Thursday, October 30, 2008

Na Na Na Na. Hey Hey, Hey. Good Bye (We Sincerely Hope.)

I pulled down the flank attack post I had here last night, against that Horrid Palin Woman (I came in from the angle of the republican history of wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich, but it really was flat, so I trash canned it.)

Instead I will treat you all to something much better written (by someone else.) I can't post it all, so I will post a tease and the link:

The truth is that politicians like Sarah Palin are merely manipulating, exploiting and inciting these people. In other words, it's the ignorance, stupid. And next Tuesday, we have a chance to seriously marginalize this darker, uglier side of America.

It'd be crazy, though, to suggest that Tuesday will be the last day. To be sure, if Senator Obama wins, we'll be hearing from these knee-jerk wackaloons quite a bit. Hell, Sarah Palin might try to run for president in four years. Nevertheless, we have a chance to tell the Sarah Palin's of the world that there's no room in American politics for fire-eaters who stoke archaic prejudices and fears rather than ameliorating them. We have a chance to tell them that not only doesn't it work anymore, but that it actually exacerbates electoral failure.

The Mandatory Rejection of Sarah Palin
by Bob Cesca

Ok. Yes, it is as much a partisan POV as it can be claimed to be objective, as who in their right mind is actually going to stand up and clearly say YES. I am an American, and I think Politics should be as UGLY and NASTY and PERSONAL as can be, and throw in some bigotry and hate mongering while you are at it?

Well I would say too many republicans, including That Horrid Palin Woman. I did not quote the end of the essay but I agree with the writer when he basically says we need to not only vote in Sen. Obama, but we need to vote against the ugly politics and tactics that that Horrid Palin Woman was all too willing to employ . . . no matter the cost to the nation.

My last word, before I go. I don't know if I said this on the blog before (and this is as kind I can get with HER); the last thing we need here in the early years of the 21st Century is some 19th Century throwback. There really should be no room for debate that 19th Century thinking is backwards thinking.

Sometimes it is all about just recognizing the obvious, and making the rational decision based on the obvious state of the thing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Giving Credit Where Due. Fl. Gov. Charlie Crist Just Says No to "Plan B."

October 28, 2008

Crist extends voting hours

This is a very big deal: Florida Governor Charlie Crist, to the shock and dismay of Florida Republicans, just moved to extend early voting hours, a move likely to widen the Democrats' lead under a program on which the Obama campaign has intensely focused.
"He just blew Florida for John McCain," one plugged in Florida Republican just told me.

Crist extends voting hours

My comment? Kudos to Charlie Crist, for putting the needs of the citizens of the State of Florida, above partisan hack politics. If there were more republicans like him, I would have a lot less to complain about.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

He is Down by Double Digits in Many Polls. He is Running Out of Money. So Which is it? Is He Delusional, Keeping up Appearances, or Telegraphing

that the Fix is In?

"Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he can “guarantee” a win on Nov. 4 in a squeaker victory that won’t be clear until late that night."

Now, if I were not paying attention to this race very closely, I might rest assured that it is either option one, or two, or both, but as long as smoke signals like the following are being seen in the air, out over the valley:

"Bush forwarded to Attorney General Michael Mukasey a Republican request that he intervene in the battleground state of Ohio to force 200,000 new voters to either verify the information on their registration forms or cast provisional ballots, which are often thrown out after the voter leaves the polling place."

As long as "Plan B" still seems to be in play, I will not rest easy.

Now I do admit to being sceptical about the blogger, as a source, but it does seem like the Plastic Turkey Man, to try to screw the Constitution one more time, by inserting the Attorney General and the DOJ into a political fight. Now why do I say that? It is not as if he has done that before.

Wait. I mean HE HAS done this before. Remember kids, that at the core of the scandal we can call Gonzo-gate, the politically based mass firing of U.S. Attorneys, the (they said so not me) official cover story and flimsy excuse for the firings were that the U.S. Attys were not aggressively pursuing these sorts of cases on account of that whole lack of evidence thing. Who needs evidence? We don't need no stinkin' evidence, when partisan political objectives are in play.

Ya. So I do have some basis for being totally suspicious of Bush sticking his finger into the election now.

Among other dubious distinctions, he is definitely going into the history books as the most Partisan President, of the most Politically Motivated Administration, up to his time.

And that is saying a lot in American History.

But still, I hope "Plan B," will fail. I am actually a member of the counter legion, pledged to fight them bastids.


Just when you think these Republicans have hit bottom with their thuggish garbage, they find a way to dig just a little bit deeper into the scum:

"Man Accused Of Threatening Secretary Of State Arrested
Friday, October 24, 2008 9:58 PM

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A man accused of making threatening phone calls to the Ohio Secretary of State's office was arrested on Friday.
The State Highway Patrol said Dana McArtor was charged with intimidation in a threat phone last week to the office of Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner."

Man Accused Of Threatening Secretary Of State

Ok, the article does not specify the thug to be a Republican, but ya know? She won her case against the State Republican Party, so I doubt it was a Dem threatening her.

And before I go (to see that movie about Plastic Turkey Man) I will say that I am/was looking for independent redundant reporting of the Bush Intervenes story.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Since That Horrid Woman is Tanking In the Polls

At the rate she is going, she might match Plastic Turkey man, with the negatives.

And since she has now gone renegade:

"I think she'd like to go more rogue."

Does this now give McCain proper cause to cut her from the ticket?

Honestly, for a while there, I was hop'n, yew betcha, that he kicked the Horrid Woman from the ticket, but now I hope he is stuck with his stupefyingly ill-considered choice.

Why do I no longer want to see her off the ticket?

That is likely the only thing he can do now, to move up in the polls. Joe the Plumber is a flop. Acorn is looking less and less like "urban" (That means Black) radicals, simply because the GOP's offenses with registration and voter suppression are looking more like the real threat to the fabric of the Nation. Oh, and the psycho racist lying chick with the phony I been raped by a black Obama supporter? Good Lord!

The only people who give a shit about Ayers are hard core partisan cons. That socialist label shit is not working either. I mean, really kids. Every Dem since Woodrow Wilson has had that thrown at them. Yawn. I mean really, beyond the racist angle (the socialist label was originally code for foreign, ya know), yawn.

So what can Sen. McCain do to really mix things up in the next 10 days, but for sending the Horrid Woman Back to Alaska?

