Monday, October 31, 2011

Enough Already!

Ok. I might not be the first to say it but here goes.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about Steve Jobs. Let the damn man rest in peace. More importantly, let me live in peace!!!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yes I Did Fall Off The Edge of The Earth. Sorta.

Was working on yet another MBS related case. Learning more and more about what is (was and to a certain extent still is) wrong with the finance industry pleases me on some weird level. I do wish I understood the technical aspects better. But I really never learned the math. That's what I need -- a crash course in investment finance math. Anyway . . .

I am happy about the Get Pat Buchanan Off MSNBC campaign. I don't think I signed the petition. My last bit of Internet advocacy was typing a fresh and not part of some campaign letter to the Ombudsman uf NPR for the cowardly firing of the opera show host. I think. But back to Racist Pat. Ya. Anyone who follows me here knows that as I define racist, Pat is definitely within my definition. And my definition is basically driven by the UN def at least as far as equating ethnic hatred with purer race hatred. And the hatred need not be consuming or even warm. All you really need is sense that your people are better than the other people. Shit. Think Herman Cain. All you really need is to think that there is something wrong with that ethnic group of people even if you are a member of that people, to be a racist.

And that reminds me about the campaign I really want to see. I really want to see Herman Cain publicly identified as a racist and treated as such. I honestly think that is a great part of his appeal to the GOP base. But for the fact he doesn't look like them, he seems to think like them. Mostly. That Niggerhead Rock episode? He backed off that honest offense at that. And those fools gave him a pass.

I really hate the GOP Base. Sometimes I hate them more than the pundits and politicians.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been There. Done That. Didn't Get the T-Shirt.

Ok. So I finally made it down to OWS at Zuchotti Park. And I have seen rowdier Nuns! I kid, but if that is what anarchy and revolution looks like (according to the fraidy pants wing nut pundits and politicians) all I can say to that is, shee-it. I've seen more angry energy from senior citizens on line for the bus.
I'll go a tiny bit further here than I did on my FB page. Since I was just working downtown from mid August to mid Sept. I got more than my usual familiar with that tiny park. And I had been thinking that I hope the truck vendors were not getting fucked over this. But I am happy to report I saw the carts and trucks there on Sat., and I speculate that biddness is-a-boomin' for them! Way Kewl!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sort of a Follow Up to the Last Post. Al Sharpton Definitely NOT a Racist.

Quote from him, when he was on the Daily Show, last night:

Sharpton told Stewart that he "wouldn't support Cain if he was running against a white guy."

Kudos for The Rev. I am of the same mind too. And this is going to lead me into yet another . . . exposition on Wing Nut Racism.

Wing Nuts have this weird, reality-free way of looking at race, and particularly, race and politics. For example, despite the historic voting patterns of African Americans for the past 40 years, being so heavily Dem. that Black republicans are a scarce commodity? Some wing nuts, and even as recently as the past couple weeks, have been repeating the reality-free lie that blacks voted for Obama because he we black.

No. Ya fucking racist wing nuts. If Blacks have historically voted Dem over GOP at least 90% to 10 %? Shit. How ignorant and racist can one be at the same time?

Adding more the the indictment, Herb Cain has declared he could get 30% of the black vote in the general? Based on fucking what? If Cain thinks he can gain that much of the Black vote, while spewing the same old evil shit that every white GOP candidate for POTUS has been spewing (and we Negroes keep rejecting time after time,) he is under a delusion that is greatly racist. Now he might in theory get a bump. But it won't be anywhere near 30%. Closer to 3% is what I would guess. Much closer.

But now I am going to move away from Cain to someone I used to deal with on a message board. She used to post these vids of some ignorant, but well spoken negro, spewing the same old evil shit that white wing nuts spew and have spewed for years and years. I don't think I called her out for being a racist, cause I really did not think she was. But I did call her out for the mind blowing idiocy of the play. I am pretty sure I said something like, what makes you think that shit is going to sound any better to me coming from a black man? I mean, at that point on that board I was established as the Left Lib who hoped to see the day when the GOP ended up on the shit heap of history, along with the No Nothings, and the Whigs and all the other bad parties and bad ideas who's time had come and gone.

So I ask this rhetorically? Why do white people think blacks are that ignorant? Shit. We did not even flock to the Jesse Jackson camp in droves. We certainly did not flip parties to support that crazy bitch Keyes. Shit. Even Rev. Sharpton did not excite us. Much. As a group. And lastly, we were not the vanguard of the Draft Colin Powell movement. So what the fuck, wing nut bitches? What is your fucking damage?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Not An Illogic Loop. More Like a Series of Tubes. Racism Charges in the Age of Minstrel Man Cain.

Ya. If any wing nut ever sees this they might call me a racist for that. And for calling Cain a Lawn Jockey. Am I using racially tinged language? Yew betcha! And I delivering a specific IDEA there? Yew betcha twice. I am using different, alternative words/phrases to communicate the idea that I believe Cain is perpetuating some rather vulgar, if not damaging African American stereotypes. And I am not so much personally offended, but I find "his act" generally offensive, as being an African American myself, dontcha know.


