Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is Only Marginally Related to Anything I Have been Talking About.

But it illustrates the point I was trying to make about what is important to in-groups. I slipped into Sociology Speak there, but in my last post I was talking about why most Latinos were not particularly warm to Miguel Estrada (but as I did not particularly say, Judge Sotomayor is more likely to be embraced as their kind of people.) The issue is what is the real criterion for being embraced by the group.

So I am watching, on Hulu, that brilliant show "Studio 60." It did not last long, and that was a shame as it was some of the best TV ever done. That is, if you accept my definition that best means smart, as well as well acted, written, produced, directed, all that stuff.

Anyway, I am up to the 2nd full episode (not counting the pilot.) The lovely Amanda Peet plays the President of Entertainment Programming . Bradley Whitford plays the fictional show's Producer.

Says the producer to the president,"You look like one of them. But you sound like one of us."

Now that is what I was talking about!

Not Only Even When They are Trying to Not be Racists they are Blatantly Racist. But More So.

The (bench career) ghost of Miguel Estrada is being exhumed for the Sotomayor fight.

Bring it on, ya morons!

Irony is, as in disturbingly predictably dishonest, when Republican rednecks try to be all racially sensitive they usually prove how racist they are, instead. Exhuming the ghost of Miguel Estrada is just one of those colossal examples of just not getting it.

Granted, I am not a Latino, but follow me here. I know what I am talking about, as the same goes for Blacks or any group, particularly when the majority of a group feels their interests, as a group, and as individuals, are threatened by a political party, more than the other political party.
Mere fact Miguel Estrada has a Spanish last name did not end up meaning much to the majority of Latinos, as they gave more weight to the fact he was a Conservative Republican, a member of the party that is perceived as hostile to their interests, than to the fact of his name, or ethnic heritage.

In short, the ethnic identity part counts way far less on the "People like us" scale, than something like actual views on actual issues that actually affect real peoples' lives. And it is racist to assume otherwise. And that is what these redneck Republicans assume time and again.

So again, bring it on, ya silly gits.

Edit to add:

I finally got around to watching the vid of Pat Buchanan x Bob Shrum on Andrea Mitchell's show. It was a classic example of Redneck Racist Republican Hackery. Buchanan goes off on the talking point tangent about the "Wise Latina woman," remark. Shrum cut him off, saying she did not say that, then recites the quote with that all important "I Hope," added in.

And you know what Pat Buchanan did? Did he say, oh. That makes it different? Na. He, being faced with with his own racist redneck lie, just kept at it over and over.

Shit. If the Democratic Strategists and leaders play this game just right, the damage that the GOP will do to itself will be immeasurable, and long lasting. And the thing is we don't even need to go after the GOP. They are doing it to their own selves. I think the best example of how that is playing out was when Arianna Huffington quoted Robert Downey Jr:

"It is like I have a shotgun in my mouth, and I've got my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of gunmetal."

Self Destructive Behavior.

They need to do at least two things here. They need to (a) to keep the pressure on the GOP to be honest. Hit them forcefully on their lies. Don't let them get away with any of that shit. And (b) they need to keep the pressure on the so-called Liberal Media Elite. Sometimes I am thinking with alleged friends like this, who needs enemies? Point is, they the Media really treat the wacko redneck Republicans too kindly. And they, the racist Republicans know it, and if there is one thing they are good at is taking a mile when given an inch. That shit must end.

When the day comes when all the so called Liberal Media Elite are as sarcastic and mocking of the redneck Republicans as Keith Olbermann is? That is the day when the so called becomes the actual. But I am not even asking for that. I am asking for Dem guests on shows to talk past the redneck, and say to the host, things like, "Ya see. This it the kind of thing that needs to be challenged more. There is room for arguing one's POV but honestly (Host), when people tell such blatant lies journalists should be there at the ready to pounce on them."

Stuff like that. And beyond that, we do not need to be seen trying to push the redneck racist Republicans over the cliff. However, it would be fair to say something to them like, "If you jump off that cliff, you will surely die." And if they are stupid enough to try to prove us and reality itself wrong, that is their problem.

The Situation Reminds Me of the Time in Law School When the Proff Gave Me 1/2 a Star.

What he likely said though was something more like you are half way there . . .

And that is where Sen. Jeff Sessions of AL is; half way there. I saw the tape of him with David Gregory. Sessions, at first, was only saying things like he would not have used the word racist to describe Judge Sotomayor. Eventually Gregory got him to not just agree with the idea that she was not a racist but in his own words describing what the redneckers were doing, he said that no one should be,"Demagogue race."

That was very well said. Unfortunately, that is the business the likes of Beck and Hannity and Limbaugh are in; demagoguery.

Anyway, at the beginning of the clip, Gregory put up on the screen and read a very large chunk of the 'essay,' starting before the quote from Assoc. Justice O'Connor, and ending a sentence or two past the mention of the white male judge. It was laid out as concretely and fully as was necessary to set the thing in it's proper context. Yet still, Sessions screwed the pooch with his remarks about how he felt about her, based on that chunk. Sessions did that, I'm troubled, song and dance. I should not be surprised he did that; taking that angle is the moderate plan of attack, but still, I really hope this time around we finally as a nation kill and destroy the GOP/Conservative lies about the judiciary, or at least mangle them so badly, and shove the still twitching bits so far down the GOP's gullet (metaphorically speaking) they will be chicken shit to ever say that shit in public ever again. All but the most insane ones, is what I mean.

And to be specific, I will refer back to Sotomayor's speech. She talks about the aspiration to be fully neutral and impartial. Then she gets to the reality, and that is the real world fact that who we are, what we have experienced (and she clearly meant by that reference to white males, what we have not experienced) is going to affect a judge's rulings. Or, as she said, experience (or the lack of it) will affect how one see the facts. Way I would have said it is that some people lacking some experiences will not see, as in even be able to see certain facts at all, never mind, give appropriate weight to them. (I say that as someone who had repeatedly and usually with out any measure of success, tried to get some people to see the more subtle forms of racism that are still prevalent in our society.)

