Monday, April 30, 2012

"It Is Your Duty, Crucify Him!"

A line, from the musical "Jesus Christ, Superstar."

Used here because I want to talk about how the EPA admin got crucified by the wing nut hacks himself,  for using the word crucify.

How fucked up is that?  It's a two year old fauxtraversey, for fuck's sake!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Really Political.

I wish it were not so, but living in the age of Obama  has caused all sorts of racist trash to come out of the closet.  Seems to me.  But this version of racism,  what I sometimes call Racism 2.0 is sly.  Well the practicioners of it try to be sly.  I think I already posted about  the,"I'm not a racist, but . .  . ," thing before.  And that is where we are now.  People actually think that what they feel about themselves, that they are not bad people/racists, in some way immunizes them from the hate in their hearts and minds.

But it doesn't.

Just needs to be said, over and over. Far as I am concerned.

And we have months to go before the general election.

Oy vey.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Move Over Mrs. Palin. There's a New Redneck Queen, A'Comin!

Redneck Girl Gets Banned From Prom For Wearing Confederate Flag Dress.

I am tempted to write this ditzy chick off as a stupid redneck  (redundant, I know.)  But she's more than that.  She's the new poster child for stupid rednecks. 

Firstly, she was warned before hand by the teacher in charge of the prom that the dress might not be appropriate and to clear it with the principal.  But she knew better than that!  So she didn't. 
Next is thinking the Confederate Flag is cool.  What is more redneck than thinking the battle flag of an army that sought to preserve slavery is cool?  That's like saying slavery, rape, torture and murder is cool.  And to make matters worse, they  kidnapped free blacks they found when operating in Union states, and made them slaves.  How ignorant must someone be not to know none of that is cool.  You have to be redneck ignorant.  I recon. 

Next is that she just denies it's offensive, and completely disrespects those who do find it offensive, by not only wearing that hate symbol, but spewing that sick  ugly line about it being about "heritage." 


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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Screw Politics.

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Hard Out Here For a . . . Black Wing Nut.

Rep. West Dis invited From Event Over Communists in Congress Remark.

Follow up to the Mia Love not getting the love from the Main Streamers, story.  Hey.  Look at her competition.  Not only is there Rep. West, who almost as regularly as that geyser, Old Faithful, will spew out a spectacular even if noxious  verbal discharge.  And I mean, newsworthy for it's ignorance, or nastiness.  Then there's "Herb" Cain.  He's a political has been, but nobody has convinced him of that.  Just recently he released some commercial about man eating chickens?

Suffice it to say.  A well behaved, normal seeming  (for a GOPer) black republican has a lot to overcome.  Just to get about the noise level.


Even More Republican Race Stupidity.

Maybe I should switch to calling him Professor Liar Racebaiter?

Ok.  The wing nut hack I lately have been calling Professor Dickface is going all wet and hard over the winning of the "nomination" for some congressional seat by some tea bagger named  Mia Love.  She's black.  And she's the daughter of Hatian immigrants.  To his race baiting brain, this is "HISTORIC!!!"  And he makes a big deal that the winning of the "nomination" for a congressional seat in Utah, is not being seen as "HISTORIC!!!"  as he believes it is, by the Main Streamers.  Go Here For That Stupid Shit.

Firstly, we already have wing nut Negroes in congress.  Actually elected to congress, actually.  Heard of Allen West?  Now there are no female wing nut Negroes in Congress.  But getting the nomination to try to be that is not historic.  If she wins, that's something else.  But I thought there was at least one, if not more black  female wing nuts on the ballot, nationally, in 2010.  So what the fuck, dood?

