhinged from fact and reason they will celebrate the destruction of our democracy,  But I actually was looking for an image to go with my specific thought that Rush's evil plan is going on as he hoped even if he is dead. And that is how I found out that he was buried with military honors.  I find that to be disgusting but is there anything about the GOP lately that isn't?

 Draft Dodger Buried With Military Honors

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Problem with Critical Race Theory w/ Charisse Burden-Stelly. (It's Not What the Critics Say.)

Spoiler alert.

My favorite part is when Charisse Burden-Stelly dismisses the CRT critics as:

allowed to remain ignorant as fuck.

For the record, she says that after a perfectly reasonable, and intelligent discussion of the issues.

But her salty dismissal is to my mind the sauce on the meat.  Adds flavor!

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Monday, October 11, 2021

I could crank about a certain racist adjacent blogger. But I decided against that . . .

But I just saw some good segment on PBS News Hour with rapper/poet Common, and a Chicago pastor talking about systemic racism in Chicago. Over the years and years. And since I looked at a certain racist adjacent blogger's page, earlier today. And I was already cranky about racists and racist adjacent bitches?


If you do not believe there is systemic racism in America. And I mean, not just against all black and brown folk. I mean against all not white folk . . . .

No more pretending there is another side. There are facts and there are lies. And the only part up for debate is which bitches are just ignorant, and which are really, truly racists?

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Saturday, October 09, 2021

Prove Me Wrong, Black Guys on Blogging Heads

 Racist and or Otherwise Out of Control Cops Killed Twice As Many People as Previously Reported.

And they have been killing black and brown people at a higher rate.

I do not expect the lying liars who have been spewing that previous and now disproven, toxic bullshit to recant.  Well I specifically do not expect Heather MacDonald to recant.   She has made a great part of her career gleefully spreading lies about how "not" racist America is, particularly, institutions, particularly Five-0.  But I don't expect "The Black Guys on Blogging Heads," to, either.  But between the two of them?  McWhorter, maybe?  I hope both prove me wrong.

And no, no.  Fuck no!  I don't give anyone slack because it was medical examiners, allegedly, underreporting.  

Particularly any black people.  You negros should have expected that shit!

Negros please!

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Friday, October 08, 2021

Let Us Not Name Names. But This is One of the Hallmarks of an Inferior Mind. My Opinion at Least. Universalizing.


First, the ignorant quote, which will remain unattributed:

 "And I think if Americans were perfectly honest, we'd all confess to having a love/hate relationship with the guy."

No!  No!  Motherfucker, no!

Firstly, I am a native of the NYC area, and have lived most of my life in this area . . . . always in the North East, Atlantic Coast region.  And particularly, here in the Tri State Area, there are millions of people who have despised  Bozo for decades.  So no.  The quote is factually wrong.  Now for the rhetorical deconstruction.

It is a particularly bullshit form of argument to not only advance an ipse dixit argument   --   one for which there is no support, save the unsupported assertion itself.  But it is another level of bullshit when the argument is so wide in reach, there is no fucking way it can be true.  And further, no matter how much one could try to verify, one could never possibly collect enough data that could support it, and in trying, one would not only disprove it first, but quickly.  It's a baseless, and specific generalization. 

But here is the last bullshit part.  Or at least the last I will include.  It is universalizing.  It is that insipid form of argument when someone has their own opinion about some shit, and baselessly ascribes that to everyone.

Talk about nasty, sloppy, shitty, bullshit thinking and argument. 

But back to the way I and millions of my fellow Tri State Area neighbors think about Bozo?  There was this brit com  called "Chef."  The title character was played by the brilliant Sir Lenny Henry.  "Chef" had a recurring line, that went like, "I hate you with a passion you never will understand."

One should never underestimate the millions of people who truly hate Bozo, and have for decades.  Never mind, the thousands of people who were directly or indirectly fucked over by him, over the course of his life.  

I don't merely call bullshit on that quote.  I call fluffing!  And I mean, in the urban dictionary sense. 

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Thursday, October 07, 2021

Related to Last Post, More White Republican Racist Bullshit.


I hope the next 007 is an Afro Latin Woman. How about Ariana De Bose? She is playing Anita in the upcoming West Side Story?

Oh. She self identifies as queer. She is a triple threat in more ways than on a stage.

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What Does a Racist Adjacent White Lady Blogger Get from Watching Chappelle?

 Definitely none of the jokes.  

At least none of those concerning blackness, and black folk. And yet again, I find myself talking about Ann Althouse, who has all the depth of knowledge about black and brown folk as a randomly selected four year old would know about the proper way to calibrate the fuel rods at a breeder nuclear reactor.