So from my POV all Judge Sotomoyor said there (and I am summing it up for all ya'll) is that she hopes her experience leads her to making better decisions. And that troubles Sessions? So he only gets half a star. Memo to Sen. Sessions. Judges are human beings. If you think they do not do their job based on the specific organization of meat, water, synapses, electrical charges, and the specific data stored in their brains and minds, you are a fool. As the Judge said there in that essay, one aspires to be neutral. But one has to use the brain they have in their heads to do the job, not the next person's head.

And now that I mentioned that dirty little word . . . "hopes?" That is the part that makes all these people jumping on her case, even if they are calling her a racist or not, the worst of liars.

She said "Hopes."


She did not bombastically say, "Ain't no doubt that I will always make the better decision."

So anyone who says or argues that she did, is a damned liar. That means you Sen. Graham. I saw his vid today, too. I will give him props for denouncing the rednecks attacking the Judge as a racist. But he so clearly misstated her words and message that he basically flat out lied, there. And he is a lawyer. He should know for a fact that the entire GOP line of attack based on (and her name is Goddess Themis) Lady Justice and her blindfold, is mostly bullshit. So he does not even get the 1/2 star, the simpering, sniveling little prick.

But them Republicans like them their soundbytes, no matter how close or far to the facts they are. On a side note, no wonder they are under represented in any field where creativity is a requirement.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Props to DaGoosman, Hannity Message Board Moderator

For banning a particularly odious redneck for suggesting guillotining members of Congress.

Yes, the hate and bile can get sorta nasty over there, but there are limits.

Now if only they could flush out, at least, all the Neo Confederate trash there who talk about Succession.

I hate sceesh trash. I hate them so much I should be happy they exist as they are the worst of the worst of the worst.

Sceesh trash are worse than foreign enemies, as they are traitors. People who think that territory that is now part of the USA can just leave? They are saying it is ok to diminish the territorial integrity of the USA. That is treason. That is, you need to change your mind about that shit, or die, stuff. We had this big old nasty war in this country over 130 years ago where the idea that killing such traitors until they quit or are all dead was tried out for the first time, and shit damn, it is the only way to go. I would support that again. I do not think that the USA should be water boarding foreign captured enemies, but I do believe in trying to kill traitorous sceesh trash as efficiently and as quickly as possible. I do not specifically call for them to be killed in the most slow and painful way, but if they are not killed instantly I do not believe in giving them medical care to ease their suffering. Traitors deserve to die, and if possible, should be billed not only for the bullet, but for the time of the American Soldier to kill them.

I will stop there, but I will say again, kudos to DaGooseman for remembering that that shit is foul.

Sarah Palin's Mullet, and the Last Stand of the Rednecks.

Now the idea that the endangered subspecies, Redneckus Republicanus Americanus, is diminishing, and as stupid as they are, they know it, and are acting accordingly, is not new or particularly insightful. They might ignore news that goes against their views, but when they see reports that Hispanics are going to outnumber Caucasians here in the USA in a few decades, they notice it. And they will and have been acting accordingly.

I am not saying they are acting intelligently, properly, or even in a predictable manner, but they do sorta seem to be stuck in several of the "stages of dying" all at the same time.


Well, that is so much a part of their modus operandi, that it is as natural as breathing (heavy.)

Well, read or seen any GOP commentators or politicians lately?


Fuck fear. Stark raving paranoia is considered normal and admirable to that lot (consider Cheney's reputation with them has been going up, not down, lately.)


Well that is what they seem to be doing. Trying to rally around that modified Mullet Head Palin, and getting a proper Redneck in the White House, if only this last time, is their last ditch attempt to make a deal with the powers that be. Not that any of that lot has flat out said that if they get Alaskan Evita in there, they promise to diminish quietly, after the Palin Party is over. And we know if they did promise, they would be lying. They have no intent to go quietly. Just look how ugly they are acting over the Sotomayor nomination. You might think they have hit bottom, there is no more level of low to hit. And if you thought so, you would be wrong. But still. Point is they are far from . . .
They have historically overinflated their numbers. They have managed to miss entirely the fact that not only are they members of the minority party, but they as the Redneck faction, are a minority of the minority party. And even if the whole Republican Party is in die back, as a population, they still do not get the core fact. Not only are so called Conservatives now a very unpopular creature, they never have been popular, ever. Even in the GOP, the Conservatives have been viewed like the crazy aunt or uncle who shows up for holiday parties, acts like a ill mannered bore at the table, gropes the kiddies, and passes out on the couch, likely peeing on it.
And that is the mere Conservatives! The Redneck faction behave far worse than that.
Point is, nobody likes Rednecks. Shit. Even other Rednecks do not particularly like Rednecks really. But since no one else can stand to be around them, I guess they sorta stick together out of mutual need.
But back to my core point, they know they are diminishing. That is in large part why we are seeing the volume and scale of lunatic words and behaviour from the likes of Hannity, and Coulter, and Beck, and Limbaugh, and Gingrich, and the rest of them. They are like the original Sabot-eurs, staring at progress, at the very prospect of their own irrelevance and meaninglessness. And realizing how little worth they have in this world, coming up with a futile, meaningless gesture, like sticking their shoes in the machine, hoping that would halt the march of progress.
Rednecks beware. All that remains of the original Sabot-eurs is a word we now use to describe folk who deliberately destroy things. And here is my prediction. In a hundred years, all that will remain about Rednecks will likely be use of the word for some truly irredeemable social pariahs -- like domestic terrorists.
I won't be around to see if my prediction comes true then. But ya know? If I last another 30 to 40 years, I might live to see the day. It could come that soon, ya know.

This is the Most Perfect Example of Evil Lying Republicans.

