Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Anti Elitists are the Worst Kind of Elitists!

 I have been saying that for decades.  And yesterday I was watching something where an alleged "left" writer went on, and on, and tiresomely on about being some kind of populist, and shit talking the elites, of which she resembles more than a fishmonger's wife. I believe she has some idiotic book out now where that is what she does.  She goes after "woke" media, and other fairy tale bogey men.

Now I have my biases.  High on that list is to just write off as a fucking moron, anyone who spends time combating 'wokeness." It is the tell of a moron to even use that word with out it being either in a quote, or used less than seriously, like as a sarcastic remark.  Such shit. But there was more self important stupidity to be had here.  Her assertion of being a populist. 

Ya know.  When you adopt the same-ish title and identity as Steve Bannon, you are not doing yourself any favors.  But specifically regarding populism as an idea? It's pretty strictly infantile as far as a way of viewing and being in the world.  I confess, I was attracted to it once. Back when I was a pre pubescent child.  I outgrew sucking my thumb, and that shit too!

And I have to go to the title topic.  Few people are as elitist  (and as well, tiresome) as the anti elitists.  Or the way I say it, people who call themselves anti elitist tend to think very. very highly of themselves.  How fucking stupid must someone be not to see it is a trap? It's like going to the idea store and asking for an idea that merely by utterance, will show all the world how much of a fucking hypocrite you are.

And I am sure I have said this shit before.  And I am sure I explored related ideas very recently.  Why do people keep doing and saying the same fucking stupid shit? I know!    

Dunning-Kruger effect

is the correct answer on the test.  But it is such an unsatisfying answer.  And  I know Professor Dunning has some vids up there on You tube.  And he may have addressed this in the past.  But do we need a new variant of the term for overeducated people who still fall into the literally ignorant idiot's kind of mental trap?

Lastly, as often is the case.  I did not find an image that perfectly matched my mind.  This will have to do.

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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Carl Sagan Predicted The Mess 2021 Would Be 25 years Ago

Speaking of Charlatans, Fugazys . . .

 And other poseurs and hacks.  Gilderoy Lockhart.  From Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  It's the 20th anniversary of the first movie, and I am re watching them in order.  I would love to believe all self made literary heroes but real world humbugs end up as exposed for the frauds they are as befalls Lockhart.  But real live isn't scripted.  And there is no shortage of simple folk who can't tell a two dollar bill from a three dollar bill.

I am thinking about the Family Guy episode

 Where they parody the bag in the wind scene from American Beauty.  To put this in context.  And it has been years since I saw the parody or original.  In the original some angsty teen with a video cam shoots some plast bag being tossed around by the wind.  But there is some tiresome, self important voice over.  

In the parody, the voice over morphs into a true, objective observation.  It's just a bag!

Now I have been talking trash about self important, pseudo thinkers lately.  And I am getting better at keeping some on mute.  But I was at that blogger's blog.  I won't name names.  And she is sort of the Seinfeldian stinky thing.

I ought to explain the context of that too.  Likely, the only cold open from the Seinfeld show I remember is the one where he talks about how when people find something really stinky they say something like:

It's really stinky.  Come, smell it.

And that blog is the stinky thing I keep checking to confirm how stinky it really is.

Now I am prone to some on the fly musings.  But often, usually at least,  there is a thesis.  And I try to book end shit when it's appropriate.  Now if the idea behind that parody I was talking about was don't take yourself too seriously . . . You ain't all that smart?  I guess that is what I was thinking about after skimming that blog, before.

Lack of self awareness is a terrible thing.  Did na Robbie Burns say something about that back in the day?

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Sometimes Shit Is This Basic and Easy, People!

 "As American policies on CRT education in schools shows, the problem has become showing how racism operates instead of racism itself. Mainstream society becomes fearful that people will be able to articulate the ways in which systemic discrimination operates and as a result demand that we do better." 

Critical race theory: ‘Diversity’ is not the solution, dismantling white supremacy is

Or, as I just said myself on my FB wall:

"I agree with Ibram X. Kendi, mainly because I had the same thought 40 years ago, and it was not a new idea back then, that in the end it will take a societal commitment to embrace anti racism in order to really complete the dismantling of the white supremacism state. (And if you don't agree you clearly do not know shit about the subject. So shut up!)"

