Friday, September 30, 2011

Racist Republican of the Week Award, Goes To . . .

Herman Cain. Because that fucking lawn jockey said that the majority of blacks (who vote democratic) have been brainwashed.

I hate that shit not only for the insult but the stupidity of saying something like that. Now I have wasted time arguing with white racist motherfuckers on internet forums saying the same or similar shit. Core point is, no wonder the vast majority of blacks fucking hate fucking GOPers. Saying insulting shit like that is very much against the Dale Carnegie guidelines for making friends and influencing people. How idiotic does a motherfucker have to be to not get that?

And I am not apologizing for the excessive cursing. As each day goes by my contempt for wing nuts increases. With shit like what that lawn jockey said, can (a reasonable person) blame me?

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But I Forgive Her, Even if She's Evil.

Went to a birthday party for a principal dancer of the American Ballet Theatre, this past Monday. So I missed Mon. Prime Time TV. And I am in medias race of the new CBS comedy "2 Broke Girls." I like it. Young pretty 20 something girls. What's not to like?

Anyway, a plot point came up in the epi. The one chick had trouble respecting boundaries. Even when told,"DON'T do that."

And that reminded me of the truly disastrous relationship I had with the blonde who became very evil. That was one of her pieces of damage. Fucking could not fucking respect a boundary. I hate that shit. But anyway, I forgive her. But oddly (or not) enough now that I have forgiven her evil, I am free to hate the fuck out of her.

I would rather not think of her ever again but the hate works for me for now. Forgiviness and hate. Ya. That will do, for now.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well Bored

I was looking as some wing nut asshole web site (instapundit.) And it was pimping some article somewhere else about how everything is supposed to be interesting and the only boring thing is bored people. And I hit the link and started reading the art. But I was bored to tears before I even finished the first sentence.

Now I could and should leave it right there, for joke value. But I am going a step further. Granted. I blog. Therefore I can be accused of the same thing I am going to blurt out now against other people. But jeeze Louise. Shit, ya. In theory, everyone is entitled to an opinion about everything. But that does not mean everyone can write in a minimally entertaining or enlightening manner. Some people are preoccupied with boring matter. Some people can't write dick. Some people can pass the college English level of composition, but their minds are such sloppy, undisciplined sponges of crap. Some's brains are a collection of too often misfiring neurons.

No we are not created equal. Where cognitive ability, communication skills, and general interestingness are concerned. So even if I never got to the end of that guy's first sentence, I disagree. Dude. You're fucking boring. Mostly because you assume yourself to be clever, and witty, and worth paying attention to. When you likely are as interesting as watching slow drying paint dry.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

You Have It Wrong. Professor Wing Nut Asshole.

I caught my first obnoxious whiff of This Shit, at Ann Althouse's blog, but it's one of her re posts from that odious wing nut law professor who styles himself "Instapundit."

In reply to him, and all like minded law wing nut (or wing nut curious) professors:

No asshole. I have never been a law professor. And odds are I have a better chance of winning a car in a contest, than that. (BTW I have won a car in a contest. But only the one time, so far.)

But I have been an employment lawyer.

I was an employment lawyer for a statewide AFSCME Council. So I had to deal with some members who worked on state college and university campuses.

So discount my expertise in this area at your own risk. But here is the reality, the fact you wing nut assholes ignore:

There is no (so called) "Academic Freedom" exception to ordinary work place laws.

There is no (so called) "Academic Freedom" exception to EEOC subject matter actions.

There is no (so called) "Academic Freedom" exception to Title VII Workplace Harassment type claims.

You stupid assholes can worship all you like at at altars of the false gods of "Free Speech," and "Academic Freedom" all you fucking like. But as lawyers, you look particularly ignorant when you do that. Shit. At least the professor who's the subject matter of the source story has a fucking excuse. He's a Theatre person. I was a Theatre person before I was a lawyer. I know how . . . unconventional thinking is the convention for Theatre folk. That guy seems to have needed a good chat with someone like me, who knows both disciplines.

But for law professors to pretend that there's some exemption to ordinary work place law merely because the work place is an academic institution? Again, I repeat. Law professors who forget that shit look particularly ignorant.

So I say, at least. For what it's worth.

PS: (and I haven't posted this yet so this is not an edit. This is an explanation/elaboration.) I get it, that some of you peeps who work in academia have a belief that your workplace is so different than others. You are fucking wrong. Delusionally wrong. That is why I have no trouble cursing your asses out. It's not that I, with out exception, expect better from law professors. But law professors who don't get that obvious truth particularly deserve to be cussed out. Wake the fuck up, will ya?