Bill O'Reilly. He does this whole poor me, my civil rights are being violated on account of people libeling and attacking me, set up.

Then he introduces the two liberal lady lawyers. First one, right off the top, explains why being called a bigot is not libel.

His response? Said in a angry tone:

"I don't care about the law!"

Next time you hear any GOPer whining about rule of law, remember that. They only seem to care about the law when it gets them what they want. The second they find out it will not do that, out comes what they really think.

(I won't bother posting the vid, but I should at least link it.)


Friday, May 29, 2009

Now How Awful Bad Were the Dicks from the Redneck, Trailer Trash Wing of the GOP This Week?

Shit. Alberto Gonzalez and Michael Steele look sane, and gentlemanly next to that lot. And kudos to Sen. John Cornyn for siding with reality and decency, criticizing the racist fools with their phony charges of The Judge being a racist for gasp-shock-horror -- admitting in public she is not in fact a white male.

Shifting gears just slightly . . . at this point I can't help but think of the right wing redneck hordes and their phony charges of racism with out thinking about the theme song from the Benny Hill TV show. Well, in the case of Limbaugh, I am thinking of that song,"They're coming to take me away, ha ha." That one, or "Insane in the Membrane."

I will stop there for now. As ever, we reserve the right to augment, amend, and or edit.

Edit to add Haiku:

Bonzai death spiral.
That's how to describe this game.
Right Wing suicide.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember. I said MOCK THEM!

I just watched some vid of Tancredo doubling down on the stupid shit he said the other day, from Rick Sanchez's show, and got to thinking . . . what the fuck? Don't these bitches read my blog?

Of course they don't. But you don't have to hear it from me to get it, that you do not do anything at all to reinforce the crazy person's crazy thinking. Even asking these crazy bastids to be on the show is bad. The mere fact they are getting the exposure sorta explains why them who really might not be as fucking stupid as they look and sound do this shit. It doesn't matter to them if they look and sound crazy as long as they get the talking points out.

Likewise, don't roll the audio or the video. Again, this is classic Communications 101, shit. Ya repeat the lie and you legitimize it more, if you at all treat it as if it is not anything but a gross lie.

Stomp on that shit. Piss on it. But do not act like it is at all reasonable to call a Latina a racist because she happened to notice and remark on the fact that she indeed is not a white man.

Fuck that shit. It needs to stop!

Will These Facts Make the Evil Lying GOPers Stop With the Bull Shit Attacks?

Since we are talking Evil Lying Republicans, not bloody likely.

Just for the record, Associate Justice Scalia has said that appellate courts Make Policy!

(Stop the presses!)

And Associate Justice Alito thinks about his immigrant ancestors, who had experienced discrimination, when he is hearing a discrimination case!

(Next ya gonna tell me water is wet? I can't take this crazy shit no more!)

Point is, the Evil Lying Republicans really never cared about whether or not there was actual fire there, they just had to get some smoke up, and fast. They (particularly them who either do not have elected offices, or feel very secure with their chances of reelection) are already dug in. They are gonna hold on to this shit and double down the bets again, perhaps even more times, as that is how they operate.

Irony is the fuckwits like Gingrich, and Hannity, and Tancredo, and Beck, and Limbaugh Just Prove The Point -- way the hell past what Judge Sotomayor originally meant, and that basically was, as someone who knows discrimination first hand, she knows it all too well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Either I Am Brilliant for Figuring it Out, or Dumb, for Taking this long.

Palin's signature do always bugged me. It never came across as the cute bookworm, or sexy librarian, or the hot teacher look, for me at least.

It failed to excite me, but instead repulsed me. And I finally figured out why. Because it is a friggen Mullet!

Granted, it is NEATER than most Mullets, but it meets the key criterion. Fuller on top. close on the sides, and long in back.
Hers is more poufy than spikey, as is traditional.
But the fact she is wearing a modified Mullet does explain why I don't get it or get excited.
I don't get excited by trailer trash. Simply.

Ok. 'Splain This One to Me.

A not white, not male makes a public declaration to that fact. So she gets branded a racist for that?

Again, what the fuck.

But hey. This is the same gang of fools who accused Pres. Obama of playing the race card by mentioning he was black.

Anyway . . .

Instead of going on a full tear, I will move on to the Haiku. This is a block of four:

Nothing new from them.
The volume may have increased.
But the whine's the same.

They spew their hatred.
Don't they know they're idiots?
Never mind, wicked.

Call her a racist?
Could they be more ignorant?
Talk about unhinged.

Today's GOP.
Evil, lying trailer-trash.
Not much more than that.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SCOTUS Nominee Pick Haiku

It's a trap, ya fools.

Sure. Pick on the Latina.

You will pay, dearly.

(By the way, tenemos gusto .)

Oh, and credit goes to Dylan Loewe, for his post on Huffington Post today re the Sonia Sotomayor nomination, specifically for the,"It's a trap," theme.

I would link his post, but it is not cooperating me now.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Close Gitmo and Send the Detainees to Alaska!

First, the political upside for people like me who think Sarah Palin is a dangerous sociopath, and must be thwarted.

If that cow at all does not voice 100% support for the idea of the Gitmo detainees being sent there, that proves that she is not in the least bit fit to be POTUS, complaining about doing her part for the war on terror. That is not even the real main reason I want Alaska as the destination -- that is just the icing on the cake. Here is the cake.

Particularly if the end, permanent facility is located in a fairly isolated area, that sorta cuts down on the the worries about escapees. And since the overwhelming majority of Alaskans live in an area that is less than 10% of the state, and very large chunks are very much actually wilderness, anyone complaining about a prison that is 200 miles away is easily dismissed as a whiner.

And any attempt to send peeps in there to try to free them would be seen from miles and miles away.

Lastly, it would put to an end the shit talk about how great the enemies of America have it at Gitmo. Yes, they will be well fed and cared for, but I am personally sick and taard of peeps like that twisted twat Monica Crowley talking about how much it like a beach resort at Gitmo.