And to be blunt about it, not a fucking thing!

At risk of being redundant  (but this is within the topical range of my declared pet peeve,) some, and by that I mean many many lots of white folk, just need to fucking stop even talking about black and brown people.  They put their ignorance on full display to we, the black and brown people. And we will judge them for it.  And harshly, oftentimes.

As a related aside.  Growing up as black or brown people in America means you have to learn 1000 times more about white people, than the average white person learns about black and brown folk   As I just said to someone yesterday.  The major difference in society from 50 years ago regarding the races, is we now live in a country where seeing darker faces in the media all the time, is normal.  Granted.  That did not keep some white racist motherfuckers from bitching and moaning about the black reboot of "The Wonder Years."  So the whole 'darker faces in the media all the time,' thing is far from universally accepted and valued.  Despite the number of black and brown athletes and entertainers, the culture is still mostly white.  The institutions were created for whites.  The government was created for whites.  (Hint.  That is the core idea behind Critical Race Theory.  America was made for white people, and built by black people who were enslaved, and forced to do it.  And that power imbalance is still far from being eliminated.)

But before I started typing this, I had in mind the fetishes.  There is that one fetish that lots of racist and or racist adjacent white people have.  And like I said already, it is the one where despite not knowing fuck all about black or brown people, they wanna talk about black and brown people, and do so.  Sort of like the early grade school child who learns some tiny factoid, and prattles and rambles on the topic, despite knowing essentially nothing about it.  But there is a deeper meaning with the witless white folk talking about black and brown people.  That would be the control part.  At minimum, it is clearly about white people trying to control the conversations about black and brown people.  And here in the Americas, that is clearly a descendant of the whole, they will try to control everything possible about black and brown people, because they are white people.  And they believe white people are better.

And that naturally leads to the other fetish.  That is the one where pretty much at least, sort of knowingly, white people are still trying to control everything possible about black and brown people, because they are white people.  And they believe white people are better.

And that good people, is a nutshell answer to the question, how is any county in the Americas still racist?  That shit is still going on!  Stop fucking denying it!

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Sunday, October 03, 2021

Weekend Update: A Black Woman Who’s Been Missing for Ten Years - SNL

Friday, October 01, 2021

I thought it Over, and it is Worth Breaking Embargo

 Frequently, I have pointed out how white lady blogger Ann Althouse keeps on trolling her own blog.  Generally, she has that obnoxious habit of posting blurbs from and links to articles, but often doesn't comment.  Which is most obnoxious when the topic is anything generally controversial.  More so, when it has to do with blackness, racial 'other than' whiteness matters.  If there is anyone out there who consistently reads me, you should know that I stand fast and firm regarding the following.  

If one is not black, and one is not so solidly an informed ally that one might actually possess actual credentials in social sciences generally, and/or additionally specifically in the issues concerning race matters?  One would be wise to just shut the fuck about anything having to do with blackness.

For the record, trolling your own blog by posting articles about some aspect blackness, and not adding your own comment when doing that, does not count as shutting the fuck up.  It is stirring the pot, particularly if your hive attracts a bunch of racists, usually, who too often say blatantly racist shit.

Let me note the first 10 out of 37 comments, as of the time I started my post here.

1)  Turns the topic to . . . white people are the real victims.

2)  Blatantly racist remark of the, blacks are more of a danger to other blacks, kind.

3)  Another blatantly racist remark of the, blacks are more of a danger to other blacks, kind.

4)  Some looney comment regarding that likely racist piece of trash, MAGA rioter who got shot on the sixth of Jan. 2021, at the Capitol.

5)  Another blatantly racist remark of the, blacks are more of a danger to other blacks, kind.

6)  Something so stupid  I can't tell if it is racist.  

7)  Another blatantly racist remark of the, blacks are more of a danger to other blacks, kind.  This racist piece of garbage says the following, as his first sentence: "The New York Times is becoming more and more a platform for Black whining."  He admits he did not even bother to read the article before commenting.  Does that make him better or worse than anyone who didn't read it, and did not confess?

8)  Something more indirectly racist, but so looney it is hard to understand.  

9)  The only comments in the first 10 that seem both sane and not racist, and

10)  Yet another instance of . . .  turns the topic to . . . white people are the real victims.

I have no idea what goes on in her  . . .  unique brain,  But I look at her promoting shit like this and I have to at least conclude she has no problem in promoting racists and their racist ideas.  That is why I call her racist adjacent, and call her blog commentariat a hive of racist scum. But I grade hard.

Here is the triggering article:

The World Expects Black Men To Make Themselves Smaller

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