Single-handedly capture Bin Laden?

Personally stabilize the credit markets?

Dance the Pachenga on "Dancing with the Stars?"

I mean what what could he pull out of the bag here?

He is a gambler, and has that personality? How can he change the news reports constant recitation of his ticket's negatives?

Again, at this point I do not want the bait and switch to move on to the switch part. But I would not be surprised if he decides to try one last major shake up in his campaign, and cutting that Horrid Woman, is the only game changer I can see. Well, there does not have to be a game changer, I admit . . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why I Can't Give Props to That Horrid Palin Woman for Her "Apology" for the "Pro-America" Backhanded Slam Against the Rest of America . . .

She hasn't apologized enough, or sufficiently sincerely (as she has been spewing that small town bias and bigotry crap since day one on 'Team Maverick.' )

So lady. What the hell do you mean, anyway?

Are you some (oh no . . . a pig reference is coming -- L'wdy No!) human version of the pigs in Orwell's "Animal Farm," who change the message from all animals are created equal, to some animals are more equal than others?

Are we supposed to believe you, when you say you did not mean what you actually said, over and over, using superlatives to describe one subset of the whole, thereby implying, explicitly, that the other subset or subsets are inferior?

Can you actually speak English?

Well, we have heard you use words from the English Language, but do you know the meanings of those words, and how they are supposed to used to deliberately communicate ideas?


I am going to force myself to re-watch/re-listen to the vid (as the article is rather thin, and I did see a clip of this last night on TV.) I want to be clear in the cause for my criticism and disdain.

Palin CNN Interview

Hell. It is in the last minute. She twisted the occasion of the stump speeches, and the veterans (and others?) reaction to the singing of the national anthem into how they "get it." What do they get? According to her, that demonstration of emotion is evidence that the audience gets how important it is to elect 'Team Maverick.'

Now what that line of bullshit has to do with the fact she has been selling the 'YEA, Small Town America is the BEST,' line of bullshit she has been spewing since day on on the trail? Well that totally escapes my notice.

Whatta load of bullshit.

Ok. I really WANT TO curse up a storm against that Horrid Woman. It would give me great pleasure to do so, but I will first call her:


And then I will say she reminds me of Reagan. No. Guys. Wait. Clarifying, I react to her "Act," in the same sort of way I did to Reagan. I totally hated his act. I totally can not stand her act. They are not the same act, but both acts come across equally shallow, trite, and jejune, when not being merely witlessly lame.

But I can see how some Americans fall for that shit. Cornball, corn pone, corny assed shit does not work on me. It is like nails on a chalkboard to me; just plain revolting.

Forget about the image of Caribou Barbie Frontierwoman. Watch this video and then imagine her alone in a room with Vladimr Putin.

He'd have her over a knee and would be spanking away at her ass quicker than the grandpa dude in a spanking fetish video.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She is Taking Political Science Leadership From Whom?

Palin's Political Science Pedagogue, Joe (not) the Plumber

Here is my statement about Joe the (not) Plumber.

In a former (professional) life, I was a member of a craft/trade guild. I was a Journeyman Stage Employee. Granted, in my case the apprenticeship was accelerated, and I am one of the founding members of the local labor union, from which I held my card, but none the less, I did do the apprenticeship with the unaffiliated guild, before we got the charter. I did not just have one guy or three or four guys saying, he's ok. I had the collective unaffiliated guild who I had worked with over two years, agreeing I meet and exceeded their expectations on my job performance. So that by the time we got to negotiating with the International to get our charter for the local, I was not only invited to be part of the original membership, I was one of the members who did leg work and research. (So I was a charter member not only because I met the collective standards, but I worked with the others who did the work to get Our Charter.)

Now let's go to so called Joe. So called Joe is not a member of the appropriate craft/trade guild's training program for apprentices.


That means that unless and until and by some stroke of luck and very hard work he passes the comprehensive test by the state of Ohio for a Plumbing and Contractor License, he is not even entitled to call himself an apprentice plumber, leave alone a plumber. Either he needs a license from the state, or a union card from the Plumbers Union, that serves as evidence he is a Journeyman Plumber. Calling yourself a Plumber requires either the license from the state, or the union card.

So called Joe lacks either.

So what does any of that have to do with why that Horrid Palin woman is using him as a reference to any matter of Political Science (if Sen. Obama's tax plan is or sounds "socialist?")

Not much BUT . . .

bitch ain't even possessed of any credential in the trade he claims to me a journeyman at? It can be well argued he is not even, therefore, qualified to talk about that, with authority.

But what about things he has no practical experience in?

Oh ya. Yew betcha. He's as good en expert on that that a professor, yew betcha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Ok. So Could These Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Sacks of Shit be Any Worse? Ya! That's Not the Point. Point is

can the level of Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Shittyness they have already shown be excused or condoned?

Not by any decent people I say.

Link for the video (the embed did not fit in the space.)

These self appointed anti Islamic shit bags don't get the obvious; they are every bit as awful (short of killing people) with their bigotry as the (on the rare occasions they remember to parse their vitrol and bile) Islamic extremists they pretend to oppose.

In keeping with my policy to give props where due, kudos to the others for chasing the bigot away. That gladdens my heart. It still troubles me that so many bigots like that hate monger not only believe they have a safe home for their bile and venom in the GOP, but that too often, it seems, they actually do have a home there.

But again, kudos for the GOP anti racists there. I hope the solid genuine anti racists can finally and for the first time, be the voice of the GOP. I am not holding my breath, as . . . .

Did ya hear Limbaugh on the Powell Endorsement? Talk about a racist piece of garbage, Limbaugh (but we knew that about him, already.)

Not that I am patting myself on the back -- I was only picking the low hanging fruit, but unfortunately I was totally dead on correct about how some of these Republican Douchebags were going to go batshit on Gen. Powell for endorsing Sen. Obama.

Shit bags.

No excuse for that garbage, or for these people, I swear!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh my Gawd, My Golly. Yew Betcha.

I finally really have something complimentary to say about that Horrid Palin Woman.

Her performance on SNL today?

She was actually entertaining and not horrid.

Ok now the bit with the show opening? She really did not have to do much but she did what was required playing it straight, PARTICULARLY working with Alec Baldwin.

And then her turn during the Weekend Update sketch?

Granted Amy Poheler did the real work, performing the Palin Rap, but again I am meaning to give props where do. But Palin did her minimal supporting, but important bits just right.