But these evil lying GOPers don't even see how fucking stupid their arguments are. If you actually think Gitmo is Club Fed, paradise for prisoners, you should be happy with my plan -- send them bastids to a cold (for a lot of the year) hell of a tundra, instead of there in the cool tropical trade winds.

Now you know them fucks will find some way to whine about it. It is not like they are limited by reality or any such encumbrances.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mock Them.

This is how we should take control of the conversation about just about any sociopolitical issue. We need to mock and mock hard, any stupid, dumbassed, unlikely, non reality based bullshit they throw out.

You know I criticize the media for condoning the stupid shit these dumb as rocks, or otherwise psychotic people say. And we can't wait for the media to do that. That is not their job anyway (save a few obvious commentators on MSNBC and in print.)

So remember the break is here: what we are talking about is the difference between probable and possible (when we are not talking about clearly baseless stuff. But sometimes the bullshit contains both kinds of errors.)

Probable is what is likely to happen and what there is a good mathematical chance of happening.

Merely possible is just about anything -- anything that can't to a certainty be disproved.

I have said this before -- made the raw argument, but if you happen to hear someone make some ticking time bomb argument, or argue that not letting religious bigots preach inside the school or a local state or federal zone of control if not ownership is the same as denying them their first amendment rights, mock them and mock them hard.

Compare their lunatic, childish thinking to believing in Santa Clause, flying dragons, and alien abductions. As it is often the case, the arguments coming out of GOPers are closer to that sort of fantasy land shit, than they are to objective reality.

Don't condone the fake and phony arguments. Mock them.

It's like they say about dealing with delusional, crazy people. It is a disservice to them to at all reinforce or legitimize the delusional thinking.

I am not going to re post the vid from that movie,"The Madness of King George." But that is what I am talking about. It's tough love therapy -- with out the love, of course!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

If I Could Redirect the Conversation about Republican Sponsored and Approved Torture . . .

I would rip the band aid off that festering wound, metaphorically speaking, and start calling the supporters and defenders of such what they in fact are:

deviant, violent, sexual perverts, or enablers of such.

Here is my argument.

All of our ancestors from as far back as 6,000 years ago knew the following:

The only two reliable results from beating the shit out of people (or otherwise torturing them) was either to (a) get false confessions out of them, or (b) allow the torturer to get their deviant, violent, sexual pervert rocks off.


You follow me here?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Worst Republican Bigot of the Week

Once again, we have way too many contenders for the wide open category, so I am declaring today GOP Bigot Day. I was all ready to name that Republican Congresscritter Paul Broun (R-Ga.) Worst GOP Bigot of the week for his campaign to get Congress to pass a resolution declaring 2010 The Year of The Bible.

If that is not bigotry, what is? Well it is, but I got one worse than that. Liberty University disbanded/dis funded its Student Democratic Club. Yup. That is a more patently offensive bit of GOP Bigotry.

Now for kudos.

Kudos to Con. Radio Head Mancow, who is braver than that bitch Hannity, who allowed himself to be water boarded.

His post experience opinion? It's Torture!

I guess he might not get asked to be on Hannity's show for a while, on both counts.

That is all . . . for now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

These Evil Lying Gopers are Gonna Finally Convince Me that Torture Has it's Uses. On Them (just kidding, But . . .)

Ok. I was watching some vid of Joe (I made a typo first time, Hoe) Scaroborough and Ed Schultz going at it. As said before, Crazy Joe is a sociopath lover, sadist defending follower of the beat the truth out of folk camp. And he is an evil liar. In this vid he goes from saying (in the course of a minute or two) he is in favor of full disclosure of the GITMO story, including "techniques" as he is under the delusion that that sort of shit had anything to do with keeping the nation safe. But he went on to say something about getting the two sides of the story out.

Ex cuse fucking me? There is only one side to the truth. You only have the truth and the lies and the bullshit.

What the fuck?

Give me an honest sociopath instead of these evil lying douchebags. I am so tired of people who do wrong, or apologize for wrong, or support wrong, only if they can use some camouflage or bullshit redefining term to cover the fact up that they are in fact evil shits.

Speaking of evil shits, who try to redefine words and meanings to suit their evil agenda?

I just today saw some of the vid from that GOP convention where they had a resolution to fucking rename the Democratic party?

Is there any surprise why I despise them folk? Or cuss my head of about them?

The GOP is trying to rename and re brand the Democratic party. What the fuck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Know! Let's Hold the Evil Lying Republicans to the Letter and Meaning of the Shit Talk they are Spewing about Speaker Pelosi.

Taking their argument that she has to step down from her post up out of the specific context, and drawing a general statement from it, she (at worst, mind you) talked trash about part of the government and some of the people who work for it. Take that and the GOP cry she must step down on account of that, and make the general rule:

People who talk trash about the government have to be seriously punished for that.


What about all those Republicans who are currently in Congress who shit talk about either The Federal Government generally, specific offices and secretariats and agencies, or frequently raise that Racist Loving Redneck talking point about "States Rights." Now do all them GOP bullshit liars have to be expelled from Federal office? And them at the state and local level? If they have ever said something like that, does that serve as a bar from them ever even running for a Federal office or serving as a Federal appointee?

My would not that be sweet, if that could be done. We could boot just about every Republican out of the Federal Gvt, and keep them out for decades . . . . that is if we held the Republicans to the same standards they are holding Speaker Pelosi.

Ya. Ever met a Republican who lives up to the shit they say other people have to live by?

Not Fucking Ever!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Republicans are Like the Monkeys at the Zoo

flinging their own shit at the wall, and admiring it, even if no one else does.

And that is my segue to to tonight's torture watch and faux Pelosi Distraction Story, watch.

