Saturday, September 29, 2012

The GOP Must Be Destroyed. ASAP!

Watch It Here. 

Thom Hartmann explains why the GOP is the enemy of the American Dream.  Its it's murderer.

Nothing new here,  for people who know their asses from their elbows, and either are older than about 45 years, or a decent student of the past 70 years of American History.

And what about those people who are over 45 and still vote GOP?  No excuse for that people.  It's like voting for yourself to get run over with a truck instead of having a nice meal followed by an evening at the movies.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Althouse Makes Me Dizzy! Sometimes.

Ok.  She's on the right side of a race issue.



"Decent people whose rational minds would reject explicit racial material can be emotionally manipulated. They get their fears stirred up. If this is what Romney supporters think they need to do to get their man elected, I hope they fail. And, frankly, I think they will fail. If people in the middle — like me — get the impression that fear of black people is supposed to be the reason to vote for Romney, we're going to vote for Obama. That's the America I believe in. I think I'm right about that."
Bravo.  Well said. 

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Professor Racist Dickface at it Again.

I started off calling this repellent piece of excrement, some wingnut law professor.  But he got more vile in a short period of time, so I started calling him professor racist dickface.  His real name is  William A. Jacobson, and he has a hard on (metaphorically) for Elizabeth Warren.  Because he's a wingnut, dick face, douche.  And he has launched a crusade again her based on the dubious claim she's been practicing law with out a license.  What bullshit. Particularly as he is a law prof himself, he knows full and god damn well that profs get a explicit or sometimes implicit waiver to consult and even help out on briefs, while they are profs.   With out necessarily  being admitted to the bar of the state in question.  I think I learned that shit in the first year of law school if not earlier, watching "The Paper Chase" on TV, or something.

Go here for a story on another blog about his attacks.

Now why would a law prof do this?  Go all bat shit against custom and practice, beyond blind, douchy partisan hackery?  He's a wingnut law prof.  Most of the faculty  at his school not only likely despise him on account of his odious politics, but I would have to guess,  his stench-foul personality.  Same goes for the rest of the nationwide law faculty  congress.  Most think republicans  are the stinky shit in a fully used baby diaper.

So I am guessing. As that is all I can do.  And this is my guess and an opinion.  He had nothing to lose in going so ugly-stupid, bat shit nasty against one of his peers.  So there's not even the savings grace of any bravery here.  He's like  the most despised faculty member in the teacher's lounge.  Who farts sinkers, and steals other teachers lunches when he can get away with it.  Because they don't like him, so he's feeling entitled to be a little petty shit bag, in defiance of his being disliked for nothing more then being the shit of a creature he actually happens to be.

Again, just my opinion.  And I generally despise GOPers  so that's my bias at work, you may argue.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beyond Tone Deaf On Race.

Elderly law prof blogger Ann Althouse is at it again.  This time essentially arguing that if someone engages in racist behaviour, but the target of the racist attack is not (believed) a member of the naturally and logically  "offended" group, it's not racism.

Ordinarily, racist shit is patently offensive shit.  Doing racist shit to make the warped point that you do not think the person targeted for offense and attack is part of the group (believed) who has a right (so you argue) to be offended?  That's some majorly stupid shit.

But I am not going to go off on her.  Go here   for a story elsewhere, about this incredibly  stupid shit. 

For anyone else, this would be a new low.  For Althouse, it's just a new medium. 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Fucking Hate Fucking Republican Hypocrites.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Evil GOP

I stopped  watching and listening to vid about 3/4 in to post. I so LOVE LOVE  Chris Matthews for the point he makes about how people work hard and do not get rich.  And how if you drive around D.C. at 6:30 in the am you see people lining up at the bus stops.  Not to collect a welfare check but to go to work.
The GOP has become inhumane and evil.  And it must die.  Hopefully this election day it will die of it's own evil black heart.  And if that should come to past the whole planet will rejoice.  Picking on the people who do most of the working, and sweating, and toiling, and bleeding and dying in America?  If you actually believe that shit, you would have to be a fucking Nazi to be any more heartless.

Bill Maher/Chris Matthews on the Plutocrat Ticket/Ideology.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a culture war. The wing nuts got that tiny bit right. It's the lizards and psychopaths vs the mammals and humanitarians.

And the GOP are the lizards.

Romney and people like him are just plain despicable.

Remember this guy? The last big plan he had was a march for Poor People. They shot and killed him before he could.

Know about that other guy named Romney? No I am not going to say he wants to shoot poor people. But he ain't gonna march for you, care for you, treat you with the kind of respect a POTUS should. He says . ."That's Not His Job."

Now I am definitely NOT NOT trying to change any one's plan here, to vote for the guy who doesn't have any empathy for the poor. If that is who you are, that is who you are. But know this. You can't be both a supporter of MLK and Romney. Make your choice people, and stick with it.