The real hinge, the real pivot point where racism (and we define that to include all ethnic bigotry) is concerned is with how an individual (or group) thinks about the group at issue. If you believe most people from planet Fishwalla smell like fish and swim in their own shit generally, and you encounter or merely mention someone from there? And then you focus your group bias, prejudiced insult on him, that's a function of the racial prejudice you have for inhabitants of Fishwalla. But if you catch someone like Herb Cain doing some jive-assed performance and call his ass out on that shit, you are judging him as an individual.

Anyway, now that the baseline has been set, let's look at the tubes. Cain loves talking about his blackness. Cain claims to be blacker than Obama. But Cain backed down over Niggerhead rock. Basically apologized for taking offense to the racially offensive aspect of that whole story. And Cain, even if coming at it from as much the political side as the racist side, insulted the vast majority of blacks with that horrid plantation meme. My take on that, is that is the prettied up way of calling the vast majority of blacks in America a bunch of stupid niggers.

And then, in the next breath (metaphorically speaking) he says racism doesn't hold folk back anymore (cause his math skills got him to a good career?) And now the fun part is happening more and more. I must imagine that some of these fools have thought if not expressed the idea that Ohhh . . . the Dems are constantly playing the race card! Ya can't "criticize" Obama with out being accused of being a racist!

Beyond the fact that is false. Anyone in public above the public relevance/pundit line can make any number of policy based criticisms against P. Obama with out fear of being called a racist for it. Emailing pix of a watermelon crop on the WH Lawn, however, will get you called a racist. Doing what Limbaugh did, and saying the shit he has said (like that Halfrican crack, or the way he offensively goes after Michelle Obama?) That will get you branded as a racist. Pix of P. Obama as a witch doctor will get you branded a racist. Merely saying you don't agree with him about raising taxes on the richest Americans, however, will not get you branded a racist. I went long there but I am just actually amused, however, at how some of these wing nut pundits have rediscovered "on black" racism, after pathologically denying it's continuing existence, because people are insulting Herb Cain.

Consistency people. Try for it some time. Lean the meaning first, then try for it. Oh and while I am giving out pointers, learn not only the meaning of the words racism and racist. But learn that every time someone mentions race, or merely infers about, it does not equal racism. That's a big part of the problem with wing nuts and race. Near Total Ignorance of the subject matter. Not that ignorance of a subject will keep a wing nut from talking about shit.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

But She Has Tits!

Poor Rick Perry. He tried to re write the rules of the debate and the usually bully meanie asshole loving GOP audience booed him! I bet he was shocked. Sarah Palin got away with that shit. But she has tits. And allegedly a uterus (even if I am not sure that either her or her brood are naturally born humans. I mean. Who's to say really with out seeing the test results?)

Anyway, some folk are saying he won the shit last night because he came out of his coma. Other's say Bachmann breathed some new life into her flaccid campaign for bringing out her scratching nails. And it looks like Insane in the Membrane Cain had a tough time of it. He got pounded on his juvenile-silly 999 plan. So there!

Speaking of Cain, I read some article about what exactly he did while serving on the board of the regional Fed Reserve. Not much. The position was at best advisory, and by that I mean not expert advisory. I mean merely advisory.

Now I will shift away from Cain. (But I will mention that if given the chance, I would love to properly indict Cain for the offense of, for intents and purposes but with out using the word nigger, calling blacks who vote Dem a bunch of stupid niggers. I mean that really. I want that whole plantation meme shit to be as vilified as calling someone flat out a nigger.)

This is me shifting. So what up Sarah Palin? Yes apparently FOX not News is still using her for her laser like insight into the reality TV show that is GOPNomPrime. But other than that? She's acting like someone who knows she overexposed herself and doesn't have much to say actually.

I hope her contract is over soon. And then I hope she retires to oblivion. Like I have said in other places if not here. If she takes herself completely off the grid, I will stop picking on her.

Edit To Add:

Thought occurred to me today, early this morning thinking about stuff (ok. I confess. I fired up the lap top for an early dose of disinformation.) Has no one made the comparison of Cain to General Powell? Powell seems to be the very embodiment of Presidential. Cain looks like what he is -- a jive talking salesman.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tolerance, Wing Nut Style.

Nothing really new about the punchline to this joke, but it's disturbingly humorous how wing nuts define tolerance, per se, or just twist the idea to include the most heinous of folk. Who are usually wing nuts. Here's an example of that, where Bobby Jindal excuses that bigot anti Mormon preacher who's a pal of Rick Perry. The quote line:

JINDAL: I don't think it's for any of us to judge somebody else's religious views, their relationship with God. The Bible is very clear, that's up to God, not up to us. I have some experience with this. Last time I ran for office, the Democratic Party in Louisiana attacked me for my faith.

GREGORY: Why not call on Perry to denounce this very strongly?

JINDAL: It did give me a chance to explain my Christian beliefs to Louisiana voters. It's not for any of us to judge somebody's faith, relationship to God. I think that would be inappropriate. The Bible is very clear. That's not our role.
Go Here for that.

Let's deconstruct. Jindal basically dodges the issue. In the lead up to this, Tim Pawlenty expressed the idea that,"it’s disappointing that Governor Perry and others who didn’t denounce Pastor Jeffress and those comments more directly, we have a country where we don’t have prohibitions on a particular church attendance for public office. In fact, it’s prohibited in the U.S. Constitution." And Jindal just punted. His punt gives cover to not only one unapologetic christianist bigot. But one who is merely a good representative of the sentiments suspected by if not embraced by a vast number of christianists. Who tend to vote GOP. So Ya. Either (as the writer there suggests) it's a huge example of butt kissing the bigots in the Wing Nuttysphere. Or a huge example of cowardice. Or a huge example of Jindal's own not exactly constitutionally rooted values where freedom of religion is concerned. Cause if you are defending the religious bigots, you are on the wrong side. According to Jefferson at least.