But here is the thing.  He's a hack.  His hackery might be mostly  on the Internet.  I don't think he gets published anywhere but his own blog, usually.  But point is he tends to get all hard and wet for all sorts of wing nut shit.  And then there is the racebait part.  Granted, he did not shout it loud, here.  But there is this very fucked up game the wing nuts play, when they reinvent  and misdiscribe any slight against a GOPer as  (fill in the blank) discrimination.  As opposed to not liking wing nuts on account of them being wing nuts.  That was what all that Ann Romney faux hysteria was.  One pundit took a weak swipe at A.R. for never working out of the home, and in their fucked up little minds  that became a war against stay at home mothers, and part of the greater war against (only conservative) women.  And I guess here, the tacit argument is that ignoring this insignificant as national news story is because she's black?  Well at least he did not say it out loud.  But he telegraphed it fairly clearly.

But the pathological attack on the MSM for not giving a rats ass and not reporting about this winning of the nomination to run for congress?  That's fucked-up-ness.  Winning a nomination for a run to congress might be a big deal to the candidate, and even local news should take note.,  But it's not really national news. 

And Professor Racebait? Wait until she actually wins the seat and gets to D.C. before calling her a political rock star.  She hasn't even been on the fucking stage yet, for all intents and purposes. 

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Republicans Play Dumb, Expect Race to be on The Table.

When I first heard the mini controversy surrounding the Mitt Romney slogan,"Obama's Not Working,"  I came down on the side of those who were saying, of course there's some sort of racist pandering going on there.  I mean, firstly  we are talking about a candidate who's not even officially  the nominee yet, launching a full on assault on the incumbent.  This was not just some even planned jab for a talking point.  There's banners and a website.  This is the planned out first wave attack.  So it's hard to believe that no one saw the "joke" lazy black man, not too cleverly hidden there.

In a bizzare, but not entirely unexpected move, that piece of shit, Greg Gutfield accused Mediaite writer Tommy Christopher of being the racist, for pointing out the racism in the slogan/campaign.  Here.

Pardon me for repeating myself, as I do not recall how recently I have remarked that that is part of the way they play it.  Or as Bill Maher recently said it, denying racism is the new racism.  And Gutfield's on board with that shit!

Anyway, I should not be surprised that Professor Dickface, over at his blog, is on that bandwagon too.  And here is the truly bizzare part.  Professor Dickface actually quotes someone making the denial argument, and then turns around and says  it  (the slogan) isn't about Obama's color but . . .  wait for it . . .  his ego!

Yes.  That's the obvious answer!  If you are smoking Meth, I guess.

Anyway, it's one thing to just deny seeing it.  But it takes a great and colossal ass to dig down and find an hidden meaning that even the people who came up with the shit neither thought, nor communicated.

But I guess one's POV is likely to be more than a little warped, if one is already a right wing hack who is dedicated to tearing down P. Obama.

That's no excuse.  It is, however, a description.

 And this time I will link it.  And before I let you go, it turns out I just took a little look at the comments.  Turns out the slogan is a plagarism.  It's a rewrite of Margaret Thatcher's "Labor Isn't Working."   So the real question is, was it put out there both knowingly race baiting and  knowingly stolen?  The way I posed the question show how I am leaning.  Not towards the either/or but to the all of the above, to start.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not That it Really Matters. Breitbart Cause of Death. Heart Failure.

I was hoping for,"An Avenging Angel of the Lord, Smote him down, for the evil he has done, and to keep him from doing any more crimes against humanity, the planet, the galaxy, the universe, and The Lord."

I will settle for the evil shit dropping dead on account of his evil heart not being able to beat one time one more.

Heart Failure.

It's actually sort of ironically descriptive, when you think about it.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

So Many Stupid Wing Nut Tricks, This Week.

I'll just pick this one.

I really don't think Bachmann is The Accidental Racist.  But she accidentally fuked up badly  that time.

Bachmann's the one with the law degree.  And some days  she makes Mrs. Palin look like the smart one.

Oy vey!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Screw Politics. I Want This.

And I really should buy this, ASAP:

I sold my 140w Hartke Bass amp head a year ago or two.  I want this as the replacement.  Yes.  It's a 75w standard guitar head, not a bass head.  But I have run a bass through a good reg amp before.  It's got built in FX.  Sweet!


Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a headache, so

It's a good time to cuss out GOPers.

The war on moms shit?  Fucking heinously dishonest.

Worrying about a fucking race war because of the Zimmerman Case?  Fucking heinously dishonest.

The relentless attack on Bill Maher?  Fucking heinously dishonest.

The thing is this is the most apt way of describing the modern, current  GOP:

Fucking heinously dishonest.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Non Political Content.

Friday, April 13, 2012

She's Got The Millionaire's Blues.

My take on the Hillary Rosen/Ann Romney  fauxtraversy.  I am reminded of the oddball fantasy I have had for years where I hope to have magical powers and force all Republicans to be unable to tell a lie or spew bullshit.  Imagine the silence.  Ahhhh . . . .

Just for the record.  I don't fault the Romneys for being rich  (but how daddy made his millions is another matter.)  But see the picture below.  Ann Romney.  If this is struggling,  I will trade places with you in a heartbeat.  Cause honey,  let me introduce to (my version of) the poor person's reply to the question,"How ya doing?"  My reply often is: 

"Ain't nothing wrong with me that can't be solved with large sums of money."

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ya I Know Somebody Sorta Famous (for not getting arrested) Got Arrested.

But I am going for humor now.  I confess.  I was discussing, just a wee bit, the Zimmerman case on a message board.  I have given up for  the most part, the more witless part of that.  And that is going head to head with someone on the things they dig their heels in about.  I try to limit my remarks to either preserving reality and reason, and/or bad form. (And that alone is enough trouble.)  Lately I have been going to war (actually I think I should shelf that phrase for a spell,)  no, instead, taking folk to task for solipsisms and magical thinking.  Call it all over idiocy.  Ya.  That will do.  Taking folk to task for all around, all over idiocy.

Now I understand well enough that folk will think sloppy, and then communicate sloppy.  But it does still give me a kick how some folk, usually those who know not that deep down that they are already selling a line of bullshit at best, will go batty when their  "bad form" is exposed. 

Hey, don't expect me to clearly communicate my twisted thinking!  Fuck off, that!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Quiet on the Western Front.

I am beginning to lose hope that the blogger I have lately taken to calling Racist Professor Dickface is going to throw himself on the Derbyshire Affair hand grenade and blow his shit up (metaphorically speaking, of course.)  Alas, he remains silent on the matter.  But that other racist law professor, who blogs as Instapundit, came through. Yea!  Granted, his own commentary rated as weak to none, he did link this bizarre piece elsewhere on the PJ Media real estate  (he's part of them.)  It's hard to characterize this twisted shitty whiny rant.  It's not so much the writer is saying he is pro racism.  But instead is is making the argument that anti racism is bad.

Remembering that when the issue is racism, I use Horse Shoe rules, not Darts rules, I say fuckit.  Looks close enough to a pro racist article that I will call it pro racist.  Remember people.  If you defend racist rants on some misguided "Free Speech" grounds, the grounds do not count.  You are defending racist content.  And no.  Ya fucking idiot.  The 1st Amend. Does not prevent people being horrified by the content of racist rants, or by those making or who have made racist rants, or from firing those who make or have made racist rants.  That's called fairness, in the sense that you reap what you so.  I thought you cons were all into personal responsibility.  Guess the fuck not.

Anyway, I am going to link the essay.  Read it yourself.  If you have the time to waste.

I'm not a racist, but . . .

Oh.  And this essay mentions Mark Steyn having published something about the Derbyshire affair.  Can't wait to see what ignorant  "I'm not a racist, but," shit he has to say.

Edit to add:

Steyn's piece?  Starting off  bemoaning the sans culottes?  Does that make you a supporter of the Ancien Regime?  Steyn is his very own collection of shit brained ideas that a lot of cons seem to like.  He's their brand of shithead.  Also he's was passes for an intellectual there.  But so is Jonah Goldberg, so that's not saying much. 