So does that mean I would ever vote for her for office? FWK NO. But I would not mind her being a member of the SNL cast.


That is as kind as I can get.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Not Convinced There is a Racist Angle Here?

Still not convinced they are trying to paint Sen. Obama as the stereotype Angry Scary Black Man?

Have you heard about the Robo-calls? Take the two scripts together and they paint Sen. Obama as a terrorist loving baby killer. Could you make up a scarier stereotype of the Angry Black Man? They could not get away with it, that is how close to the line they are now. I mean, ya, they could accuse Sen. Obama of personally planting bombs in between his baby strangling, but even douchebag republicans know they can't go that far.

Well? Correction. Even douchebag republicans officially on staff or contract with the campaign, the RNC, and the first circle of official flacks, hacks and spokespersons know they can't go that far.

Now that I have actually had a moment or two to think of it, I wonder how rank and file republicans are discussing this, amongst themselves?

I suspect it is very revolting.

Getting back to the campaign, though. As excuse less and vile and vulgar this racist hate mongering tactic obviously is, I do have to wonder:

What else do these racist scumbag douchebag hate mongering right wing monsters have up their sleeves?

I am not even going to speculate out loud here, but I will say the following. Actually, cancel that first thought -- I have one I think is more salient.

I recall seeing on some message board some really awful racist republicans saying things like they resent and will resist the pressure to back off Sen. Obama on account of any racism accusations. I think that twisted racist philosophy is not only behind the "Team Maverick," ploys but also is behind the rank and file's nasty, ugly acceptance of, if not enthusiasm for, these truly hateful racist lines of attack.

What kind of person gets off on that shit, I ask you?

I only hope they are a small and powerless section of the GOP, because if they are still a statistically significant bunch, things might get more ugly than they have to in the next almost 3 weeks. I will just say it now and get it out of the way. Even if parts of this election season has made me proud to be an American, other parts have just plainly sickened me.

There. I said it. Oh and speaking of sickening things? That Horrid Palin Woman's "Pro America parts of America," shit?

Please, send that piece of garbage back to Wassilla and let her lead the Alaska Sccesh Party up there. There is no room for that sort of sick talk in Mainstream National American Politics.

I was already revolted by her "small town America" spew, but she has gone way too far now. Singing the praises of small town America, and thereby doing a back hand slap at urban America is itself one kind of ugly. But cranking it up a few notches and separating the two into Pro and since they are not being described as pro, Anti American parts of America? Talk about vile. Talk about being a bigot. Talk about being totally out of touch and (how did I hear it on the radio yesterday) not fit to hold the office, and /or do the job of VP. Is this woman running for VP of only part of the country, or what? What a small, bigoted, vapid, thoughtless, and ugly-minded creature she must be!

And to end this screed on a more positive note, there is a reason Joe Biden is a Senator, and I am just some sometimes fuming citizen; he can play the game at that level when I can't. His gracious and polite acceptance of That Horrid Woman's qualification of her hateful "Pro America parts," quote was quite masterful.

He is a smooth one, that Joe Biden.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok. So this Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Old Sack of Shit Posts that Charles Krauthammer Article, "Who is Playing the Race Card,"

on some board I rubber neck at (when behaving, I only rubber neck). And I am trying to stay out of the fight there as it really is a thankless and useless quest to tell Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Sacks of Shit, young, old, or in between, that they indeed are Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Sacks of Shit. But as I have this blog, I can speak my mind here to my heart's content, since no one ever seems to read it, or tag it. Oh, and I confess I had the subject matter for today's post set in my mind already, before reading the post by that Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Old Sack of Shit. I admit I am using that as the point of departure mainly to repeat many times the phrase Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Sack of Shit, on account of the plain fact that these Racist, Right Wing, Hate Mongering Sacks of Shit are making me sick.

But before I answer the question posed in the title of that article, I should summarize the key social truths about American Society and Race Matters. (a) Far too many white Americans (not most but too many) specifically on the right side of the political aisle only get the following about race matters -- it is a bad thing to be called a racist. And no matter what racist things they may believe, say, or do, they will deny the racist charge even when it hasn't been clearly made, playing the victim, no matter how many people they have been caught either insulting or abusing, and (b) they, those too many people who are either basically somewhat racist-minded if not actually closet-case racists, can not actually identify with real victims of racism, but instead only sympathize with people who are accused of being racists. They will identify with the person labeled as a racist, and sympathize with them no matter what the misconduct, unless the offense is so awful that there is no excuse for it at all (like endorsing genocide based on race/ethnicity if not actually being caught red handed in the act, with out a permission slip.)

That is the base line. Now here is my take on why even if I do not think Mr. McCain himself is a racist (but that Horrid Palin Woman? I suspect she is the real deal racist in the flesh), they clearly are playing not only the race card, but they are engaging in deliberate racist hate mongering agitation.

Again, there are different acceptance and comfort levels for whites in America when it comes to blacks. Many whites still fear the myth if not reality of "The Angry Black Man."

So what does the McCain's 'judgment and associations' attack against Sen. Obama add up to?

It adds up to a concerted and deliberate attempt to paint Sen. Obama as closely and nearly as "The Angry Black Man," (or otherwise scary) stereotype with out crossing over into the kind of blatant racist bile that even most (and I mean nearly all) republicans would have to say,"Shit . . . ya'll crossed the line there, and I usually can't even see that line unless there is a parade of White Supremacists directly in front of me."

Ya. That is the game, seems to me. And let me flesh this out a little bit.

The Ayers thing. Question. Does tying Sen. Obama to a former violent bomber serve the ends of painting Sen. Obama as "The Angry Black Man," (or otherwise scary)? Damn right it does.

When that Horrid Palin woman exaggerated the scale and scope by saying he "Pals around with terrorists," (deliberate pluralizing), was she playing to the stereotype of The Angry Black Man," (or otherwise scary)? Damn right that, that the Horrid Woman was, and freaking knew it, and intended it!

Then we get to ACORN. Now for those white Americans with a low acceptance and comfort level for non whites to gather in groups to . . . I don't know? Improve their own urban communities? Well Sheeit! Katie bar the door. Them nigras be organizing? It must be the revolution is come. Hide! I'm scared.