But there's another level of twistedness here. I will quickly deconstruct the bigotry. And as someone raised Catholic but now is a super agnostic, I find it itself disturbingly humorous that someone from one the renegade protestant sub groups is pointing the finger at anyone else saying they are really not christians. That irony seems to lost on these people. Cause they are pathologically incapable of believing they are wrong about anything, even if the earlier main versions of Christianity were practiced for over a thousand years before Jan Hus laid out the basics, and then that plagiarist Luther manged to get the "heresy" published and disseminated.

Ironically in of itself, Jindal's a Catholic, who's institution gave up it's own gross bigotry, who is now basically defending that kind of gross bigotry.

But in the end this is less about religion and religious bigotry than it is about the twisted soul of the republican party. Ya can't offend the bigots and expect an easy time of winning the nomination.

Oh. Last shot. And I am working up to a slam on Jindal. Take another look at the inconsistent argument he makes there. He argues that he was judged by these christians, so he knows what that is all about, so he says it's wrong to judge people by their religions, while he is DEFENDING these peoples' being able to judge people by their religions. Jindal is a fool.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Slow Start for the Week. So Far.

Sad, about that race car driver. Talk about a dangerous gig. Anyway, Minstrel Man Cain is the name on everyone's lips or coming off the tips of their fingers on a keyboard. Shit. Rasmussen has a poll out saying he's 2 point above P. Obama. But Rasmussen is a tool and a fraud. Sometimes I think he mostly exists to drive the story no so much as collate the data. Wonder what a deep audit of his finances and a deep investigation would turn up about him?

Beyond that, I am personally getting burnt out on Cain. Question remains will he flame out in spectacular fashion, or just fade away? He keeps saying shit headed stupid things. He obviously is delusional, and prone to magical thinking. Shit, we are talking about GOP/wing nuts here. Only among that rabble could being totally inexperienced in government be seen as a good thing. A man who has never held elective office once at any level wants to start at the top? I know what some people will say. The former Generals. Well we have outgrown that fetish, mostly. And the last one to make it to the WH was Eisenhower. And I dare anyone who disagrees with me to make the case that any flag officer in the modern armed forces is NOT a politician. They may not have to be elected, but they have to know just about every other facet of the game called politics to get that flag and star.

Anyway. I am bored of Cain. I am sorta missing Bachmann because she was better mockery material. Cain's not bat shit crazy like Bachmann is. Cain's just insane.

Insane in the membrane! His name is Cain!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

No I am Not Going to Mention What a Certain Blonde Law Professor Said

About "Herb" Cain's appearance on Meet The Press. Well I will, but I won't mention her name this time. Nah. I will. It's Althouse. Like a broken clock is mostly wrong most of the time, we are back to "most of the time" with her. My opinion.

But moving on to the real topic here, she posted her opinion that Cain Nailed it, on MTP today. Was she watching the same show I was? The show where Cain, in a measured but crazy, sociopathic way, attempted to shoot down the criticisms of his 999 plan with obviously delusional, magical thinking? The show where he (metaphorically speaking) kept on digging away at his asshole, pulling out fresh nuggets of shit, waiving such in the air, and declaring them to be diamonds?

That show?

If anything, Cain, in pulling a Palin (clowning for the crowds, but trying for serious with the serious journalists,) proves how sociopathic he is, by doing that act, on MTP. And he proves what a clown and a fraud he is. Who or what the fuck is he, really? Is he this jigging and jiving low-rent amateur-hour reject, or is he this zombie who sticks to his delusional magic thinking no matter how many incontrovertible facts are on the table? More's the point, who in their right mind would want either chump to have the nuke codes at his disposal? Either way you slice it, he's not fit for office.

His supporters say he's an entertaining candidate. What the ever loving mother fuck is that shit? Since fucking when are potential POTUSes supposed to be entertaining? Has the reality TV mentality gone that viral that people expect their White House to have the same low brow cringe factor as Survivor Island, Jersey Shore, or any of the horrible Housewives shows?

Fuck a duck!

Anyway, that's my take on it. But I will add the following. As I posted over on my FB book today, it's time for the MS News Media "Take this clown down. It's time for a concerted ridicule campaign."

Oh. This is the tiniest bit of slack I will give that blonde law professor for totally misreading the interview like she did. David Gregory, to his credit or his failure, managed to confront Cain with fact after fact after fact, tearing apart all that Cain had to say. But he did it so respectfully that that sort of treatment could give the false impression that Cain is not some sociopathic nut case who needs to be put in pre hearing detention and tested for possible involuntary commitment do to mental illness. His being on the set and being treated respectfully, in an ironically bizarre way, legitimizes him in a way he does not deserve. I would rather see Jon Stewart interviewing Cain. If you want to talk about things that would be very entertaining!

(And shit. I know it's unlikely Cain would be found dangerous to himself or others. But man I would love to read the report, after testing and evaluation were completed.)

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Bla Bla Bla.