I caught the vid of Matthew Yglesias on Nora O'Donnell's show talking about how this whole "Get Nancy" thing can backfire on the GOPers. Ya. I agree. I don't think anyone in Congress is going to get indicted, here, but former Bushies, if the investigation goes forward? Ya bitches. Dare Gammy Pelosi to let loose Congressman Conyers all over that shit? Ya. Things we want to see this year, right after seeing Alaskan Evita charged and arrested for multiple felonies, is to see Conyers with the green light to "Get 'em."

The entertainment value of that circus should at least match if not beat the Watergate Hearings.

Bring that Shit on. I don't watch Big Brother any more so I would love to see some Bush appointees roasting on a metaphorical spit this summer.

Beyond that, what the fuck. I saw the vid of Jessee Ventura smacking down that douche Hannity, and also the twit from Fox and Friends. And here is the truth. He went easy on both of them.

My take? New one, as of tonight since watching that vid. The civilized anti torture person cuts off or otherwise challenges the psychopath defending torture with the following bait:

"Are you less smart as your ancestor from 6,000 years ago?"

They likely will either genuinely not get the message right away or will play dumb. Better if they play dumb. But the civilized person can say, "It is a simple question. Well there is a twist to it if not a trick but this is really that simple a question. Are you smarter than your ancestors from 6,000 years ago, or not?"

They will sense the trap as the civilized person has already telegraphed that. And the sadist will not want to risk a trap, so the civilized person is going to have to push it.

"Ok. Here is what your, mine, and every other human's ancestors from 6,000 years ago knew. They knew that information you beat out of someone is not really very reliable, on account of the stop that hurts, I will say what the fuck ever you want, factor. And that you could beat a false confession out of anyone. So what is the matter with you if you do know that much?"

Ok. You can't say fuck in tv, so use a more polite version. But the point remains the same (even if stripped of it's proper vulgar content and weight.) What the fuck is wrong with people? Don't people today know what people knew 6,000 years ago? That when it comes down to facts, the only reason for beating the shit out of people (or otherwise torturing them) is only for the sadistic, psychopathic pleasure of it?

Oh, ya. We live in a day and age were some people THINK that if they have a veneer of a scrim of a thinly disguised and not really good excuse for acting like a blood lusting psycho, that means they are not really blood lusting psychos.

Again, I say, things all our ancestors knew 6,000 years ago, that the only reason for beating the shit out of someone is for the sick, psycho thrill in it?

Fucking (some) people fucking suck.

Monday, May 18, 2009

“Not rooted in anything that would touch on reality.”

The quote comes from an unnamed source in/from the Hillary Campaign, re the idiotic plan that Fox Not News host (not any thing close to a liberal) Greta Van Sustern's hubby had for getting Palin to pal up with the Hillary camp and help reduce her campaign debt.

As if anyone but he and a few loon-a-tics were stupid enough to break party loyalty to vote a any female?

That is not the point. Point is, I read this quote and I thought, shit, that covers just about any shit coming out of the GOP these days.

These bitches are so lost in space they are talking about filibustering the next nominee to the SCOTUS BE fucking FORE such a person is even picked.

Talk about making a political circus out of the business of government. We object even before we know who or what we object to. That is how we roll. Never mind what we were saying only a few years ago when it was our team captain choosing the next player.

Fucking hypocrites. But. I have been thinking. Them GOPers are ready to jump off the cliff. We should help them. All we need is the right candidate for SCOTUS. Someone with an impeccable resume, who is squeaky clean, but socially (meaning not suitable to the bigots) unacceptable. I hope we can not only go about the business of finding a more than suitable replacement for Souter, but one that the GOP has to choke on. Personally Souter was one of my favs (still is, he ain't gone yet and his record will live on.) Perhaps he should be the template for his own replacement?

Instead of someone socially unacceptable to the bigots, instead pick someone with out any actual partisan record, if not leanings. How about another neutron (that is what I call Souter, as he is so apolitical he actually seems more concerned with the law and Constitution than ideology.)

Ya. That's the ticket.

Honestly if he were 10 years younger I would say pick Colin Powell (if he would take it.) Now that would be one hell of a show -- all them douchey cowards both in the GOP Congressional Caucus and in the peanut gallery, throwing clots as they try to throw stink bombs at their until recently favorite negro. Ha. And he is a far better person than all of them and most of them douches know it.

And he would be good at it too. Ain't too many people not lawyers I would say that about. He is fierce smart, and has one of the best resumes of any D.C. player in the past 20 years if not more.

Back to the Only Scandal that Really Matters Now.

Why the torture story is still important (not the piss on Pelosi story; I mean the actual story.) And he is far kinder with the media than I would have have been. There are few things Republicans are good at -- save fucking up everything in sight, and even some stuff you can't see. And one of those things is stealing the spotlight. Now how does a bunch of shit-headed clowns steal the spotlight like that? Well what is more interesting for TV? Some sober, academic types quoting Cicero or Pliny the Elder, or some shit headed clowns eating shit sandwiches and pronouncing them better than Angus Beef?

Get my point?

Anyway, re the torture debate, this guy gets it:

This skank doesn't:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thought Just Came to Me . . .

The only reason the GOP still has the shade of a veneer, of a patina of legitimacy as an institution is based on the fact the so-called liberal media elite has not all gone Olbermann on them, but instead still treats their ever increasingly weird and demented leadership as if they are not insane, delusional people.

I think that is going to stop. I hope it stops. I have said it here before, it has come to the point and is way past it, for the media to start openly mocking the GOP leadership, and their minions as crazy people. They need either to join the reality based community to some extent, at least, or be marginalized as the deranged evil liars they choose to be.

Emphasis on choose to be.

So Pres. Obama Spoke at the Notre Dame Ceremony and the Sky Did Not Fall.

But a few douchebaggy bigoted protesters got arrested. Nice going douches. Do they know that when they do that the look like rabid Wahabbis?

Friggin' evil lying hypocrites.