I hope the sarcasm is coming across loud and strong. Point is that ACORN is being painted as a scary, threatening institution, full of socialists and radicals and fifth columnists hell bent on destroying America (what did McCain himself say during the last debate? Threat to the Fabric of American Society? Some shit like that?) So far actual instances are few, and still they have only been officially accused of filing bad voter registration forms, that are subsequently systematically kicked out of the system. There is no credible evidence out there that supports a claim that in even a statistically significant number of the total of the few cases of that happening, that it was more a matter of deliberate sabotage (of their own reputation, as a matter of reality) than it being sloppy negligence, and really poor management. (Shit. If ACORN was an investment bank The Government would be baling their asses out!)

So I ask the question again. Does tying Sen. Obama to a deliberately and falsely exaggerated demonized NON WHITE group (who's most reckless act was filing a few obviously incorrect and rejected as such, voter registrations) serve the ends of painting Sen. Obama as "The Angry Black Man," (or otherwise scary)? Damn right it does.

This is not rocket science. It isn't even Grad Program Level Sociology. It is not even Sociology 101 -- Introductory Course level material. Any American child of at least the 6th grade can see the truth of this with out having it force fed to them (since it resembles play ground taunting more than any actual rational adult behaviour.)

So why do we have to (why do I feel the need to) go over this stuff yet again?

Now what did McCain himself do/say during the last debate? He went all whiny hurt feelings on account of what The Hon. John Lewis said about his campaign's obviously slimy attempts paint Sen. Obama as "The Angry Black Man," (or otherwise scary.) And McCain had to distort the man's words past context and message to reach anything that any rational human could have cause to complain about . . . . particularly since McCain got caught red handed, fanning the flames of racial and ethnic hate, in order to get elected.

Country First? My ass!


I think that on some not-all that deep level, McCain is embarrassed with playing this game. Yes, he might personally despise Sen. Obama, as he sees Sen. Obama as the obstacle to his desires, but I think that it is not a racially-based despite for him. He actually seems embarrassed while engaging in the race-bating (yet still is doing it, the shit.)

But that Horrid Palin woman? Like I said the other day, she seems to enjoy swimming in that shit. That is large part of why I think she is a racist (or close enough for my grading system) at heart. She not only seems to be comfortable playing the race bait game, but she (to my mind) seems to be gleefully enjoying the rabid, ugly racist energy she gets from the crowd, whenever she starts up with that shit.

I really do not want to say I hate the woman, but I hate the idea of her ever having any power over me or my country. (*shiver*)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stick a Fork in Him (McCain); He is Done. Joe the Plumber?

Ain't even a plumber -- licensed one, at least. Bitch can't legally run a plumbing business, nor can afford it, even if the loan guidelines from a year ago were still in force; he would not get the note, even under last year's guidelines!

Oh, and the bitch has a tax lien. Model conservative, eh? Scofflaw, too, in addition to not even having a license to do his trade, legally (as a private contractor, owner/operator.)

But hey. McCain's reliance on the tale of Joe the Plumber says less about Joe, than it does about McCain. McCain is hopelessly and completely full of bullshit.

I won't even get into the connection Joe has to Keating of the Keating 5 fame.

It is a perfect (if minor) storm of abject stupidity and unprofessional politics.

Go Team Maverick!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Which McCain Showed Up For Tonight's Debate? More Than One.

But unfortunately Grandpa Simpson came along with the rest of the throng.

I have really lost respect for Sen. McCain this season but I can say the following with sincerity.

Despite my partisan glee in watching him melt down, so embarrassingly, I sorta feel sorry for the old fart.

Just a little. but that much at least.

I Usually Avoid Rumor, But . . .

I just saw some prediction that Gen. Powell will endorse Sen. Obama.

Granted, the General has been in lots of hairy places, and is a combat vet, but I have to say this could be the bravest thing he as ever done, as

the racist extremist loons in the Republican Party are going to go so batshit on his black ass for that? Hell, they went bat shit on Christopher Buckley's white ass. They went even more bat shit on Kathleen Parker's white female ass. So why would they hold back on the General's black ass?

Like I said last week or so, the chickens are coming home to roost in America, and the are carrying a contagion way worse than Avian Flu.

Hmm, now I wonder if Dr. Rice would be willing to do that too? Hell she allegedly has no further ambition in government. If that is her conviction, I would love to see her say it. Not that I want either to be subject to the whips and scorns of the the racist extremist loons in the Republican Party. However, I am sorta interested in getting an accurate picture of how much of the GOP if not the whole country, actually, still is significantly racist.

It would be useful (looking at the situation from the sociologist's POV) to know how far away we are from a truly race neutral society. We have come a far way in my life, yes, but I have always said, there still is a long way to go. I would like to know how far, actually.

Just in Case You Did Not Get the Memo, There is a Criminal Conspiracy at Work Against this Year's Election.

And it ain't ACORN.

Shit on a biscuit, could those republican thugs be any more transparently blatant, or is it blatantly transparent? In any case their "Plan B," for contesting the results of this election has been public for a couple weeks now. The assault on ACORN and voter registration serves only one purpose, to delegitimize an unfavorable (to the GOP) result in this election. They are laying the ground work now for an all out attack on the election result, if they loose. Even if none of the lawsuits currently contingently planned, and in some cases, already filed, have any merit, the plan plainly is to at least keep the base whipped up (Nuremberg style) and cause Sen. Obama's possible future administration to start off under as deep (if not unwarranted) a cloud of illegitimacy as Plastic Turkey Man.

Is there anyone with an IQ over 100 who doesn't see this?

Moving on (to the incident that inspired this post), I noticed on some message board this thread started by a right wing loon. I am going to lay out the absurdity (and try to avoid calling this loon anything worse than that.)

The loon starts a thread with a blog post from some CONSERVATIVE Canadian front group,
citing a press release from an Ohio CONSERVATIVE front group,
about how they are suing ACORN for a RICO violation.

Oh, but the part about how the Canadian blog was a conservative front, and the Ohio group was itself a conservative front (with notorious election hooligan Ken Blackwell on the board), and that the 'article' was merely based on a entirely self serving press release? Well the loon sorta left that part out. The loon.

