Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non Political Content. Super!

Pic is of a dancer for the NY City Ballet, in her favorite (winter, I am guessing)  warm up get up.

Hey.  That theatre can get drafty.  I should know.  I used to work there, back in the day. 

Everything . . . is beautiful.  At the ballet.   Haven't been to a City Ballet show yet this season.  Gotta get on that.  I haven't seen any ballet in a month!  Talk about deprivation.  But I might get to see the special Kings of the Dance: Opus 3  show at City Center in a few weeks.  If I am lucky.  And by lucky I mean comped.  I love getting comped.  It's  the only way I can get  really good seats, as I am not a subscriber for either City Ballet, or ABT.  And this upcoming show I am talking about is not officially an ABT  gig.  But I know someone who knows someone.  Well I will stop there but hey.  I have a reasonable expectation for that gig.

Oh.  And I don't mean my former boss, who used to run sound at City Center. Last I heard  (as of last year) he's working at Carnegie Hall.  And he doesn't get comp tix.  I would imagine.  Usually.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Quickies. No Linkys.

Love that old quoted exchange between Newt and Bob Dole. 

Newt:  "Why is everyone in such a rush to dislike me?"

Dole:  "Saves time."

The wheels are flying off the Newt bus, never mind the actual endorsement by Mack Daddy Cain, the rogue endorsement of Mr. Palin, and the almost sorta not actually but nearly so semi endorsement from Mrs. Palin.

News flash.  Mrs. Palin is still a rube.  And her stock at FNC is so low she's mainly doing the B list shows, over on Fox Business.  I wonder if Roger Ailes and the company got their money's worth out of her contract yet?  If so, take the Redneck Xena off the air.  Please?

I am tired of the "They are not racist, but . . ." arguments.  That is not a news flash.  But I want to see some strong voices with high media profiles  make the case that calling someone racist is not impolite, as long as their behavior warrants it.  We can never really know what is in some one's heart, even if they say,"This is in my heart."  Fuckers will lie.  Particularly if they are wing nut racists who tend to believe the line is always there where the next guy said something stupid.  It is never right there under their feet, when they say something stupid.

Anything else for now?  I saw some polling showing that a race between P. Obama and Romney is tighter than one between  P. Obama and Newt.  Newt gets creamed.  It's nice to know that only so many Americans  are freak flag flying, flaming idiots.

Ok.  I am done.  For now.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Screw Linking It.

Ok. Arctic Cyborg Sarah Palin is just furious at the amount of GOP on GOP violence, in the primary. So she says, as she commits her own violence on the GOP establishment.

What is worse is that some people think this is news, and not on account of the irony.  That kind of person would naturally miss the irony.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newton Leroy: Crown Prince of the Redneck Horde.

Newt: Don't Stifle the Audience Cheering the Candidate's Attack on the Media.

Well I originally wanted to post this just because of the topic in the title.  The bizarre, mentally damaged person's  complaint, that the audience was being stifled in siding with the candidates  AGAINST the media?  Then again  I don't get this redneck, wing nut animosity against the media.  I think it's pathological.  I mean I get it.  that Newton Leroy, Crown Prince of the Redneck Horde, scores points with the minions every time he does that.  But it makes no sense.  The job of POTUS is not to be at war with the media, for cryin' out loud.  That has as much to do with being POTUS as one's ability to knit sweaters!  (But I do get it  -- it's an us vs them, identity politics, in group bigotry thing.  And that's why I think it's pathology.)  Anyway . . . .

I stuck with the video about 1/2 through.  Talk about hypocrite or self blindness.  Newt rants about the dishonesty of Romney calling him an influence peddler.  Now why the freaking hell would any corp  hire him as a so called  consultant?  Because he once had been a history professor, or because he once had been Speaker of the House? 