But here is the real topic I want to talk about: Academic Regalia and Dress.

Now I got to wondering, when I saw this pic, why he wasn't wearing his Harvard Gown and JD. hood. I should have figured that out myself and I googled. Now given the fact he was going to receive an honorary degree from Notre Dame, that meant he was going to be given a new hood. And the rule is you can only wear one hood at a time. And I guess since he was getting the honorary degree from N.D. it makes sense he wear their fancy blue gown, instead of his Harvard J.D. gown.

Now here is my next google, re such. Is an honorary degree and associate regalia recognized anywhere but the granting institution? Meaning, if you are not a real hood earning graduate or professional program graduate, can you wear your honorary garb at some academic ceremony where you are just a speaker, or is that bad form? My guess is it is bad form. If I were to speak at some formal academic function, I know I have to rent a proper J.D.'s gown and the hood (as I did not buy it, when I earned it.)

But what of some one who hasn't achieved-earned, but merely has a conferred honorary one?

Hmm . . . that is an interesting question to me at least.

Bigots who are Way Too Proud of Themselves for Being Bigots.

Well, one can argue that that is an apt description for any one who is part of the socially conservative wing of the GOP. And one would likely be right. However I am thinking right now about the Obama Notre Dame faux controversy and the shit heads stirring the pot. I just watched vid of Randall Terry from Hannity's hate fest of a program. Good God. They agree that they can't understand how and why the U. of Notre Dame could give an honor to someone who disagrees with their beliefs.

Let me repeat.

They agree that they can't understand how and why the U. of Notre Dame could give an honor to someone who disagrees with their beliefs.

And I am sure, that either fucktard would throw a hissy fit to equal the most drama queen bratty of 13 year old girls, if someone called either of them an extreme bigot.

The fact that they are now (not that it is only now) perfect poster children for the cause of bigotry, surely completely flies over their heads, as they condemn anyone who disagrees with them and denies them the sort of ordinary human respect one should at least politely hold for people who do not agree with their politics.

That is why I call them bigots; because they are bigots.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

When Lawyers Do it in a Civil Suit, it is Called Pleading in the Alternative. When You See a GOP Politican do it

you are watching an evil liar at work.

To explain, in the world of civil lawsuits, the person being sued has the right to plead in the alternative. That basically means he or she gets to throw up there every possible defense, even if some may sorta contradict others. The main reason that is allowed is you are not allowed a do over; you have to plead every possible defense in your 'answer' to the civil complaint. So even if they deny being in charge of the property, or say someone else owns it, they can say that any repairs they did were satisfactory, not the cause of the accident/injury, bla bla, yadda yadda.

Now in a criminal case that is not allowed. Firstly you don't file an answer in a criminal case; you plead not guilty. And it is the burden of the prosecution to make the case. It is the defendant's first line of defense to poke holes in that case, and if necessary, mount a full on alternative narrative that explains why the defendant is either actually not factually guilty, or not legally liable under the criminal laws (they are not necessarily the same thing.)

However, if between poking holes in the prosecution's case, and mounting their own counter narrative, the defense contradicts itself, the prosecution gets to say,"See. Defendant can't even keep his story straight. It's inconsistent. Defendant is lying. (That is usually inferred not deliberately plainly said.) The defendant is clearly guilty and trying every possible argument to get off."

Now why did I go that long in the set up? The corrupt Republicans, as a party, as a group, are acting like they are only held to the civil trail standard, with this torture stuff, instead of the more stringent and applicable (if there were a hard and fast moral rule in play) criminal trial standard. This past week they have shifted from merely saying torture is ok (even if we deny it is torture.) Now they are saying but Nancy Pelosi knew about it and did nothing about it (when she was merely minority member of the committee.) And even if the Bush administration itself stopped the torturing of prisoners, some how the world is less safe because Pelosi is criticizing the practice (which was stopped years ago.) And she should be kicked out of her position because she has besmirched the character of the CIA operatives who allegedly informed her of this, back when they alleged did (never mind that the Bush Admin was not being honest about how much and for what reasons and under what circumstances they were torturing people)?

I honesty heard some loon on the radio last night comparing Pelosi to Nixon. What the Fuck!

Anyway, that is inconsistent. That is about as bullshit as it gets, kids. This is a perfect example of why the GOP is not only a criminal enterprise, but nothing but a bunch of the worst liars since the days of the USSR. And I am saying that not only based on the notorious liars part, but on the loving torture part.

Sick bastards!

Oh. And I love (not) Sen. Kit Bond's new descriptive for CIA operatives and analysts (and most are analysts, not operators); Terrorism Fighters. Nancy Pelosi is picking on the Terrorism Fighters. What the fuck!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Awww. What's the Use?

So many Republicans seemingly were trying hard to be the worst of the week, that I can't choose.

They are so bad as a party, they are an embarassment for the whole galaxy.

I will leave it all there for now. I might post a music video later. Then again, maybe not.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guess Who Is On My Shit List Regarding Torture Now?

Chris Matthews. Nope, he is not totally on board with the sociopaths. He believes as I do, that we need to stop calling something that is torture by a less honest, less accurate term.

But . . .

he acknowledges that there might be a "Ticking Bomb" scenario where we might want to do that shit? Sorry but no. That is what happens in the movies and on TV and in novels. In the real world torture (getting past the evil part) just does not work well enough that PARTICULARLY if you only got one guy with the right info in hand, and if you use it, you are more likely to not save the day then win it, by going all evil like that.

I wish people would stop acting like there is the slightest bit of merit to the argument, even the "Ticking Time Bomb" scenario.

Speaking of another kind of ticking time bomb? That tennis ball sized tumor in Dick Cheney's head? Is it going to explode any day now or what?

I say that as (like I predicted here, albeit not truly with out any help from the outer provinces) details are emerging to show that Dick the Dick wanted to use it to get war justification (false) data out of some Iraqi.

