Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TakeThat! Racist Republicans.

Remember how some GOPers all of a sudden decided to discard the usual American "One Drop" rule of being black? Being just a little black was enough for one to be placed in the ranks as black.  But with P. Obama's white momma, some GOPers  engaged in some cynical racism.  Some started calling him half  -  one or the other.  They wanted to dissociate him from we the Peoples.  Some drilled down deeper and argued that his lack of traditional African American blood made him less black.

But lo and behold, P. Obama's got some black slave in him.  From his momma's side.

Go Here.

I guess the GOP racists who sang those stupid songs need to get a new one.  Join up with those other racists == the birthers, or the socialisters.  Doesn't matter what non job related crank they yank.  If the crank is not related to job performance, it's likely racist.  I am not feeding that trope about how criticizing him any way is racist.  But the further away one gets from how he does the job, the more trivial  the complaint, at least.  And at worse, more likely racist.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

No Promises, But

I am going to cut back on blogging about other bloggers.  It's the cheap and lazy way to generate content.  Even if sometimes it provides a good jumping off point, I get ensnared in their deviance, or otherwise dysfunctionality.  And I confess, that takes away from the real topic.  So the plan is to dial back on that shit.

Hell.  For the next few days I am supposed to be very busy so all posting will be rare.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Professor Dickface Licks His Own Balls Like a Dog, Over His Own Racism.

And you all know that dogs love that shit. 

Anyway, Professor Jacobson chose to, in a way, congratulate himself on what I call his own racism, but he would call his keen ability to detect instances of use of the race card.

Go here for that sickening shit.

Oddly enough, according to his records, no GOPer has ever done that. I at least have never seen him call out any GOPers for that alleged shit. Secondly, I personally am very suspicious of the reality of playing the race card as a phenomenon. That is not to say I do not think that anyone has ever cynically brought up race in a political discussion. But I more mean that racism persists in American society, and it affect politics. Anyone (like Professor Jacobson) who directly or indirectly denies that is either, (a) a god damned liar, (b) and/or fucking stupid, (c) and/or a racist, or (d) all the fuck above.

And given his record, here is my guess as to his reasoning.  If a non GOPer/Conservative mentions race, it's playing the race card.  He seems to be that knee-jerk about it.  And lord knows, he never deconstructs the subject of his accusation.  He just calls it as he sees it.  And his racist bias seems to always  be in service.

Parting shot.  For an out of the closet  (and yet still in denial) racist like Jacobson to be able to detect instances of unfairly raising the race card as an issue, is as unlikely as it would be for a born-blind person who has never been exposed to a description of  (or been able to touch the surface of such) Van Gogh's Sunflowers  painting, to accurately describe it.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ice-T and I Agree . . .

Rush Limbaugh is a racist piece of shit.

Go here, if you haven't heard the story yet.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lazy Again. Blame it on the Heat. And the Fact I Walked Several Miles today in the Afternoon Sun.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Concern Trolling At It's Worst.

With all the hand wringing, and wailing about "“politicizing” the Aurora Masacree, I find my self wanting to not only call bullshit, but scream that word in the faces of concern trolls, with such force it melts their fucking faces off.

Given the definition of politics and or political, and given the fact we talking about something that more than anything else is a matter of social and governmental interest, we really should be having certain discussions.  Such as, discussions about policy and gun control, and how lousy a job we do as a society at identifying such threats.  And yes, as well we can and should have discussions about individual and group enablers of ultra violence.  How soon is too soon is the wrong fucking question.  Because as happened the time before, and the time before that, we are way behind.  We are no where near too soon.  We are way too late.  Actually.


Saturday, July 21, 2012


On commenting on the Aurora  Massacree  so far.  I started, but delted what I had.

I going for lazy recycling of another's creative output.

Works for me!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Skipping Politics and Disasters. For Now.

A much younger Betty White.  Time is a thief.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Didn't Build That, Bullshit.

