Thursday, February 29, 2024

Yo! Glenn Loury and John McWhorter!

A new book that shows you are white supremacist enablers.  With that shit you say, when you say that stupid assed shit about the superiority of so called Western Culture.  All you really need to know is: 

Roman empire expanded West and North.  


Savage tribes moved West. Dark Ages.  

Moorish conquest happened, and ended the fucking Dark Ages,  you morons!

Honestly.  I consider any man, woman, non binary, or other being who thinks so called Western Culture is superior, as too stupid to waste my time talking to.

Life is too short for idiots.

And if part of your understanding of the world and the people in it, matches the slogan of notorious white supremacist org., The Proud Boys?  You got problems beyond being merely and just stupid.

I am tagging the OWL.  Because to me she seems like that kind of white lady.  Now she to my knowledge, hasn't said anything as flat out idiotic as the two Black professors have about so called about Western Culture.  But.  I am not expecting her to be the kind of rational and objective person to know and confirm.  If there is anything at all superior about so called Western Culture it is because all of it comes from places either South and or East of the West.  But if she is, sorry in advance!

Sad part of this is excepting unless one grew up an an extremely backward part of America, in the 50s though now.  You should have learned the core facts about this, by end of 9th grade.  Even if American text books tend to be biased.  

New Book on Myth of So Called Western Civilization 


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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Why You Should Call MAGA Morons American Nazis, Without Guilt!


"Remember. Most Nazis were not personally murderers. They were just complicit in millions and millions of murders."

That was the last line of the post I put up on my FB wall this morning. It wasn't the first time I went there. And even people I respect disagree with me on the description. Rachel Maddow went on record a few weeks ago, arguing that calling them Nazis doesn't help. I beg to differ. Above you can see the last prong on my argument why we should call them American Nazis? The image here is what triggered me to go there, this morning. And the article I took the screen cap from was a second page search return for my googling, "What kind of person finds trump funny?"

So here below is the rest of my argument. But spoiler alert. It comes down to the nature of the people, their world view, more than actually having committed mass murder. Being a Nazi is a frame of mind. Addendum.


"They are American Nazis.

And when I say that, I am not saying each and every American Nazi wants to put on a uniform and join either the Waffen SS (crack military units who engaged in war crimes now and then,) or the SS-Totenkopfverbände; the monsters who ran the death camps.
Although some have those kinds of sick fantasies, I am certain.
When I say they are Nazis I mean, they are like the millions of mean, stupid, bigoted people who helped put the Nazis in office by voting for the Nazi party, and joining the party. And for continuing to support the party and regime. Even if they personally never slaughtered French citizens during the retreat, or rounded up, guarded, and or killed anyone in any death camp, or other barbaric acts."

Addendum. Did not go here on FB. I need to spend some time coming up with a better term for "The Collaborators." People like the OWL, who while not being part of the MAGA moron horde, still go out of their way to give aid and comfort to bozo, and the like.

Stooge seems harsh. Because no one wants to be called one. but the definition fits, for anyone so badly mentally disabled they are sympathetic to American Nazis, even if not one, themselves.

  1. 1.
    a person who serves merely to support or assist others, particularly in doing unpleasant work.
    "he seems more like a stooge than a master criminal"

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Fear of a Black playing Country music.

So Queen Bey released some Country songs from her new, unreleased album.

Rhiannon Giddens is featured on one of the tracks, playing some banjo.  I discovered her more than a year ago.  And now, some white supremacists are complaining that Blacks are taking Country from them.

Well, that really ain't true.  It might be an overstatement of fact to say they stole if from us, first.  But just like most "American" music. If it were not ours, Black folks' music, singularly, first, it was built on stuff that was first, ours.

I am tagging John McWhorter, because he is the Black man so stupid he runs around saying "Western Culture" is the best.  But that Black man does not mean, far as I know, because it is greatly stolen from other, not white European folk.  And I am tagging the OWL because even if she hasn't mentioned this "story" yet on her blog.  If and when she does, she will either say something so ignorant about Black  folk I will want to lump her in with certain, unsavory and ignorant (regarding not white folk,)  white Americans.  Or she will do that odious thing, given the number of unsavory and ignorant (regarding not white folk,)  white Americans who comment on her blog.  She will post something about the white supremacist driven fake controversy, without real comment, and let the white supremacist trash spew any kind of anti Black white supremacist trash they like in the comments section, short of using the En word.  As if use of the En word is singularly the signifier one is white supremacist?   