My song is coming along nicely. I think I need to write one more verse and a variant on the refrain, and I will be all but done. What key? Shit. C Sharp Minor. One of my favs.

Moving on.

I don't want to go deep in politics. So I will just post this brain teaser.

Who's the bigger sociopath? Herb (Herm) Cain or Mrs. Palin? Now that I have been thinking about it on and off over the day, I am saying Herb. After all. Mrs. Palin has enough of a sense of shame to have decided NOT to seek the nomination. But despite the long list of reasons he's not fit for office, Minstrel Man, Law Jockey Cain, is pushing on.

Fuck him.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Only Humans Are People.

That's the title of the song I am working on. Came to me today. Hope I can get it done fast, and further hope I can get that to be taken up as a slogan for the OWS movement. I was inspired by an article on Mediaite showing a clip from CNN where Russell Simmons was talking from Zuccotti Park, and trying to articulate the OWS main demand. In brief he said, get the money out of government, meaning get the corporations out of it. They have been controlling the government not the people. All that good core liberal shit.

So at first I was inspired to compose a first draft of a constitutional amendment to fix that shit. My take was to define the obvious (to those of us who are not wing nut right wing tools) -- that corporations and unincorporated associations are not people. That only humans are people.

So it's easy to see how I got to the slogan, Only Humans Are People. And the song started writing itself.

Way Kewl.

If and when I finish writing the damn thing, and uploading a take to my You Tube account, I guess I can take a trip down there and try it out in front of the peeps. If I have enough nerve.

Anyway, I could rant and rage about a lot of other shit. I will stop short of that, but to say Rick Perry is a piece of shit and unfit for the fucking job he has now, never mind higher office, if he can not bring himself to condemn that bigoted pastor pal of his for that disgusting display of anti Mormon bigotry.

Do you think that fucktard Perry has the depth of understanding that leads to the logical conclusion that if he can not condemn religious bigotry in general or in specific, that folk will at least think he is soft on that shit, if not a little to a lot in favor of it, despite his "personal" refusal to own the specific bigoted sentiment at issue? Or does he get that and just not give a fuck?

Personally, I vote for the latter.

Anyway, that's it . . . . for now.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is Less of a Prediction, and More Hard, Brutal Analysis re the OWS Movement, and Saving the Nation. Shit.

Ok. I am going to say it out loud. (In text.) As much emotional support I have for the OWS movement, I can not see any major (necessary) changes happening unless we DEAL with GOP congresscritters, and deal with them severely. And I mean at least arresting a third of the GOPers in both chambers of Congress. And we need to do the same at the state level, and likewise at least arrest the GOP Governors. Now am I saying this WILL happen? No I do not expect it. But I am saying that's the minimum necessary to save the nation from the plutocrats and oligarchs. Ya know what they say? Reality Bites!

Now if I were POTUS? That shit might happen. But Obama is POTUS. Do not expect this shit to happen.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ann Althouse Says the Rare Thing I Sorta Agree With. So She Earns Her Gold Star.

(Before we go there, is it confirmation bias if you admit that fact, from the start? Hmmm. That might be deep. Or it might be bullshit. Moving on . . . .)

My words, not hers, but Althouse is wise to Herman Cain attempted scam. Mostly. She would not and did not say it as I would, that he's some jigging and jiving black on black racist lawn jockey, and a flim-flam man who would and could make Elmer Gantry gasp, for the audacity of his deceit. But she's seeing him for what he is at core, and objectively what his campaign essentially is: a charade.

Mostly she's been going after him for the silly emptiness of his 999 plan. She deconstructs that pretty well Here.

And I specifically compliment her for calling minstrel math man for employing a seemingly cynical numerological trick there. Kudos for seeing through his bullshit. Now if she can make it to the next level of awareness, that Cain is not an outlier for a GOP candidate, but a perfect (but histrionically shameless) example of what is typical for the wing nuts/GOP, she might be on the path to political enlightenment. Now if only she manages to stumble on the bloggers and legit journos who have deconstructed all the lies that the wing nuts believe and come to the realization that its not just the 999 plan for which there's no there there, but that is the full reality of the GOP? Well I am not expecting it to happen. But hey. The guy over at Little Green Footballs had an epiphany. Why can't she?

One parting half crack. Usually I think her rhetorical question kind of thinking is for lack of a better word, childish. But I guess sometimes it's leads her brain in the right direction. It did for and about Cain. But I will here now answer some of those questions.

First Question: " This is not a conservative instinct. It's radical and daring. It seeks to excite us about change. There's some crazy emotionalism in it. Who would buy that? Who would be impressed that the 9s line up so perfectly?"

Answer: A wingnut.

Second Question: (Oddly enough asked by her in her previous post about Cain, from the first question) "Why are people so impressed with Herman Cain?"

Answer: Because what he is selling is some kind of crazy emotionalism that wing nuts will gladly buy. Wing nuts are impressed by such stupid, vapid plans and arguments.

And even if that is the pat way of saying it, I will go another level here. Thing about wing nuts, particularly the anti intellectual, anti elite, anti educations slobs, is they don't want the world to be a complicated place. They don't want to accept the reality (even if not too deep down they know it's true) that they are too fucking stupid to get much about government and politics. Never mind science, engineering, or finance (imagine the typical tea bagger trying to understand bond convexity or the basics of the derivative market?)

