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Yes I am Still Busy, So Let's Skip Politics, And Go With A Joke!

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I've Been Busy. Deal.

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Thank God For Newt!

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Just a Suggestion . . .

"Don't be evil" is the informal corporate motto (or slogan) of Google.

Now if only we coulg get the GOP to adopt it, and live by it.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Currently, Thoughts.

Romney: still as stiff and "elitist" as ever. God, out of the buffoons left in the GOP Primary he's the one I want my team to run against.

Santorum: It is (further) evidence of the dissolution and pathology and insanity of the GOP that that insane Catholic American Taliban is still in the race. Granted, Bachmann and Cain never should have rated as serious, for one fucking minute. But even so, likewise, Santorum. He should not have survived Iowa.

Gingrich: fat, ugly, stupid racist.

Ron Paul: Ron Paul who?

Mrs. Palin and the myth of the brokered convention. First the part about the BC generally. It's further evidence of the dissolution and pathology and insanity of the GOP that so many of the leaders and rank and file are freaked out that it is not locked up already. I say that because the way things usually go in the GOP is that shit gets put together in favor of the party elite chosen one so quickly, usually, that these usually corrupt bastards really don't know democracy when they see it in action. Granted, having the stooges still throwing shit at each other is good sport. I don't really know if it is really good for Dems. I mean, it just helps in opposition research expenses, but beyond that? One could argue that it toughens up the eventual nominee.

Now to Mrs. Palin. Sigh. I was talking to someone on FB earlier this week and I was saying I really did not think she was trying to run. Ultimately the down side for her and the biggest personal consideration for her should be . . . if she could not stand the heat before, it is going to be so much hotter now. I mean really. People want to rip the shit out of her. And not just Democrats and the Main Stream Liberal Media. Fucking republicans want to tar and feather her racist ass (not for being a racist, but on account of her other deficiencies.) But I read something about some guessing about the racist cunt from Alaska, a couple days ago, that I am going to call "The Anointing Scenario."

Short of that was that the writer though she was angling for savior status at a brokered convention. Hmm. Ok. Spin that upside down. That means she could actively be hoping to win the nomination with out having to work for it. But for taking a motorcycle and bus trip, and telling folk she's up for it.

Now that sounds like the lazy, stupid, crazy, sociopathic, racist cunt from Alaska.

I wish her no luck with that.

But there is a silver lining for me, if she actually becomes sorta relevant again. I can dust off my trashing Sarah Palin song, record it, and post to YouTube. I might finally go viral!

(All things expressed herein and on this blog generally are just my opinion. And by that I mean anything that could be considered defamatory is definitely just my opinion.)

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lazy Saturday. Let's Do Graphix.

It's not that I am at a loss for words. Actually  I had hacked out a new installment of stupidest thing said by a republican this week.  I was going to post it first on FB.  And then I decided not to, but to post it here.  But my damn browser (or FB) crashed  and I lost the text and said to myself,"Fuckit."

And I have been stockpiling some gpx.  So there it is,

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lazy Friday. Let's do Graphix.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

(Notso)breitbartians Seem To Have Declared Open Season on Nigras!

The Rev. Al Sharpton's Greatest Hits, According to the Racists at breitbartfatherland.

All righty.  Listen up.  Everybody who did not know The Rev. has had a particularly controversial past, please put down the meth pipe and raise your hand.    Shit.  Wait till these (notso)breitbartians get a load of rap music.  Them "gangsters"  use the n word on each other, them selves, and any person they can.  And they don't vote GOP.

So blame Obama for them and what they do.  Something like that.

Anyone else notice the pattern here.  No, they say they are not racists, but they do seem to have a particular stalker's monomaniacal focus on playing the scary negro man card.  Lately.  What's next?  OJ?  Tyson munching on that guy's ear? Cassius Clay changing his name to Muhammad Ali, and not going to war?  Shit.  I got a parking ticket  a couple  months ago.  I could be next!!!


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Racism 2.0

I have sorta, lately, been trying to avoid posting way and obviously photo shopped pictures.  They are often unfair.  But since Mrs. Palin had the sickening audacity to call respected civil rights litigator and leader Derrick Bell a racist?   Let's just say the rules of engagement are now as follow:  throw every thing you got at the sow.  And I remind people who are not zoologists.  The proper term for a Momma Grizzly is Sow.