But back to the point, I disagree with the premise that we should have a society that anything can be said.  Out loud.  Without consequence.  That last part is the important part.  Everyone is still free in America to say any stupid assed shit they like.  But everyone else is free to judge them for it.  Harshly, if they so desire.   This is not a matter of law, or some mere societal taboo.  It's the actual fucking way fucking human brains are wired.  We are wired to like what we like and not like what we don't like.  We are by nature judgmental.  It's a necessary and critical part of the human capacity for higher thought.

But ya.  Society does need standards, every bit as much as individual humans need to make qualitative and affinity and rejection decisions.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More on the Derbyshire Racist Affair.

Personally, I think he just did what a lot of them racist cons fear they will get caught doing by the wrong people some day.  And this is let loose with what they really think in their black little hearts.

But this is a good read.  How A Racist Blended In.

Meantime, Prof. Racist Dickface still has not commented at all.  Instapundit at least acknowledged the event and story.  Did not add much to it.  But that's his thing.  That he stole from Drudge, it would seem.  But I am finding Prof. Racist Dickface's silence on the matter, telling.  Many wing nuts  took the chance to proclaim how not racist they were, by contrast at least, by taking a quick shot at Derbyshire.  Not Prof. Dickface.  Not even the slightest word of disapproval.  That's fucked up. It's almost as fucked up as defending the racist.  But hey.  We will see.

Turns out the fucked up shit he's all wet and slippery over is on the one hand, the counter boycotts for those people who are no longer advertising on that racist Limbaugh's show anymore.  And the other shit is his  (as he claims)  scoop about how the Neo Nazi Group That only threatened to patrol Sanford FL  only threatened to do so.  And actually is not there actually  patrolling the town.  He seems to have missed the even more important story, that a Fox News local station identified this Neo Nazi group as a civil rights organization.  Not a peep about that from Prof. Racist Dickface.  Telling, that is.  But then again to my mind he's just another racist GOP Hack. Even if that's not his day job.


Monday, April 09, 2012

Finally Got Down To It.

Because of the intersection and coincidence of my blog being easily accessed by search engines, and that I have been ranting about less than lawfully  designated as Public Persons, I have added the global defamation disclaimer.  At the bottom of the page.  All are now warned.  It's all  JMO here kids.  I don't claim to have authority.  I claim to have opinions.  So there!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dissapointed . . . That

Professor Racist Dickface (JMO) Jacobson hasn't yet commented on the John Derbyshire affair.  For those of you who don't know, serial and well known as a racist-writer for National Review John Derbyshire wrote something so bloody racist that even conservatives are shunning him.  The article was posted on some other  (not NRO) site.  And Rich Lowry fired Derbyshire's  now too obvious to wink and nod away-racist ass.

John Derbyshire Has (Finally) Been Fired.

I expected PRD  (I need to shorten it) to cry about the unfairness of it all.  But he might be busy this weekend.  He might come through, in the next couple days.  I bet Limbaugh will be defending "Derb" tomorrow.  I would be shocked, shocked, if that doesn't happen.

Oh.  And I peeked in at Althouse's House of Racist Minions.  She posted about it, but did not condemn (or defend)  "Derb."  I hate that shit, but I believe it is paramount for/in a civilized society to dump heaps and heaps of shit on racist dickfaces, and those who defend them.  There has to be standards, damnit!  But I only got a fraction of the way into  the comments.  Lots and lots of ripe nasty shit there.  But some was just stupid shit.  Like the following.  The first sentence is a quote, and the second is the idiotic reply to the quote:

""Of course they do. A bunch of the people here are totally racist."

Other people here go out of their way to always be politically correct, which is the same thing in the opposite direction."
What the ever loving fuck does he mean?  Does he mean that people who are extremists  in NOT SPEWING  racist shit are the same as extremists who ACTUALLY SPEW RACIST SHIT?