 I should not be surprised at the backlash, at the timing of the white supremacist racist Republican hordes, to fight and die now, on this hill.  I saw it coming.  I did not really expect that "CRT" would be the way they describe the fight.  And I suspect if there is a real race war in America it is going to get real bad real fast for black and brown folk (never mind the result in the Georgia lynching case.)  And I need to have an escape plan.

I have long known the demographic shift was going to anger a lot of poor whites.  I really did not think this badly  (and likely to get worse.)  However, I have marched myself, the path of Pickett's charge.  And when I did, I have to at least acknowledge the dedication of those poor white who marched through long range artillery, then short range artillery, then rifle fire from fairly well shielded positions, getting slaughtered over some vague notion about "they raights."

I really am not anticipating a second civil war on a grand scale.  But we already live in America!  Land of Mass Shootings and Mass Murder!  And that shit can get worse, and I mean more common, fucking quickly.

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Monday, November 22, 2021

Why are Smart People So Dumb?

First things first!  Leave Neil alone!   But honestly, I don't specifically pay attention to his twitter feed.  As I don't, anyone's.

I have been bemoaning the bullshit though leaders  as a pox on society, for some time now.  But that is directly related to my bias that people are lazy and stupid. 

Lastly.  Love the Upton Sinclair quote.  It better explains the gross error of the comparatively speaking, broke assed bitches who vote GOP than any other bit I have heard, seen.  And for the record.  If you are not in the top 5% you are still broke assed.  If you do not have "private banking" services for assets well above the FDIC individual depositor insured amount? You  broke assed.  

Anyway, the quote:

 “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” 

Friday, November 19, 2021

You Don't Need a PhD in Something, to Understand This Anti CRT/Wokeness Bullshit


White people who think they are special because of whiteness knows that is a crock of shit.  But that is how America was founded.  On top of a big, fat racist lie.  That is the real origin story, Not the myth.  

And they are frightened about the prospect of the the remaining social status enhancement of being white in America, to be forever revoked.

Sometimes shit is really that simple.  Don't pay attention to what people say.  Just apply Occam's Razor, and the answer will be apparent.  Lots of people will hold on to ill gotten gains  and undeserved property with all the tenacity of people who have earned, it, busted their asses for it.  And even bled for it.  Think of all the fiction based on gangsters and crooks.  Then think of what we really know  about rea gangsters and crooks.  Yeah.  People really are that basic, and selfish, and greedy.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pseudo Intellectuals, Gaslighters, and Other Common Toxic Scum.

 So I caught some of Andrew Sullivan's "60 Minutes," piece. I stand by my general opinion of him.  He is the most over educated moron I know of.  Even if he likely isn't.  Short version of it is he, like so many conservatives/republicans, believe in a mythology.  Well several, actually.  But they overlap like some Venn diagram of mental disease, disorder, dysfunction, and delusion.  

Lately, Sully has been getting press for being part of the anti 1619/CRT/Black people/factual and objective reality crew.  And I think he is part of the anti cancel culture crew too.  Like I said, Venn diagram.  Let me take another look at his "creds."  How can a bitch earn a PhD in Government at Harvard, and pretend to deny that the American nation was created by a group of wealthy elites who above all else, established a government to protect their wealthy elite class and interests?  And further and relatedly, that the legal system, not only is a system, but one that was designed to protect their wealthy elite class and interests?  And that given that the fledgling nation's total economy was greatly dependent on race based slavery, and required an invention of this thing called whiteness, in order to make the whole terrible thing work? Harvard should rescind his degrees.  It is one thing to graduate Harvard and join up with the forces of evil.  And by that I mean conservatives/republicans.  But it is another thing to run around saying shit that clearly ain't true, and furthermore clearly is in opposition to the core facts of his degree subjects and disciplines.  So fuck him.  Pseudo intellectual.

Next on the shade list is the NY Post's Miranda Divine.  Yesterday, or recently at least, she argued that Joy Reid is both a racist and sociopath for not believing murder boy Rittenhouse's teary performance was anything more than a performance.  And by extension, every white person also not convinced of his sincerity is a sociopath.  According to her.  Listen up lady.  Not having any sympathy for one specific person is not within the definition of sociopathy.  And every time a not white person references that a white person is white is not within the definition of racism!  Gaslighter!