My gods!  The nerve of this bullshit, redneck millionaire.  It's hard to be a standout liar among the GOP  but we can call him a contender for the worst of the lot.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Yesterday I went to see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close."  I found it compelling, complex, and emotionally stirring  (and actually draining but not in a bad way.)  Somewhere in the 2nd reel  I was thinking, I might have a hard time calling this good.  But that's because it's more like an emotional journey than mere story telling.  But by the end I was willing to say, yes, it is a good film.  I had a catharsis.  Not major, but still. It hit me where I was willing to be hit, and in the right way.  This is the first 9/11 related movie I have seen.  I made a good choice waiting for this one.  It's not so much about  that awful day, but instead, the days after.  And it is not about an event.  It is about people who went through an event, and how that impacted their lives.

I saw it at the multiplex across the street (sort of) from the Julliard School.  Now everyone will not get to see this in a NYC theatre, with a NYC crowd, but it was how I got to see it.  Honestly, there were a few scenes where the audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Ya.  Seriously.  I'll end there.  I could go on  but I will merely predict another AA nom. for Sandra Bullock, and for Max von Sydow.  And the young actor who plays that boy?  Brilliant! 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

So Newton Leroy, AKA The Sta-Puft Marshmellow Man, Wins in Rednekcy S.C.

I'm going to say it before anyone else does! The GOP base would vote for Charles Manson, as long as he claimed to be a conservative, and picked a fight with some journalist who dared ask him about all them murdered-dead people.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

When Lawyers, NAY, Law Professors Spew Insane Bullshit.

Follow up to the previous post.

Something that each and every lawyer should know.  The fucking actual fucking idea behind a fucking  corporation is to create some fucking thing that is fucking separate from the fucking investors.

For any lawyer, never mind a law professor, to claim that when the corp pays taxes, and then after that, when the investor pays taxes  on dividends or cap gains, that it's double taxation, is a misstatement of law  (never mind fact) so huge, their law degrees should be yanked.  Furthermore, their name should be stricken from the rolls;  and as well, "From every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument."

I mean really!  It is one thing when some rank, rank and file, douche nozzle idiot wing nut signs on to such a bat fucking insane idea.  But when  a lawyer does it?  Never mind a law professor?  Fuck a diseased duck!

Ok.  I have gone this far, this year  (I think) with out referring to a certain bottle-assisted blonde, silly law professor. So that's all I am going to say about that.  And I am ready to call it a Friday Evening.  I got a song to work on.  A cover of some real musicians'  stuff.  And I hope to post my cover to You Tube tonight.  Yea,  that douche nozzle pair of anti Internet laws are dead in the water, far as I heard.  Yea!

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They Love Capitalism, but Don't Know the Basics of Bookkeeping or Accounting.

Oh this lie might not be a new lie, but it galls. The dishonesty of the oligarchs, the plutocrats, and their minions. They are now claiming that the 1%, particularly those like Mittens who earn their income mainly from investments and only pay the low cap gains rate of tax around 15%, actually pay more taxes by percent than the rest of us.

Their dishonest reasoning? That corps first pay 35% on the corporation's own income. So the people making money on investing their money in the corp, (after the corp pays taxes and only then decides whether to issue dividends, or plow money back into the biz, or invest the profits somewhere else,) it is now being argued, personally paid that 35% tax first when actually the corp paid the tax, before investors pay the 15% tax on their own personal income, after the corporation decides to issue the dividends to investors.

Bullshit. Such utter bullshit, and not even considering that many corps do not pay remotely close to the 35%, to start.

Is it disturbingly humorous that people who claim to love capitalism so much they revere its basic tenets with as much ardor as their love of God and the religions they practice, seem to lack the most basic understanding of corporate bookkeeping and accounting.
And a follow up. Now I can't honestly say this only happens on the right wing. But there is, I have observed for years and years, a greater tendency for wing nuts to get all gooey or otherwise excited over arguments that merely contain attractive (to them) "points." I contrast such points with reasoned argument based on straight facts, and objective reality. This twisted double taxation argument is a perfect example of a point that is detached from objective reality.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Republicans are Criminally Evil, Stupid.

What is the damage with these wing nuts? They get stiff and wet to see their primary candidates take smacks at the journalist/moderators? HOW IDIOTIC CAN THESE PEOPLE BE?