Saturday, April 07, 2012

Instapundit Publishes a Criticism of Professor Racist Dickface (Jacobson.) And Tacitly, Althouse.

Not even worth linking. Because mainly the writer goes off on some meandering, wandering silly shit of exposition. But he did take on Professor Racist Dickface (JMO) Jacobson, and his idiotic repetition of that Zimmerman defending "Let's Not Try The Case In The Media," bullshit. Hey. I should at least skim that. Hold on.

Meh. He's fairly consistent aping the talking point of the day, and that's basically all he did. Again, and as an aside, it is still weird why the wing nuts are so hard and wet for Zimmerman. Oh wait! He killed some black kid! Reason enough, I guess!

But more thoughtfully, I really think the "Let's Not Try The Case In The Media," line is one of those lines, where the actual literal content is so not the point. The real point in saying or repeating the line is to cause some action, or thwart some action one does not want to continue, as that would badly affect one's arguments. It's not a pure red herring. It's more like that flag they wave at car races when there's a wreck and they have to clear it off the tracks. In other words, you can't stop the thing you are trying to thwart. But if you can slow it down some, you will settle for that.

And I think that is what a lot of these people, including Professor Racist Dickface, are knowingly doing. Then there are the dull witted sheep who are so stupid they will follow the lead of someone like the Dickface, or even Ann Althouse, who was spewing the same nonsense, earlier this week, in her appearance. Even before I read the article that inspired this post, I had watched Althouse, comically going into some kind of emotional fit while arguing that discussions about the Trayvon Martin case were too emotional. (And as an aside, I sort of repeat myself. Some likely racist piece of garbage leaves his house at night, with a gun, hunting human. Kills human. Doesn't get arrested. That's enough to get all emotionally fired up about, with out the racism part!) But she also said that stupid bullshit about not trying the case in public. Bla bla, puking yadda yadda.

Again, Bob Wright, her co conversant in the v-blog, was much kinder to her than I would have been. I mean really. If I were in a conversation with a law professor who spewed that sort of nonsense, I could have said what I said to some idiot on a message board, last week or so.   He said to me that something I said or argued,"Would not hold up in court."  I replied, "Good thing for me this isn't court."

It is mind blowingly stupid to think, suggest, or argue that the rest of the world should operate under the same standards of a court. It never has. It never will. So stop with the idiotic argument that it does or should? Please.

This whole post has been driven by and towards one of my pet peeves about wing nuts, right winger, what ever the fuck those "so called" people call themselves. They rape the language. It's how they try to control the message. And even if I never fall for their shit, it is (I have to admit) an often successful line of bullshit. Think about the nonsense this week with the Obama is a Bully, bullshit. And that he doesn't know about judicial review clap trap. It's all about message combat. It's all about partisan politics. It's all about going to any imaginable length to take the fight to your opponent, no matter the damage to society, it's institutions, the language, what ever.

And again, that is why I did not bother to post the article that inspired me to post this. It's not a matter of Professor Racist Dickface being wrong, and trying cases in the court of public opinion is a good thing. What it really was and is about is that Professor Racist Dickface is an out and out GOP Conservative Hack, and he was engaging in Conservative Hackery. That is most of what he posts on his blog. And that was all that really needed to be said.

(Yes I said more. But I find it fucked up in the head, when people fail to see political hackery being practiced by political hacks. Now Althouse is in another category. Let's just say I would never accuse her of being all that self aware. Or original, where socio political matters are concerned. As every with what I publish here, JMO. )

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Friday, April 06, 2012

More (Anti) Racist Themed Vids, Here. Or Make That

Anti Racist posts, featuring vid.

I went looking to see if any, "Shit Defenders of Zimmerman Say," vids are out there, yet. And the answer to that is not yet, methinks. So I went to the back up: "I'm Not Racist, But . . ." I think the show is from OZ. Funny bit, I thought. 