And for other common toxic scum, let's mention dirtbag, traitor, convicted but pardoned con man, Steve Bannon. Throwing a fit outside of the court house after your first appearance on your brand new Federal crimes was not a good idea.  If you had a better lawyer, he would have told you to stifle it.  But that scumbag was spewing such bullshit himself that it is clear that being prudent was not his game plan, either.  Toxic scum!

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

Slavery Isn't the Original Sin. Whiteness is.


Slavery is older than dirt.  But the cynical version of it practiced in the new world was something new.  It became about the lie of racial superiority of white people.

And even if we got rid of legal slavery, and the idea of institutional racism as a structure most white people believe in? There are still tens of millions of white people who cherish and value their whiteness as one of their most prized possession.  It is viewed as a birthright.  It is an identity.  It is a real or imagined status.  And that last part is what the fuss and the fight is over.  Not fucking 'wokeness.'  And not 'cancel culture.'  And not CRT.  The devils among us are not trying to defeat an academic movement.  They are trying to preserve an unearned and baseless status of racial superiority.  You fucking morons.

Speaking of fucking morons.  The people out there spewing nonsense like claiming that opposition to white on not white racism is going to lead to white identity politics?  Negroes please!  The motherfucking nation was founded as a white identity nation.  Don't you know anything about the national history?

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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Talk is Overrated. Arguments Are Inherently Bullshit.


This will be a mostly, on the fly mash up of various ideas crawling around my pretty brain.  

The interwebnetubes is itself not toxic.  The people spewing their bullshit there is the actual source of harm.  For example, the dumpster itself is not a source of disease.  It came off the line from the factory pretty clean.  It is the decomposing organic matter dumped in it, that is the actual carrier of the bacteria. And it is the bacteria that will make you sick.

Talk is indeed overrated. I think of my (in my mind at least) fight with the 'more speech' crowd and think they are fucking out of their infantile minds.  Have you been paying attention to most people, and the shit they think and say?  And go back to what I just said about the real source of disease on the interwebnetubes.  It's the people, not hardware and software!

Before I go down that road, hats off again to Harry Frankfort for his "On Bullshit," booklet.  More people need to read that.  Because if the world had too much bullshit when his booklet was published, there is a great deal more, now. Seems.  I am not sure if there was ever a time when people were better at detecting and discarding bullshit.  But it seems to me, that people are too used to it.  And that means they really don't care if it's bullshit.  Bullshit wins!  

There are so few intellectuals these days.  I am sure of that.  Sadly, thanks to how people are too used to bullshit, and that they really don't care if it's bullshit?  We are now suffering a plague of pseudo intellectuals, of posers, of fake though leaders out there, monetizing their bullshit.  Not that there is anything new about the attempt and or success at monetizing bullshit.  But the interwebnetubes makes it easier to try, if not succeed at that bullshit publishing bullshit, bullshit.  (I went a little repetitive there. Works for me.)

Actually, I got to a good place to end, in fewer keystrokes as I expected.  My pretty brain has not been too damaged by the avalanche of bullshit.  Yet.

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Friday, November 12, 2021

Nope. Not Gonna Try To Listen to Loury's Speech.

Firstly, listening to only one person talk?  I am a really hard grader.  If I don't like the voice a lot, I am more likely to stop. And if I also don't like the message?  I got better shit to do than hurt my pretty brain that way.  And both Loury and McWhorter are on provisional mute for me.  Mainly on account of that whole hurts my pretty brain, part.

Both "black guys on Bloggingheads" keep on repeating, over and over, words that convey the idea, directly or indirectly, that these two (may I use the moronic term McWhorter uses in his book?)  "elect," Ivy League professors, who are living so far up the pyramid, they are living better than 80% of the population, have what I call "buy in," to the abstract idea of America, and the very comfortable version of it they live in.  I repeat.  Better than at least 80% of the country;  not just the Blacks and browns.

Acknowledging my unfairness in going off on him with out listening to his speech, but at least I know his act.  And that is, as a sort of post modern Il Dottore, of Commedia dell'Arte fame, be the voice of the establishment, and try to get the rest of us to support the powers that be, and the social order as it is. You all know  that it is not so much that I believe all of it has to be burned down, literally.  But I am not invested in the current social order.  Tear that shit down!  And that is what is so fucking tiresome about Loury, and most well fed conservatives.  They exist to conserve the current social order.  Tiresomeness at its most damaging, to the rest of us.

