Friday, August 31, 2012

Memo To the Enemies of Anti Racism. Ann Althouse, Rush Limbaugh. All Them Bad Right Wing Leaning People.

Ok.  So I was replying to a sarcastic joke somewhere (Facebook.)  And the joke was riffing off the theme of fake race card playing, as practiced, mostly, by wing nuts, and like minded people.  You know who I mean;  the defenders of the poor oppressed white people who are too fucking stupid to not get it, that every time someone mentions  their whiteness  is not racism.  Racism is about dehumanizing people.  Not merely describing them.

And I came up with  a nice little reply to the joke:

  Some words and phrases are mostly just what they obviously mean. Some have powerful secondary meanings. Some have insult value way beyond the literal or ever metaphorical. But "elderly white guy" does have a secondary meaning: "The Ruling Class." Less of an insult, that, than an indictment. (My metaphor.)
It should not be a surprise that someone like a Rush Limbaugh, who makes his career  not only communicating, but communicating ripe, foul, fetid  bullshit should ignore the meanings of words. He's not trying to disseminate truth.  He's selling ideology.   As well, there is no surprise such a person, such a professional bullshitter,   will ignore the dimensions  of words;  how they are used. 

But in the case of  race matters, the Rush Limbaugh's of the world  are racists, and they do have an agenda.  And then  there are others, like Ann Althouse  --  them who's crime mostly is that they are totally without a clue, regarding matters of race.  Both are dangerous to society.  Well, by that I mean both kinds of people are very dangerous to a Nation where racial issues still, to a great level,  control real world distribution of wealth and power in this country, and how fully some citizens  get to enjoy their human and American rights.

Just saying.  Shit like that must be pointed out, and mocked for the ignorance it is, as done by and in they way of the Althouse types.    Beyond that, it should be harshly criticized as evil, as when done by the Limbaugh types, when done deliberately for a desired  racist  (or racist friendly) effect. 

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Post RNC Thoughts (even if I avoided actually watching in real time.)

Mitt Romney's campaign pivot. A noun, a verb, and Jobs Jobs Jobs! (No real plan there, though. Just trust him. Just like you were supposed to just trust Nixon's Secret Plan to end the Vietnam War.)

I might as well do my at least summarized deconstruction of the campaign. 
(1) Trickle down theory does not work. Any economic plan based on tax cuts is a lie on a par with the biggest three lies of all time -- the check is in the mail, I'll respect you in the morning, and I won't cum in your mouth . . . this time. Swear!

(2) Dems generally and P. Obama specifically do not want to punish success. Taxes in America are at 100 (or so) year lows. Remember that. We not only got to where we are despite tax cuts and low rates. To a great extent we are where we are because of that. Anyone promising to fix the economy with lower taxes is a liar on the order of . . .  see the previous entry.

(3) A political party/movement that is fundamentally antagonistic to the idea of a robust Federal Government is every bit as disaster-enabling a plan as appointing the local wolf to be Shepard of the Flock. There is a total disconnect between ideology and goals (wolf = kill sheep) and function of Shepard (protect sheep from being killed.)

 (4) To a carpenter, every problem looks like a nail, and should be dealt with by hitting with a hammer. Likewise, if someone is ideologically fixed on the idea that government is too big and need to be smaller, don't trust them when they say the solution to the current problem is shrink the size of government. There is a name for that: "One Trick Pony." That's the kind name. The more harsh but accurate name would be ideologue. Said either way, those kind if people should not be allowed to work in the government. Again, wolf and sheep.

 (5) privatization is a power and money grab for the plutocrats. The Ryan entitlement reform plan is more about transferring government (meaning The People's) money from the government to private hands. Pigs at the trough. Don't believe the hype. That is what that is about. Not reform, but the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of history.

 (6) Plutocracy is evil. The last time we as a nation were so close that brutal and unfair a system was the post Civil War era, where the rich literally got away with murder, and they murdered the rest of us with the casual indifference of children playing with toys. Think I exaggerate? Google about how many people died in the mines and in the factories, and making buildings, and digging tunnels, and building bridges,  and rail roads before the workplace and general safety reform movements kicked in and started getting results. Yes. They the plutocrats consider them the good old days. For most folk, they were the days when life was brutish, nasty, and short.

 I'll stop there.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Limbaugh Redefines Racism in an Astounding Way.

But he is not the first, really.  But this is the most notable incident of it being justified.  In any event, fuck Rush Limbaugh and any one else who buys this line of shit.

"Rush Limbaugh Trashes MSNBC: ‘You Know What We Call People Obsessed With Race? Racists’."