The job of running against the current POTUS, never mind being ...POTUS is NOT at all about how well one can condescend to some journalist. These people are idiots, if they think that is at all a qualification. They might as well be cheering the candidates ability to knit sweaters.

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Colbert's Super Pac Declares War on Super Pacs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA and Dishonest Wing Nut Liars.

Could you be more wrong, And by that I mean silly wrong, Ann Althouse?

I originally typed up some longer screed, but I thought better of it.  Here is my concise argument.

Law Professors.  Particularly Constitutional Law Professors fucking should fucking recognize that fucking commercial speech, and fucking political speech, are not the fucking same.  Actually  where real people are concerned, political speech gets the higher value.  But when we are talking about corporations  trying to engage in political speech that directly can impact an election, we, reasonable people, think.  Whoa.  If you don't have the right to vote, on account of not being a natural person, do you really have much of a right to participate in the elective process, if you really don't have a right to participate in the elective process?

As absurd as it is, any and every state government could outlaw all actions by all corporations  in their states.  It won't ever happen, I would guess.  But all, any US State (or territory with that level of law making authority) can totally strip all corps of not only the right of speech, but all so called rights, by merely  (and I know it's a not easy thing to do) repealing their corp law.

Now if a state government can outlaw  totally corporations, doesn't it follow they can muzzle them?  And I mean not only as far as speech, but muzzle them in any way imaginable?

Put that in your wing nut crack pipe, and smoke it!

Hey.  I did the rewrite with out calling anyone a fuck, or some fucking thing.  Good for me.

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Us vs Them (And They Suck! Damned Conservatives!)

The difference between conservatives and liberals, according to me. Today. Right now.

A conservative is a person who thinks the USA is perfect, except for them god damned liberals.

A liberal is a person who thinks the USA is NOT perfect, and not only because of, or not even mostly because of them damned conservatives. But we don't like them even if they are not the major thing wrong with the country. As a matter of history.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some, Meaning Too Many GOPers are Evil. Stupid Evil. They Gave Newt a Standing O?

For essentially building up and tearing down some straw men.  For doing what I think of as a reverse straw man  --  talking about how work is a good thing.  Oh.  And on top  of that telling grotesque lies.

First, the reverse straw man.  In extoling the virtues of work, Newt not only dodged the explicitly racist tinge of his earlier black kids should be janitors, uber gaff.  But he basically ignored that part and made some actually bland but popular statements on the level of, we can all agree that not strangling grandma is the right way to go.

Now on to the lies.

Arrghh!  Again, his theory about how a NY City school's physical plant is run is purely ignorant, and based on a lie. Newt keeps on using the word "janitor" for NY City Custodian. Who is a department head. Who is a manager. Who hires and supervises staff and contractors as he keeps operational what may be a multi million dollar facility. Confusing a NY City Custodian with the guy who actually mops the floor, is like confusing the Boatswain on a destroyer or cruiser, the Warrant Officer who is in charge of the non engineering structure of the ship and the decks, with the seaman who actually swabs the deck.

But hey Newt. You gave a stirring defense of the concept of work. And you not only doubled down on the lie about what a NY City School Custodian is. 
But you invented or at least spewed a not so common lie that elites don't like people earning money. And those twisted GOPers in S.C. cheered him.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

In Observance of MLK Day.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 1963.

Hey.  Isn't there another GOP debate, tonight?  Yes.  I just had to get a dig in, today.  Could not let that set up go a wasted.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Just Say No To Racist Enablers. Or Cuss The Fuckers Out.

Time to go off on the dicknosed fucker I refer to as that wing nut professor.  He considers himself a self appointed guardian against what he calls,"Trumped up charges of racism."  And he ends his post with the most ignorant and racist enabling of shit eating bullshit:

"Because when the race card is played against one of our candidates, it is played against all of us."
I mean really?  No one from stormfront or the Ron Paul Redneck Neo-Confederate Faction jacked your account?  You really stand by this shit?  For Fuck's Sake. Give it Up You Racist-Enabler.