Now here is the analysis. I have worked on a RICO case, I have done the research. My all time favorite maneuver as a lawyer was this one time when I scared the shit out of an opponent who was threatening to sue my client, by merely and mostly explaining my experience in the drafting of a RICO and securities fraud claims. What I remember most about RICO claims off the top of my head is the requirement of (criminal) conspiracy. Now in brief, in order to have a criminal conspiracy you have to have two or more people agree to the plan. If you have an organization that spans across a region or the whole nation, and if you have several people who on there own commit the same crimes or violations (for example), that is not a conspiracy. That is just having a few bad apples.

HOWEVER, if leadership of a nationwide organization, such as, let me grab one out of the air, the Republican Party, drafted and approved a plan to challenge the results of a national election, before the election actually was held, in order to delegitimize the results, committing fraud in the process? Well?

Not only do we have conspiracy there, in theory, but as a matter of fact we have a plan with a nefarious purpose and various individuals agreeing to it, at this point in time. The GOP and supporters very own talking points and actions tell us that is true. Not only that, but we have some fairly obvious evidence of individual actions in support of this criminal plan happening in various states in the Nation. The filing of the RICO suit against ACORN is just the most nervy and perhaps dangerous maneuver.

But ya know? As I have been editing my post here, it has occurred to me that this play could be a ploy. The lawsuit could be dropped before it gets past the preliminary motion practice. I mean, sitting here thinking about it (and with all the experience I have with the process of discovery) I really do not think that the members of the Ohio Conservative front group really want a counter suit that would open up all phone and email and documentary evidence of that group to ACORN's lawyers. Shit. That might be the fast way to prove it is actually the Republicans involved in a RICO conspiracy. Anyway . . .

I think that Team Obama is going to push back, even before election day. I am only a lowly volunteer at my local office, but I am impressed with the operation. I am sure that peeps much higher up the food chain than me are thinking about the same stuff. So keep your eyes open for the push back. Mmm kay?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Have Something Else in Common With John Cleese, Besides the Being Trained in the Law, Bit. We Both See the Nexus Between Sarah Palin and a Parrot.

(oh, and I am distracted already, thinking about the famous and brillant "Dead Parrot" Sketch. It is a Classic! Anyway . . . )

Here we go. John Cleese talks about That Horrid Palin woman.

While I am at it, the Classic "Dead Parrot" Sketch.

Beyond the fact that it is some of John Cleese's best work from the Python years, main reason I am posting it is the irony that the core of the humor in the DPS. It is because of the line of increasingly base less bullshit that the shop keeper spews, and the incredible effort Cleese's disgruntled customer has to go to to get the shop keeper to tacitly admit, he tried to pull a fast one there.

It is that aspect of the sketch that to my mind ironically speaks to the shit "Team Maverick" is trying to pull off, this election year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Disturbing Things, Thanks to That Horrid Palin Woman.

I find this image very disturbing.

But what I find even more disturbing is the fact that some people are not disturbed by it, but in stead, embrace it.

Now fault my leap, if you will, but really, is that ugly image that far away from this one?

I am not making a direct comparison as in, moral equivalent argument. However, I am noting that subtly violent images/messages are emotionally powerful images/messages.

Now I will start with the last image here. That is the infamous Nazi SS Death Head. The image conveys a simple but strong message: "We bring death." Can't miss that one.

Now the other one? Pit bulls are strong and easily violent dogs. They were bred for that. Put lipstick on one? The image is really as simple as the other: "Violent Bitch." (Bitch, being the term for a female dog.)

I can sort of see Palin's dysfunctional embrace of that image. She is a politician, and when it suits her purposes she wants to be seen as hyper aggressive. So an exaggerated comparison to dogs bred to attack and kill bears to entertain and slake the blood lust of drunken and often violent peasants, well? Well? That again is exaggerating, but is apparently the image she wants to project at times.

That is her damage. But what about her fans? Are there that many damaged people out there? The answer is far too many, I am guessing, based on the ugly, racist, bigoted, violent, nasty behaviour at the McCain/Palin rallies this week.

What do you call the snarling, biting, almost unhinged Alpha Pit Bull other than a bad dog? Rabid?

What do you call the dogs who follow the rabid Pit Bull in the attack on the bear? Not alphas, that is for sure.

I could likely go long on this trail of thought and muddy up the message more, or wrap it up. I will wrap it up by saying, I would not advise anyone to follow the lead of a rabid dog.

No good could come of it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Even If I am Reminded of a Certain Chris Rock Routine

one of the ones where he uses the EN word frequently, and specifically vamps about how ENs get all proud about shit . . . they are SUPPOSED TO be doing anyway, like 'takin' care of their kids,' I am going to compliment McCain for correcting the nitwit racist piece of garbage, who was calling Sen. Obama a Muslim, the other day. Kudos Sen. McCain. Now I hope you actually realize that even if you might not be a latter-day or unreformed Archie Bunker Conservative Republican, you got those kind of peeps in the rank and file. And particularly as you have That Horrid Woman on the ticket, you have the Archie Bunker faction of the GOP about as riled up as a bunch of Field and Stream magazine subscribers on the opening day of Hunting Season, as default. Add in any race or bigot or hate baiting language, and you have the makings for a scaled-down Nurenburg Rally there. Yes, that is an exaggeration, but I was going for the image of political movement infused and energized by the emotional fuel of hate and racism. (I don't fall victim to Goodwin's law much but here? I will just say it and be done with it.)

Sheet, dude. Be careful with what you are stirring up, as you might end up reaping a whirlwind, and an evil, rank, foul one, at that.

Now on to the fun stuff.

That Horrid Woman is found (not as a proper matter of law but still determined ) to have personally abused power.

I am shocked, shocked that yet another republican personally abused their government power,


Again, as I am the one hoping to see her cut from the ticket, I have to wonder if now McCain will cut her loose? He is for reform and ending cronyism and corruption in gvt., right? Start by cleaning up his own ticket, I say.

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Politics Friday Why the Hell Not?

Not that I am saying every Friday will be scut, I mean politics free.

That is just how it worked out this week.

Now this is a singer I just discovered like 10 minutes ago on YouTube.

In the words of the inestimable Tommy Lee (love him or hate him.)

This performance is . . .

Mmmmm . . . .

Mmmmmmmm . . . .

Mmmmmm . . . . Mmmmmmm . . . !

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Oh My Gawd. These People are WAY WORSE than I Believed.

Check out this headline (and it is an accuate description of the bit of news.)

Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe
By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Trying to head off a potentially embarrassing state ethics report on GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, campaign officials released their own report Thursday that clears her of any wrongdoing

Palin pre-empts state report, clears self in probe

I think I am gonna be sick.