I was reading on some blogger's site  (silly person Ann Althouse) where she set up a false comparison between this  (so called by some) gaffe, and Romney's "Corporations are people too."  I think she messed up there, but there is something of note.  That is, taking P. Obama  for the meaning intended in the context of of his remarks, and Romney for his, we have two starkly different views of the nation and priorities and values. 

P. Obama is promoting the idea and ideal I already have said is the core message of the John Donne Poem,"No Man is an Island."  Romney is promoting corporatist oligarchy.  Choose what matters to you in the voting booth this year.   I'm on the side of real flesh and blood people.  Not bundles of property rights attached to a government charter that allows for joint enterprise in order to secure profits for shareholders.  The former is what our nation is, what is always was supposed to be about.  The latter is just the ugly cost and reality of "doing business."

Post on Althouse

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Lying Crooked Scalia

According to Ass. Justice Scalia, regarding the decision in the "Citizen's United," case, “Jefferson would have said, ‘The more speech, the better.’”

However, and in seemingly direct contradiction, Jefferon said: “The end of democracy an...d the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.”

Can we impeach Scalia yet?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Granted This Would End the GOP as We Know it, but

If such a book existed I would want every GOPer  or even MORE DICKISH assholes who consider themselves conservatives, not GOP, to have to read it.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silly Person Won't Shut Up

about the topic she knows fucking nothing about;  race.  Yes, Althouse is doubling down.  This time she is pimping some WSJ race bait op ed  that happens to mention her own tone deaf rant about Matt Taibbi's piece about Mitten's post NAACP speech race bait.  Go here for that stupid shit.

But I will elaborate.  The WSJ opinionator's  false assumption is:

"What Taibbi is really calling for is more political correctness. He wants conservatives to conceal their views for fear of being seen as racist--to act as if they are guilty. But that would reinforce, not reduce, racial tension. If white conservatives in the presence of black people act as if their worldview is a shameful secret, of course black people will think conservatism is racist. Which, of course, would suit lefties like Taibbi just fine."
Direct Link, WSJ.

And Althouse  (typo  or deliberate) forgot the quotes, so it looks at least like she is 100% agreeing with that load of bullshit.  I say load of bullshit even if I am not in a position to speak for Taibbi.  But as a liberal anti-racist, I am well positioned to shoot that shit down.

No, Mr. Taranto, and as well, Ms. Althouse.  The conclusion you draw/endorse is itself a double down on the race baiting.  You are making the issue one of trying to censor, to intimidate conservatives  in some warped and imagined desire to increase racial tension.  Actually you got it backwards, sorta.  When folk like me give folk like you tons and tons of shit for the racist shit you say and think it is because  . . . .

follow me . . .

mind warping  idea to follow . . .

hold on to your socks . . .

it is because we actually really want you all to stop thinking racist shit, and saying racist shit, and behaving in a way that belies  racist motivation. 

We fight racism because we want to destroy it.

One of my favorite sayings of late.  Sometimes shit is that simple.

Makes me wonder what kind of warped, frustrated mind could run right past the obvious and come up with something so warped it's the stuff of conspiracy theories.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

So He's a Degenerate, Too?

I will cast my net further than silly person Ann Althouse.  I will say I wonder how many wing nut law professors will report this?

George Zimmerman Accused of Sex Crimes.

Out of those, how many will blame the victim, and/or defend Felonious George?

Granted.  I have no reason to believe this lady is telling the truth on either track, that Georgie is a degenerate molester, or that mammisita is a "proud" racist.  But the lady would herself have to be spectacularly mentally ill to make up shit concerning the nation's most infamous perp awaiting trial. 

And I got this tingle up my leg.  Just saying.

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Sometimes Shit is This Simple.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ann Althouse Still Tone Deaf

to the Wing Nut racist Race Baiting Dog Whistle, employed by Romney, this past week.