Now I have been arguing that this was where the GOP racists were going.  I have argued it against people employing the tactic.  I have raged against it here.  And he is not alone is selling this  stinky racist itself line of thinking  --  if you point out my racism, your are the racist.  A certain elderly Law Professor Blogger  was singing the same ignorant shit-song regarding specifically  regarding the infamous  Romney birther joke.  I broke my almost sorta pledged to stop mentioning Althouse, but that ignorant shit was like waving a red cape in front of me.

But now Rush goes on a rant.  Here it comes.  The signal has been sent.  From here on out until election day  (and if Obama wins, there after for the next four years) we are going to have motherfuckers like Limbaugh going more on the attack with patently, obviously racist shit, and their stock reply will be,   if you point out my racism, your are the racist.  Except they won't admit to the racism part. 

I said it was going to get really really bad kids.  And we are way past that point.  The GOP does not care if they have to rely not only on every racist trick in the book to try to steal this election.  They might invent some new racist shit too.  At least innovate with their racism.

PS.  Since I did go and mention Althouse again, I will correct another ignorant thing she said.  Se was remaking about how some people say or imply that Romney is not human or human enough.  And in the form of a question, she implied that that kind of thinking was racist.

No, ignorant elderly lady. The correct term would be speciesist.  Well it would be, if anyone were stupid enough not to know a metaphor from a declaration or inference of fact.  As a metaphor it's about as common as dirt, as far as being something wide spread across the planet for eons, goes.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Despise the GOP.

There are many things wrong with the GOP (like every thing about it,) but this to my mind is a perfect . . . demonstration . . . of how intellectually bankrupt and generally delusionally hypocritical it is, as an institution. A morbidly obese man delivers a speech railing against "self-indulgent culture." And gets an ovation.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chris Matthews Call out GOP for Racist Games. Excellent.

Matthews goes after Priebus.

It's a thing of beauty, to mine eyes.  Push back hard on these racist douchebags.


I Did Not Watch Any American Taliban, Teabagger Convention Shit.

But this quote goes to the heart of why I despise christianist, bullshit tolerant wingnuts.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Might Have Posted This Before.

Well I was reading some of the comments on a certain older lady law professor's blog.  I was slimed by the near uniform misogyny found in her minion's  putrid remarks.  Including the sickening remarks by her husband.
But I am not supposed to dwell on that shit.  I broke prohibition  the other day.  But racist shit is my red cape.  It's my trigger. It brings out the angry black man in me.  Misogyny, comes in very close.  But I will forbear and just say.  Republicans suck shit.  And seem to not only enjoy it, but take pride in it.  Either that or they are plain insane. 
So the shorter version of the book the cover is the graphix, here:  don't suck shit.  Don't be a wingnut.  Don't be a GOPer.  Don't be a conservative  (don't be a right wing libertarian either.  They are a similar but minorly distinctive form of dick.)

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Althouse Had to Go and Say Something That Ignorant!

And I was doing such a good job of not using the ordinary crap she posts  as a launching point for my posts.  But she said the following  regarding Willard's  Birther Joke:

"Anyway, it's obviously not racist. In fact, it's more racist to call it racist. To see it as racist, you have to have a background belief that to think of someone as a natural-born citizen is to think of him as white. Who thinks that?! "
Go here for that ignorant shit.

To answer her question, where have you been for the past four years?  Birthers think that! 

And in calling out the racist birthers  for being that racist, one is not the racist.  One is the truth teller.  And to call out Willard for playing that sick little racist game is not itself racist either, but again, its just telling the truth.   Ever heard of Occam's Razor?  How about  the old line, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck?

We are not talking about a rational group of people, coldly examining the constitutional requirement of citizenship.  We are talking about what has to be the biggest example of sore-loseness in American Politics, that followed a campaign of intense racist vitriol, from the side that lost the election.  Before they lost!  Did I say sore loser?  Did I say racist?  Now back in the 2008 race, McCain might have avoided crossing over to the dark side  (pun intended.)  His running mate did not have to cross. She was there already.  And millions of the GOP  base, seemingly, were very comfortable with the racist shit. Remember all that?

I don't want to make this about her though.  Because, as ever, well usually, she's the symptom of a social disease that has infected America.  No I am still not going to call her racist.   That is the worse disease.  But she is representative of the social disease that for here and now I will call Bullshit Tolerant.  That means  she, as well as many other Americans, seems to have some cognitive blind spot, particularly where Occam's Razor should kick in.  And that results in taking as valid, if not true, a argument that merely qualifies as such, but is not a good one, and is clearly not the likely answer.