But if I could speak directly to him I would ask,"Do you really think that telling the vast majority of Black and brown people who have little to no buy in, that they should buy in to the American myth, has a chance of  accomplishing anything?  Negro please!"

So I am going to have to pass on the speech.  But as my Commedia dell'Arte reference belies.  I have a perfectly adequate education. I am well versed in the features and components of Western Culture;  more so than most as I have an earned BA in Theatre, and we have to learn all that shit!  Conservatives tend to blur the line between culture and nation.  I assume he does that in his speech, as he has done so in the past. I think that is one of the many perception errors  conservatives make.  But they are the morons who keep fighting  this thing they call the culture war.  Granted.  There is a stream, a subset of American radicalism that is anti Western Canon.  But that is a noisy, pesky few.  It is not mainstream liberal orthodoxy.

I am happy to report that I like my European culture.  Shit, just this past Saturday I was at the Metropolitan Opera House watching Turanadot.  It was sublime. But buying into the culture of the culture, is not the same as buying into the social order.  I still want to tear down the toxic, corrosive, exploitative social order.  But leave the opera house.  Oh, and give nice, fat, dollar for dollar matching tax breaks that match contributions to keep the opera houses and such other high culture institutions up and running!

Anyway.  Assume that this is less of a crabby slam against Loury, than it is about . . . the need to fight the current social order.  And that means I take the occasional swipe at people who defend the social order.  Conservatism is the enemy of progress.  Conservatism is less of a philosophy than it is a system that seeks to protect the few at the top, and exploit the rest of us. If someone is selling that shit, I ain't buying. Even if I will gladly go to the opera and hang out with the mink coat ladies.  

Oh. And the American dream has been a myth for most Americans for most of the nation's history.  Please stop selling that shit!  Sure.  People need to make decisions, and hopefully they will turn out to be wise enough decisions.  But for most of America, since a bunch of slave owning land owning elects broke away from the British?  They set up a system that deliberately favored the haves over the have nots.  Let us never forget that. 

I'm done with my radical writing for the day, here at least, I suppose.  Oh. To explain, the image shows the topical break down of Loury's speech.   I don't think I will ever get to listening to it, even in chunks.  Too much hurts my pretty brain shit, I can easily tell.


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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Why you think you're right -- even if you're wrong | Julia Galef

Call this a rare attempt to take a shot at un named anti anti racist, white supremacists and their enables without a  cussing fit  or calling them bad words.

Fuck Each and Every Last of You White Supramacy Enabling Anti Anti Racist Motherfuckers, Part Deux!

 A new Monmouth University poll looked into questions surrounding race and education in the U.S. and found that while a vast majority of Americans approve of teaching “the history of racism” in public schools (75 percent), only a slim majority of self-identified Republicans do (54 percent).

White Fragility.

I am linking that part, but expect to just rip the rest.  I heard somewhere that specifically there was more excitement over CRT in VA school districts where there has been more of an increase in  not white students, recently.  So, White Fragility.

At this one website where they have a sub domain to track CRT, I recently noticed  the phrase "Forms of CRT."  I guess that is acknowledgement of their bullshit.  But wait.  There's more.  Here is a quote by the racist motherfucker who runs the site: 

" The principles of CRT, primarily the focus on race and skin color as the decisive and pervasive features of society, increasingly pervade K-12,” Jacobson said…."

More White Fragility.  No, you dirtbag, wanna be white supremacist. CRT is not some "thing" that is meant to focus on race and skin color.  You either insanely idiotically, or deliberately dishonest fuck.  CRT isn't the phenomenon.  It is the person saying, "You see that shit over there?  That shit over there is that shit over there.  Look at that shit." 

It is not the thing itself.  It is people looking at the shit that is there already, and calling it out for the racist bullshit it plainly, already is.

But I could go longer and longer.  But I got shit to do.  But like I heard Attorney Chang say last night during the Derrick Bell lecture.  Yes.  Derrick Bell's original writings on the permanence of racism in America presents  a dark (pun not intended) view.  But there is room for hope.  

And back to my own output.  It is disturbingly funny how some of the very people who devote large amounts of time to disprove CRT  actually just prove that Professor Bell got it right. Fuck people's guns. These bitches intend to die bitterly clinging to their real or in the case of white boy wannabes, imagined white privilege.  They are not giving up!  No way, no how!