They want the world to be simple. So they will gladly buy up what the flim-flam man is selling, cause it reduces complex systems and ideas down to a cutesy sound bite of meme. Or meme of a sound bite. Either way it's pandering to their low brow snobbery. And I say that is the worst kind of snobbery there is. Being proud of being ignorant is bad. Voting for people because their ideas are as ignorant as yours, or worse, is so much worse.

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Last Night's Debate, Oddly Enough, Accurately Described by Some Wingnut Law Professor.

Make no mistake. I despise the man I call "Some Wingnut Law Professor." Firstly he's a partisan wing nut hack who lacks the self awareness that he is a political hack. In the same vein, his political analysis is as valuable, usually, as a randomly selected 6th grader's explanation of how the Derivatives market works. I will be blunt. He usually doesn't seem to know what the fuck he is talking about, when it comes to politics. He's immature. Bratty. Whiny. A Right Wing Concern Troll (particularly where that Snow Billy Grifter Palin is concerned.) And he thinks he's clever. In that pathological way that wing nuts think they are funny and really are not. (And that's why there have been so few professionally successful right wing comedians or humorists, or comedy movie/play/TV screenwriters. But I digress . . .) He basically sucks. And visiting his page is rubber necking for me.

Anyway, today was his broken clock day. He actually was a little clever and actually was far more insightful than he even realized, I am sure. I will have to explain that down stream. But to set it up he did this "cute" review of last night's debate by matching the GOP candidate to lyrics from "popular" American songs that might best represent their view of how they and or the rest of the debate went. Go Here to See.

Now let me get to the zinger, the unintended insight professor wing nut achieved here. But first let me say his "cute" suggestions for the song lyrics were borderline clever in their own right. And I would say the literary device was all by itself likely the first time I saw him do anything remotely clever. But here is the unintentional brilliance he achieved. In employing that device, in doing a rather good job of matching pop tunes to GOP candidates, he makes the case that this batch, individually, and as a group, has to be the most trivial, un serious batch of GOP Hopefuls in decades, if not ever. By extension he makes the point that the current state of the GOP is now more trivial, and un serious than it has ever been.

And for the coup de grâce. He is implicating himself as being most trivial, and un serious. After all, he is a wing nut himself. And he did not get how deeply cutting his remarks were. That is unless he intended to indict the whole GOP Conservative movement as most trivial, and un serious, and in doing so, himself.

Game. Set. Match. Way to defeat your own self, professor.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catholic Church Lady Swings and Misses.

The blogger I refer to as Catholic Church Lady often is so unintelligible to me she might as well be speaking Attic Greek. Part of that (never mind growing up Catholic) is that the entire phenomenon of faith, of religious belief is alien to me. In fact, way my mind spun it yesterday, is that I want the provably true answers. I don't want convenient answers that objectively are nothing more than (often ignorant) guesses. Anyway . . .

Today on her blog, she got on the more pedestrian matters of social and cultural shit, as demonstrated by her comparison of the (she JUST HAD to add in faith based jargon) the "Prophetic" book "A Confederacy of Dunces." Go Here for That.

Here is how she took a swing, and missed. She goes of about how the protagonist resembles too many current denizens of the USA. But chalks that up to urbanism and culture, and politics. And after that she vamps and remarks that the protagonist, if a character on "The Simpsons," would make a perfect brother for the comic book store nerd. Oddly enough, even if she picked up on politics, she missed the fact that the description of Ignatius, the protag, greatly resembled far far more so, the typical Wing Nut Tea Bagger, than any other "type" running around the USA these days.

Now the book is at least 20 years old, to my mind. If you want to use the word prophetic. Knock your self out. However I find it disturbingly humorous (if not predictable itself) that the right wing religious person looked at (an essay about) the book, skipped past the mirror and concluded, hey. That character reminds me of the comic book guy in "The Simpsons." All that mediation, and self evaluation, and not a lick of self awareness. But I should not be shocked. As opposed to Catholic Church Lady, I think a large amount of the disconnectedness that pervades society is directly related to right wing religion. Few things by default drive people apart like religion does.

And let's face it. Particularly those mega churches, but churches are a Reality TV version of community, often. It might seem to be authentic and genuine, but it really is only a placebo. And sometimes it's a damaging form of community. Where's the bright line between a cult or a legit church? Is there that much of a difference?

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Quickies. Happy Mass Murderer Day.

Columbus really was a shit human being. But I did not want to go over the top on my FB page as I have lots of Italian American friends. And I have some Italian ancestry back there too but unlike my friends, I think of Columbus as a shit human being.

I wish they could swap the focus of their ethnic pride day to someone better suited to respect, like St. Francis of Assisi. That would be swell.

Moving on, that lawn jockey Cain has been at it again. I watched live, his minstrel show act on CBS's Face the Nation. Oddly (or not) he was on at the same time with Newt. It was like watching an American Political rewrite of the famous Twit Olympics sketch from Monty Python. Or call it dueling stupids. But it's not so much what happened there, but what happened on CNN that has people howling about insane Cain. Mother fucker actually said racism doesn't hold black folk back much anymore in America.

Herman. Do you really like the taste of white tea baggger ass that much, or do you have self esteem problems? They call a masochist who doesn't know their limits and will take excessive "punishment" a pain slut. What do you call someone who likes eating shit too much? A shit slut? You get my point. There is something seriously fucked up about that lawn jockey. I mean he needs to be put under psych eval before a commitment hearing, wrong.