Picking on the messenger, yet again, she goes off on Matt Taibbi, instead of listening  (make that reading with an unbiased mind) to him.  It is not a great intellectual leap to conclude that Romney's  "free stuff" follow up to his NAACP  convention reception  (actually more nice than any GOPer deserves, if you ask me,) was race baiting at it's worse.

But I already went off on Romney for that racist shit.  So I am not likely objective enough for some people.  I AM an EXPERT on shit like that, though.  If I have any flaw, it is not cutting any slack.  Based on my expertise.

Anyway, Ms. Althouse. For the love of what ever the fuck you love, STOP  STOP talking about race.

When ever you do, your comment section ends up like some racist circle jerk, perhaps not as violently vicious as Storm front, but at least as bad as VDARE.

You encourage white racists.  And apparently are ok with that.  That is the impression you leave on the casual observer.  Just saying.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Message for the Race Baiting, Lying assed Sack of Shit Presumed GOP Nominee . . .

Quit Mitt quit! Quit Mitt quit! Quit Mitt quit! Quit Mitt quit!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romney Come Out of the Closet

The racist closet.

Article at Pandagon

Evidence that Romney panders to the racist wing of the GOP. We can all write him off as a racist now, with out the slightest hesitation or tiniest bit of uncertainty. From my view, if you pander to racists, you earn that distinction. Under that rule many a momma tells her kids:

"You will be judged by the company you keep."

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revisiting an Old Theme. GOP Sociopathy.

The song remains the same.  Over the past week we have had that gomer  Re. West equate  Social Security with slavery.  There's some state level gomer who wants  single parenthood  legally criminalized as child abuse.  New polling data shows GOPers actually dislike P. Obama  more than the Health Care Reform  Act.  Romney is a robot.  The GOP Congress is going to waste time and money once again  voting to overturn the ACA.  Various gomer  GOP Govs are promising not to expand Medicare.  And just to make sure she stands out of the crowd, Az's Jan Brewer is suing to get the requirement to provide benefits to same sex marrieds  overturned.

And the GOP would say we are picking on them for calling them sociopaths.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Don't Ask Me Where I Found This.

But I'm pretty sure I bookmarked it.

I was in the right mood for such an over the top joke.  I busted out laughing!  But from now on when any racist republican accuses  some Dem/Lib, who ever of playing the race card, I hope I have this in mind.  And if it is an in-person encounter, I hope I remember to laugh in their face.

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Let's Try This One Again.

I tried posting this card last week or earlier.  Ended up getting  too autobiographical in my commentary.  So I deleted what I had said, before posting.  But as I am again in one of my 'Fucking Republicans!  They are worse than the Taliban because there are here and we can't seem to get rid if them,"  moods,  I am posting  this.  Now.  Finally.

My silly fantasy is that I get the Genie  granting me  three wishes.  Or even one wish.  No, I am not wishing that miraculously  all persons  affected with the mental disorder known as conservatism are instantly cured.  Or some such.  That would be a waste of a wish.  and with out being specific, we might end up with a huge Nazi  or New Confederacy party.  And I can not wish for them to all vote democrat, as in a generation, the Dems would likely become, for lack of a better word, spoiled as a party.  So what to do?  Wish for the full range of possible psychic powers, and use mind control to make individual GOP candidates, politicians,  and hacks like that character in "Liar Liar."  Make them incapable of telling a lie and/or bullshitting. 

Lord knows, it's not even the out and out lies that perpetuates the fiction that the GOP is anything but a party of grifters  and scum.  It's the sheer and utter disregard for the idea of the truth   that is the core of the GOP.  It's the easy, practiced reliance on bullshit that fuels the GOP machine.  And I would like to kill that feature.  I would like few things more than  have Hannity incapable of  deliberately twisting a not-even-half-truth.  I would love to see Coulter at a total loss for words.  I would love to see the racist shit bags at the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and World News Daily admit, well there is absolutely no reasonable basis for being a birther, or thinking P. Obama  is a secret Muslim.  How radically would that change the political landscape?  Any reporter asks  any GOP pol about the Ryan budget, and they have to admit;  It's a hack piece of shit and will hurt most of the people in the country.  Shit like that.  Wouldn't you rather live in that world than this one, where GOP bullshit goes unopposed far too much of the time, and dishonest GOP pols, particularly, get away with a total disregard for the idea and reality of the truth?