Oh. Disagree with the result if you must, but (and I don't have the cite) but one of my favorite examples of how the academic workplace is no different than others, was the case where the lecturer/professor complained about the poster/painting in the classroom. It was a Bottcelli nude Some such. And she won the case. I personally think that was an absurd outcome. But I get it, that the law goes there. Sometimes the law delivers absurd results. Now if the Theatre professor was using that quote on stage/in class as a teaching tool, ok fine. But hanging on his door? I can see that as wrong (particularly as he was warned, and instead of "yielding," he doubled down with the over the top shit.) Likewise, one of my favorite speeches, from Shakespeare's Henry V would be too hostile for door art. I'll only post the last chunk, as it is a long speech:

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Racist Republican of the Week Award, Goes To . . .

I was tempted to give it to Ann Althouse, even if she is not a registered republican, and not on account of her own silly mind and total blindness to anything but white people's views, but on account of being hostess for a bunch a republican racists. I repeat or at least re-characterize. I am no free speech freak. I don't worship that false god. I do not buy, credit, or respect the sort of cowardly excuses people like her use to justify shit like she's got going down on her blog. And for the past couple weeks it has been double plus ugly, with the Affirmative Action threads. And this one.

And the comments from her little hate monger racist squad are fucking worse.

But hey. I am giving the award to Michelle Bachmann, for equating the conservative movement to the civil rights movement. Now I don't believe in hell but if there is such a place, I hope there is a special, oppressive level just for her. Good Lords! But I know. There are literally millions of people like her in this nation. No wonder I have trouble sleeping a lot of the time.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Usually I Do It For The Cheap Thrill Of Feeling Superior To Such Trash.

And the Jeopardy question is, Why do I even bother to look at the post comments on Ann Althouse's Blog?

Turns out that I had the rarity of rarities. There. Today. I read something half way intelligent. Must not have been from a wing nut. I usually only dive in there to read the hateful shit she hosts. Call that reverse confirmation bias. Instead of reading things from like minded people, I read the shit the other side publishes. And that confirms for me, why I think they all fucking suck.

And before I get to the half smart thing, I will talk about the stupid thing. Things. One person's free speech advocacy is another person's hosting of an Internet Hate Group. Some people may not think that people have some responsibility for the comments other's post on a blog. Then again, some people think Crystal Meth is a good time. Some people think the world is only 10,000 years old . . . or less. Point I am making here is there are different opinions. And I judge not only stupid hateful speech harshly. I judge the hosts of that harshly. When they do not disassociate themselves from the hate and the haters.

And that dovetails into the context of the smart thing I saw there. The context was the asshole who booed the gay serviceman who asked one of the pre recorded video questions for last night's GOP Circus, I mean Debate. Althouse went all concern troll about that and pondered about what can be done about that. One of the commenters, and I don't know how seriously meant it, essentially said, lose the audience.

My opinion of that? Brilliant idea. As an ex (and if I should be so lucky, future) show-biz guy I say the (make that just one at least) problem with debates is they have become more show biz than serious politics. So I think it's a great idea. Lose the audience. Candidates can still pander, pimp, and whore to the cameras, and the home audiences. But there is no real need for live bodies in the room. They are totally unnecessary. And they are an additional and uncontrollable element. What purpose/need does an audience serve? None that can't be lived without. So if the problem is unruly, free agent audience members? Lose it. Sometimes life really is that simple.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes Folk Get What's Coming to Them.

Ever hear about that prick in Nevada, who was suing bloggers for copyright infringement . . . as a business, or otherwise jacking violators for $$ under threat of such lawsuits?

Fucker's company is broke. Ye haw!

Story is Buried in the middle of this badly formatted article.

Ok. I am not really up on this case. I remember people freaking out on blogs and message boards over this scum bagger outfit. According to the story, they lost one of their lawsuits on a legal technicality. Something about not really being a proper party to enforce the copyrights. Kewl. I say. I mean. Yes, there are outfits out there that enforce musician's rights. But this outfit seemed to have more in common with pirates, than anything else. Good riddance to them!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I Hate Rednecks. I Hate Red States. I Hate Conservatives.

So they executed Troy. I am so not surprised. It's time to reinstitute Reconstruction. The American South is too freaking backwards to be suffered in and under 21st Century values. Anyone who disagrees can and should be repatriated to Somalia or Afghanistan. I am so tired of these evil people screwing up my nation.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Do It As Quickies.

Lately, I know, my rhetoric has been harsh. But since I know we have so little chance of changing the minds of these wing nuts through mere advertising and voluntary education, I think we need to repatriate many of them to some shit hole like Somalia, or Afghanistan. We can tell them you think your idea of government by not having government is so fucking great? Go to a place with no real government and see how far you all get. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out. And don't even fucking think of coming back here.