Granted.  I love to cuss.  And racism, and those who condone, excuse, or defend such are high up on my shit list.  I feel no guilt in cussing out a mother fucker who is defending  plain on it's face racism.

Now really.  The ad is not attacking Romney for the racist organization his grandfathers  were in.  Not even the racist organization his daddy was in.  Nor is it attacking Romney for the racist organization he was involved in as a child  (potentially against his free will.)  What Romney is being attacked there for is being an adult in a racist institution.  He is being accused and rightly so, of going to a college that practiced racial segregation.

Again.  Any fucking idiot who does not get the fucking facts here.  Romney went to a college that practiced racial segregation, racial discrimination against people on account of their races.

That is not trumped up.  That is a fact.  And there is a presumption his conduct in the past gives rise to.  And that presumption is that he was perfectly ok with the Mormon Church's racist practices and positions, before they changed them.  Does this mean he is a blatant racist?  More likely a negligent one.  At least that is the rational inference for someone who attends a racially discriminatory college run by a racially discriminatory institution.

Now does that end the story?  Oddly but true, compared to some of those other fuckers still in the race, Romney comes across as one of the least rednecky racist.  But I can not really know what he feels deep down inside.  I doubt he would be with me on the barricades, merely on account of being GOP.  But he does come across as negligently  racist, at least, even if not badly, blatantly  racist.  And for the record I consider negligently racist as not really anti black/brown, but still really doesn't give a fuck about whether or not black/brown/other non white people are actually being treated fairly in America.  Compare that to Pat Buchanan who is so scared that the whites are losing control of America that he fucking wrote a book whining about the inevitable fact.

So let's get back to the professor.  Now it is one thing if he wants to give a pass to the institution of the Mormon Church, for being more then 10 years behind the Federal Government on racial equality.  If that is what the fuck faced ferret actually believes, I am not going to change his racist enabling twisted mind.  But to call the ad trumped up requires  one to be a liar of such factually  denying a level as to be nothing better than a lying assed fuck face weasel.  In addition to being a racist enabler.

I got it out of my system.  And I feel better for it.

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George Carlin vs Wing Nuts. Classic Shit!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

James O'Keefe Fucking Up (Himself,) Again.

The punk assed punk is too stupid for words.  They, his cohorts, attempted to commit voter fraud, in a twisted attempt to prove it's a genuine problem in the nation?

Go here For The Mind Blowing Stupidity of it All.

From the article:

"In their investigation, the conservative videographers entered polling places, gave the name of recently deceased New Hampshire residents, and were offered ballots by poll workers. In one case, the videographer fled the scene after a poll worker became aware that he was not the deceased voter.
While the videographers were largely careful not to directly assert that they were the deceased voters whose names they were stating, Think Progress noted that in at least one instance, when a poll worker asked a O'Keefe confederate for his name, he gave the name of deceased person.
In addition to potentially putting his accomplices in legal jeapardy, O'Keefe's video largely shows the logical incoherence of the right's voter fraud paranoia and the difficulty of pulling off a large-scale fraud conspiracy.
This morning, the New Hampshire Union-Leader reportedthat officials in the towns where the video was shot are calling for the prosecution of the videographers:"

But my favorite remark in the article:

"Election law expert Rick Hasen, who writes the Election Law Blog, joked in an email to TPM that O'Keefe's team should "next show how easy it is to rob a bank with a plastic gun."

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why do Whites Hate Blacks.

I thnk the writer is painting with too broad a brush, but there's a deep truth at core in this essay. "It is about white self-image." Just look at the current GOP primary. All those dog whistles and in some cases blatant white privilege-serving race baiting? Granted, the GOP has no new ideas, never mind any good ones. So why not play the white is right self image boosting card?

Shit. Rush Limbaugh has doubled down yet again with calling the Obamas uppity niggers -- this time by throwing the dictionary meaning of the insult at them, instead of the word uppity. He says the Obamas like living high on hog with out working for it. Yep. That's the same as calling them uppity niggers. And I hope some major media outlet or player calls him out on it.