Speaking of racist rednecks, Hank Williams Jr is finishing up a song where he slams both ESPN and Fox News for mis treating him by putting his trash talking redneck ass on the TV, in the one case, and kicking him off, in the other case. I think he's going to go on the Hannity Show on Fox to bitch and moan about Fox. How fucked up is that?

I'll stop here for now. It's only Monday, about 10 am and I am quite disgusted already.

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Saturday Quickies. To Start . . .

Bill Maher, on Perry's Niggerhead Rock problem. And related matters:

“Overtly racist bullshit thinly painted over. Honestly, could anyone have written a better metaphor for the modern Republican party?” Go Here.

As mentioned all over the reality based web, it seems the right wingers are alternatively mocking the "Occupy Wall Street" movement as either a bunch of lazy kids who need to stop smoking pot and get a job, or they are the next coming of the Sans Culottes. Make up your fucking minds, or at least get a tighter grouping of analogies, ya twits.

Does that mean that Eric Cantor can be appropriately labeled as America's Qaddafi? Or would America's Baghdad Bob work better?

Moving on, kudos to Ann Althouse. I still think she sees the world through monochromatic filters (sociologically and culturally speaking,) but she was very respectful about Derrick Bell's passing. She even put up a notice to the racist shit baggers in her comments section to behave. But I have to say, she did not do a good enough job of deleting the hate speech her racist minions threw up. And no it was not blatant racist insults being thrown up. But short of that, yup. It was racist. I repost the Bill Maher quote: “Overtly racist bullshit thinly painted over. Honestly, could anyone have written a better metaphor for the modern Republican party?"

{FYI. I am going to love that quote and quote it to death, I recon.}

Moving on, apparently that silly assed theatre professor posting the violence glamorizing threatening workplace signs got a symbolic victory. The Uni reversed the original decision, but to their credit are reviewing the policy. And even if postulants in the Church of Free Speech are declaring some spiritual victory, I sneer in their general direction and say, I know how the next act of this play will go.

The Uni will now have to get more specific about what constitutes impermissible violent speech, and differentiate between appropriate teaching context and impermissible non teaching context. And they must try to write up a shopping list of dos and don'ts, or otherwise some sort of allegedly clearer but more specific guidelines. Or some combination of the two. Maybe they will form a committee (or vest some existing committee) to serve as watchdogs over the application and enforcement of the newly clarified rules and regulations. So you stupid right wing fuckers. Your victory is merely Pyrrhic. You saved one asshole's violent imagery whoring posters. But you created another sub if not full layer of Uni Bureaucracy. Talk about one step forward, two steps back.

That's what you get when you blindly pursue ideology over the practical realities of . . . reality. If I had to bet, I would bet that in in the near future, that professor will be viewed quite dis favorably, in the Uni community, once the new system gets in place. People will complain and say it was all that fucker's fault. He should have shut the fuck up and not complained about that first poster getting pulled down the first time. Cause what we are dealing with now is so much fucking worse.

Ok. I have had enough of this shit. For now.

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Friday, October 07, 2011

Death of a (Technology) Salesman

RIP Steve Jobs. Here is how I marked his passing on my FB Page. Ya. I was never a big fan of Apple or him so I don't get what I call "The Gushing," over him. As my title up there hints at:

I am sorry for Steve Jobs passing. Any kind of cancer is a hard way to go. But the gushing needs to stop. He may be a visionary genius to some, but call me harsh, but his greatest skill was as a salesman. And I am not too impressed with salesmen, beyond the, you got skills, get on witcha bad self, part.

Sweet Lords, and Ladies, I want to watch the evening news, but there will be more gushing about SJ. Sorry. I have a list of more critical pioneers of the Computer Age. Even Bill Gates ranks higher than Jobs. I don't mean to piss on the man's grave. But I am pissing on the gushing. The gushing must stop. The lawyer who helped Thurgood Marshall desegrate America's schools also died in the past news cycle. Will he even get mentioned on the Net Work News? Freaking doubt it. I hope I am proven wrong but this gushing over Jobs is evidence to me of why America is perhaps not worth saving. People care more about the death of the salesman of the iPhone and the iPad than a civil right's giant who truly has impacted all Americans lives. Ya. I guess I am pissy about that.

Ya. Not a fan. Sorry he died, and again no matter the money he likely went out hard. But I don't get the gushing. The gushing must stop!

Oh. And I was right about the evening news not mentioning the passing of Derrick Bell. Fucking bastards.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

RIP Derrick Bell.

I know it's not a contest or anything, but I feel his loss more than Steven Jobs. Jobs had no direct effect on my life. But Derrick Bell was an inspiration to me. Beyond a doubt, the most important lawyer I ever had a chance to meet. Way I say it is if Thurgood Marshall had the ability to pick his replacement on the SC, his choice likely would have been Bell (his protege and partner at the NAACP Legal Division, back in the day.) NYT Obit, Professor Derrick Bell, Esq.

@ The Root:

A Pittsburgh native, Bell distinguished himself early in his law career through his work for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund during the civil rights era. Recruited by Thurgood Marshall, Bell oversaw 300 school-desegregation cases, according to The HistoryMakers. He also served as deputy director of the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. He was known as a pioneer of the study of "critical race theory," which explores racism in laws and legal institutions.