For example, as I saw the CBS interview where Willard attempted his lame defense,"It was just a joke."  No Willard.  It clearly was not JUST A JOKE.  It was you riffing off one of the most divisive and racist memes out there in the greater context of the Obama Presidency  --  namely  birtherism  and all the racist baggage that entails.  And specifically  it was in the context of the race between you and him for this coming election.  You being the white guy, who is running against the black guy, who has been hounded over this racist  birther shit for over four years.

Memo to both Althouse and Willard.  Context Matters!

Like I said,  the post really is not against Althouse. So much.  She is merely a symbol of the blight that actually is not only more prevalent with the wing nuts, but it is all to common for them and how the communicate with each other and to the rest of world.  You can call it  Bullshit Tolerant., or alternatively, Occam's Razor - Resistant.  Either way, its a kind of ignorance that some people are born to favor, if they are born actually deficient.  Other people, like lawyers and such?  Educated people have to work at it.  The same way a man who has deep insecurities about his masculinity, or a woman, her attractiveness, has to work on that shit, daily, if not hourly.

Oh.  And special message to Willard.  I have said this before, here.  I say it again:

"If someone is willing to risk being taken for a flat out racist by pandering to racist sentiments, I will oblige them accordingly."

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Team Romney is now The Birther Team.

First things first. I am at the same time disheartend and pleased that Romney has gone birther, as that makes the charge of racist, just that much more obvious. But this is where we are. And the convention is yet to come. Anyway . . ...
. .

If the Fat Man is correct, the GOP will, by the end of this campaign, merit creation of a whole new deeper level of Hell just for them. Well them, fascists, and other sworn enemies of humanity. 20th Century had to have been a growth time for Hell. They can't take in millions more in a mere few decades, with out expanding. But the GOP alone is going to be adding millions to the ranks based on the election season alone. ( I really don't believe in Hell. This is an extended metaphor!)

But still. Team Romney is now The Birther Team. Thoroughly deststable.

Romney has gone birther and the shit for brains ranks will likely follow. I'm betting the pundits, pols and minions at Fox Not News are in. Or will be. Shortly. And I mean them who were not in to begin with.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing To See Here But Politics. Just Move Along.

I don't think the GOP is sticking it to Akin for what he said being so insulting and disturbing.  I think they are cynically and hypocritically  on his ass for saying something embarrassing to the party that also is putting the issue of the GOP's plank change out there, ahead of schedule.  This year those evil fuckers are calling for a Constitutional ban on all abortion.  Evil fuckers.

He messed with their messaging, and now has everyone thinking about this stuff.  So he has to get punked for it.  Not that I think punking GOPers is a bad thing.  I want the whole party banned, myself.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

People Don't Know What Racism Is.

On another blog, I noticed some comment about Mitt Romney not being a racist, because, it was argued, he had no animus for black folk. My reply:
Animus is not required for racism. All that is required is some vague sense that your people (by race or ethnicity) are some how better than those other people. Or conversely, that those other people (by race or ethnicity) are just some how not as good as your people or people more like your people.
I have argued this with people before. Somehow lots of folk have come to believe one must be at least figuratively violently racist to be racist.  What bullshit.  But hey.  I am the guy pushing the idea that we live in the age of Racism 2.0.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Re Pussy Riot.

I'm so not feeling the love for Pussy Riot. Now I am a fan of mocking politicians in music. I am all for that. I'm the guy who wrote, performed, and recorded and uploaded to Youtube the stinker of a song, "Tea Party, Fuck you!"

But trespassing at the church to do it? That's the wrong way to do it. Now do I think their sentences are harsh? Ya. Then again, so is life in Putin's Russia. Pick your battles smarter, Pussy Riot.

Article on Pussy Riot I have not yet read, but post link for context.


Friday, August 17, 2012

A Tale of Two Realities.

MSNBC cohost  Touré made the bold move in not only calling out the Romney campaign for it's racist dog whistling, but used the controversal and scandalous term "niggerization." 

Go here.

The Main Stream Media could not care any less. They do not seem to want to really go there, against  Team Romney on race, or even report on it. But the wing nuts went apeshit over this.

I am not even going to link it, but you can go over to Breitbart or the Daily Caller  yourself and see for your self.  Now is this any thing particularly important?  Not yet.  But if the issue of whether or not Romney has been running a racist campaign finally gets picked up by the MSM, then it will get interesting.  For now its  just the usual tit for tat.  Liberal call out conservative for being a racist.  Conservatives go btshit.

Oh/  Speaking of going batshit the head of that conservative lobby group that had a minor shooting incident over the past couple days?  Well he doesn't think that people want to take shots at the FRC on account of it's hateful policies.  NOOOOOO!  It's only because  the SPLC  called them out as being a hate group.