This is Election 2012. This is the year the racist revanchists are going to field their last desperate attack. We have to fight back hard. And part of that is knowing what game these right wing, redneck racists are playing.

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Monday, January 09, 2012

I hope Reports of the Demise of the Tea Party are not Premature.

Fuck them!  Yea, if that pestilence has run it's course.

I know  we got laws and a constitution and shit that protects them, the real scum.  The Enemies of Humanity  --  Conservatives!  So we really can't deport them.  But isn't there some way we can outlaw them?  I mean fuck.  The Democratic Party is too far to the fucking right, these days.  That is due in large part to how the fuck far to the extreme  the GOP has gone in just the last 25-30 years. 

I say it is time to put an end to it.  The GOP.  The Right Wing.  Draw a line and say  anyone beyond that mark on the political spectrum is insane, and needs treatment.  I suggest Valium.  Or Codeine.  Or both.

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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fuck Republicans

Not literally.  That might lead to the breeding of more republicans.  And we can't have that.  We will have no more of that, thank you very much.

And looking over that formal phrasing, I am reminded.  Tonight is the return of Masterpiece Theatre's  "Downton Abbey."  Yes.  I am a sucker for Brit. Aristocratic themed drama.  I actually think there is something superior to a society that does not hide the fact there are castes.  But here in America, we pretend there are no classes, while people of a certain evil political persuasion bemoan the class warfare against the monied class.

Not that I would prefer to live in Edwardian England  (unless I were the Earl or his heir,) but I do have to say there is something to be said for an honest even if more unfair society.

I caught up on the episodes from the first season, as of today.  There was one scene in one where some English Version of the Original Rednecks, some trashy criminal shows up on the estate to cause some trouble.   He had been half of a performing act with the butler, much to the butler's shame, back in the day.  He was on the run, and extorting the butler for sanctuary and support.  The filthy minded proto redneck overplayed his hand by barging into the manse, and giving lip to His Lordship.  The exchange between them went something like this.  His Lordship said that he would give the trash twenty Pounds, and that the trash should never come near the estate ever again.  The trash, not understanding the generosity of that offer, lipped off.  He said something like, you think just because of your title you can have your way.  His Lordship replied, that yes, because of his title he could have his way.  And if the trash showed up again, His Lordship would have him arrested for theft, and blackmail, and sent to jail for at least five years. 

Game.  Set.  Match.  To His Lordship.


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Saturday, January 07, 2012

If You Don't Think This Picture of Michelle Obama is Racist, You Very Well Could Be a Racist Yourself.

I have to confess. When I first saw the photo (a much smaller version than you see at the link) I was sorta leaning to thinking the picture was merely crude and rude, and way off base. But then I read the text (that originally appeared in a LA Times piece) linking this to the "Uppity" charge, some GOP dicks have been throwing at the Obama's for the past few years. That was enough for me to say, ya. Racist. Subtle, when you compare it to the more obvious racist attackers like Rush Limbaugh, who actually calls the Obama's flat out "Uppity" (and that was the precursor to calling out the lynch mob, back in the day.) But still, the idea behind this picture still rates as a racist dog whistle.

Deconstructed, the meaning of the picture is,"We can't have niggers thinking they better than niggers. Got to keep them niggers in place. Got to keep them down." Ya.

Seeing that spelled out should make it plain. But I am not done here. I am going to link this with something that shitnose Rick Santorum recently said, to prove Campaign 2012 is going to be the Racist's Ball, on the GOP side. (And those Dick Nose Weasels will deny it as they enjoy the cheap nasty misbehaving sixth grader pleasure in lying about what ever bad thing they just did and might just get away with.)
Now this attack is even more subtle than the awful picture of Michelle Obama with the obscenely over sized (think the artist was going for monstrous) arms, as a black Marie Antoinette. Santorum is attacking P. Obama for the "snobbery" of wanting kids to go to college?

Point is, the point in the sentence, in the paragraph on paper, if you will, clearly is not the point. The point here, is to call P. Obama a snob in a context Santorum might just get away with. It's playing the uppity nigger card in a very cowardly, if somewhat camouflaged way.