Is 'Team Maverick' Playing the Allegedly Liberal Media Like a Toy Flute?

Firstly, this is not a media bash fest. I leave that sort of witless, anti elitist sludge to the Republicans (even if I slam Fox news for being at best, only barely a legitimate news outlet.) And I confess, I have been spending way too much time listening/watching to MSNBC, never mind my daily Internet news and blog consumption. I am spending way too much time with this stuff. Never the less . . .

It seems to me that there is some sign of intelligence (albeit, the cunningly corrupt, toilet dweller kind) on the part of 'Team Maverick.' And I mean, how they are jacking the news cycles by behaving so badly on the campaign trail.

Let's get real here. How effective are their negative, if not sometimes race-baiting tactics, if only broadcasted to the loyal rank and file at some campaign stump event? No net gain, we would have to say, as whipping up the base only whips up the base.

But when the news channels and blogs and papers pick up the story, they run the risk of actually doing more harm than intended. They risk serving the malicious aim of the negative or race bating tactic, rather than only performing the noble cause of informing the public about the news of the day.

Am I saying that the dirty tricks should be ignored? Hell no. But don't do anything that really serves to advance the malignant message. And it is crucial to do it as our more 'intelligent' journalists and anchors sometimes forget the power of their medium, and as well the effect of the particular manner chosen for republishing the bile.

Case in point; Chris Matthews. He loves to use the 'Devil's Advocate' method of interrogation on guests, but when he does that concerning the dirty tricks he risks legitimizing the tactic, by not condemning it and then asking, now how could you defend that garbage? Or some such.

All I am saying is this; media people need to be more careful, not only in republishing that shit that much, but be careful to NOT at all legitimize that shit.

Now, in his defense, I like the way Matthews describes McCain these days, as "Sticking in the shiv." Ya. Equating McCain's desperate and contempt-driven tactics with prison yard homicide, seems just about right.

And I have not cracked on that Horrid Woman yet. Here is the way I am going to do it today; in the format of a rhetorical question. "Have you ever seen a politician who took such obvious glee in "Swimming in that shit?"

And I will follow that up. Seems to me she is in her natural element, "Swimming in that shit."

Oh. One last point. WTF is it with those people? The obsession with women's accessories and cosmetics? First it was lipstick on a pit bull, then lipstick on a pig, and now it is women's' shoes, between That Horrid Woman herself, and now Cindy McCain, trying to get Sen. Obama to wear her shoes. Is that what she dreams of at night?

(*sick people, yecch*)

I mean really. What sort of sick woman sits around entertaining cross-dressing shoe fetish fantasies?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ok. That Horrid Woman Seems to Have Dropped The Race Bait Shit . . .

(Watching a live co appearance rally, now.)

She is talking now about the economic mess. But her solution to the economic mess?

"Drill Baby Drill."

And the freaking crowd is chanting it.

Have we become a real life version of a zombie movie?

Grr, and she is back to saying noo-cue-lar.

I get this much. For what ever reason some people like her act. But it just wears on my nerves like nails on a chalk board.


And now she is quoting the Reagan canard about the shining city on the hill?

I think I'm gonna get sick!

And re McCain's part? Most notable is the crowd. It is acting like a mob. The number of times I hear shouts from the mob is unusually high. And it is that scary violent feeling sort of shit. I have no idea what they are saying but it ain't supported by kindness and good will toward men, that much is true.

Between her and him and the ugly mob? It is like a pep rally at

Drunken Crazy Thug Junior High.

Ain't that cute the crowd is chanting "No Bama." (NOT!)

Where is that Kevlar order? I am feeling naked here.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

That Horrid Woman Has Not Yet Crossed the Line Into Clearly Racist Shit, but

If and when she does, I reserve the right to use every harsh, judgmental and insulting term I can, in her specific discussion.

Now I know that this is politics, and that "Team Maverick," has clearly chosen the low road -- that of character assassination, instead of the issues, like the economy, which at least one staffer said they would loose on. And I know that it is unlikely that Horrid Woman is going to use any specifically racist language (but hey, ya never know.) But here we are, only slightly less than a month away from election day, and even the AP Wire service is pointing out the fact that That Horrid Woman is dancing close to the edge, with the racist shit:

"Palin's words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee "palling around" with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn't see their America?

In a post-Sept. 11 America, terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims, not the homegrown anarchists of Ayers' day 40 years ago. With Obama a relative unknown when he began his campaign, the Internet hummed with false e-mails about ties to radical Islam of a foreign-born candidate.

Whether intended or not by the McCain campaign, portraying Obama as "not like us" is another potential appeal to racism. It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American. "

Palin's words may backfire on McCain

And at this point, I remind my readership that just a few weeks ago Sen. McCain went Ballistic at the mere suggestion by Sen. Obama that some unspecified 'they' were going to tell the American people that Sen. Obama did not look like them. Seems to me what That Horrid Woman said is at least as patent a race bait as what Sen. Obama predicted.

How he looks?

How he looks at America?

Either way, the message is clear; they are trying to communicate an US versus HIM message, and they are saying that the HIM, Senator Obama, is not a regular American. That in of itself is offensive, even with out it being clearly said he is not a regular WHITE American.

I am really trying hard, here, to not despise That Horrid Woman. But she is not making it easy for me. If she just moves a little further to the (right?) line of clearly racist shit, she will not only be on the line, but her toes will be over that line. Not that I want it to happen. And I do not want it to happen because I FEAR the consequences if "Team Maverick" goes further down that road. That could unleash all the racist rage of the racist contingent of white America (I'd call that a good 33% of white America, off the top of my head) crashing through the busted damn of American Racial Parity and Decency. Yes that damn is very strong in some sections. In other sections? Not so much. So yes, the wrong messages about race, either overt or covert, could make this race truly ugly.

Disagree with me if you must, but I truly believe there is a powerful amount of pent up white racist animosity in this country. Between the few who are unashamedly racist and proud of it, and those many more who merely know it is bad to be called racist, so they try hard NOT to say what really is in their hearts, and those slightly better folk, who sincerely try to be better people about race and ethnicity issues, but still have lingering racist thoughts and feelings deep down, and still can sorta see the value in those thoughts, on their bad days. That is why I put my estimate up at 33%. And I really could be low balling it, I am just guessing based on stats I have seen for not only racist issue polling, but all sorts of racial/ethnic polling. I believe much more racist, anti ethnic group prejudice goes on below the surface, than above it. This piece fleshes out a variation on that theory.
Racism Without Racists.