Let's just say that all this  Zimmerman Defending is making me sick.  But I did go looking for some humorous way to look at the sick motherfuckers who go out of their way, saying and doing shit that sympathizes with or defends racists.  It's healthier for me  to take that approach.  Being angry at racists  and the fucked up in the head folk who defend them, will, in the end, just shorten my life.

Not as effectively as bullets, but it is not really going to do me any good to stay that agitated for that long.


People Like Ann Althouse Need to Listen to this Brave, Honest Young Woman.

More so, as Althouse cares more about the feelings of the perp of the homicide, than the victim.

Call me biased, but when one is more concerned about people being called a racist, than being fucking shot to death, one is a very much fucked up in the head, kind of human.  JMO.

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Ann Althouse Cares Less About the Murdered Child, Than

people thinking the blatantly obvious bad guy if not bad guy racist, Zimmerman, is a racist.


I mean really.  How heartless, cruel, and wrong minded can someone be?

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This Will Have To Do. For Now. I Might Find Something to Get Angry About Later.


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It's a Fairly Stupid Story. But We are Talking About a GOP Politician.

Let me get this straight.  P. Obama is a bully for criticizing  as social darwinism, the latest Ryan Budget, and for expressing his hope and desire that the SCOTUS comes down on his side of the Obama Care case.  But it is OK for you to say this shit?

"Governor Nikki Haley (R) said she wears heels as "ammunition" in the tough political climate of South Carolina.

"It's a blood sport," Haley said Tuesday on The Colbert Report. "I wear heels and it's not for a fashion statement, it's ammunition."

"You keep them sharpened?" host Stephen Colbert asked.

"I do. It's for kicking," Haley replied."

Can someone explain this to me in a way that does not paint her as a hypocrite and a lying assed piece of shit?

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Yes. They Really Are This Stupid!

Here is my rewrite of the headline:

Man with personal interest in ruling of Supreme Court Case says he wants decision to go his way. 

The GOP's reaction? Heads  Explode!

I know I should never be surprised at the lengths and depths of stupidity GOPers are willing to go to, in order to further their arguments.  But they keep getting weirder, and more stupid.  Just when you think  they can't go any further on the stupid axis, they manange to go one inch further.


Monday, April 02, 2012

Ann Althouse Almost Made Me Choke!

There is just something so sickening about her thinking and comments, when ever race, or the phrase I am meaning to adopt, color arousal, is in play. No, she's not really what I would call a self deceiving racist. Nope. She's some weird American born and raised alien. You know what I mean? But in case you don't, her total lack of awareness about such things is of such a complete level, that she might as well be from some foreign nation with a homogenous population, and thus ignorant of such things, due to lack of experience with such things. I have heard the expression "tone deaf" used for that level of ignorance. However she's here. She's been here for a long time, and even if it's blatantly obvious she hasn't got a fucking clue, she will wade into the subject, nevertheless.

Now comes the matter of Treyvon Martin. And she debated (some aspects of) the matter with Bob Wright, for a post. And I choked only a few minutes in. I will have to re watch the first couple hideous minutes, for the choke me line.

(Link to her blog post of the shit.)

The exchange went like . . .  he says Zimmerman was "stalking" the kid, and she says something like, "You are characterizing the facts . . ." Bla bla bla. He gets to saying that the 911 call shows that he (Zimmerman) was asked are you following him (meaning the victim,) and Zimmerman said yes. And like some intellectually bankrupt broken record, Althouse repeats the you're characterizing the facts, line.

Now I know that rhetorical self-destruct actually is not exclusive to the GOP, but I do think they are more prone to digging in their heels on the stupid talking point, than my team. My team (I believe, I don't have data) is likely to retreat on that thwarted line of attack, pivot, and re engage on one of the other lines of attack that are available. But I really thought her refusal to recognize that stalking is following someone around in some unlawful manner, is an example of not only deliberate, practiced ignorance.  But it is evidence of the almost unique to Right Wingers, practiced ignorance.  (They may not have a specific school where such rhetorical stupidity is taught.  But it is a stupid human trick that is shared and handed down from generation to generation, on that side of the aisle.  Seems to me.)

