Monday, March 25, 2024

Bloodbaths, and Bias, and Brain Farts

 I don't click links to Joe Rogan.  He doesn't merit it.  And I am only mentioning him as the OWL's post that triggered me here?  It deals with something that happened on one of his podcasts.  He had Psychologist Jonathan Haidt on.  And they talked about the now infamous bloodbath comment.  Owl said she was disappointed in him because . . .  badly articulated reasons.  But the seeming gist was, they used an edited clip of the remarks, and Haidt . . . did not condone the use of the extremely violent rhetoric? I guess?

She often fails to attempt to make a point, often.  She often just posts shit, and leave it to the observer to figure out her position or why, why posts the shit?  Here she failed to connect the dots.  She likely would have penalized that level of failing to make sense, when she was a law prof.  I have to guess.  Anyway . . . 

I call her out for being awful.  Just because someone doesn't agree with her, doesn't mean they are "mentally failing," as she says.   Just because someone doesn't share your biases, doesn't mean they are cognitively failing.

Now granted.  One's view on how horrible the bloodbath comment was, may be  greatly affect by how one feels about bozo?  And yet.  Reasonable, neutral minds  could be offended by the use of that bloodbath comment, even given the full context.   Never mind, that according to objective psychologists and people who just grade hard on that kind of violent shit.  The ex president I call bozo, is not what passes for a clear and thoughtful communicator.  So anyone who claims to be sure what the fuck he is saying, isn't. Very often.

Lastly.  As someone who got dinged for saying, "Burn the motherfucker down, metaphorically speaking," on FB.  I can attest to the fact.  Some people have no fucking tolerance for that violent rhetoric, even when the fact it is being used metaphorically is clearly stated.  (Which bozo never does, at first at least.)

But I was  likely dealing with a bot.

But that bot was created by a live human.  I guess.

The OWL is really too fucking willing to cut the crazy ex president slack.  That is how I see it.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

The Big Short (2015) - Jared Vennett's Pitch to Front Point Partners (Je...

All of a sudden, This clip reminds me of a certain ex president's real estate business.

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Re That Appellate Bond Requirement? The Idea He will Force a Seizure of His Business?

 "Should Trump lose his appeal, the full amount of the judgment, interest and fees would have to be paid within 10 days of the appellate decision. And to be able to do that, the surety company must have collateral that is reasonably liquid.

Appellate bonds are typically collateralized with cash or liquid securities, not real estate assets. That is because once an appeal is decided, the surety company has a short window to pay the judgment. And, of course, real estate is not easy to liquidate quickly, at least not without a very substantial “haircut.”

Could an appellant secure a bond without collateral? Maybe, if the reputable company had liquid assets of seven times the bond amount and fixed assets between 15 and 20 times the bond amount. Trump is having trouble securing a bond because he doesn’t have $500 million in cash for collateral, let alone seven times that to bond the appeal without collateral."

 No one is willing to take his shitty real estate holdings as collateral for the bond!  No one legitimate, so far.  

How stupid to think bozo wants to "force" a seizure of his business "assets."

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

To Be As Kind To The OWL As I Can. People Are Free To Make Wild Guesses.

 But is not the way to look smart.  To spew shit like Drunk Uncle, at the bar, on his fifth brewski.

Here is the context  A very biased, pro bozo article in The Post, where it is guessed that bozo might just let NYAG seize his properties.   As if not being able to post cash or bond is "letting" anyone do anything for an appeal of a civil judgment pending appeal.  Anyway, this is the retired law prof's thoughts on the matter:

"I've been thinking about this. Trump could let the March 25th deadline arrive and force James to act. Let her seize Trump Tower. How will that look? How can she manage the place? What will people think? Is he calling her bluff?"

It's not a bluff.  It's court procedure.  And this is fucking NY City!  Any number of experienced managers will gladly manage the property.  For fees.  And or put that shit on the market.  For fees.