Here's the reality of the war so far. We have on one end of the obscene scale, Rush Limbaugh, calling the Obama's Uppity Niggers with out using the word nigger. Now you got these other bastids, doing it with out even using the word uppity. Well we call it a dog whistle with good reason. We live in 2012 in America. No matter how racist one's heart is, unless one can deal with the heat for being an out and out and proud of it racist, one must try to keep it subtle. But one (of that ilk) wants to signal out loud to other like minded people, on really knows the difference between their idea of that is "Us vs. Them."

Katy Perry's Divorce

(Hey!  It doesn't always have to be about politics and wing nut racists.)

Firstly, I am sorry for her, that it did not work out, and any unpleasantness.

But I do confess the idea of her being out there and single again is appealing, even if I likely only have a 10% chance of meeting her in the next couple years.

That's right.  I said 10%.  Not the average guy's .10%. 

I get around.  I go places.  And I am trying to get back in Entertainment.  If I do, that % will go up quite a bit.  But shit.  I do know the easy but expensive way to meet celebrities.  You just have to pay for a ticket to some charity event, or gala, or what not event.  That's how you get to meet those kinds of people (save getting the killer comp.  I love getting the killer comp, or party invite.  This is partially how I do my networking, actually.)  Trick is holding their attention for more than 10 seconds  after the hello, how do you do, part.

Anyway.  Winter Fashion Week in NYC is coming up soon.  I do not want to pay for a pass, but shit, it might be the only way for me to get some good networking in.  Decisions Decisions.  And yes it is networking.  I'm no body's champion at it, but let's just say I am finally at the point where the bartenders at Sardi's know me by sight.  I know a couple of them by name, at this point.  Met one of the Asst. Managers too!


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Who Actually Gives a Shit About Iowa Day, Quickies.

I was maybe going to let posting slide today.  But I will be falling off the edge of the map for a couple weeks  maybe  (beyond here be Monsters!)  So I might as well post while I can.

I don't get the bullshit over Alan Colmes calling Santorum crazy for bringing the dead baby home.  I don't really understand why the hospital let them bring the baby's corpse home.  They would never let that happen with an adult corpse.  Am I right, or am a fucking A  right?

I expect Mittens to win Iowa by a nose.  Mostly because  the others have been mostly slugging at each other, save Newt, who's whining like a little girl about Mittens.  Point is, Mittens, if he made the right call, should be concentrating on getting his people to the caucuses.  In what ever way makes them happy  and  made to feel special.  Perhaps not Lincolns.  Maybe a Buick sorta SUV looking thing, with some nice munchies  and shit, in back.

I expect the press to treat this like it is decisive.  It ain't, except for anyone who did does so badly they pull out before New Hampshire.

I was well amused to see Mrs. Palin piss on Bachmann, telling her it's time to pack it up.  What I really would find entertaining is a food fight between the two of them  like what have been going on with the boys in the primary.  Meow!   Chick Fight!  But not the visual kind.  Just a pair of not really all that deeply ladylike phonies letting lose with their bad ass, fight dirty  redneck selves.  You can take the trash out of the trailer but ya can't take the trailer out of the trash.

And I am losing steam here and I got shit to do so I will end with the following.  Stolen  from the comment section of a certain other blogger, from a commenter I usually think is not that stable, but does get it right, time to time:

"Mental projection is a motherfucker."

That's all for now!


Monday, January 02, 2012

What's My Favorite Pet Peeve? Right Wing Racism!

Now even if it's Jan.  2, this is the first "Business Day," of the year.  Partying is done and it's time to get back to the grind.  In that vein, I started the morning on my FB page posting some link to some feature on Huff Po where cranky, racist insane old man Ron Paul doubled down  yet again with his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  As I said in my commentary, I can't know this old right wing racist's heart or mind, but I am willing to believe that that racist doesn't believe he is in fact a racist. 

Never minding that it is (seems) an article of faith among white right wingers that their heart, their frame of mind on that specific matter, the question,"Am I a Racist?"  matters more than things like?  Idunnknow?  The racial disparity of political choices and legislation, and other ideas they favor?