Anyway, I am, have been in brainstorming mode today.  And I have been sort of obsessed with this whole  "Racist Attack on P. Obama  Through a Racist Attack on Derrick Bell," thing for the past week.  And I got to analyzing the method of attack, and the thinking behind it.  Here goes.

What Palin has been doing?  What she did when she went so far down the ugly, crazy road in calling a noted civil rights litigator and leader a racist?

There is a distinct sentiment, or movement, that she represents. And as it just now came to me, she's the poster child for American Racism 2.0. It's not as violent as the 1.0. And they do not intend to use the law explicitly against non whites. But what they really stand for; what they really feel is the following.

They are sick and tired of having to give a shit about non whites. That's part of the anti PC movement. They feel excessively put upon and burdened to have to pretend to give a shit. They really don't want to pretend any more. Them who have only been pretending, so far. And they are legion. For now I am calling this idea Race Awareness Fatigue.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Love Being Proven Sort of Right.

File this one under The Persistence of Republican Redneck Racism.  I used to toss off as a guesstamated figure that around a good 1/3 of Republicans were still flat out racists.  I did not mean just a little bit.  I meant FLAT OUT.  Guess I was right at least for Mississippi.  Alabammy  is slightly less odious.  Only a bit more than 1/5 or so are hard core racist, that is if you accept the premise that one has to be a hard core racist to think interracial marriage should be illegal.

Here we are in the 21st Century.  The Democratic Party is, at least.  The GOP  is still suck in the 19th Century.  Lots of the membership, at least.

Go Here.

On Monday, polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) revealed that 29 percent of self-identified Republicans surveyed in Mississippi believe that interracial marriage should be illegal. Fifty-four percent said intermarriage should remain legal, and the rest responded that they weren't sure. The survey also found that 21 percent of self-identified Republicans polled in Alabama believe that interracial marriage should be illegal.
And I thought the stats that came out recently about how many of them Deep South rednecks thought P. Obama  was a Muslim was mostly just Redneck Republican truthiness.  But the Deep South is still a shit hole of way too much racism.  Seems to me.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Now Tell Me Something I Didn't Know Before.

In HBO's "Game Change,"  Mrs. Palin is shown as  an ignorant, crazy person.  Like I knew that already.  Ok.  I haven't seen the movie yet, and would like to.  They are saying both Woody's  and Juliane Moore's work is top stuff.  But for the most part, since I saw through the thin (as in way way thin) veneer of minimal human adequacy of the real Mrs. Palin, I am not likely to learn much new here.  Particularly as the trailer shows one  of the times  she goes near catatonic.  And the reviews  discuss her bi polar-ish rotations.  She was always  nucking futs, kids.  That is not new. 

But still.  As much as I enjoy ragging on her redneck racist of the Great White North-ass, it is really the fact that there were (are) so many people in the USA more fucked in the head, who swooned over this thoroughly unimpressive, obviously no mentally fit human, that was the story for me.

Anyway, let's hope that as a result of the broadcast of the show that her reputation is now  more greatly considered questionable, across the nation.  I really can't imagine her getting to to the WH.  But at this point  that's not enough.  I want her sidelined from politics.  Shit.  I want the redneck off TV.  But then again, I am hoping Fox News gets shut down ever before her contract runs out.  But if that does not happen, I hope Fox  realizes they are better off with out her.  Anyway . . .

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's Next For These Racist Rednecks?

Just last night I got around to digging out one of the signed copies of a Derrick Bell book I have. I just wanted to see his inscription. Even if I never did civil rights work, he was an inspiration to me. And that gets me to the next point.

How messed up in the head must some wing nut be, to accuse as being a racist, someone who likely is number three on the historic list of civil rights litigators, second after Thurgood Marshall, his former boss, and Charles Houston, Marshall's former boss?

Can't answer that question, but that piece of racist garbage Palin had the nerve to call Professor Bell a racist on her recent Hannity appearance.

This is how messed up the rednecky people are in the right wing:

dedicate your carrer to fighting INSTITUTIONAL American Racism (White on Not White racism,) and that makes one a racist?

Ok. What's next? Demoninzing P. Obama for reading King's,"Letter from a Birmingham Jail?"


Now THIS is a Violation of the Right of Free Speech.

One of the few issues that puts me in conflict with people on both sides of the fence (after religion;)  fake claims of violation of free speech rights.  I like to remind people that they have a right to say what ever ignorant, ugly shit they want.  And then everyone else has the right to get on their shit for the shit they say.  But there are limits to that.  Such as State Action?

