Friday, May 17, 2019

More Republican Racist Bullshit.

Let us not forget that anti immigration sentiment is always rooted in racism.  Some shit never changes, or at least keeps on coming back like symptoms of Malaria.  Don't let these racists spewing vile noxious bullshit about Merit Based immigration get away with that racist bullshit.  The sales pitch about those they want to let in might seem race neutral.  But look at who they want to exclude, and it is 100% fucking racist bullshit.

I hate racist bullshit.  I hate bullshit racists.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

What do you say to the God of Death?

Since this page is not terribly well traveled, and by that I actually mean visited?  I could let rip with out worrying about spoilers.  I have already re watched some chunks  of "The Battle of Winterfell."  And at one point, during my first watch, when Arya was just doing her battle goddess routine, I said out loud,"Let the girl train,"  

That was a reference to a scene in Season 7, when Sansa and Arya were at first ripping into each other.  Sansa asks Arya  what was she doing, when Sansa was dealing with the monsters in Westeros, surviving by her wits, and eventually saving the day at the Battle of the Bastards.  Arya's answer was, "I was training."

And since that training helped her kill the Night King, and his whole fucking zombie army?  Ya.  Girl's training was exactly what she needed to do!  

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Friday, April 26, 2019

About that Charlottesville Hoax Hoax?

Fuck Bobby Lee.
I feel it fair to say that because he was the epitome of a white supremacist, namely, a slave owner, who was a mass murderer for the cause of slavery. He is the God of Race Based, White on Black Slavery.
Now our racist POTUS today made some insane remarks about how that event in Charlottesville, that was organized by and for white supremacists, was not organized by and for white supremacists, as has been well documented. But he argued it was for support of the God of Race Based, White on Black Slavery; Bobby Lee. Well if it was like that, instead of organized by and for white supremacists, you still have a task as hard as Diogones' quest for an honest man in Athens to find very fine people on the other side of the anti-racists, and anti-Confederates.
But the Unite the Right rally was actually organized by and for white supremacists. Bobby Lee is a red herring, and not really a helpful defense for Bozo’s fine people on both sides, racist lie.

How gullible and vapid does one have to be to buy into either the Myth of Bobby Lee, or the Myth About Who Organized the Unite The Right rally, and what it was about?  Some people will believe any comfortable bullshit, that confirms their bias.

After all, we can't let one group of perfectly respectable racists, people who love the Slavery Loving Confederacy, be defamed by association with another group of much less respectable racists; generic white supremacists. That would be so very unfair!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

If Only She Knew The Truth.

Friend of mine is a big time animal lover.

So she posts on FB about how one of her cats is all sad because he is missing his friend, the bird, who hangs outside the apartment window.  Poor bird died, got stuck in the AC  seems, trying to keep warm.

My friend is convinced her cat is sad because the bird died.  If only she knew the truth.  Her cat likely was thinking,"Damn.  The little birdie is dead.  Shit.  I wanted to kill and eat it."

I say that as someone who's family in the past adopted a local, semi feral cat.  And it was an indoor/outdoor cat.  I caught that cat one day with one half dead bird in it's mouth, while it was still trying to capture a second one.  From that moment in time  we called that cat by her new name:  Killer Cat.

Now I am not the mushiest person when it comes to critters.  I have no desire to have a pet at this point in my life.  I appreciate those who do.  And they are free to be as crazy mushy as they like.  But the idea that a cat will miss a bird for any reason other than, "Damn I was hoping to kill and eat it?"

Silly!  Just plain silly!

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