Don't judge me based on the results of my desires and works!  Only judge me based on my claim of being race neutral in my ideology! 

What fucking racist shit these racist wing nuts believe.  But like I said on my FB wall.  We do not live in the post racial era.  Instead, we live in the Post Archie Bunker Era.  Over the top racism is pase.  Subtle, soft, tone deaf racism is the big problem.  As opposed to blatant and knowing racism, subtle, soft racism  needs  cover.  It  needs  excusing.  It needs  cop outs.  And that explains  the existence of this wing nut  "motive" theory.

 It should not matter one bit that the South Carolina voter id law  would no doubt actually, disproportionately impact "black" voters.  That's not what we were specifically wanting in our hearts.  We only wanted to suppress Democratic votes.  So therefore we are not racists.

Yes you fuckers  are racist.  But moving on, I saw something  actually a few days ago  on That Wingnut Law Professor's  page.  I really did not notice it before, as a regular feature per se.  I don't rubber neck his page all that much, but he comments on race, from the wing nut point of view, regularly on Saturdays.   It blew his tiny racist mind that some people think that so called color blindness could be racist.  Fact he only recently learned of this  theory -- well I will pull my punch.  He's a Securities law Prof.  Not a civil rights Prof., never mind Political Scientist.  But let me say that if that idea is news to him, he has no fucking business talking about anything having to do with race relations in America.  But I could say the same thing for most GOPers/Republicans/wingnuts.  Talk about being out of one's natural element.  Anyway . . . Go Here For The Insane Bull's Pizzle Drizzle.

Fucker has the nerve to post a vid to Martin Luther King Jr. to support his view.  Fucking excuse me?  Granted I have dealt with this kind of  grotesque ignorance before.  I distinctly remember schooling some conservative on the actual meaning of the, "Judged not by the color of their skin," part of the famous "I Have a Dream," speech.  What I did was show the guy the preceding lines of the speech, where the actual meaning and context is made plain.  Dr. King was not preaching the idea of instant race blindness.  He was instead talking about an America where his children would not be discriminated against, because they were black  (or make that NOT WHITE, to be more exact.)

And I did convince that one conservative that he had misunderstood the lesson there.  But the sad truth is that all too many many right wingers  either don't get the real plain meaning of the speech.  Or the sneakier smarter ones get it.  But they are clever enough to get it, that misreading it, and adopting a color blindness  value  will better serve their goal.  And that goal is to delay, as long as possible, the inevitable end of white privilege in America.  And of course, that goal is purely racist.

Damn I went long.  But it will be Black History Month.  Soon enough.  I got a head start on shit!


Sunday, January 01, 2012

I Don't Mean Edit, But Don't These Wing Nuts Read Their Shit Before Hitting "Publish?"

Don't get me wrong.  I complain here.  This is a venting place for me.  Part of the reason it works so well for me like that is the lack of any appreciable audience.  It's like shouting out loud in an empty field, here.  So it's not going to cause me that much embarrassment.  Right?  Point is.  I appreciate the therapeutic idea of ranting/complaining.

But do you remember that routine from SNL,"I Hate it When . . . .?"  That was a skit where these two rednecky guys  describe various self inflicted painful situations, beginning if not also ending each installment with words to the effect of, "Don't ya hate it when that happens?"

I just read something that stupid and that rednecky.  I won't go into the why of it, and the who of it, but I was reading this citizen wing nut's blog.  He's not know for any thing.  Just a guy.  And he was doing a blog/review of some restaurant.  And (once my mind latched on to the example) he reminds me of the redneck skit.  I will jump to the chase.  Dude.  If you walk into a restaurant, and it has family style seating, and you hate that shit?  Then turn your stupid ass around and fucking leave the place.  Don't let the hostess (after waiting for her to show up) seat you.  Any complaining about the experience after that point is all on you.  It's like listening to the redneck idiot complaining about how it feels after he shoves, himself, chop sticks in his own ears.

What the fuck dood.  See a therapist.  And I mean mental health therapist!

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