It's the same level of idiocy as with the playing of the race card, card.  It is never the fault of the conservatives, what they think, say and do.  It's the people who call them out on the shit they do, that are at fault, according to them.

I wish we could just ban the GOP and be done with it!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes. That Bad!

In mind of the fauxrage over Biden's chains remarks, the following. Now I can't speak for all Democrats, so I will speak only for myself. This is what I really think about the GOP:

I believe, at it's core, the GOP is a fundamentally evil institution.

I believe, at it's core, the GOP is a fundamentally racist institution. Specifically, far too many members believe in their own inherent "cultural" superiority to others. And that's the same as ethnic bigotry. And under the international definition of racial discrimination, that's racism.


I believe the GOP will boil my bunny.

I believe the GOP will throw momma from the train.

I believe the GOP will push granny off the cliff.

I believe the GOP will bogart the joint.

I believe the GOP will take the last meatball.

I believe the GOP will squeeze the toothpaste from the top of the tube.

I believe the GOP will leave the toilet seat up.

I believe the GOP will almost finish the milk, and put the all but empty container back in the fridge.

I believe the GOP will leave the car unlocked, with the windows open.

I believe the GOP will drink the last beer, knowing they did not buy the six pack to start, and with no intention of replacing.

I believe the GOP will use my toothbrush, with out permission.

I believe the GOP will borrow my stuff, and never give it back.

I believe the GOP will break things, and try to get away with it.

I believe the GOP will leave the gate unlocked, and blame it on someone else when the dog gets out.

(And this is getting long, so I will wrap it up)

And lastly I believe the GOP will cheat. They will cheat on tests, on their God, on their friends and family, and spouses, and business partners, and when ever they think they can get away with it, on the taxes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a Quickie.

Follow up re the Biden remark about chains, and the wing nut melt down.

Watching GOPers deal with racism as a topic, is like watching not particularly bright junior high kids play with old nitroglycerine.

But it's more fun to watch the GOPers blow up  (metaphorically speaking!)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Je t'aime, Stephanie Cutter.

Stephanie Cutter does not play  that shit.

Speaking to a group of supporters in Virginia on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden said that Republicans “want to put ya’ll back in chains.” Mitt Romney‘s campaign responded with outrage and said that the Vice President’s comments “are not acceptable in our political discourse.”

Je t'aime, Stephanie Cutter. And it really does is has been annoying me, lately, how so many of the so called liberal mainstream media are willing to play the word-parse-bait-game. So I really love Stephaine for, and politely yet firmly, saying she wasn't going to play that. BTW Joe Biden and she are correct. We don't want to "unchain" Wall Street. Those greedy plutocrat pukes almost killed the whole world.

Trusting the Wall Street Plutocrats to never do that ever again makes as much sense as trusting a promise from a pathological liar, borderline psychotic meth head, that she won't steal from you, manipulate you, lie to you, and have sex with street trash for a dime bag. Ever again. And she really means it this time!

I really don't think Willard trusts the plutocrats any more than a street corner ho-junkie. He doesn't have to. I't not his money they will be stealing. After all. His money is offshore.


Monday, August 13, 2012

That's It. No More Pretending They are Not That Bad.

I've pretty much decided to call GOPers Nazis, from here on out. That's because I think they are actually, truly no better than Nazis, on the evil index. And the reason for that is they are delusionally self important, and much too drunk on their ideology. And at core, their ideology is about selfishness; accumulating for themselves, and doing harm to others in the process.

The only difference is the body count.

And YES. It was the selection of Ryan as the VP choice, that sent me over the edge. And I have been on that edge for some time. but to see Willard push the ticket further to the Nazi Wing of the GOP just tears it for me. The whole party is no better than Nazis, to me, at this point in time.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mostly All You Need to Know About Paul Ryan.

As evil as a Nazi. Just not likely to kill someone fast. That would be showing too much mercy.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Declaration.

I hate conservatism only a small bit more than I hate communism, and only a tiny bit less than I hate Nazism. There. I said it.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

An Inherently Evil Institution . . . Like the Nazis.