Take this nonsense. 

Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan has come under fire after sending an armed sergeant to Oakland Tribune reporter Doug Oakley's home in the middle of the night to push for changes to a story.
According to the Oakland Tribune, Meehan claimed that Oakley misquoted him in a story. Minutes after reading the article, Meehan ordered Sgt. Mary Kusmiss to visit the reporter's home and request that he correct the article -- at 12:45 a.m.
A reminder, people.  If a radio station/network fires someone over stupid shit they say, that is not censorship.  That's an internal business decision.  If a radio host gets a shit storm of push back after not only a particularly abusive assault on a person, but for all intents and purposes, a career of such abuses, that is not a violation of his free speech rights.  That's the marketplace in operation, for better or worse.  If the POTUS makes mention of billionaires who are spending money against his reelection, that is not a chilling effect.  That's just adversarial politics.  Shit.  Even when a well known comedian gets shit from the cultural/political opposition?  That's the intersection of politics and marketplace. 

But when the cops show up on your damn doorstep to try to make you change only one word in your story?  Now that's a violation of free speech.


Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm Still Fuming. Because to Me it is Personal.

I whipped out the c word on Mrs. Palin for daring to call Derrick Bell a racist.

And I have been checking the Web seeing how this is playing out. So far, the best ridicule of this patently offensive racist attack has come from one of the team over at "Lawyers, Guns and Money."

"Obama made his students read Derrick Bell, the legal academy’s preeminent Critical Race Theorist . . .  in a course dealing with Racism and the Law!"   Here.

And I wish I could just brush this off as the redneck faction of the right wing having their last gasp as a force of any strength in America. But to me the truth is, we have to take this more seriously than that. Just as the more extreme wing nut conservatives are trying to dismantle the legacy of Wilson by attacking the UN when ever possible. And as well, how they attack the legacy of Roosevelt, by attacking Social Security. And they attack Johnson's legacy by going after Medicare. There is a large number of red necks in the GOP who even if they get it, that we can't roll the clock back to before there was this "evil" 14th Amendment, that many of these revanchists would be perfectly happy to see that happen. They hate feminism, and the change in society that caused. And they hate the idea of integration/desegregation, as things were so much easier "before them niggers got all uppity."

Now will you ever hear is said that plainly? Not unless you are lily white, and pass as one of them beyond how you look. We know that when rednecks feel safe they say all sorts of ignorant things. Like Palin last night, on Hannity. I mean really? Did she really think she could get away with out damage calling Derrick Bell a racist? But she likely knows shit about any civil rights leader/lawyers. But she had her chance to take a shot at that black guy in the White House through Bell. And she felt safe enough to let her total lack of racial understanding, sensitivity, and history of the civil rights movement show. And she is way the fuck too much not alone in being that ignorant, and that full of hate.

I'll stop there. For now.

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sarah Palin is a Racist Cunt.

Palin Calls Civil Rights Pioneer and Leader Derrick Bell a Racist.

So I am now empowered to not only call her out as a racist.  But as a racist cunt. 

Fuck her.  Not literally.  I mean what kind of fucked up Storm Front Neo Nazi would want to?

Palin is a fucking Storm Front Nazi cunt.

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Day After #Breitbarthastape Dud.

Yup.  In all but the most rabid wing nut parts of the bloggosphere, the racist attack on P. Obama by dead piece of shit Breitbart, and his still living minions  has been greeted with a big shrug, or what the fuck, that's nothing, reaction.

I am still livid about the attacks on Derrick Bell.  I hope anyone who did that, participated in that,  suffers exquisite pain for years and years, on account of that.  Apparently in the most rabid redneck parts of the bloggosphere, a civil rights leader who still believes there's racism in America, and that is it not going to go away, anytime soon, is a racist himself for believing that?

What.  The.  Fuck. 

And I am sure that some people don't get my hatred of all things redneck.   Anyway . . .

Anyway, time to condemn some and congratulate others.  We will designate that piece of shit who blogs under the name instapundit as yet another dickface.  He's been hyping the attack on P. Obama  and Professor Bell on his site.  Michelle Malkin was on Fox  last night, singing the same shit song as the breitbart minions. 