Anyway (and this is not sounding like a quickie already,) there's this fucked up story that has mostly been developing for the past week or two concerning some "med. expert" in the FOX stable who is so anti gay, particularly batshit crazy over Chaz Bono being on DWTS, that he recently has quit the American Psychiatric Association over his dogma and ideology. What a fucking fool. And what a perfect example of why Republicans suck.

It's bad enough to ignore incontrovertible facts in some other professional field than one's own. But to ignore incontrovertible facts in their own field? Anyone who puts (socio-political) ideology above the reality of their profession is someone too bullshit to be allowed to live . . in America. Send their punk asses far away so than can no longer harm Our Great Nation.

Quickies. What other stuff is going on? I am pleased that P. Obama is now going to have the fight over taxing the rich. To semi facetiously (but only semi) say it, EAT THE RICH! Or feed them to the sharks. Even better. I don't literally mean that, but fuck the rich. Seriously. These tea bagging wing nut douchebags love to talk about Jefferson's remarks about revolution, but they really forget what the context was. Jefferson was talking about the French Revolution. Where the Sans Culottes -- those without fancy pants, rose up against those who did have fancy pants.

Now a revolution is not always strictly one of economic class warfare, as sometimes other shit is in there, like religion. But for the most part? That's how a revolution works, ya morons!

Ironically, the Wing Nuts are using that class warfare is bad - meme. Well. Actually things are getting way fucked up on the right. You have the old school, establishment wing nuts - corporate ass lickers using that rhetoric. But you have Flaming Hypocrite - Employee of Fox News - Sarah Palin cluck clucking about crony capitalism, and The Stepford Wife Bachmann is echoing that.

Irony is that the original Sans Culottes were the most radical of republicans. And when I say radical republicans, I mean they were republicans who believed in the idea of a republic, and destruction of the ruling class. Eat the rich. Feed them to the sharks. Something like that.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Let's Start Here Today.

As posted on a FB article posted by a friend, which specifically regarded the sinister GOP plan to delay all new regs for a year.

"I am way past being sick and tired of these trolls. I just wish P. Obama would get his game on, and do some serious push back, instead of this seeming political version of Einstein's Definition of Insanity. And that version says it's insane to to repeatedly try to cooperate in governance with people who are fundamentally sworn to, and actively are trying to destroy the government."

Here comes the new part just for here, the blog.

Couple two three years ago, when I still wasted time on some message board, arguing politics with those people, I got to a point of militant resistance and opposition that was near total contempt for people advocating any of that shit. I have been militantly opposed to the shit, the ideology, and the dogma, for ever. But I used to try to get along with them and try to treat them as misguided folk, even if I got it, that at it's core, post Reagan Conservative is militantly anti government. It's like the P.J. O'Rourke joke. Republicans run for office on the idea government doesn't work, get elected, and prove it."

Except it's worse. Too many republicans have been running for office on the idea that government is bad and must be shrunk, tamed, killed. What ever. Point is, out of two major political parties in the USA, one of them hates government, more specifically the Federal government. And that is a level of insanity that we as a nation can no longer afford to entertain. It's time to outlaw them. I know that is not a practical solution. I'm a lawyer, I know better. But as far as I am concerned, we need to do everything possible to push back on these bastards, get them on the run, and more to the point, get them out of government.

I honestly believe that the GOP/Conservative movement is doomed to self destruct. But the short of my more recent analysis is, we might not have the luxury of waiting for time work itself out. One more GOP presidency can kill this nation. I feel it in my bones. And we can't afford to let the happen. The damage GW Bush did is extreme. And he only really added to the shit that Reagan started. But if we have only one more shit-headed, anti-government Republican in the White House, that might be it. Game over. It might be basically impossible to fix, if that happens.

Yes. I am afraid. I am very afraid.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Quickies

From my FB postings:

Now I have several ways of describing the GOP agenda. One of them is - forget about merely overturning FDR's New Deal. Lots of these treacherous, treasonous trolls want to undo the end of the American Civil War. And if they get that far -- that would be Phase Three of the Revanchist Plan, then they will try to overturn, or otherwise gut the US Constitution so it resembles some version of the Articles of Confederation. That would be Phase Four.

Phase Five would be a return to Feudalism, with Corporations as the Ruling Class. That's my thesis. There I go, using elitist, educationist big words.