But I should confess that I totally agree with Bob Wright, and am more of a hard ass. I go so far as to say that the "citizen" who is out there at night, with a gun, looking for trouble,  is himself trouble.  But I also think they are fucked up in the head, and on some level is out there hunting human. Not necessarily out there "hunting niggers," which used to be allowed, sorta, under the unwritten common law of some of our southern states. But to my mind Zimmerman was at least hunting human. He happened to shoot and kill a black kid. I don't know if that was part of his mental damage, to get back at them niggers. We might never know the answer to that.

But I do agree with Althouse on one easy and obvious (but not likely to favor Zimmerman) point. There's more to discover here. That's a level of genius on a par with saying the sun will rise tomorrow. Actually. And that was Althouse's next crank. Silly point. After that, she gets her nose all bent out of shape over some conspiracy theory over why the story is so high profile. I know silly person Althouse listens to that notoriously racist piece of shit, Limbaugh. I will just assume she got that talking point from that piece of shit.

Bob Wright did a fairly good job of trying to set her silly ass straight. But again. He was too soft on her. Reality is that it took weeks for this story to rise to the top of the news charts. Now that is the real thinking person's question, Ms. Althouse. Not why it is such a  big deal now, but instead, why did it take so long to become a big deal?

Fuckit. I mean what is the fucking point anyway?  How do you deal with such deliberate, practiced ignorance?

If someone is so fucking blind to the shamefulness, and hence newsworthy ness of a story about what really should be considered a homicide where "color arousal" and a mentally deficient man was out hunting human? And was not charged with a homicide crime? And that it took weeks for the story to gain notoriety? And it took the notoriety factor to get the case investigated? I mean fucking really?

Althouse. How obtuse can you be? Not just her. I use her as a stand in for all such silly people. But anyone who did not instantly think it's a big deal the shooter/killer did not get held on suspicion, and charged  with a homicide crime as soon as possible is really well fucked up in the head. My opinion. And if they are a lawyer and do not get that? That's a blind spot that in my opinion that is beyond excuse. They let him walk out of the fucking police station uncharged for what should have been a charged homicide crime. Shit. The DA could have gone for a lower manslaughter charge down the road. Usually prosecutors and cops start the bidding with the highest charge they can plead with a straight face, at arraignment. Why wasn't that all done here? It's about race damnit. How much more fucking obvious could this be?

Like I said. Fuckit. I am just venting about the wide spread, and seemingly deliberate, practiced ignorance in this nation on the part of far too many white folk, when it comes to color arousal.

I am not giving up the fight.  The late Professor Derrick Bell would be very dissapointed in me if I gave up.  But sometimes  I just want to say, fuck it.  Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Difference Between A Typical Republican, and Decent Folk.

Observed, on the #5 train in NYC.  I'm sitting across from this mom and her tired brood of kids, and they all happen to be black.  A couple stops later some fellow gets on the train, sits next to the little girl, who is the end of the line of the kids.  And he happened to be white.  Later when the kid starts waking up  and acting like a precocious 4 (what ever) year old, I catch the fellow looking at the child with such a sense of delight that the though hit me.  That was an adult human properly taking delight in a child human's child's humanity.

In other words, he actually saw him self in the little girl.

Now Newt Gingrich, and the rest of you hypocritical GOP scumbags.  That's how it's done.  It is not done by running around preaching  some ideological post racial theory.  It is definitely not done by playing the race card as a political expedient.  And back to what P. Obama said.  It's not so much about Obama seeing himself in that dead kid.  The point has always been that too many Americans do fucking not see themselves  in other Americans, on account of something stupid and shallow, like race.

Not that those who don't will magically get it, being told, merely, what it is they are not getting.

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