Romney and people like him are just plain despicable.  Some wing nut is likely to see this.  And just not get it.  And that is why people like that need to at least shut the fuck up and not vote anymore, or leave the country.  Fucking sickening.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Motherfuckers Are That Ignorant.

Some Motherfuckers are upset that the piece of shit who created the vid that served as the match to the flame of the recent Mid East/Islam violence and shit, got picked up.  And questioned.

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, don't know jack shit.

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, don't seem to understand that when a motherfucker is on probation they don't have the full rights  of a citizen.

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, don't seem to understand that when a motherfucker is on probation they are still  "In The System."

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, don't seem to understand that when a motherfucker is on probation,  their parole officers don't need a good reason to use up the probationary's time  with questioning.

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, are that ignorant.

Some Motherfuckers, even being lawyers and law professors, are such dickless hacks that they will ignore some of the most basic facts about criminal conviction and the criminal justice system, in order to advance their idiotic  "Free Speech"  religion.

I have no use for religion at all.  None.  So I really do not like the idea of kowtowing to religious extremists.  But as a matter of practical reality, I am not willing to bet my life on that, every minute of every day.

Some motherfuckers  need to chill.  And shut the fuck up.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Almost Miss It . . .

That last message board I used to post on.  Even if  (or maybe because)  most of the other posters  despised me as much as I did them.  There is a certain freedom you can have with peeps who are not your friends by any stretch of the imagination.  You can rub their faces in certain shit.  You (I hope you) wouldn't rub your friends faces in certain social life successes. That would not be right.  But bragging about spending the night dancing with the prettiest lady in the room, is perfectly fine to do in front of people you don't like.  Because when they say you are lying about that, their petty meanness just makes the thing that much more pleasing.

So I almost sorta miss that place; beyond being a place to get my fight club on, and to clobber some racists,  I miss the bragging about when life is good. 

Ok.  I have that off my chest now.  Back to business as usual.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mia Love. Lying Assed Piece of Shit.

Either way you slice it.  No matter what the actual facts,  Mia Love is a lying assed  piece of garbage.  Said simply, the only way her parents could have immigrated here in the past 50 years with only $10.00 in their pockets  and not be sent right the hell back to Haiti was if they were given fugee  status.  Like some of the boat people.  Ya know what happened to the boat people?  They got here.  And they stepped on US Soil.  And immediately  the US Government started giving them stuff.  Way the hell  more than $10.00 of stuff on that first day.  

People like her who spin such bullshit stories make me  sick!

Friday, September 07, 2012

For Fuck's Sake. Rag Trade Edition!

That elderly blogger lady thinks she has an eye for fashion.

So she posts this story about  this shit thing that is supposed to be the closest thing to a male dress that is not a dress.  I hit the link.  And as a grandson of a Garment District  showroom seamstress, and a tailor,  and someone who at least did some work in the district myself I say fuck.  That shit was a dress.

Price was $890.00.  I could buy a whole fucking new wardrobe  in Gotham with that.  Never mind going out to the Syms warehouse  I once worked at, in Seacacus.  There I could buy 2 suits, a dinner jacket, if not a tux, and six shirts.  And still have enough left over to go to Lord and Taylor for four new ties, and have enough left over then, to pay for a cheap Gotham date.  And that means  blowing  a couple hundred on entertainment and dinner.  (FYI  good tix to the theatre, ballet, or opera will  set you back a couple hundred  at least.)  Shit.  I can save on the suits  by either going to Feline's,  down there on 14th street, or TJ Maxx, or any one of several disco men's suiting shops.  Leave myself money for more shirts, casual shoes, or better entertainment.

What the fuck ever.

Oddly enough  I started some temp gig today in Gotham  and had to dress  "corporate" for day one.  It's  a sometimes  tradition for term legal gigs.  I usually don't mind.  But even if Summer is over we have been having  harsh humidity in Gotham.  So I did not want to "suit up." But when I went out for my lunch break  and took a stroll up 6th Ave  I was feeling the Barney Vibe.  Suiting up feels good!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Shining City on a Hill. What Rank Bullshit!

I have been thinking of the phrase, as I saw some vid yesterday, of some tea bagger nutzo woman who was complaining about how P. Obama really doesn't love America.  Some lame, stupid, inarticulate shit.  One of the the things she said was that he was working against the idea that America  was  (should be) this shining city on a hill.  Crazy talk. 

Now I knew it was associated with Reagan.  And before that, it had some religious origin.  But I googled and apparently it's specifically  puritan.  And before that, has it's origin in the Bible.

So was her use of that in her critique of P. Obama  some christianist  dog whistle?

Beyond that. I don't get the metaphor, nationally.

We want the enormity of The Nation to be seen as a shiny city on the hill?

Doesn't work for me.  I know a metaphor when one bites me in the ass or pees on my leg and tells me it's raining.  But I don't get this one.  When I think of it.  But that is the hallmark of sophistry.  The cleverness in the message fails, as soon as you actually think of it.