Nazi's and (way the hell too many for comfort) American Right Wingers share a particularly toxic trait. They (a) believe in the idea of "inherent superiority," and (b) that they are the anointed ones. Liberals believe in acting better, as in treating other people better, taking better care of other people, not that they are inherently better because of . . what ever insane, delusional reason.
And that is not only one of the most important reasons I am a liberal. But it is one of the biggest reasons why I get so angry at right wingers. I don't hate that they are religious. In the abstract I don't really care. However?
 I despise any religious person that engages in that sick, twisted, toxic delusion that they are inherently better, more "moral" inherently better people, because of their religious beliefs. And with the merger of the Christianists and the GOP, what we have is an inherently evil institution that is sure of it's superiority (disturbingly ironically based on an evil delusion.)
Just like the Nazis.
The fundamental flaw of the Nazis was their evil, delusional belief in their superiority. Not that they ended up mass murderers. They did evil things because their beliefs were evil to begin with. People who believe in their inherent superiority are prone to doing evil because at core, they already are evil. The rest of it is just a matter of how high the body count goes, before they are stopped.


Thursday, August 09, 2012

Don't Everybody Scream at Once.

Romney said/did something plainly racist again.

Anyone believe this shit is not deliberate needs to step to the back of the room, and start their treatment by anti psychotic meds.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

They Actually Believe That Shit!

Premise, and rhetorical question.  No one in their right mind would go to a doctor, who's stock answer to any illness or injury was,"KILL THE PATIENT."  So how can it be rational to vote for candidates who's stock answer to nearly every political issue is,"KILL THE GOVERNMENT?"

Election 2012 is almost upon us.  So make no misstate, moderates, independents, swing voters. The GOP wants to screw  you badly, and painfully, and no matter how big a hypocrite each one of them are  (cause they will always  bend their own rules for their own selves, and best buddies) they will swear to their vengeful god that they are doing moral good, as the deny folk food, medicine, shelter.  Dignity.  These monsters want to tear down everything good done by government in the past 100 years. Social Security. Medicare. Welfare. All of that. When they say insane shit like being on government assistance is like slavery, they actually believe that insane shit. Because they are insane!


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

Kill a Sacred Cow Day, is Everyday. But Today's Treat? Free Speeh Hypocrites.

Firstly, this vid  is on the longer side. You need at least 1/2 hour to kill to get through it in one shot, but it is interesting. This guy, Jonathan Haidt, is very smart and has some interesting insight. Comes the big but . . .
But if he was at all trying to get me to understand, and therefore recognize the humanity in conservatives, he managed the opposite. Well, it's not like I haven't paid attention to the sanctity/degradation angle before. And in short, the things they sanctify (all their stupid bullshit,) and the things they degrade, pretty much convince me their world view is an abomination, and anti human.

Granted, apparently lot of Americans are down with that Old Testament -fueled, bigotry and meanness-enabling, hateful shit.

And that is what I despise about conservatism. Wait. Meanness disguised as religion, or sanctity, is nothing new. It's one of the things I most despise about our species.

There.  I have had my say, but.

Hey.  All you peeps who thought you were sticking up for Free Speech, buying and eating those bigot-funding, phony tasty (as nothing say phony tasty like adding heaps of MSG) chick sandwiches. Hey! Where the fuck were you when they were protesting the building of that Mosque in NYC near the WTC site?

Didja stand up for Free Speech then?

How about when ever and where ever else peeps were protesting the construction of any other Mosques?

Have you ever gone over to Al Jazeera on line just to support them against all the bigoted shit that has been thrown their way? Well? Hell, they have won more awards for journalism the Fox has.
 How about cut a tiny check for CAIR or some other Pro Muslim/Arab group? Ya never have? I am Shocked, shocked!
And how about the other side of the story. Do you routinely buy stuff from KKK supporters to promote their Free Speech rights? How about Neo Nazis? Anti Semites? I am not saying you should, but a GENUINE free speecher would have to.

Just saying.

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Nation of Obese, Ignorant People, With No Discerning Palate, or Intellect.

Yesterday, I had a simple goal.  Make a chicken sandwich that's better than Chick-fil-A.  Not a hard thing to do.  I can cook.  So my sandwich was tasty, and much healthier.  And had more meat, as based on the pictures  on their web site, they use half the breast for one sandwich.  Cheaters.

But I did get to thinking about, and then looking for the nutrition info.  And I discovered the secret to why so many people think the sandwiches taste so good. 

Lots of salt.  And MSG.  And sugar in the sauces.  Same old usual cheap/fast food tricks.

But people just love it.  Because people love salt, and MSG, and sugar. 

Friday, August 03, 2012

Have You No Sense of Proportionality, Sir?

My re write of the "headline" for the Harry Reid vs Romney fight.



The Democratic Party Majority Leader did what millions of Americans do every day;  spread gossip.

Release the Kraken!

Go here for Romney's minion's worst ever quoting of the, "Have you no sense of decency," line. 


Thursday, August 02, 2012


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Bigot Appreciation Day?

Call me lazy, but this says enough about it for me to let it serve as my thoughts on the matter.

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