Now the article regurgitates what has to be a mostly bullshit line about how no one will want to do business in NYC anymore.  That was allegedly a quote from someone close to bozo.  And there was some other line of bullshit that bozo losing his property will help him in the election?  Not likely.  And granted, I really want him to go so fucking nuts  the protective detail has to admit him to a psych ward, or hospital.  I don't have odds of it, but hey.  He is getting crazier, and crazier.  He might not even make it to the convention. As in, physically unable to be there.  Even maybe not able to be on camera remotely  (from a hospital room.)

Like I said. People are free to make wild if not and also stupid guesses.

For the record, I am not predicting his total mental break down.  But like Wednesday Addams says in the one movie.  "Wait."

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Sunday, March 17, 2024

But What if That is the Ultimate Hell?

 For months, I have been describing the current social and political reality, featuring the monster I call bozo, as a dominant force in the land, as:

"A bummer bad acid flashback, in the middle of a bummer bad acid trip."

And as well, as not only a nightmare, but someone else's.  As my own nightmares would be better scripted, and more entertaining.  Which historically speaking as the sole user of my own mind, usually has been the case.

But what if that is the ultimate nightmare?  To be stuck in someone else's hell scape?

I will end this quickly and just say, getting stuck in either bozo's or any of his follower's ratchet, toxic, diseased minds would be a horror of horrors, for me.  Just having to share existence with them, is torture enough. And if that violent, hate mongering horde gets control of the Gvt again?  It will be a whole other level.  Just a few minutes ago.  I saw some headline quoting bozo saying, he wants to jail the members of the Jan 6 Committee.  Yes.  It is that bad in America. It is definitely  a nightmare, no matter who's?


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Friday, March 15, 2024

The Text of that Petition about Bozo's Mental Disease and Dysfunction.

 The OWL should take note!  But she might post about it  and change words here and there!  

Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned licensed medical and mental health professionals (INCLUDE YOUR ADVANCED DEGREE IN YOUR LAST NAME WITH NO PUNCTUATION) believe that, while a definitive diagnosis would require further testing, Donald Trump is showing unmistakable signs of dementia based on his public behavior and informant reports that show progressive deterioration in memory, thinking, ability to use language, behavior, and both gross and fine motor skills. 

1) Decline from baseline:

Overall, he shows a shocking decline in verbal fluency from his previous baseline. He was once highly articulate, with a sophisticated vocabulary, and spoke in polished paragraphs. Now, his vocabulary is impoverished, he often has difficulty finishing a thought, sentence or even a word. Typical of dementia patients he perseverates and overuses superlatives and filler words.

People who worked closely with Trump during his administration are reporting a shocking deterioration in just 4 years.

2) Memory:

Forgetting names and dates is normal for people who are aging (like Joe Biden). But the Dementia Care Society says "confusing people and generations" is a sign of advanced dementia. Recently, Trump confused Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi. 8 times he said he was running against Obama. He didn't look like he was joking. An example of confusing generations: Trump said his father was born in Germany, when that was his grandfather. Michael Wolff wrote Trump not infrequently failed to recognize old friends.

3) Language

Trump shows formal signs of disordered speech we typically see only in organically impaired patients. Trump is verbalizing an increasing number of  "phonemic paraphasias. Using non-words in place of real words that may include a fragment of the actual word. For example saying "mishuz" instead of missile, or "Chrishus" insead of Christmas. Sometimes he just uses sounds that don't resemble words at all. 

Trump evidences ‘semantic aphasia’ where he uses words in the wrong way. For example, "the oranges of the investigation."

Trump evidences "tangential thinking" where he drifts from one unrelated thought to another, and sometimes tries to confabulate them into a story. But the narrative is literally incoherent. With increasing frequency he degenerates into literal incoherence, where no one can tell what he was trying to say.

4) Motor:

Trump shows evidence of a "wide based gait" commonly found among patients with dementia. He swings his right leg in a semi-circle as if it were a dead weight. He also show deterioration in fine motor coordination, for example having difficulty drinking a bottle of water.

