Thursday, September 30, 2021

If You Don't Know Why She Is a Black Icon

You don't know enough about blacks in America to be allowed to talk about us.

And even if you do and are not black?  You would be wise not to talk about blackness, or any black related issues.

I am trying to be helpful here!


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sometimes Institutional Racism Is This Subtle.

 The hair thing.  Why are not white people pressured  to make their hair look like white boy's and girl's hair?

Because white on not white racism.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

White Racists, and Not White Enablers Pedal This Black on Black Crime, Racist Bullshit.


Instead of going on a tear about how this kind of 'we white people get to set the narrative,' (proving their white entitlement, if not racism) bullshit. I will take a moment or two to repeat the real question.  And but first I will repeat the wrong question.

The question is not whether America is a racist nation?  The question is how can any country in the Americas not be racist?  If someone wants to figure out which Caribbean black and brown majority countries, with black and brown majority governments and power elites, and are actually functional, are actually less racist?  That means I am taking Haiti off the list.  Obviously!  Have at it.  It would be a better use of time than fucking white racists running around, or just blabbing on the Internet about the horrors of 'black on black crime.' And they might actually learn something beyond their so limited it is useless, understanding of black issues here in the Americas.  

Point is.  They are still contaminated somewhat, somehow, from white on not white racism.  but I have been to the Bahamas.  Seemed nice there.  Racially.  For a black or brown skinned person.  Wasn't there long. But I have to be clear here.  I wish I felt as 


in the USA as I did walking around in the Bahamas.  Granted.  I could literally disappear into the crowd in one of the larger cities in Brazil.  But Brazi has been getting more racist, so I have read, heard.  And that was before that Nazi became head of state.  

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Saturday, September 25, 2021

When Was The Last Time I Blanket Cussed Out


Every last motherfucking GOPer and/or Conservative?

I find it so easy to cuss all out because, either they believe in being awful to different people, for being different from them.  Or are too fucking tolerant, and when I say that I mean enabling of people who  believe in being awful to different people, for being different from them.

I and pretty much all Democrats/Liberals, in theory at minimum, believe in being accepting of all people, except those who believe in being awful to different people, for being different from them, or who enable that shit.  It really is that simple.  Sometimes shit really is that simple.  

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

It's Not Erasing History.

 But societies evolve.  And it seems we are at a point where the very idea of public monuments to actual or idealized human representation of people is waning.  I think it is a good kind of evolution.   Now some public art might be so special it all by itself may become a historical totem for society.  Most public statues of humans from history  don't rate that high.

I took that angle, instead of my expected and usual scorn for the racist adjacent or outright racists who defend statues honoring dead racists.  Sometime recently.  And I think it might have been a commenter on Ann Althouse's racist ranch, seemed to get the social evolution angle.  And did not like it one bit.  And the issue at issue was a sports team name change.  What he saw as a slippery slope to no longer naming teams after people was to my mind, progress.

But speaking of art.  Here is a huge human head sculpture that recently popped up in Jersey City.  Pretty cool stuff!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Just a Reminder . . .

If you are white, you are better off no talking about anything about being black.  Most of you will fuck shit up, by saying something the vast majority of black and or brown folk will consider insulting. The mere existence of a minority (pun intended) of black and or brown folk who won't, does not give you a pass.  Except for those confused black and or brown folk.  The vast majority of black and or brown folk will judge you and harshly, for the stupid shit you say about blackness, or any aspect of life for black and or brown folk.

Oh.  And the mere fact we do not call out each and every time?  Shit bitches.  Ain't enough time for that!  And we are exhausted by you all, too much of the time.

A White Woman Told Me She Doesn’t ‘Think Of’ Me As Black. Here’s How I Reacted.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Let Me Cuss Out Another Racist Adjacent Motherfucker (Just My Opinion.)


And the motherfucker is William A. Jacobson.  His fucked up blog is called "Legal Insurrection."  And he is one of those motherfuckers who runs around delusionally claiming or at least arguing that CRT, and anti racism are some sort of threat to the American Way of Life.  Which can only be a sincerely held belief if a motherfucker is either an actually white, actual white supremacist, or a not white enough to count person (like he is,) who is, for what ever fucked up reason or reasons, an ally to the actually white, actual white supremacists.

I have been monitoring his shitty blog for years and years.  Mainly because he is one of those actually, professionally, properly educated conservatives, who persists in being part of the forces of evil.  And he is less flat out, goat fucking insane than the really extreme right wingers.   And going back a year or so ago, he got obsessed with opposing  CRT.  And he started a second website devoted to tracking CRT like it is some kind viral threat.  (As a quick aside, motherfucker is a Securities Law professor.  I would argue that it would be a much better use of his time to concentrate on the need for greater enforcement of securities laws.  JMO.)

Anyway, I ran across this quote from one of his "interviews"  with another right wing organ. And this was under the heading on the main page:  

“When you shame white children, you’re actually also shaming black children”

The quote:

“because you’re sending a message to them that somehow in our society they start out less equal, that somehow in our society they don’t have a fair shot, that somehow in our society hard work and dedication is not going to pay off because there’s this systemically racist system that is putting them down…. Their fate in life is to be oppressed. I think that’s about as bad as you can get.”