Ya. Like no one else saw that shoe about to drop. And the CIA doesn't think the doc Dick the Dick wants published to be published. Wonder why? Might it be that the evidence is so thin that it only place where it seems thick is in Dick the Dick's brain . . . which ain't working all that well with that tennis ball sized tumor in there.

I am making a sort of sick joke here, but if Dick the Dick does not have something visibly wrong with his brain (on a MRI or what not) that means that not only is he a pure psychopath but he is also a crazy man, going out on a limb like that, and being proven wrong at every turn in the road.

Evil scum!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First I was going to pick on Sen. Lindsey Graham. Then not.

Then back to yes, and back to no. I guess this is my compromise, as I will lump his sadistic, sociopathic ass with the rest of the Evil Lying Republicans, and yes I am still on a tear about torture.

Now I just watched some vid with MSNBCs Shuster, and he had some sick shit trailer trash Republican 'strategist' (remember what I said in my last post about black trailer trash?) who was defending Cheney over the guy who was in the room and actually got the crucial info out of Al Zuybadea the old fashioned NOT ILLEGAL and NOT IMMORAL way. This guy testified under oath that the torture method really did not work. In fact, it did not work. And what does the little douche say in response to that? Many people disagree? What the fuck. How many people who were in the room disagree? That is the question. Never mind that the whether or not it worked is not the point either. It is immoral and illegal. Now I can understand why Shuster did not really go off on this trailer trash piece of garbage, but I really wish that anytime one of these sadistic criminal enablers and excusers used the term 'enhanced interrogation' they would be (verbally) sandbagged for it.

Can't let the forces of evil control the debate. That will not do.

Oh and Graham? I still have not seen the vid, but basically he did the same thing this trailer trash stragtegist did, but instead of on a TV show, he did it during the hearing. He took Cheney's side, over that of the guy who was actually there.

Fucking evil liars.


I am only 1/2 way through likely the creepiest of the Lindsay Graham vid from earlier today. He said some shit about how if the country were hit today these hearing would not be going on. He went further to say that he wants to know . . what worked?

He is fucking lawyer.

He is a fucking JAG lawyer (reserve.)

I want his ass disbarred now. Fuck a duck. Disbarr his ass before You and Judge Bybee. Fuck I am so sick of these sociopaths. Fuck it. Impeach his ass too. Now. I am sick of my country either directly (Bush-Cheney Admin) or indirectly (senators who are advocating lawless immorality being justified) led by criminal psychopaths. Fuck! When and where am I living? USA in the year 2009, or Spain during the regin of Torquemada and his sadistic Dominican Brotherhood of torturing righteous douchebag evil cocksuckers.

Ya. I am mad. I am angry. Damnit.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Confess. I Use the Phrase Trailer Trash Way Too Much.

It is sorta like that HBO series "Deadwood," where half the cast used the word cocksucker as a random expletive or direct insult, as frequently as a Republican pundit or Fox News talker uses the word socialist.

Anyway. A couple days ago, I was thinking that, and that maybe I should try to use the word ghetto more and cut down on using trailer trash. I mean, let's get real here. They are two sides of the same coin. I see Caucasians who are as ghetto as some crack ho from East St. Louis . . . like the young suburban wasp-a-gangster I saw in Westfield NJ, jailing the waistband of his baggy jeans below his ass like an extra in Fiddy-Cent video. And some blacks are clearly trailer trash, like Alan Keyes showing up at Notre Dame, to make a stink and get arrested for trespass and disorderly, for no reason but for his being an ill mannered bore, no matter his resume and education.

And Michael Steel is the Exacta winner; dude can be trailer trash and ghetto, all at the same time. He is special.

But ghetto actually has more of a racial tinge to it. So that won't do. Now trash is trash, but only using that word doesn't cut it. So I need something new like, "Not the brightest member of the Palin Family?"

I'll be working on it some more.

PS. I take back any kind thing I have ever said about Joe Scarborough. I just heard audio of him not only supporting the sociopathic practice of torturing, but telling total lies to do that.
What a fucking evil liar.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Irregularly Posted Haiku.

Time's a finite thing.
There is less of it each day.
So don't squander it.

Ok. One of You Genius Republicans Explain How This Works.

Keeping in mind that Rush Limbaugh is so stinking rich that he can buy a dozen dialysis machines with the ease that the average American can buy a dozen eggs, but when an actual professional comedian uses as the actual punchline in an actual joke,"I hope Limbaugh's "kidneys fail," that is a death wish,
when actual human beings are subjected to an actual procedure that is called simulated drowning, on account of the whole -- it is supposed to feel like that, and shit, don'tcha know it actually does feel that way -- but that is just "Getting dunked?"

There is no suprise there, as to Republicans, anything that happens to one of them is a calamity, but if someone else has to feel the pain, or die, well shit, they musta deserved it -- or something.

Speaking about things typical of Republicans, the official CIA inspector general's report from May 2004 on torture directly contradicts Dick the Dick Cheney's statements about torture/waterboarding (Republican sexual depravity.)

Proclamations of waterboarding's usefulness were overblown.

But let me be plain here. I am one of the people who say the question was already moot, about the usefulness. That was so not the point (even if it were, and everyone with half a brain knows it only works in Fiction and Fantasy.) The question really has always been, will the shits who authorized that horror, have to go to jail for those crimes?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Icy Blast, From the Past.

I am just in one of those moods about now. This song suits my mood.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Last Post Here for Tonight, if not for a Couple Days.

(Updated Friday)
I deleted what I had up here as posted last night.
I was all cussing angry again. And I decided better.
But here is what I will say for now.
These dumbasses are still crabbing about President Obama liking Dijon mustard?
I should have left the cussing up. But I decided to separate myself far from those shit fer brains both on Fox and in the audience. Oh. And is it officially two weeks now since Sean Hannity said he would be water boarded for charity and still be a punk for not doing it yet?
Yew Betcha!