But anyway . . . I do not want to see that happen. I do not want to see a 21st century repeat of what life was like here in America, back when I was born, in 1962.

Hell. We already had one member of the Racist Contingent mob shouting in favor of murder at a "Maverick" rally. And ya know they were not calling for the murder of either of the Mavericks.

Good Lord. The chickens could very well be coming home to roost, in America. And I fear they are carrying a contagion far worse than Avian Flu.

Now that doom could be averted if "Team Maverick" would swear off any thing minimally racially tinged, and quickly and harshly condemn anyone on the Right who does that between now and election day.

As if that is going to happen. Fuckit. I think I need to go and price some Kevlar Body Armor. I might need it, before the next 28 days are past.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

That Horrid Woman is Not Only Horrid, But I am Convinced, She is CRAZY!

I missed some stuff, debate night, as I was paying attention to some live commenting on the net, as well as paying attention to the debate. So my eyes were not on the tv screen all that much, and I think I only saw the one wink. But now I have seen the wink loop.

She is crazy. Either that is some bizarre tick or she believed she was being cute and failed at it. And I do not believe it was a tick. She thought that would be cute and ya know? For a wink to be cute, not only need it be a signal of some sort of personal (don't take me too literally, as people can try for personal to a larger audience and succeed) 'Just between you an me' signal, and it needs to be properly timed.

She failed at both, mostly on the timing. She comes across on the wink loop vid like the person who is telling bombing jokes and does not get it, that the jokes are bombing.

The Horrid Woman is not right in the head. I am not saying she is going to go out and plow sand (but I doubt she understands the reference, the rube.) Rather, she reminds me of the kind of people who believe deeply in magic, and their own specialness. You know what I mean? I don't even mean your garden variety right wing christian exceptionalist. I mean the kind of yumpy Froot Loop who believes not only are they totally special to God, but are on a Mission From God, and likely got some Special Powers from God, even if only God's Special Protection, as they are God's Special Chosen One.

Freaking crazy shit, that.

Oh. Wait. Didn't she use that phrase about American Exceptionalism. Yup. Not that I am denying that America has it's unique position in the world, someone spouting the exceptionalism shit, after the past two weeks where the greed of the American Finance System nearly tanked the rest of the Global Economy?

That is out of touch, crazy lady; that is delusionalism, if you meant it. And I suspect you meant that.


Since I am back on the topic of That Horrid Woman.

It is one thing for McCain to pick her; that is his decision and for better or worse, he has to own it (or kick her ass off the ticket fast, as the going viciously thug-toilet-negative is not going to give him the bounce he needs to remain or regain competitive status.)

And it is another thing for the Crazy Horrid Woman to accept. I mean have you missed every thing I have said about her? Well?

But the people who are making me increasingly agitated are The Apologists.

This as follows is supposed to be the short version. Now I have to guess there are some people who genuinely think it is a swell idea (Yew betcha) for the next VEEP to have the same sort of persona and personality, and mannerisms, and diction, and lack of sophistication or depth of intellect as the wacky, night shift waitress at the local Denny's/IHOP/SHONEY'S, whatever, who is mugging for a bigger tip.

Not me.

I want the next VEEP to be more like my more accomplished and reputable and intellectual college and law school professors. Call me "ELITE" but I like my medical professionals to be experts at their medical fields, I want my auto mechanic to be an expert auto mechanic, and I want my senior government officials to be experts in government and governance, and the issues that we can well expect them to have to deal with from day one, till the end of their term.

I know. I am weird. Where do I get off criticizing fans of the Horrid Crazy Woman? Now they are just picking the person who more resembles them. I guess that someone could accuse me of the same thing, me being a graduate of of N'ern N'England Pubic Ivy University, and a private N'Eastern Law School (where I got to hear Sen. Biden speak, 20 years ago. He has mellowed a lot, seem to me.)

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Let's Take a Break From Politics. Introducing the Guitar Made For 12 Year Old Girls -- The Hello Kitty Strat.

I heard about these guitars about a year and a half ago, or so. I saw one in the Sam Ash store on 48th, in Manhattan, then, at least. Looked like a piece of crap guitar, made with a 12 year old girl's tastes, in mind. Now before I say something like it so shreds, or it is crap, I did see a review last night saying it was crap. Then again, lots of the low end Fender (Squire) axes come out of the box not very playable. And the hardware is not all that good. And the secret to helping keep a cheaper guitar in tune, is making sure you have three wraps around the peg.

Anyway. As of last night I learned by accident of the Hello Kitty Strat Sub Culture. This is a subculture of often pretty decent players who will pick up one of these cheap and really ghey looking guitars, and make some real hot music with them.

Sure, I mean, if you take some guy who actually knows how to shred, and give him a cheapo guitar, and he hooks it up to some good amp, Fx, and pedals, and you can get some groovy tunes.

So here goes. Your Hello Kitty Strat shred. Enjoy.

Friday, October 03, 2008

If I Ever Need Someone to Spew Whopping Streams of Bullshit on My Behalf, I want Susan Molinari.

She gets the award (so far, based on my consumption of media) for sincere delivery of an English Ton of Bull, on behalf of That Horrid Palin Woman.

Now most republicans are thugish and contemptuous in their delivery. They telegraph the fact that they do not respect the native intelligence of the audience, nor the truth.

But my girl Susan?

Here is the stinky bullshit line.

"How many people in this city can hold their own in a debate against Joe Biden?"

Um, Mon Chere? that is the point. If all you can do is not end up as a grease stain, particularly when Joe Biden is holding back on account of the not wanting to beat up on a girl thing, and all you can do is not get murdered?

That means you lost the debate, and should go back to the minor league.

I mean, did anyone hold Hillary to such a low standard?

If you need the low standard, you don't belong in the big game.

Hillary, love her or hate her, is a big game player. That Horrid Palin Woman? Not only not so much, but apparently according to herself, her running mate, and the campaign staff and surrogates? She is way outta her league.

You betcha (*wink*)

And I say again. I really can not stand the "Crazy Lady," act. Puts me in mind of those ladies who hang out in the parks, feeding the flying rodents (aka pigeons), and talking to them in some crazylady unmusical, unreal voice.