But kudos goes to Ann Althouse, who so far has totally side stepped the issue.  Now will she go to the dark side with this story later, or not?  I will not be surprised either way.  But for now, silence on the matter  gets her a Silver Star. 

Oh.  And before I head for the door, that hashtag in the title?  Turns out that the Hannity Show "exclusive" where the tape was shown was not only instantly deemed as bad as Geraldo and Al Capone's Vault.  But it launched the use of that hashtag for much mocking merriment of the entire circus. 

I can't be sure if armies of lawyers will be wiping off the map now.  It's sort of  redundant.  The minions  seem quite capable of doing that to themselves.  But I would not mind seeing a little assistance here, for that web site's suicide.

Edit To Add:

Althouse gets bumped up from Silver to Gold.  She posted about the racist hatchet job and came down on the side of objective sanity.  Not only was she properly respectful of Professor Bell, but I found out for the first time she was there, guesting at BU Law, when I was up the road at Franklin Pierce.  Small world, all that shit.  But law is really a small world compared to other professions.

I haven't looked at her minion's comments  yet.  I expect lots and lots of redneck racist bile, and shit.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Extreme Dickface Professor Jacobson Doesn't Fail To Come Through.

It is no surprise to me that Professor Jacobson, a/k/a Professor Dickface is pimping the Breitbart attack on deceased Civil Rights pioneer, lawyer, law professor Derrick Bell.

Suck Shit Much?

Speaking of defection and such, Professor Dickface is not worthy of  . . .  I am not going to finish the thought.  You know what I mean.


Can We Dig Up Breitbart's Body, and Torture it?

Coward in life, coward in death, mercifully for us, now dead Andrew Breitbart's latest racist attack on P. Obama is going to be attempted though a third party. They (meaning the successors to the dead douchebag Breitbart) are billing that... video as Obama embracing "Racialist" law professor. They are calling Derrick Bell, one of the greatest civil rights lawyers of ever (literally next to, as in worked for Thurgood Marshall) a racialist?

Cowards. This video is 20 years old.

The only reason they were sitting on it was they did not dare attack Professor Bell while he was still alive, no doubt. Bell died just a few months ago. No way they would have dared this while Bell was alive. It would have been a suicide run. I am the least of the least of living lawyers who were lucky enough to meet, and to get words of encouragement and inspiration from Professor Bell. And on the other end of the scale you've got people like P. Obama.

In any event, I think this is going too far. It is almost a shame that the coward Breitbart is dead. Because his last plan is likely the one that is going to bring his virtual "empire" crashing down. Even with Professor Bell dead, it's still a suicide run. And right now I am sure some of Bell's more powerful former students and other legal legacies are figuring out how to wipe off the digital map.

Someone has to be very stupid to pick a fight with several thousand lawyers, at the same time.

That's how I posted it on my FB page.  An hour ago. The right wing douchebags are already busy attacking Professor Bell.  Repugnant. 


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Colossal Idiots

That one particular colossal idiot who blogs as Instapundit is one of the leaders of this ad hoc defend Rush Limbaugh campaign.  His idea?  Get people to cancel their cable/HBO  (on account of Bill Maher calling Mrs. Palin a cunt, months ago,) and tell the cable company why.  And then he wants people to buy this device for streaming content to their TV  with out a cable.  (And he wants them to do that through his Amazon affiliate what the fuck ever link.) It's called Roku.

And one of the content providers you can get on your Roku Box, is HBO.

I can't even make shit like this up!  What a colossal idiot.

But I am holding him up as just one of the Rush Defenders.  Apparently  this is their logic.  It's bad to target a broadcaster's advertisers, so they are on the one hand, targeting the advertisers who have dropped Rush, and on the other hand, attacking HBO for Bill Maher.

Again.  I can't even make this shit up.

Meantime, I actually listened to a couple minutes of Rush's show today.  He's playing the victim.  He was trying to make some false equivalence argument about the new TV show that is called  GCB.  It is abbreviated that way because the book that's the source for the show was titled Good Christian Bitches.

As if that in any way changes the fact that Rush is a serial, decades  long abusive, ugly, nasty piece of shit?

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Off the Cuff . . .

I am thrilled that Rush Limbaugh is still taking heat.  Or is it fire?  Lots of folk are savaging him, particularly for his "negation" of his apology;  he denied that he attacked her.  As if hurling all kinds of harsh and ugly language at a specific person in ever not an attack.