From the web/current news:

Oh ya. I hate it when Megyn Kelly comes down on the right side of an issue. Makes it harder to hate her. Still. Her taking down of that asshole Dr. Ablow for his bigotry against Chaz Bono was righteousness. Sure. In the past I have had trouble in the past dealing with the idea of the transgendered. But eventually I figured out, that was my damage.

Recapping some shit. Bachmann jumped the shark so badly that even Rush Limbaugh said so. About fucking time. They (the often fucking useless media) gave her something close to a pass on her tone deaf brand of racism. But the vaccine caused mental retardation in an previously not mentally retarded 11 year old, was the straw that broke that psycho she-camel's back. And that reminds me. If I could make it so, I would make saying "Evolution is just a theory," an absolute bar to higher office.

Speaking of fucking assholes who are stupid and hostile to science, fucking Rick Perry. Please. George Soros, or anyone with the cash to spare and a desire to keep the fucking wing nuts from killing the nation for once and for all. Hire some crack detectives, and find the shit that will kill his chances. Even better. Find something that will be so big that the Texas Legislature would have to impeach or be the laughing stock of the third world.

Anything else here?

Ya. Apparently for a while, Mrs. Palin was into big black dick. That doesn't change my mind about her being an obvious (even if low level) racist. Now my mixed race self is the end product of about 500 years of race mixing, starting in a former colony of Portugal. Portagees were into that shit, and were not at all ashamed about it, like redneck southern planters. Mere fact one can get the rocks off with a "person" of another race does not mean you think less of the "race" as a general matter. And if you disagree with me, give me the name of just one. Just one slave owner who got some tail from his "property's" tail, and that next morning freed all his slaves, and became a abolitionist. Shit. Even Thomas Jefferson did not get that much "religion" after tapping that slave ass.

Ok. That's enough for now.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Get Angrier and Angrier. Two Quickies.

Right now I am of a mind that we need, in America, a Reverse Coup d'état. I want to see our lawfully elected President seize control back from the usurpers who are hell bent on killing the national government as it was when I was born.

And also, Our tolerance for free speech is turning us into a bullshit, has been nation. And that is part of why we need Reverse Coup d'état.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sick of the Treasonous Scum Wing Nuts.

Call me in an especially crabby mood about the other team, but right now I am disgusted enough to publish the following.

Anyone who generally doesn't like The Federal Government can apply for and get the following from the US Gvt. (a) A letter of Disassociation from the Nation of the United States (otherwise known as Renunciation of US Citizenship), and (b) a one way ticket to Somalia. Stamped on the Envelope: Attempted or successful entry/reentry to any jurisdiction where The Federal Government of the United States is sovereign is punishable with extreme prejudice.

I am tired of giving treasonous minded trash the benefit of the doubt. If you hate our Sovereign Government that much, stop your pussy-whining. And more importantly, stop trying to wreck the government most of us here actually have some if not great regard for, and desire for it to work to the Benefit of the People.

That's basically the way I published it on my Face Book page. Now I have been calling the smaller government-whoring wing nuts revanchists, for years. It seems to me what these fuckers really want is not only the USA with a Fed Gvt. as it existed in 1860, minus the conflicts that lead to the Civil War (and what those fuckers don't seem to get is you can't have the one with out the other as the war was not only about slavery, but the very idea of true national cohesion and identity.) But they really seem to want a government more like that under The Articles of Confederation.

So as far is that idea, that goal goes, never minding the few who really know what they want, vs those who want a radically different version of the Federal Government that's weaker and smaller? Here's the best you deserve, if even this much. You get the chance to go to a warm weather country where there's no functioning government. Defeat the warlords. Defeat the Pirates. Then you create and have your own little delusionally revanchist nation.

Otherwise, stop fucking with my Strong Federal Government. I know. I sound oddly like the right wingers of 40 years ago. I am dangerously close to the "America, Love it or Leave it," mode of thinking. But jeeze louise. The current Right Wing vision of how the Federal Government should exist really never existed under the US Constitution. It's pre constitutional (no matter the 10th Amendment rhetoric some employ.) The war over the 10th Amendment happened already. It's a thing of history. We call that one the American Civil War. And those people advocating that point of view, lost. So accept that or fucking leave if you can't accept that. Go build your fucking redneck neo confederate nation on some other continent. Damnit.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Most Stupid Shit Said By a Wingnut This Week. And it's Only Tuesday . . .

At first I was going to go after silly person Ann Althouse, whining how people call that hate mongering mob of racist minions at her blog, racists. I actually had something typed up and decided naaaah. But now that the evening is here I am going with something said by some other wing nut law professor. I think it was that prick who blogs as Instapundit. He (or which ever prick, wingnut law professor it was) attempted to debunk Hillary Clinton's famous,"It Takes a Village," meme. The lever he tried to use was some report about how in Africa kids raised in traditional nuclear families turn out as well as those raised by the village.