5) Behavior:

He is showing marked deterioration in impulse control and judgement.

This represents a unique danger because of Trump's pre-existing Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As he continues to deteriorate he will become even more erratic, impulsive, paranoid, and aggressive than he already is. 

A demented malignant narcissist as president of the United States would have unimaginably catastrophic consequences, and so we feel an ethical obligation to warn the public, and urge the media to cover this national emergency.

Signers, please leave a comment explaining your clinical rationale for signing the petition. Your voice and your words matters

 Link To Petition

Here is an article about it.

"Experts are desperate to warn the public": Hundreds sign Dr. John Gartner's Trump dementia petition




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It's Not Really Something To Be Proud Of, OWL!

 Your I'm a contrarian, act!  But yes.  There is this mostly unaffiliated cadre who are proud about being contrarian. Which is not the same as being an iconoclast.

According to Merriam-Webster, an iconoclast is:  

 a person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions.

But a contrarian is:

someone who takes an opposing position or attitude, especially one that rejects the majority opinion

It seems similar, but the iconoclasts tend to mean it. Contrarians are likely to be doing it for shits and grins.  It's all about intent.  Think about those assholes who say they want to do a thought experiment, and then say something shocking and trollish?  Yecch!  Fuck those guys!

Anyway.  The OWL has an annoying habit of rewriting the articles she sometimes posts on her blog. Edit  by word suggestions, more than even at the full sentence level. Which can be vexing, when she spins critics of bozo.  But at least she is doing it in public, honestly?  As opposed to the spin doctors who actively seem to be either in denial that bozo is a dangerous, mentally diseased person.  Or, are willing to play along that he isn't, for whatever base and vile reasons.

I think she might actually be somewhat sincere in her feeling sorry for bozo being called a dangerous, mentally diseased person, when called or inferred to be a dangerous, mentally diseased person.  Like in the article that OWL posted about today.

Some people might believe that in of itself is evidence of one being a dangerous mentally diseased person, themselves. I invite you to guess if I believe that?

In another light.  This whole contrarian act is pretty much an invitation to anyone who sees it, to assume the worst about the contrarian. That they might actually believe the contrarian bullshit they publish, while being contrarian.

Which is why the contrarian act is lame, and for morons. 

Express yourself clearly about what you believe, or don't.  You do you, boo.  And if you don't?  Any misunderstand is on you boo!

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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Why Do I Bother Even Looking at the OWL's Blog?

 Because it's a few minutes not paying attention to depressing real important shit.  In any case:

But I will give her a tiny bit of credit in that both media, and fake media, and fake people mis repeatedly use words a lot.   So at the metal level, she has a tiny point.  It's her choice here that is comical.

Historic, as in . . . .has it been done before?  So this is a first in (known) history. That is an easy thing to understand.

So this usage she focuses on, is just plain 3rd grader dumb. As in, a 3rd grader can see the flow in her observation.

Now I do have some word peeves.  I hate it when people seem to misuse decimate.  As that used to have a very specific meaning:  reduce by 10%.  Specifically, the membership of a disobedient Roman  Century, where it gets broken down to units of 10 soldiers, who have to decide which one of them has to die, at that hands of the others.

But due to more likely just not knowing  the meaning, never mind origin, people now use if for any slaughter.

I learned the lesson, decades ago, that one really has better shit to do than fight word usage.  Except when politicians do it to spread misinformation about issues. Now then. Go have at it!  Protect truth to protect then nation and the people.  Let the trivia alone.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Even More Shit I Can't Post On Facebook

 Because that is where my stalker is.  Seeming a stalker.

But today especially, I posted a bunch of shit about delusional connections between people.  Even went back in the vault and talked about one of my real world relationships that ended.  Not all that badly.  But it was a unproductive investment of time, energy, and resources on my part.  She ran off with some Chilean bartender she met on some dating app.

Point of that recital was, as I plainly said.  Take people as you find them.  If they are not that into you?  Move on.

Sunday, March 03, 2024

The Migration Period: How Europe was Born

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