Now he likely never will see this. But I will publish my response as if I were communicating directly to him, using something of a Katt Williams diction.  Here goes.

Motherfucker!  Motherfucker! Do I have your attention motherfucker?   Now listen up.  You likely have heard about "The Talk" black and brown parents and guardians have with their children on how to avoid being murdered by racist cops.  But there is the other talk.  The one my dad gave, many times.  The short version of that, is it is the, "Them white boys ain't any better than you,"  talk.    (I have already gone tired of the over use of "motherfucker."  I ill speak more plainly  here on and after. Maybe.)

Truth is, as I said a few blog posts back.  No black or brown person in America will be surprised to hear they are oppressed, in some way or another (although a few deny it.)  That is taught to us by our elders already.  And most of those elders also tell us to act accordingly.  That whole, "You gotta work harder to prove you are just as good," thing?  Yeah.  Nothing new about that.  And I find it even more revolting than it is mendaciously insane whenever anyone, be they actually white, or black or brown, or some other "less than actually white actually," status, argues like the idea of black and brown people being exploited or abused is going to be news to any black and brown person, and we need to be protected from that idea?  Fuck that, bitch!

I am not going to say that William A. Jacobson is dedicated to seeing the maximum amount of black and brown children fail in life.  I don't know his mind.  However, I do know for a fact that if you were to tell black and brown children that everything is fine here in America.  All the white people will and do think you are just as good and deserving of all the good things in life as their white children.  No extra effort is needed?  Then you are setting them up to fail.

We are far away from that version of America!

I repeat what I have had here on my blog as a general disclaimer, for years and years.  All original content is just my opinion.   And hardly anyone sees my shit.  Truth be told.

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

This is Why

 I rarely post anything outside of either my own FB wall, friendlies' walls, or here.  I have lately learned the truth of my, meaning all of our mortality.  I barely have any time to spare on reading idiots on line, never mind engaging with them.  

I did post something in a comment field for one of Loury's videos, last week.  And I did not even go after him for politics.  I just made a remark about form of argument.  I am a lawyer.  And not all lawyers get wound up over bad logic, form of argument.  But I was feeling it that day.  And like that post I made earlier today.   I am tired of cranks from the one cranky pants faction thinking they are any better than the other cranky pants faction, when they are all making the same errors of form in argument.



 You have a right to say what ever dumb assed, stupid shit you like.  And everyone else has a right to call it dumb assed and stupid.

Don't take it too personally, I suggest.  You really might be saying dumb assed, stupid shit.  You might be better off trying to be objective at analyzing what you think and say, than being butt sore.  Granted, some Republicans have made a career at that.  Just saying.  Lewis Black has too, but he gets a pass, as he is funny about it!

And now to mention the cranky dilemma.  If you decide you have a general right to be cranky, you are part of the problem, not the solution.  If you are cranky specifically against other cranky people who say things you disagree with, but not the cranky people who say things you agree with, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Does that apply to me too?  In theory.  But my aim is not always to advance my side.  Often it is to reduce the noise to level.    And sometimes it is to point out the hypocrisy.  For example.  The cranky guy who writes a cranky book, about those other cranky people.  How the fuck did he miss the ugly, brutal truth of his hypocrisy?  (But he is getting paid.  So there is that part.)

Anyway.  Peeps need to take shit less personally. That actually is one of my ongoing life challenges. Easier to do when I just pay less attention to aggravating things and people.

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Saturday, September 11, 2021

What Kind of Addled, Deranged, Diseased Mind

 Would even form the question Ann Althouse poses here?

I am still not calling her a racist herself, but . . . .

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Thursday, September 09, 2021

'Stupid sounding': Republican reacts to Trump's Robert E. Lee comment

A housekeeping note.  I am going to try to be less reactive to previously named podcasters and bloggers.  But in the case of the one blogger? I will still be monitoring her blog.  For my peace of mind, I am resolving to just take the looney things she says, time to time, as par for that looney tunes course.

Case in point.  She has some weird admiration for Bozo.  She likes to take his side, even if she did not vote for him, at least the first time.  She thinks the media is unfair to him.  Whatever.  But she analyzed his remarks about the take down of this racist traitor's statue, she had the deplorable audacity to compare that to when the Taliban blew up Buddahs.

Mind you.  This is an educated person, and retired Constitutional Law professor.  She is supposed to know the difference between religion and politics.  The former is considered sacred.  And the latter, profane, but at best some kind of necessary "evil."

And to make matters worse, she spun Bozo's remarks about the physical item as evidence of a (sophisticated?)  appreciation of art?

Shit. I don't have a fine arts degree, but I do have an arts based BA. And  that statue is not August Saint Gaudens quality.  It is at best a typical example of the craft and art.