Way to miss the point, prick.

Hillary Clinton was making the point that we are not merely a bunch of families. We are not just a bunch of households. We are a community, prick. We are a society, prick.

Oddly enough it was seeing (finally) the video of the guy pulled out from under the car. Bunch of civilians helped the cops and who ever lift the car and get the trapped guy out, that inspired me to post this.

Now you pricks . . . that's a village at work. Ya pricks!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11 + 10 Years + 1 Day. Some thoughts.

Personally, as someone who lives now and lived then, in the NYC area, I had a personal goal this weekend; get through it with out letting anyone or anything make me crazy. Or crazier. I had to resist the temptation (cause I looked on line for a list of events) to go over to St. Pats, as the FDNY was having a special mass for the FDNY families. And, for the recession, there was supposed to be a mob of all available off duty FDNY out in dress blues, for the honor guard. And it would have been an emotionally stirring thing to see. And that's why I should have stayed away from it.

Shit. On Friday, while on my break from that temp gig I was working down at The Battery, I caught the tail end at the staging area for a small parade for LEOS and First Responders. Merely hearing the Suffolk County drums and pipes start up and go on march stirred me deeply. I almost lost it.

So I was resolved to stay on my side of the river, and sleep late Sunday morning, and hope nothing bad happened. But later Saturday night I got a phone call from a friend, and went into the city to sing Karaoke with Australians.

That was about as good a way for me to spend this weekend, as any. Don't get me wrong. There are lots of people with greater reason to grieve and mourn. But doing something life affirming was the better way to go, for me. And I stayed overnight in the city. And when I finally got around to getting back here, I manged to get pulled in the direction of the one firehouse, the Broadway Company. This is the house that P. Obama visited after OBL was disposed of. Anyway it was not just dead reconing that drew me there. It was the pipes. Catty Corner from the firehouse is an Irish Bar, there on 8th Ave. Seems that some firefighters had taken over the upper floor of the place, and the large windows were open, and they were mourning their dead in a boisterous fashion. I wasn't all that drawn in to at least go in the main room and have a pint near the party. It was their thing. I brushed against it close enough.

Oh. And I saw some fire fighters from Norway. Really. People came from all over to pay respects. Good for them.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Preamble Begins . . . "We the People of the United States." Silly Person!

On Thursday night I posted a mini rant against Silly Person, and Queen Bee of an Infamous Internet Hate Group (have you ever seen her commenter's out put? Sickening!) Ann Althouse. I was ranting about her reaction to a line in P. Obama's speech. The crucial line:

"But there has always been another thread running throughout our history – a belief that we are all connected; and that there are some things we can only do together, as a nation."

She opined thusly:

"What bothered me so much? It was the belief that we are all connected. The idea of the collective. We are one, and the one is the government."

I went back the next morning and deleted my first rant, as I made the thing all about me, and that was wrong. So let me restate the core argument.

Now folks. This is an American Lawyer. Who is a law professor. A Constitutional Law professor. Who doesn't get it. Doesn't get America or the ideas that led to the drafting, and ratification of the US Const. Who does not appreciate the axiomatic fact that the US Const. is the product of We the People. Not a bunch of individuals oddly enough who randomly ended up in the same place to at the same time create the US Federal Government only exercising their rugged, individual free will. And like it or not, not only is there no daylight between We the People and the US Federal Government, but there's nothing remotely close to a line of division between the two.

But there is daylight, there is a bright line between mere ideological advocacy, and acting in a deliberately ignorant fashion, in public. But that's not we the people talking. That's my pov, though.

I haven't cussed yet, have I? Ok. Here goes. The fucking line is "We the People." Not we persons. It's really that fucking simple a thing!

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Week End Round Up.

I'm going to give the GOP Racist of the week title to Rush Limbaugh. In case you haven't heard, he been running his shitty mouth about putting P. Obama "In His Place." Then again, for him, that's just an expected level of shittyness maintained.

I will give Rep. Allen West 2nd place. Not so much for his latest remarks about tea baggers vs the CBC. It's just that his willingness to stick his tongue so deep up tea baggers' asses makes him their little black punk and fluffer. Stick with what you are good at, Mr. West.

Beyond that, kudos to the majority of GOPers polled who do not want Palin to run for the nom. And as soon as kudos are given to GOPers I take them away, as Rick Perry is now the front runner? What does it say that GOPers like blithering idiots as favored candidates? It says they are blithering idiots themselves. Many of them.

I'll stop there, for now.
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