And of course, his scumbag douche bag supporters are defending him.  Some are still attacking the law student in equally vile terms.  Some are just still fighting the fight on the issues.  As if that is justification for the ugliness.  Some are doing both.

But (and again, I am going off the cuff here,)  to me the important idea here is the "not attacking," claim.  Which is to say, that Limbaugh and most of those right wing pundits rely on that shit too much.  Granted, I can go quite batshit here.  But hey.  This is a blog by some nobody, on the edge of the Internet.  "Beyond Here Be Monsters," it says, just to the West of where I am on the map of the Internet.  So what I am doing is just venting.  I don't have a real audience.  I certainly do not have followers.  More importantly, I don't have sponsors  (I'm in the same position as Bill Maher, there.  Now I need a gig on HBO!)

But honestly.  I'm taking shots at celeb pundits and candidates.  And even when I resort to bad words, I am not doing anything  that has any impact.  When a syndicated pundit "directs hostile fire" at a citizen, it is a way different matter.  Because  I am the tree that falls in the empty forest.  Syndicated pundits are heard.

And I know there is the specific misogynistic accusation here.  That's a level of specificity that really needs not be given that much attention, seems to me.  As the deal is this.  Not that anyone did not know this before, but on many levels  Limbaugh is and always was a dishonest, abusive piece of shit.  But he has managed to push his luck or said otherwise, the tolerance of the marketplace way the fuck too much. 

It's about 30 years past do, this reckoning.  And this will not end his career.  It will not go down in flames.  But his image and career is now a little singed.

Let's hope he makes things worse for himself, before he makes it better.

That would lead to some schadenfreude I can enjoy, guilt free.

Edit To Add:

Media Matters  lists the 46 individual, specific attacks  Limbaugh made on Ms. Fluke, the victim.

And Professor Dickface (Jacobson) over at Legal Insurrection  either proves he gets it, on one level, by not getting it, or that he doesn't get it, by not understanding he got it,  by whining that  "the left" doesn't just want an apology from Limbaugh, but a confession.

Ok  Professor  Dickface.  I might be a heathen,  and a heretic, and apostate, but I used to be an altar boy.  Long way of saying I used to be a practicing Catholic.  Anyway,  Catholics have that whole  confession thingie.  Lesson of that confession thingie is that confession is a prerequisite to forgiveness.  Well, make that confession and contrition.  Wishy washy apologies are not worth spit, actually.  And Limbaugh's was not even worth a particularly diseased pig's spit.  Actually.

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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Breitbart, Limbaugh, Right Wing Reverence for Sociopathy, and Dysfunction.

EDITED TO ADD:  (Turns out the time line doesn't support Ann Althouse's Theory.  But talk about truthiness!  I am not deleting my post off the blog as, mostly it's about  the freaky pathology of the right wing;  the perverse and pathological games the pundits play, and the inexplicable respect for that shit, on the part of the rank and file wing nuts.  Not really is this about her.  When I post about her it's usually not really about her.  I use her as the starting point for the monologue.)

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the reactions to Andrew Breitbart's  (I will not say untimely, since he wasn't a heart attack waiting to happen but was the foreseeable second one,) is what he was praised for.  Mostly by his friends and admirers, but even some of his opponents have praised his drive, his passion, his fearlessness.  And such.  Now I am not saying that objectively all that is evidence of mental illness.  But all you have to do is watch any of several videos of that raging lunatic to know he was a raving lunatic. 

He was unbalanced.  He was rude.  He was antisocial.  He was ugly.  He was manic.  He was out of control.  I believe I already posted here, some blogger's  take on that.  That blogger, a 10 year veteran of law enforcement,  quickly went to crazy, on drugs, or both,  in a "state of mind" description of Breitbart.  I would not doubt if he was a user.  But I think he was mostly crazy.  If they find a tumor the size of a lemon in his brain, I will be no more surprised than I was to find out he dropped dead.

Now transition to Rush Limbaugh, by way of (as I call her)  silly person  Ann Althouse.  Who is not always silly.  Sometimes she can see the forest for the trees, and vice versa.  And this time her observation was spot on. Well  seems so, I'd agree. 