He likely was the greatest "public servant," I ever met. Then again, he's the only actual pioneer and veteran of the Civil Rights era I ever met.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wing Nut Apologizes for Wrong Reason. Ain't That the Standard Bullshit Play?

Well ya might have heard that cuntry music star Hank Williams Jr. got hisself in a shit load of trouble for breaking, in spectacular fashion, Godwin's Law against P. Obama. It was done on "Fox and Friends," Monday. He made a direct comparison of P. Obama to Hitler. It was such an extreme level of racist redneck right wing hate speech that Gretchen Carlson disavowed the statement as soon as Williams was done on the segment. Ya. You know you are an extreme racist redneck right wing wing nut, when a Fox News on air host disavows your hate speech before the spit on your microphone has a chance to evaporate.

And at first, when the asshole figured out he might just have stepped in some shit, he made some statement that did not even count as a standard non-apology. But the pressure of the cost of his stupidity bore down on him (fucker started losing money, actually,) and he finally went that far. Here is the wing nutty racist redneck's NON apology.

"I have always been very passionate about Politics and Sports and this time it got the Best or Worst of me. The thought of the Leaders of both Parties Jukin and High Fiven on a Golf course, while so many Families are Struggling to get by simply made me Boil over and make a Dumb statement and I am very Sorry if it Offended anyone. I would like to Thank all my supporters. This was Not written by some Publicist."

(My commentary) Just for once I would like to see some offensive wing nut/redneck/racist/hate monger/bigot (which and all ever that fits) actually apologize for being an offensive person, or acting offensively, instead of . . . "If it offended anyone." But I hope against hope sometimes. I do play Mega Millions and Powerball.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Will the Moderates/Independents Now See the GOP War on Voting Has Gone Too Far, and . . . .

it proves for one and for all the GOP is pure evil?

For purposes of explanation, there has been a GOP led, at the state level, war on voting rights. The plan is as obvious as it is a stunning example of GOP contempt for the people of the United States and their Constitutional Rights. And as well, The American Way. And that plan is to reduce the number of Democratic votes, in enough states by enough numbers to suppress the vote legally, even if immorally. Cause these bastids will go to great lengths, and depths of depravity to defeat the black man, in 2012.

But have they finally gone too far?

The GOP Secy State of Colorado is barring overseas service personnel from voting. Yup. I hope that for the independents this is their epiphany. I have been known to cuss those folk out, because, for recent example, it's their fucking fault we got tea baggers in congress, and so many state governments in the hands of these evil GOPers, who have been busy like beavers, chewing away at one of the most important economic rights of a citizen -- collective bargaining, and voting rights. And on top of that gerrymandering state congressional districts and doing all sorts of damage to the states and nation. I blame them, the swing voters, the protest voters, the so called independents. But will this new abomination get them to finally repudiate the GOP? If not, what more will it take, damnit? We really can't afford the risk of another GOP Administration here in the USA.

Anyway, as I posted on my friend's FB wall, where he posted the article about this heinous anti American act by a GOP Secy State:

Outlaw the GOP. Decimate their ranks by repatriation to either Somalia or Afghanistan. Repeat. Repeat once more. Continue as long as it takes to break them.

Ya. I am aware I am very strident there, and that we can't do that under current law. More's the pity I say!


Monday, October 03, 2011

I Snidely and Un Sincerely Apologize to Ann Althouse. Call This One Son of Niggerhead Revisited.

See where in my last post I said Althouse was,"Reliably racially tone deaf to all things not caucasian?"

Well she went and made a liar out of me (discordia!) But not in anything resembling sane and reality based. To explain (and disclaimer. I am not a mental health professional. I am just a blogger who insults people on the Internet who I think are crazy and insane on account of the crazy or insane shit they say/do. So this is just my opinion and that is worth shit, unless you think otherwise, and I hope you do.) But she has put forth the most insane argument of the week. And it's only fucking Monday.

"How insane, Abs?" Well I will tell you. It is so insane that I think it tops Hank Williams Jr comparing Obama to Hitler. After all that is not a new one. Didn't Beck pull that shit already? Hasn't a million or more racist wing nuts by now?

Anyway here is the insane argument. BECAUSE the Washington Post refers to the Washington NFL team called the Redskins, as the Redskins, they are hypocrites for calling attention to Perry and Niggerhead Ranch (camp. What the fuck ever it is was.)

Ya. That fucking insane.

And the usually (too many of them) racist hate mongering wing nuts in her commentariat have as yet not caught on to that stupidity. But instead, a bunch of the Texans there are saying they never heard the word nigger used in Texas.

Didn't Texas just capital punish some motherfucker for a racist hate murder crime?

Are these people that delusional? As they say in Tejas, yup!

Go here for that stupidity, insanity. Just fucked up ness. If you dare.

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Niggerhead Revisited.

(I am sad to say I am not the first blogger to run with that. Things do move quickly on the Internet.)

I am not going to make a blanket statement that each and every motherfucker who in some way, shape or form goes all apologist about the Rick Perry niggerhead thing is necessarily a racist in my book. I will only say that that level of racial tone deafness puts them on my threat board, if they were not already, and if they were not already in the 'Enough of a Racist to be a Racist' category, based on my "Soft Bigotry of Soft Bigotry" standard.

