Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Racism 2.0

I have sorta, lately, been trying to avoid posting way and obviously photo shopped pictures.  They are often unfair.  But since Mrs. Palin had the sickening audacity to call respected civil rights litigator and leader Derrick Bell a racist?   Let's just say the rules of engagement are now as follow:  throw every thing you got at the sow.  And I remind people who are not zoologists.  The proper term for a Momma Grizzly is Sow.

Anyway, I am, have been in brainstorming mode today.  And I have been sort of obsessed with this whole  "Racist Attack on P. Obama  Through a Racist Attack on Derrick Bell," thing for the past week.  And I got to analyzing the method of attack, and the thinking behind it.  Here goes.

What Palin has been doing?  What she did when she went so far down the ugly, crazy road in calling a noted civil rights litigator and leader a racist?

There is a distinct sentiment, or movement, that she represents. And as it just now came to me, she's the poster child for American Racism 2.0. It's not as violent as the 1.0. And they do not intend to use the law explicitly against non whites. But what they really stand for; what they really feel is the following.

They are sick and tired of having to give a shit about non whites. That's part of the anti PC movement. They feel excessively put upon and burdened to have to pretend to give a shit. They really don't want to pretend any more. Them who have only been pretending, so far. And they are legion. For now I am calling this idea Race Awareness Fatigue.

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