Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Both Can Be True.

 I am not white.  The Leper Messiah, or bozo, is really so fucking white, there is no possibility he could do anything to get whiter.  And I really think the people who love or merely get him, are also excessively white.  As a cultural matter.  As, there are some not genetically white  folk out there who fall into either category.  And then there are true outliers.  And crazies. 

But maybe part of the reason I so despise Bozo is he is the poster child old man for 

Most possible vile white man, without a criminal history of racist violence.

Yeah.  But ya know? This is not a new realization.  I call him the Leper Messiah because calling him the white trash Messiah could come across as too harsh, to some people.

But yesterday, I called him white trash, on Facebook.  But in Spanish.  So far, I am getting away with that.

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I will note the inconsistency

 Of questioning why people accuse bozo of one personality disorder instead of another, only to argue a week later.  He isn't mentally dysfunctional.  But hey.  I grade hard.  And have no idea what the fuck is wrong with his apologists, never mind true fans. 

But here is what I do know.  Republicans have long had a higher tolerance for crazies.  Before bozo there was Palin. Before her there was W.  Before him there was Reagan.  Who actually has dementia while in the oval office.  And before him there was Goldwater and the Birchers. 

That is a lot of crazy.    I will end it here.

Friday, June 21, 2024

The Flaming Idiocy of False Choices.

 Not gonna  say which blogger is the accidental birth mother of this post, but . . .

When one makes a false choice, as in, which of two possible forms of personality disorder The Leper Messiah might have?  One is in fact making a false choice.  I am not even going to go down the road really, about how under the current DSM, that there are many spectrums, and one can be well along several, but for saying that much.  The idea of having several mental disorders at once, is not new.  Anyway, the quote on the matter, that the google AI treated me to, today:

Some mental health conditions can show multiple forms of personality disorders, including:
  • Mixed personality disorder
    A diagnosis given when someone's symptoms don't fit into one of the 10 established personality disorders, or they have more than one co-occurring type. People with mixed personality disorder may have traits or symptoms of more than one personality disorder at the same time, but not meet the criteria for any single one.

I will not name the blogger.  But I have said before.  She doesn't seem to know shit about the most basic shit about human psychology.

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Saturday, June 15, 2024

No. It's Not A Comedy Routine.

 He actually is fucked in the head.  You idiots.

Part of me wants to tone it down. And acknowledge that the people saying things like it's all some big, vulgar, weird comedy routine with bozo are operating under a very incomplete data set. And their minds are prone to favoring thoughts they want, over those that are facts that do not align with what they want.

But I would call that kind of person an idiot too.

Real life isn't a Scooby Do episode, where things are not what they seem.  In real life, shit is usually pretty much as it seems.  People with a history of trouble communicating have trouble communicating.  Question is why?  Not are they just really bad comedians?

Decades ago.  Bozo could and did communicate like some one with a first rate university education.  He no longer seems able to do that.  Don't make excuses.  That is too much like denying the fact.  Accept the fact. Make your opinions and conclusions in conformity with the facts.    If you don't want to look like an idiot.

Friday, June 14, 2024

You Call That Comedy?

 So it has come to my attention.  And not for the first time.  But the idea of the Leper Messiah being entertaining, like some low brow, vulgarian stand up comedian, is being discussed again.  However, in the specific context of the recent rally, where the teleprompter went out, and he had to ad lib?  Even if I can't stand the sound of his voice, so I don't listen to him, if I can avoid it?  I will just take the word of those who say he sounded even more crazy.  His public self used to be normal sounding and looking. And ya know?  As I like to say.  Don't feel limited by a false choice.  Both things can be true.  He can be trying to be funny and crazy, at the same time.

As far as what kind of humor he manages to deliver?  I might not be an expert on stand up comedy per se.  But I do have that BA in Theatre. Did work in the field.  And do try to keep up in not only product, and trends, but commentary.

And before I pass judgment on Leper Messiah's vulgar "act."  Let me say I know about "The Aristocrats." What Leper Messiah is doing has no relationship to that institutionally important bit.  Because, real comedy requires a specific intent, plus execution, leading to the audience at least getting the joke, the bit, at a superficial level.  Sucking is not intent.  It's the result of lack of talent.  

So here goes.  Leper Messiah is to stand up comedy, what scat is to porn.  There is a wide range of acts that fall under porn.  Scat is likely the most revolting, that isn't illegal.  And just about every one else, no matter their weird but legal bent, are revolted by those who do scat, and those who like scat.

I am done here.  Now fuck off.

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Monday, June 10, 2024

I don't have time to read biographies of people I don't respect, unless

 Someone pays me.  That is what I basically do for a living. I read shit you would have to pay me to read.