I do babble sometimes.   I need to get back to watching the vid.

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Monday, February 19, 2024

The OWL Hearts Bozo!

 "The nearly $355 million disgorgement was, as the law requires, based on the Trump Organization’s ill-gotten gains, including reduced interest rates on loans and profits from two deals that would not have occurred without Trump having lied about his financials."

Why the Huge Penalty in Trump Fraud Trial? 

I am probably breaking some standard composition rule, for front loading what I think is the most critical fact about the verdict in bozo's fraud trial.  This isn't a figure for a fine pulled out of the air.  Like a punitive damages finding by a jury in some defamation, and shit case.  Like what happened in that case against Oberlin College.  Where the jury awarded $33M when even the alleged compensatory damages were flat out fictitious claims, at best.  In the NY fraud case, the fines are based on bozo's company's ill gotten gains.

And who seems to disagree with that?  The OWL.  Former law professor, who seems to have sweet spot for bozo.  Instead of recognizing that bozo was a crook, and got caught.  Shit.  I used to be a member of the defense bar. Even I admit.   People do bad shit.  They break the law.  And get caught.  It's kind of the social reason for having law courts and shit?  

I mean I get, it when the corrupt political hacks affiliated with The Federalist Society  rush to defend bozo.  It's seemingly required to be a proper member of that club.  But the OWL really isn't a member of those clubs?

What is her deal, I will never know.  She does such a terrible of of expressing her thoughts that, and this is my opinion, only.  They look and smell like ripe stinky brain farts.  That is metaphor.  She just doesn't seem to make a lick of sense.  Often.  Enough.  Even when the subject is law.  It's like she doesn't understand the most basic concepts.  Such as if one engages in fraud, to the verified level of  $355 million. One should be forced to pay the fine.  Of $355 million.

It might be true that some paranoid people might actually have people chasing after them.  And as well, some people who have people after them, might really be bad people.  And the people chasing after them, have factual and legal cause to do so.

Last point, and I will make a similar argument, in form.  I was there at the victory party for Tish James' first election to AG NY.  So I heard her say she was going after that crook. And to me it was less of a personal or political promise.  It was more like when, some 18th century village is plagued by a wolf.  And the previous constable failed to catch the wolf.  And someone else stands up and says something like:  "Make me the constable.  I will go after the wolf.  I will catch the wolf."  

Even if I am not a New Yorker by address,  I am a native of the area.  And for most of my adult life, a NY worker and taxpayer.  So like so many natives.  I knew that bozo was even if not a wolf."  He was a chizzler, and a cheat, and a fraud.  And I like the idea of his ill gotten gains going to the coffers of NY.  Hope they make good use of the money.  The city, particularly, needs it!

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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Everyone is Fucked!

 Senator Vance Shamelessly Fluffs Trump.

I am not encouraging anyone to read this. Afterall. Nothing new about the low rent, low class trash that gets elected as Republicans, fluffing for bozo. They are not the ruling class. They are the minions of the ruling class. Being even a senator is too much like having a job. The ruling class do not have jobs. That is low class shit. They don't do low class shit. Mostly, most ruling class aristocrats follow that rule. Politics is low rent trash work, a job.

Don't get caught having a job. Having a job is low rent, trashy.

However, working on the family trust is not a job. It's looking after how family money is spent. Likewise, being on the board of directors of the family empire is not work. You are looking after the family assets. And you get to boss around or fire the CEO!

Ok. Baseline for my actual issue is set. I have said it before, but I wonder why the the ruling class hasn't retired bozo yet, and instead back a more reliable stooge?

I get why low rent, low class trash GOP senators kowtow to bozo. Never mind the GOP congresscritters. Most of that lot actually admire their Leper Messiah, bozo. But I will dismiss the GOP senators as bougie, or upper bougie, social climbing, two generations removed from plebes, who are willing to debase themselves for the sick, twisted, pathological lust for power.