And way to miss the obvious.  No matter how stoogish and witless Bozo's specific remarks about Granny Lee's vastly overrated skills as a battlefield commander.  The inclusion of that part is evidence that the remarks were not about art, but were about politics; his political present and future.

But she knows that.  I know she isn't a stupid person.  But I have accused her of trolling her own followers, before.  But hey. Doesn't Bozo do that himself?

Imitation/flattery.  All that stupid shit.

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Monday, September 06, 2021

"Fine. That's Not Scalable."

 Brilliant remark, about radical racist deprogramming, from Talia Lavin, an expert on white supremacist groups and culture here in "color blind" and "not as badly racist as it used to be,"  America.  I heard this in a chat she had recently with Briahna Joy Gray  on her Bad Faith YT channel.

As well as that is a brilliant stand alone, and capable of applying to many things and ideas, I point that like a loaded super soaker squirt gun at the plague on the nation that is the anti anti racists.  Talk about a group of people who need to be told their ideas are about as likely to do any good as crossing your fingers to cure cancer, or global warming.  Telling people that black and brown people do not need to be told they are being victimized is really, literally stooge level stupidity.  Stooge level, because the person being raped knows it and does not need to be told it.  Likewise people on the bad end of any kind of abuse (usually.  Let's leave Stockholm Syndrome for another day.)

Stop pretending that labeling theory applies here.  There.  Black and brown folk who live below the poverty line, and are still suffering racist bullshit  . . . wait, wait for it, fucking, motherfucking wait for it, don't need to be informed of that.  24/7/365?  Them brothers and sisters know that fucking shit already.

And motherfucking just stop with the re fried Booker T. Washington bullshit.  It is one thing to teach a person how to fish.  But to say to them, hey  you need to learn how to fish, and walk away from them?

Well that is no solution. You are not helping anyone.  Just fucking stop.  And if you really want to help, for starters,  fucking stop podcasting and go out and do some public service.  You don't have to do or stop doing shit because I say so.  But I am fucking right about this, and if you read this you are going to know  I am right.  The question is will you change your, even if not evil, definitely not at all helpful ways?

You might be thinking, hey.  Maybe I can figure out how to work that re fried Booker T. Washington,  self esteem building message and make it scalable?  Nah. Don't even think of it.  That is my point with the quote.  that shit is not scalable.  But if you insist, try and start a single charter school. Takes a good 10 or so years to figure out if you are doing  a good enough job.  Then go ahead and start another.  But you are not going to stumble on some magic formula that allows you to replicate that system city to city, and state to state, with predictable success.

That is what not scalable means!

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Sunday, September 05, 2021

Goddess please! Don't let me get that old!

 And I don't mean a certain number.  I mean, a way of looking at and being in the world.  My thoughts about Ann Althouse and her old fart kind of put down of the new Cinderella, hits on a theme that has been on my mind a lot lately.

People getting cranky, and crotchety, and yes, conservative.  One point of view says, that is natural.  I say fuck that.  I might love the music of my teens, twenties, and thirties best.  But I am loving Dua Lipa and yes Camila, to name a couple. 

 I try to keep up.  Who wants to be stuck in the past?  Conservatives.  Not necessarily about politics, but a lot of folk are intellectually lazy and just think old is better, as rule.  And that is why the political movement of conservatism is morally bankrupt.  That presumption is baseless.

When I see those things were better back in the day, memes, I quickly get to thinking.  Some, and by that I mean a lot of us, are lucky to be alive, with all the danger we lived with.  For starters, those of over a certain age remember a lot more people dying in car crashes, before they forced car makers to make them safer.  (My dad once had a Corvair!)

Anyway, years ago I read an article about the young fogeys.  Yes. Someone can be in their twenties and have instead of an old soul, an old, crochety disposition.  It is not about how many times you have gone around the sun.  It is how you  approach the world and being in it.  In other words, you don't have to love everything new.  But don't hate shit because it isn't old.  That is tiresome and lame.

J M O.


Saturday, September 04, 2021

Ann Althouse. I will be Quick, As She Just Got the Dress. And I Need to Get Back to the Show.

Your   "conservative" critique of Amazon's  updated "Cinderella? "  Way to miss the obvious!

You do an update of a prior piece to, wait for it, wait for it . . . . update it.  Ripping on it for introducing contemporary themes  like feminist self determination  goes against the idea of updating it.

Never mind the fact that Disney has been updating the damsel in distress, princess trope for decades.

Pocahontas.  No one's submissive.

Mulan, warrior princess.

Merida,  another warrior princess.

Tiana, from Princess and the Frog.  She wanted to run her own business?

Go ahead and continue to embarrass yourself.  We are watching.  I am not even going to get into the matter of how this new Ella  is sort of brown, played by a latina?  Ann.  You got issues with brown princesses?  Just asking! 

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For All You Ignorant, Racist Adjacent and Aiding, Idiotic Motherfuckers Who Deny Systemic Racism? And I Am Not Naming Names? This Instructive Lesson.

Heartbreaking Moment When Kids Learn About White Privilege | The School ...

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