Doing a day after the fact  post concerning Limbaugh's (insufficient) apology to the woman he cruelly called a slut, she made the following observation, concerning Limbaugh:
My other theory about Rush — which Meade doesn't want me to publish — is that he just had to seize the spotlight back from Andrew Breibart, who'd gotten so much attention by dropping dead at the age of 43. Everyone was talking about Breitbart, as if Breitbart had been the biggest thing in right-wing media. We'll never see his like again... and Rush felt compelled to say something truly outrageous. He's always saying he knows how to play the media, to do his "media tweak of the day."
(Go Here.)

Her first observation there, is easy for me to believe.  It is so easy for me to believe that Limbaugh, either deliberately, or merely out of his depraved, infantile, twisted narcissism, went the extra mean vicious mile, to increase attention on him.  How could I not, once that flag gets sent up the flagpole?

 But that second part, to me, is more sociopathic.  What kind of idiot gets their joy out of tweaking the media? That's just some idiotic,  stupid, pathological game playing.  Not only who would get joy out of it, but who would respect that shit?  (Never mind the fact he got rich doing that pathological shit.  Who are the people who get off on it?)  And to explain, it is more sociopathic to me because  it is the same kind of pathetic, immature  attention  getting misbehaviour.  But if one is deliberately  doing it on a large scale?  And to what end?  What is the point in that sort of demented, dysfuntional activity?

I'll end there.  I will not go much further on right wing love of sociopathy.  I have already written many words on that subject.  I don't need to go deep there, now.

Edit to add:

The link to that LEO  blogger  who marked Breitbart as crazy, druggie, or both.

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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Maybe You Just Don't Know Shit.

Take another shot at Breitbart?  Well this is more at his stupid fans.   But anyway, not to any of my surprise, I thought the fat  nasty fuck looked rather unhealthy.  But it turns out that he not only had heart problems  going back for years, but that he recently  had a heart attack.  I'm not talking the one that seemingly just killed his fat ass.  I mean not too long ago, an earlier one. 

On various parts of the Internet, ignorant people are saying shit like, "I did not know he was not healthy." 

And the more insane are saying he was assassinated.

People, people.  If you had the ability to process reality, you would have seen that the fat, manic crazy man, who was often having public melt downs, really was not a healthy person, in any sense of the word.

But that's wingnuts for ya. Not only will they praise someone for antisocial, if not flat out insane behaviour.  They will act all surprised when such a raving lunatic drops dead.

What the fuck ever.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Still Not Finished With Famous and Now Dead Douchebag, Breitbart.

Been reading what people have been saying, both pro and con.

I find the pro stuff sort of deeply sickening;  again, if one lives their life as a professional douchebag, one has not done things worthy of respect.  But this is what the American Right Wing has become.  It is an inherently evil institution that operates under the evil value:  "The End Justifies the Means."

Now I am sure there are some sick bastards who really "respected" him for his ugly brand of partisan attack politics.  I am sure of it.  But I am also sure there are more people who while not exactly approving of his methods, like the result.  So the question then is, which group is the more douchy group?  Maybe it doesn't matter.

Here is an anti Breitbart message I read on a blog by one of the commentators:

 "I wonder if Breitbart's obsession with Weiner's penis is what ultimately did him in?"

I had actually forgot about his place in the Weiner Story.  As far as  I am concerned, my last memory of him should be the sickening scene from a few weeks ago, where he repeatedly shouted,"Stop raping People,"  at some Occupy protestors, outside of the CPAC  venue.

Among the most nasty things anyone can do with out breaking the law is accuse them of a heious felony, having no basis for the charge.  That's Breitbart.  Never was a professional journalist.  And he was perhaps not the first or only professional douchebag.  But he definitely was a professional douchbag.


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Evil Piece of Shit, Andrew Breitbart is Dead.

Evil Piece of Shit, Andrew Breitbart is Dead.

Since I believe he truly was an evil man, I will not even try to be charitable here. He was an evil pig. We are better off that his evil soul is gone from our plane of existence. Now I do not literally believe in Hell, so take the following as emotional flourish. Brietbart, got to hell. May you suffer a hundredfold for the suffering you caused in you live. May your fate be everlasting torment.

Ya. I am not playing here (even if I don't believe in Hell.) I have yet to read/watch any of the "tributes" for real yet. But if I am not communicating well, let me be blunt. There is to my mind a line where once crossed, a human is beyond the charitable "Sorry he died," shit. And he was that kind of evil. Heart attack is a nasty way to go. It's a painful way to go. Often. I am not going to finish that though. I will only say that I did not wish that on him. But it is done and I am not sad about it.


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