Anyway, the apologists are out in full force already. Reliably racially tone deaf to all things not caucasian, Ann Althouse is all in on excusing or otherwise attempting to provide cover for Rick Perry and kin for the niggerhead ranch thing. She really doesn't get it.

Also, within the wing nut law professor club, that fucking asshole at Instapundit not only is doing the apologia Cake Walk, but took a shot at "Herb" Cain for taking offense, publicly. Cause white people need protecting from black folks anger at white racism, either new 21st century shit, or the legacy of it. (Never mind the irony that lawn jockey Cain is a black on black racist. Otherwise. You know what they say about busted clocks. So the lawn jockey can be right, some occasionally of the time.) And I am not linking Instapundit because the asshole's formatting doesn't seem to allow for that.

And I did see the clip from CNN where the Con pundit Did the minstrel dance called: We Have to Be Very Careful With Calling People Racist. I really hate that shit. Again, I am not going to make a blanket statement but, if one is more concerned with the usage of the word racist, than racist language, one is likely a racist, although likely a watered-down one.

And oh. Discordia. I am going to have to call out Mika Brezinski. But she does earn a pass here, as I will explain. But I usually think her heart is in the right place, but this time? It's Chuck who's on the side of the good and virtue. Or just being a more practical analyst of American Political Reality, at least.

To explain, Chuck seems to get it, and get it very well, when he says the whole issue represents, an extraordinary level of racial insensitivity that is a disqualifying factor. In trying to parse Mika's take, she admits, finally, that the story is a big deal. But before saying that, she went down the highly speculative road where she was wondering out loud if that (clumsy oversight???) is indicative of how Rick Perry really thinks about blacks? In her defense, she to my mind (I watched the critical last chunk of the discussion like four times,) is persuaded by Chuck's argument. The last thing on the matter he says, is to him it's not even a close call. And she basically agrees. Relents. Capitulates.

And that says a lot about her that when faced with the better, more persuasive argument, she will not stonewall, or double down, like a wing nut would. So she gets the pass BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT IT THROUGH, AND THEN GOT IT!

Her fault was not so much apologia but giving the benefit of a doubt. And I have to say there is some thing of a doubt there. But as a practical political matter, I agree with Chuck. In American Politics, this is not even a close call. Now if Perry wasn't an already battle-damaged ship I would more likely than not guess it is not a candidacy killer for him, as far as the GOP Nom. goes. But I have heard already the argument that putting that clown on stage against Obama is not going to go well for the GOP or him.

But I have to admit, that I will not say this 'damage' is fatal. The Stepford Wife Bachmann should have been shit-canned for several racially insensitive shitty things she has said since starting her bid. And it ironically was the start of the Perry bid that was the nail in the coffin of her bid. And in a rational world where there was little to no tolerance with political candidates saying racially insulting general statements about racial or ethnic groups, Lawn Jockey Cain would be shit canned by now too, on account of merely saying the blacks are brainwashed shit, that first time. Never mind doubling down on that shit, in flawless wing nut form and fashion. (And for the record, it is on account of his willingness and eagerness to do and say racist shit, like insult blacks as a group in such guiltless fashion, or otherwise enable the white wing nut haters and racists, that I call him a Lawn Jockey.)

Anyway, the statement the Perry campaign put out was a C- at best. So we will see. Perry had enough going against him before this. He clearly did not need the bad press, or another moment to fuck up. Meaning, another chance to prove to all he is so not ready for prime time.

Ok. That's all for now.

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Herman Cain Attacks Perry for Camp Niggerhead. Says's Obama Has Insulted Blacks More, in Speech to CBC.

I Can't Make Sense of the Fool.

Ok. The camp niggerhead thing is bad. Well from the pov of civilized people. It's fun to see one of the stooges playing the race card fairly for a change. GOPers usually fuck that up, but I got to say. Herman. You got more than a leg to stand on there.

Things get very fucked up after that. According to the article, Cain said, on an appearance on "Fox News Sunday" comparing his own vile, ugly racist blacks be brainwashed bullshit:

"it's far more "insulting" to the black community for President Obama to appear before the Congressional Black Caucus and scold the audience because it is not supportive of his policies."

The black racist says that's worse than him, calling the majority of African Americans so fucking stupid they are brainwashed. Let's accurately describe P. Obama's actions in painfully accurate terms. P. Obama, by virtue of being POTUS elected on the Democratic Party's ticket is not merely as a technicality, but ACTUALLY is the head of the Democratic Party. He goes to a event held by one of the Democratic Party's sub caucuses. And as head of that party, "scolds" members of his party for not supporting his policies.

Now like the policies or not, isn't that within the range of acceptable conduct for the head of a poltical party when that head of that political party is POTUS?

Fuck a duck. How fucking much of a moron can Mr. Cain be? Sure. Being the insane, not self aware but hate mongering and gutless coward he is, I can understand his wanting to find cover for his own evil, hate mongering racist bile (oddly enough while doubling down on that shit.)

But his choice of contrasting cover is insane! In what fucking reality can the head of the party POTUS scolding members of his party for not supporting the "party's" and the head of the party's policies be on the same continent, never mind in the same ball park, as insulting the vast majority of a single 'minority' race in America (oddly enough for rejecting a notoriously unfriendly to that race - political party?)

I really hate republicans. More and more every day. On account of shit like this. Hate them.

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