I really don't get that pathology. I mean yeah. I rather live a life where nobody fucks with me or my shit. Who doesn't want that? But honestly, I don't want elected office. I don't want to be a senator or potus. Fuck that. I value my me time too much! But I digress.

Back to the ruling class. I really don't get it. Why haven't they realized that an unstable, nouveau riche, violently envious psychopath is a bad choice for guardian of their status and fortunes?

He isn't William F. Buckley. He isn't dedicated to the current social order, as much as he is personally greedy, and resentful. He despises the ruling class. Because he knows the ruling class despises him. And he actually sort of knows he is despicable. But he is who he is. And he will burn it all down, if that is what he thinks is necessary to appease his twisted ego, and sense of inferiority.

Not only are "we" fucked, if bozo get's back in the Oval. Even the ruling class is fucked. Because everyone and everything is at risk. All the fucking shit, is at risk!

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Thursday, February 08, 2024

The Fix is in? Maybe?

 More re the troubling SCOTUS hearing, on the Colorado ballot matter.

Now I post about this more on my FB wall.  But I must have posted here, more than once, that I believe the Federal courts (more than even the state courts) are so greatly corrupt, that I find them to be that.

SCOTUS is the worst offender.  Because the justices are the ultimate unsupervised players in the system.  I will get to that later, in context.  But first, let me say I predicted weeks ago, that SCOTUS was going to side with bozo on the disqualification case, but against him on immunity.  Some legal analysts  are saying they may have basically decided that already?  And well?  I can see that. There will be a post hearing conference on how they decide today's case.  But they can communicate with out being in the same room.  I am not swearing on the idea of a fix, though.  Seems to me  the immunity case is the weaker argument.  And they don't have to do more than just not grant the hearing.  Oh.  at least one person is suggesting  both actions could happen at  or near the same time.  So we shall see.

I won't go much longer.  But as evidence of corruption, consider the following.  One or more of the SCOTUS judges were too focused on what was only a possible outcome, instead of doing what they should have.  Focusing on the issue before them.

Few things say I am doing the job of being judge/justice wrong, like focusing on the result you don't want.  Focusing on the result you do want, is merely equally wrong.  And there is no judicial authority over them.

Well at least we might get a flaming dissent from Tia Sotomayor.

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Orals! Insurrection Case! General Thoughts!

 I was happy to hear A.J. Jackson question about insurrection.

That is the real matter here. No matter the semantics, the issue here is will they draw line here and block future Jan 6es, or not?
This is the most extreme Kabuki Theatre.
SCOTUS too often is Kabuki. But they do it more formally and quietly than The House or even The Senate. It's still a clown show.

Sunday, February 04, 2024

The Fake Trad Wife to OF trend #tradcon #tradwife #datingadvice #datingr...

I am not promoting this video, as much as I am discussing one of my more minor pet peeves:

mistaking internet trends for reality.

I am not in doubt there is an internet trend towards this . . .  let me find the right word . . .  content.  I will not call it a trend myself, as there is no available data that this statistically counts as more than cosplay, click bait,  fake bullshit.

But some people.  Even some retired law professors often fall for clickbait, be it cosplay or otherwise.  And post dumbassed shit on their blogs without doing the analysis:

Did the writer of the article I mean to share, actually do the research to support the naked claim, this is a trend?

At the next level, google the issue your damn self, and try to find the data your own damn self.

If you do not find data that supports the writer's argument? You should either post with a disclaimer:

"Warning! There seems to be no evidence to support what the article says.  I post for shits and grins, only!"  Or somesuch.

Of you should not post at all. We live in the Age of Disinformation.  Responsible humans should not contribute to the disinformation!

PS. I went with cosplay instead of LARP.  but honestly.  It's the same shit, different label.

I have a BA in Theatre, and my first career was in sho biz.  And after that, became a lawyer.  So I have a finely tuned sense for bullshit.  But I don't think people need the degrees I  have, to be able to ask themselves:

Is this shit I am seeing on line, real or fake?  Even better.  Should I ever assume some shit I am seeing on line, is real?   The answer to the second question is fuck no!  Never assume shit you  see on line, is real.  Wait for the proof, or go look it up yourself. If you are seeing shit on line? You are already likely on line.  Google that shit!

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