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The Full Jordan Peterson

 Lately, and specifically inspired by John McWhorter, I am getting obsessed with the idea of people who take themselves too seriously.  Yesterday, my thought was they take themselves too seriously to be taken seriously.  Not only is that a self own.  It is creating their very own, bespoke conundrum.

But I wanted more fun with the idea.  And I remembered the  attention whore who is is so repugnant, in an accidentally funny way, that he should be the poster child for taking oneself way the fuck too seriously, it's accidentally funny.  That would be Jordan Peterson.  If you don't know about him?  He is a self help author who had a pill addiction problem, perhaps a breakdown?  And quickly got back to writing a book telling other people how they should live their lives.

In any case, I now accuse McWhorter of going the full Jordan Peterson.  And shit.  I forget the context.  For a while people were using the phrase going full Depak Chopra to note when people were getting too new age, fringey cringey.

So credit given where due.  But I don't know which person started that.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Fuck Each and Every Last of You White Supramacy Enabling Anti Anti Racist Motherfuckers!


CRT. It ain't just about talking about black and brown folk getting screwed.

Today's Derrick Bell lecture was presented by a Korean born lawyer, who works for a civil rights center named for a born American, who was the famous named plaintiff in the famous Japanese detention case.

Racism is a function, directly, of the idea of whiteness, and the status associated with being white.  Anyone who doesn't get that, or denies it has no standing to even discuss such matters further.  

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Wise words from MLK.

 Kinda related to previous post.  The underlying issues of putting the needs of the community ahead of self?  Particularly that, and the bit about dangerous, stupid people.


If the election of Bozo in '16 was like Howard Beale from that movie "Network"

becoming POTUS.  What to make of Chauncey Gardner from "Being There?"  I won't name names, but I was once again thinking about a particular commenter/author.  And I was thinking (as I said in an earlier and recent post) how accidentally funny he is because he is so super duper serious, as he spews what actually is infantile bullshit.  So.  It makes sense.  My pretty brain remembered Chauncey.  

For those of you who do not remember either the movie or book, or just never heard of them?  The story concerns a simpleton, an illiterate gardner who spends his life until middle age so sheltered that all he knows about is how to care for a garden, and whatever he has seen of the world, on the TV.  (There is some point to be made about how it is now the interwebtubes that shapes so much of too many people's dystopian delusional reality.  I might get there.  I am just going semi stream of conscious here.)  He ends up homeless after his guardian dies, and through some bizzare series of contrivances, ends up hobnobbing with the D.C. power elite.  And the running gag is that Chauncey doesn't know shit about anything but for gardening.  And in just about most conversations, eloquently dispensenses gardening chat. But the fun part is the D.C. elite, including then POTUS think he is some kind of genius philosopher making all these metaphoric pronouncements.  

In that fictional world, bitches were that stupid.  And in our actual world, bitches be that stupid too.  Too many bitches be stupid.  Now, the difference between the people dispensing infantile bullshit. in the world these days, and Chauncey?  Well he was on moron auto pilot.  There was no contrivance.  There was no monetization.  Man loved to watch TV.  Never claimed to be more than the humble village idiot he was.  But other people used him as a sort of blank slate they could project their own neurotic ideas and hopes and dreams on.  

The cancer of the current age is the proliferation of professional and monetized gurus.  Not that that is a new form of cancer.  Only thing new in the world is the interwebtubes.  Self appointed gurus can attempt to go viral and have their shit widely viewed and or otherwise consumed.  But the game is still the game.

Now Chauncey is blameless.  He wasn't out there selling shit.  He wasn't trying to get people to admire him, and give him prestige and power.  But our current cancer of self appointed gurus?  Well, I don't mean to digress, but there are some actual thought leaders out there.  I am not talking about them.  Although there are precious few actual intellectuals out there.  But there are so many self appointed gurus.  And some even have the right kind of credentials, and the right kind of education to know better.  They should know that spewing their opinions about shit with little to no more support than . . . well that is my opinion and I think I am right, is really an act of intellectual dishonesty.  But hey.  For some people it's all about the likes, and the patreon patrons, and the book sales. 

Speaking of movies, I will rewrite that line from "Goodfellas."  The line was, "Working is for suckers."  My rewrite is, "Intellectual honesty is for suckers."