The pundits and commentators say, and I agree, that McCain is going total toilet, full-on Thug Douche Bag, from here on in.

We are going to to see despicable, horrible, nasty, foul campaigning from the republicans on a scale that likely has not happened in the country for over 100 years.

Ya'll ain't seen nothing yet.

My prediction? How bad is it going to be?

It is going to be so bad that we will not merely see Karl Rove make some sharp, but measured and bipartisan criticism of Team McCain.

We could very well see Turdblossom himself projectile vomit at the rank pestilence of McCain's tactics.

Well ok. Not that extreme, but I would not be surprised to see Turdblossom say something like,
"Shit that is so low I would not even go there."

Remember kids, the general stuff you can get anywhere, but that last nugget? Ya heard it from me!

Under International Boxing Rules, as Well as Debate Rules, the Winner is . . .Biden!

No doubt. Not by a knock out, and not even by wearing the opponent down, but just by skill, a solid win. You could even say That Horrid Woman never laid a glove on him, but if you think that is a metaphor too far, then forget it. Bygones.

That is the summary, under boxing rules.

Now under debate rules? Telling the judges you are not going to play by the rules? Not good, that. That will earn you a loss, and if there were real debate judges there, she would have lost as soon as she opened her mouth and let the words fly. I will not even bother to snag and post the actual quote, but the "Straight Talk" translation is as follows:

"Rules? We don't need no stinking rules."

Well I guess she might have done that (a) to provide some anticipatory cover for her really bad habit of getting flustered, and completely avoiding questions she is unprepared for, and (b) thinking it would endear her to Joe and Jane Six pack . . . as if she needed to shore up her numbers in rural areas?

And while I am on the topic of rural stuff? That voice? Like we say here in elitist New Jersey, "Ehy . . . whatta fugazy." That translates to fake. I watched some of the vids of her previous debates, back when she was trying hard for looking and sounding serious, and there was way less of the fluctuations in tonality, or as I think of it, the crazy lady act, never mind the corn-pone babble, the "You betchas," and all the rest of that shit.

I do understand that some people will gobble up that shit, bowl after bowl. Then again, there were millions of Americans who paid cash money to see Pauley Shore movies. My point? In a nationwide, televised debate, it is a gross mistake to over do the,"I'm a hick, just like you guys," stuff, particularly when the evidence that counters that "image" is easily found on You Tube.

Beyond that? Ok. Now she did not totally go yumpy at any point, but there were two or three times she got damn close. More than once she transitioned (inelegantly) to energy when that was not at all the topic. She repeated that lie equating 'fundamentals of the economy' with the American Worker (and since the Wall Street/Finance Sector bailout, er, I mean rescue is not a done deal, mentioning that line was a point deduction. I mean really?) Oh, she told that other lie about McCain suspending his campaign. That is grounds for deduction also.

Her "White Flag," line flopped (When will these republicans learn that the only people who find their lame-assed, terrible jokes as funny, are other republicans?) Her defense of the McCain Health Care Plan was so terrible, that she set up Biden for the spike (mixing metaphors, sorry. Er. I have done that before, I confess.) Using the phrase "Surge Strategy" with the phrase "in Afghanistan" was bad enough. But screwing up on the name of the Commander? HEY LADY! That is the kind of embarrassment you should expect when you either bullshit, or are talking about things you really do not understand and/or know.

And at the end? The way both of them handled the last question about weaknesses, clearly demonstrated her weakness as a national stage debater and candidate. She totally punted on the question (and she punted the ball away so many times I lost count) and just went into babble mode.

But Biden? Biden at least repeated and acknowledged the weakness Ms. Ifill mentioned in the question, transitioned from that stated weakness to what he considered a strength that has been mislabeled as weakness (as he said, his passion), and then he took the conversation to where he wanted to.

Biden; knows how to play the game. That Horrid Woman? Not so much.

One last point. I have to wonder if the McCain Camp is monitoring my blog (not really, but work with me here, for the joke.) Her hair was, for lack of a better way of saying it, contemporary, and the suit was a real professional suit. I almost was going to qualify that some, but no. I will give the Horrid Woman and her stylist the point, clean and whole, with out reservation.

See. I can be objective.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

McCain Looks Like He'll Be Needing a Game-Changing Stunt, Soon . . . .

As his Captain Economy act flopped.

Looks like the Thrilla in St. Louis is going to happen, but at this point it is still hours away. 11 or so? She can still "Call in Sick," or get called back to Alaska to personally manage some moose migration crisis.

Granted, I still am leery of making any solid predictions, so I am just spinning scenarios here. As said in the title line, McCain really need a new stunt. Not only his, but Palin's poll numbers are behaving like Canadian Geese, heading south for the winter. So is the debate going to be enough of a game changer? Could that Horrid Woman do that well that she bounces, and brings the ticket up? Not likely. Depending on who's expectation estimate you are going off of, she may meet or exceed. But a clear domination? I don't think so.

But what does a decent performance provide for McCain. A decent performance makes her dismissal from the ticket, and the covering lie for it, more likely than if she tanks.

Stay with me here. If that Horrid Woman tanks badly, no one will believe McCain's reason unless he admits it was not working out as well as he hoped, some sort of honest statement. Granted, the lies from the McCain camp have gone past Rovian, and now resemble John Lovitz' Pathological Liar, but still. If they want to change the game they should not do something that really is going to make them look worse.

But if she does ok? It looks less like she is being sacrificed. And to echo that NYT blogger, she is being sacrificed already; most folk have not figured that out yet.

But anyway, I am not predicting, I am just using my analytical imagination here.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Telegraph Much?

I just heard on the TV that the McCain campaign has released a pre Veep Debate statement basically accusing Sen. Biden of being, "Empty Rhetoric." Some weird thing, it was quite thuggish punkish stuff.

In any event, Telegraph Much? Is this how that Horrid Palin woman is going to play it, Thursday? Is she going thug, hoping to get under Biden's skin, and spark some juicy gotcha moment?

If that is the plan, how cynical. No. How desperately sleazy.

And ya know, that no matter how gentlemanly Biden is, no matter how good he is at refusing to take the bait, they will accuse him of picking on the little girl. Bastids.

Oh and those thugs are at it again, going after Gwen Ifill?

Disgusting thugs; no stunt is too low for these bastids.
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