More is the point. I don't favor biographies. Specifically autobiography.  That sub genre is about as suspect as it gets.  Particularly, when the autobiographer has an ego that is several orders of magnitude above his meager accomplishments.

So I ain't never fucking ever gonna read Glenn Loury's doorstop. 

I read two reviews of it today. Even the one written by a political admirer remarks how much of an unflattering picture Loury on Loury drew of himself.  I don't know for sure.  But seems to me.  This blowhard who not only is a self appointed intellectual.  But also is a self appointed moral agent, at least when he wants to tell other people how they should live.  Because that is what Republicans do no matter how bad material they are, for moral fiber sources.  But more based on the observations of the reviewer in the NYT piece.  Loury seems to admire his own inner thug, and history of his street life.

Sounds like pretty sad shit to me.  And the disturbingly hilarious part of the whole perverse spectacle?  Loury has, seemingly, no idea how sad he is.  Even if he gave up crack years ago.  He comes across as still something of a crack head.  

I don't say that to be insulting. Oftentimes, the main difference between a still crack head and an ex is just the not smoking crack anymore, part.  Note, I do not mean to say every recovering crack addict will always have the personality of a crack head, for life.  But until now, I just took Loury for a delusional, egotistical, narcissist with above average intelligence, but not even a tiny bit of actual genius, who at the same time, was resentful that most of the world clearly was not impressed by him.  And he thinks they should.  However, viewing him as a recovering crack addict?  It makes sense to me now, how he seems to be so clueless to the actual, objective impression he makes on the wider swath of humanity.

And for what ever fucked up reasons.  And there is scholarship on this point, specifically due to the right wing popularity of that human dumpster fire I call bozo, or the Leper Messiah,  The previous president?

Right wingers love them some toxic personalities. So Loury gets some superficial love from the right wing.  Because he is useful for their white supremacist agenda.  But otherwise, he is a not very likeable person who just wrote a book about how not very likeable he is, actually.  As I frequently say or at least think.  There is a market for that shit.  I am not that market.

Like I said.  Sad.

I can end it here.

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Sunday, June 09, 2024

White People Trends Are Not World Trends

 Not Naming names.  But I came across a mention of the latest trend for white American girls.  The trend doesn't matter.  I am sick and tired of things that white Americans are into, being universalized.  White people might be two thirds of the USA.  But less than 20% of the world population.

Get over yourselves!

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Why Does She Think What She Thinks Makes Any Sense? Rhetorical Question, But

 The OWL is at it again.  But I am minimizing my posts about her.  Might just give up, as I am cutting way back on . . . the tiresome.  Anyway. . .

Earlier this week, she posted on her blog, about  some article that mentioned some super serious, tiny dancer student, who did not want to mess with the most basic movement class.  She wanted to wait till next year, when they actually teach the tiny ones how to dance. The Owl asked the insane question:

"Is it okay to love seriousness in 5-year-olds? Mostly, we want the very young to laugh and play — experience delight. What's up with early-arising seriousness?"

Where to start?  She knows nothing about human psychology, never mind early childhood development psychology issues.  How the fuck can a human in America make to their 70s, and seem to be amazed by super serious children?  She spent the bulk of her adult career on a college campus.  Granted, at the law school.  But college campuses are fertile ground for super serious children.  Not all, but many faculty brats are like that. 

I won't go much longer, but I am a big ballet fan.  I love going to the matinee.  And there I get to see the fun loving , silly young girls who are high on the experience.  But.  I also get to see the kids from the ballet company school who see the afternoon performance, after morning class. So I am personally used to seeing tiny, serious ballerinas.

But that level of seriousness is all over.  Sports, academic subjects, other pursuits.  Nothing new or remarkable about super serious kids, lady!

Again.  Like I said before.  She doesn't get the limitations of  her own barely, likely above average mind.  To be fair, I have, only, an above average mind. But I know it.

Now on to politics.  And her sympathy for the devil,  I mean bozo.

Despite the legally trained mind that was a legal academic mind.  Se has bought into the other big lie.  The one about how bozo's enemies have allegedly twisted the legal system to go after him, for political reasons.

Because the Manhattan DA is in some "conspiracy"  with the Biden admin., for bringing State of NY charges from before Biden  even, was POTUS, against bozo?

I am reminded of the time in my juvee defense lawyer days, when the judge painfully explained to the prosecutor they had over charged some shop lifting kids, as being part of a criminal conspiracy,  Which bumps a misdemeanor to a felony.  Short version is, the judge explained the kids were shop lifting at the same time. That is not necessarily a conspiracy.  By the same token, several criminal law suits against bozo at the same time, is likely just that. The inability to think the defendant is more likely a recidivist, career criminal, but instead is some victim of a political witch hunt, is to my mind . . .

evidence of a broken mind.

I will end it there.

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