I can ride some bitches hard.  But truth be told.  For decades I really have wanted there to be a more clearly defined wall between so called opinion journalism and the real stuff.  And I know that people who write non fiction books  are under no actual obligation to tell the truth and not tell bullshit or lies, like we lawyers are obliged.  But we have a nation (never mind world)  that is conditioned to not only respond to appealing but not necessarily valid opinions, but more is the harm, take it as valuable, convincing, as true.

And I hate that shit!

Ok.  I am running out of steam.  Until next time I feel up to typing.

Sunday, November 07, 2021

I am with AOC, in most nearly all things political. Told her that, basically, when I met her

 Before she was officially a congress critter.  But that was after she won that first primary.  In any case,  the real point here is.  I agree with her about people who use the word "woke."  

And I will go one step beyond.  

Serious people do not use the term "woke," other than facetiously, or quoted, all that.  So it is fair to not take seriously anyone who takes the word seriously, and more the point, themself serious while using that unserious word.  Well, it is not that the word is unserious.  The base of ideas they are resting on and building on, is infantile and witless.  Not serious, inherently.

Few things in the world are as accidentally funny as a self believing, super serious person, spewing infantile and witless drivel.  But there is money to be made doing it.  

I am not going to accuse John McWhorter of selling out. But I will say the obvious.  If you are getting money for what you are doing, you are doing it for money.  And if you are not getting paid?  You might was well be with the loney Black Israelites who preach, time to time, in Herald Sq., and other places where people go to spew infantile and witless drivel. 

I know I am getting harsh.  But the infantile and witless drivel is metastasizing across the land. And that isn't helping anyone but for white supremacists, and people who have monetized shit that helps white supremacists.

How did I say it the other day, following the victory of that white supremacist in the governor's race in VA?  I am not saying there will be a race war.  But I wouldn't be surprised if one starts.  And I know which side I will be on.  I will be fighting motherfucking white supremacists, not helping them!  Fuck that!

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Saturday, November 06, 2021

Everything Republicans believe is a totally bullshit, shit sandwich, of gaslit evil. (And corp money corrupts both parties.)

I have been saying all that this since I was a tween.  But this is a nice, easy to follow articulation of these and a few other, pretty much self-evident truths.

Is "Big Government" Really the Problem?


It's More Than Just Being Wrong, Sometimes.

I won't repeat the Facebook post these remarks build on.  Let's just say the idea was why it is a waste of time to argue with conservatives, as they are nearly always wrong about nearly everything.  But I will go one step beyond.  

The problem with conservatives is not merely being wrong about just about everything.  Their problem is that they believe in (or at least rely on) a false choice.  Specifically, that the only alternative to the current social order is total anarchy.  Or male dancing.  Some mother fucking major assed calamity of biblical proportions, at least.

They deny or can't conceive there could be a better mousetrap.  Now I did not expect the nuanced take in the toon I found for an illustration,  here.  But it is related to denial.  To be able to conceive a better mousetrap.  But not be willing to upset the current order because of self interest.  So let's accuse some conservatives of being that smart but shady, too.  While I am on the topic.

Friday, November 05, 2021

”Let’s Go Brandon” Explained & Joe Biden’s Failures: Week In Review | Th...

If I were not already madly in love with Amber, this bit about the moronic "Let's go Brandon," thing would seal the deal.  I recall  trying to explain to a GOP ex (as of a few months ago) friend that no.  Fuck no!  You don't owe politicians, even the current head of your party, loyalty.

You can easily guess why I cut the bitch lose.

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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Calling All White Supremacists!

 CRT for white supremacist GOPers who express fear and hate of it, is a Rorschach ink blot that can be seen any way their twisted, dysfunctional brains can imagine.  And they can dump all their anxiety, and fear, and inadequacy, and hate for anything not just like them in it.

This is not just a manufactured wedge culture war issue.  Just as the early meaning of a burning cross.  It is a calling of the Klan.  It is a beacon for the depraved and dangerous to join up and go to war against the other.

I ain't saying a race war is coming.  I won't rule it out though.

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

I Might be Basically Half White, But

 I am fucking glad I am not this white.

Ironically, I am in the middle of an American Masters episode on Rita Moreno.

There is them, white supremacists, and otherwise clueless white people, and us.

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Monday, November 01, 2021

Why Are Racists Afraid of Teaching Critical Race Theory? - Tha God’s Hon...

I am posting this with out watching even watching a minute of it as I am sure I am going to agree so much, I can be confident I will not regret it.

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