Well that's what I want.  Too bad I need magic to make that happen.

Anyway . . . .

Friday, July 06, 2012

Lazy Messaging Again

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Firstly, What Makes Me Proud to be an American.

Ok.  So I started off looking at some clips of that almost comic movie by Mel Gibson, "The Patriot."  Then I moved over to clips from "Gettysburg."  Particularly the long and full version of the 'Pickett's Charge," sequence.  Few things make me as proud to be an American as seeing the Union Federal Line hold, and chew up and spit out that Scessh  Treasonous, Traitorous  trash!

One of the best visual moments in the sequence is Pickett, far away from the action, looking at the battle through his field glasses.  And one moment you see a cluster of both American flags and treasonous traitor flags flying.  Then in an instant, the traitor flags fall out of sight and all you see is the Star Spangled Banner.  Yeaaah!  Good stuff! 

Shifting gears, I went to take a look at Ms. Althouse's site, and among her daily ditsies  was a post about some new, safer motorcycle design.  She did not post the pic of the new design, but she did post a link.  Now the pic she did post, was of one of the ugliest hogs I have ever fucking seen.  And I am a style snob. Hogs are ugly assed right off the factory floor.  Never mind the custom, redneck, Praad ta be 'Merican paint job.  Go here for that ugly assed shit.

I quote her:   "Isn't there a soul to the thing? A soul that has something to do with exposure — danger... freedom.... Ah! Here's the picture I'm looking for."

I won't post the pic, but I will comment.  If that picture represents the soul of a motorcycle, that soul is fat, delusional, tacky, uncool, unfashionable, and has the sense of style of a particularly stunted nine year old.

I likely will never own another motorcycle.  But if I ever do, I will be riding rice, or riding a stylin'  Euro Bike.  (Like the sweet  speed rocket pictured above.  Smokin'!) 

Fuck hogs.  If that's your "taste," what ever, you.  Personally,  I would never want to be caught dead on a hog, or thrown from one a after crash.  No more than I would want to be caught dead in a velvet leisure suit.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This Counts as an ACA SCOTUS Ruling Post.

Not that this is not true 24/7/365, cause it is.  But the dipshit, asshole cons are still shitting in their panties over the "disloyalty"  of Roberts, in not giving them what they want.

I'm going to do that thing I do badly  (according to some.) I am going to go ghetto here.

Now bitches.  Just because he's a corporate skank a slore doesn't mean he's your bitch on every issue.  Bitches.

Ok.  Enough of that.  But I will restate what  I said about Roberts.  I still want his ass off the court.  I want all the wingers,  corporate only or across the board ones, off the court.

BTW.  Happy 4th of July all.  I can not encourage you to blow shit up, unless you are in a state where it's legal.  But I can suggest you all be safe when you blow shit up.

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Monday, July 02, 2012

The difference between Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrat: "Hey. You don't have health insurance. Let's get you some."

The Republican: "Hey. You don't have health insurance. Despite evidence to the contrary, we say the USA has the best Health Care in the world (*cough* if you are stinking rich and can pay cash *cough*.) Ideally and theoretically you should have the best you can. You don't want bad insurance. You don't want socialized medicine. And even if historically the market place and market factors have driven the cost through the roof and into outer space, the last thing you want is a government solution. Despite the fact the only thing that actually could drive average personal and cross market prices/costs down is the heavy hand of government, smacking down private sector greed and inefficiencies. 

Oh. And we don't want the taxpayers to have to pay any more for your health care (even if they do, in the most inefficient and costly way now, truth be told. Either in increased local, state, fed taxes, or "costs" passed on to the other, paying consumers of health insurance and care.)"

"So you don't get any health insurance. You're welcome."

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