But now that I am thinking about it.  Shining  . . . city.

Shiny  . . . thing.

Ohhhh! Shiny Thing!

I don't get it.  But I get why wing nuts and tea baggers like that shit.  It's all about the shiny thing.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Ann Althouse Thinks the Idea of Community is Creepy.

Or did she mean the lyrics to the song,"I'm Every Woman."  Go   here    for that insane, stupid shit.

Honestly,  I don't know what the fuck she is talking about here.  Fucking incoherent nonsense from the elderly law proff tonight.

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RNC Delegate ‘Highly Offended’ By ‘Mexican’ Employee Working Disney’s ‘America Pavilion’

GOP Racism Here.

I hope this fucking douche managed to hook up with the peanut throwers.  Again, this is not a surprise to me.  It's just GOPers being GOPers.

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Oh For Fuck's Sake, Althouse. Now She's Playing The Race Card Card, Herself.

As opposed to just merely  giving a pass to racist beliefs, thoughts, and deeds of the wing nuts.

Oddly enough, she does both at the same time here.  Not only does she, here, try to  . . . what is the word I am thinking of  . . .  mitigate the mostly utterly despicable record of the modern, current GOP on race by of all things . .  I repeat . . . by of all things, the tokenism on display in Tampa last week.  But she, with out the merest of a scintilla of probability for such, casts doubt on the peanut throwing incident, involving the black CNN camera person.

Go here   for that repulsive shit.

Never mind the tokenism for now.  It's the fact that Althouse is pulling a passive aggressive  Breitbart rape on the camerawoman, that is repulsive.  She has even less excuse for impugning that person's character  (since her statement about the incident is widely reported, and backed up by RNC officials) than Breitbart did, for attacking Shirley Sherrod.  Maybe Althouse  is operating under the same theory that Breitbart did.  I distinctly remember him admitting that the exact details around the Sherrod incident were not the point, as much as his desire to achieve a hack goal  --  in his case damaging  dems  however possible.  I think Althouse's twisted goal is to boost the image of the GOP regarding race, and as well engage in some push-back against those of us who are always  calling out those racist wing nuts when ever they give cause for that.   And in doing so she attacks the character of an innocent victim.  Of GOP whites  on black racism.  Disturbingly ironically.

Way to go, sport.

I honstly still do not think she herself is a racist.  Ignorant, as in mind blowingly (for someone where she is from, and what socioeconomic class and profession she is in, in America) ignorant about race.  Totally lacking the merest of a clue. 

Sht.  At least that  evil grinning idiot Newton knows he's doing the work of evil.  Like this Sunday, on MTP, where he got a pass on calling the VP of the US a racist.  Yes.  I have been thinking about posting about that since I heard that shit, yesterday morning.  And that reminds me of something I read  (or a vid I saw) a couple weeks ago.  The idea was that MSM really is not properly equipped  (or of appropriate adversarial mind) to engage the GOP on their pathological, practiced lies, and as well their race baiting.  Save a few, like Chris Matthews, Melissa Harris Perry, Toure, Rachel Maddow.  Laurence O'Donnell.  Most won't drill down.  Some might go in for the first question  and a follow up.  But way too few go to war on that shit.

PS. if the GOP were as diligent about policing the racist trash out of their ranks, as most of them seemed to be regarding Rep. Akin and his ignorant thoughts and beliefs about human anti rape countermeasures being build into female bodies, the GOP might not be stuck with the label of America's Racist and Racist Loving Party. But they don't. So they are stuck with the label and reputation they so richly deserve. Seems to me.

But Ann Althouse.  It is a free country.  And you are free to spend as much time and space on your blog  dedicated to the cause of defending people who routine do and say outrageous, sickening racist shit, from those of us who call out those fuckers  whenever there is cause.  That's the way it works.  Choose your side wisely, and if you can live with yourself, then that is that. Personally, I am very happy being in the Legion of the Anti-Racists.  Maybe you are as happy with your choice;  being on the side of the Anti-Anti-Racists.

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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sucks To Find Out You Are Being Used, and Used Ugly.


Saturday, September 01, 2012

Jon Stewart, on Clint's Convention Mental Break.

Not an exact quote, but he cracked a joke about how where they shoot "The Daily Show," in the part of NYC called Hell's Kitchen, you don't have to go far to see an old man shouting at inanimate objects.

I stopped watching the routine, just to post that joke, as a sorta almost New Yorker  (I live in the Greater NYC area) I so relate.  And people have been on the one hand, going mental themselves trying to defend this embarrassing act.  And on the other end of the scale  I have seen at least one article slamming Team Romney for throwing the old man under the bus.

Not an original thought, but I am among the many who quickly got to thinking . . .

if Willard can't manage his own convention, how the fuck is he going to be able to manage the affairs of the Nation?

I mean really,  people. 

Jon Stewart Loved Clint's Bit.

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