And Just In Case I am Too Busy Tomorrow Night. Worst Republican of the Week.

I want to say Bristol Palin, unwed teen mom, for appearing on TV with her bastard baby, as a spokesperson for abstinence. The irony was totally lost on her, unless what I believe to be true is true, and that would be the sociopathic horror scenario that follows.

I would bet my last dollar that Alaskan Evita turned out her daughter with the same cynical, selfish motivation that a down and out St. Louis pimp would turn out some fresh off the bus trailer trash from Biloxi.

So that is why the Worst Republican of the Week Award goes instead to Alaskan Evita Sarah Palin, for turning out her daughter like she was a two bit ho.

It's hard out here for a pimp. So I've heard.

I am Sure the Irony Was Totally Lost on This Racist Piece of Shit, Beck.

Glenn Beck had a black man on his show.

During a break, the black man said to him,"You are afraid of black people."

Beck threw him off the set.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hey. This is the BEST Blog Post Idea I Have Had in a Long Time. And it is Not Even Original.

(At least I am honest enough to admit that, not like some OTHER people. More on that in a moment.)

Have you seen that new PC/MAC commercial where PC says stuff about PC's that are not really true, and the "legal copy" appears on the screen. And the more he talks, the longer and more dense the "legal copy"gets?

Well I sort of heard/saw it first time last week, but tonight was the first time I paid attention.

And you know what I thought? Shit. Every time those bullshitting liars on Fox News speaks, they should have to have that kind of "legal copy." Add the lying assed GOP commentators who appear on other networks, and the GOP politicians. And if that were to be the case, if that not only was required, it actually worked out that way, not only would FOX likely go out of business, soon, but I think the GOP would finally die, if they were required to be honest like that, after every bullshit and lie they spewed.

But hey . . . I can dream can't I?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Irony, Thy Name is Republican-ish Hypocrites, Who Don't Practice What they Preach.

It is fitting and properly ironic that that ding a ling skank Miss Cali USA might loose her Cali Crown, as the Christian Lunatic Right have been saying about that she was robbed of the national title, of Miss USA, and it seems that no matter what she said to "lose" the national title, it now seems she was never "fit" to even be Miss Cali, USA, actually.

And how de eff did this become a national news story anyway? Anything having to do with Carrie Pree-John? (Rhetorical q., just saying.)

Has the entire Palin clan taken O.D.s of Xanax and mercifully not done anything but sleep for the past week? Did Joe the Plumber eat enough doughnuts to fall into a sugar induced coma and thereby accidentally shut the ef up for a change? Are people finally getting bored of Michelle Bachmann's loony lines?

Ya she is the more sexy crazy republican chick than Palin. I am going to say it plainly here. Last week I read that article on line about how you can tell which women are orgasmic just by how they walk.

Based on that, Bachmann at least is a GO. Palin is a No Go, unless you are willing to wait for God to show her that door and tell her to walk through it or bang it open, what ever the hell that crazy Alaskan ice floe actually means.

That is it. It is Tuesday. It is late. And I am thinking more about bed then crazy assed republican skanks who say the darnedest things, about now.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Great Essay on Why The Pro Torture People are a Greater Enemy to America, Than Them Folk That Were Tortured.

Here is a tease:

Once upon a time, America was known around the world for its powerful, benevolent nature when handling captured enemy fighters. Even our adversaries knew they could hoist the white flag and expect to be treated humanely. In turn, this made them more likely to give up sooner. And it not only kept American soldiers out of countless bloody fights, but it made victory and success all that much easier for our troops.

For years, rank and file soldiers and insurgents around the world viewed surrender to the Americans as a reasonable option when finding themselves outgunned.

And then we went and did this:

Now, our opponents won't feel secure in surrendering to U.S. forces.

We no longer hold the moral high ground.

(BTW that is the tamer of the pics that were there, for example.)

Remember that, the next time you hear some psychopath defend torture. We used to be seen around the world as something better then the rest of them, and they are a bunch of sadistic, blood lusting psychos who would torture and kill another human for any reason, or no reason at all. Thanks to Bush and Cheney, we are no longer in a class (mostly) by ourselves. We are seen as no more humane, no more civilized then the very people that were tortured in our name, America.

Sickening, that that had to happen. Even more sickening it is that people are expending time and energy defending that psychotic blood lusting savagery. Sick shit, all that.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Smart, Talented, Interesting People Like Me.

Just saying.

It is the stunted, unsophisticated, trailer trash sort of people that I do not get along with.

Mark me. I do not mean to say that I am some sort of college educated snob or some shit like that. There are plenty of smart, talented, interesting people who do not have degrees. And them are the regular folk I get along great with.

The smart ones.

But idiots?

I get on the bad side of idiots and morons as fast as water makes paper wet.

Them morons and idiots get one touch of me, and it is on.

So here is the question of the day.

Do you like me or not?

(*Cheeky bastard that I can be, sometimes.*)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Worst Republican of the Week.

It sorta follows the theme that has been most on my mind for the last week, in a way.

And you might have guessed I would be naming Sean Hannity for declaring on his TV show, more than a week ago, that he would undergo waterboarding for charity, and then let a week go by with out doing it (that makes him not only a pussy, but a liar and pussy.) And you would have been wrong. I am naming Elisabeth Hasselbeck the Worst GOPr of the week, for defending that lying pussy.

Did you catch the vid of the exchange on the View? If not I will not bother looking for it but I will just say the following. It itself was a very cowardly act she pulled, in changing the topic to how much Hannity has allegedly (as the accounting says otherwise) done for charity, instead of what the topic really was; how much a pussy and liar Hannity is for saying that on air, and not manning up and doing it. Soon.

And I am sure She and Hannity just don't get why Arlen ran away from the GOP.

Bullies, and liars, and pussies; that is the current state of the GOP.
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