Monday, January 31, 2022

Fuck Them!

 Those people are called conservative.  They fucking suck.  They hold the rest of us back.  Fuck them and their backwards thinking.

Burn the motherfucker to the ground.  Metaphorically speaking.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

I agree with Prof. Dyson. The Current Anti Racism Movement Naturally Aims

to confront white people about their whiteness.  And the opposition to that includes, among other things, the bizarre hypocrisy of white supremacist denying all that shit, while deliberately and obviously working to preserve and protect white supremacy.

So the Rogan and Peterson minstrel show is further evidence of white supremacists trying to control the narrative.  I hate using that phrase.  But the story of white supremacy in America has always partly been about controlling the narrative. And that shit is weakened whenever Black and brown folk get to define ourselves.

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Friday, January 28, 2022

The Battle Over Critical Race Theory (feat. Kimberlé Crenshaw) | The Dai...

Often Caked In Shit.

 Continuing my themes about jibbering  nitwits, cult of free speech polluters, and how the internet is a toxic waste dump for ignorant people and their bullshit.  I will expand on my conceit.

This cult of free speech bullshit is like the municipal sewer lines.  Or maybe we need the internet to act more like a municipal waste removal system?  And the optimum system would transport the shit underground to a an enclosed treatment plant.  So discreet that the only people who actually have to deal with the shit is the "publisher" of the shit?

Yeah.  That would be best.  Because again I say.  I really am not a fan of people and the stupid shit they say and believe.  I love humanity, though.  I want to see humanity preserved, and protected, and enobled, and encouraged to develop in healthy ways.   And that is partly why I want to reduce and convert the shit into something less toxic, and keep that shit away from decent folk.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

In Communicating What You Believe

 You let the world know how ignorant you really are.

Rephrasing if not repeating myself.  I don't give a flying fuck about what you believe.  I am more interested in what you can prove.  That ties into my tag about the cult of incessant chatter.  What sane, rational, adult human has the time for that shit?  Well my default is, the older I get, the less time I have to waste on bullshit.

I will stop here.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

No Ann. I don't want that. No sane, rational human being should want that.

"I hope is that the material will show that Trump wasn't involved in planning or promoting breaking into the Capitol or committing any illegal acts. And isn't that what everyone should hope? " 

But confessing my biases.  I don't think any Bozo supporter, or even mere apologist, can objectively be sane and rational.  I will get back to bias. But first.  As the Spice Girls sang, "I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want."

I want the GOP put out of business.  I want it's leadership tried under criminal RICO laws, and sent to jail for decades.  I want the organizations sued under civil RICO, and bankrupted.  I want a true, genuine progressive party to be formed and become competitive, that could challenge the Democrats from the left.  The Democratic party would then be the more right wing party.  As many people say, it is primarily a center, center right party.  And I have been saying it for years.  the most right wing thing I have ever done in my whole life is join the Democratic party.

So no, no!  Fuck no, do I want any fucking thing to happen that does not lead to my wants being fulfilled. Never mind, no evidence being found ain't the same thing as it didn't happen.

But now on to the subject of bias, specifically noting one's own bias.

Admittedly not always, but frequently I expend the extra keystrokes to announce my bias as such.  It is a form of staying honest.  Too many people, even educated people, universalize.  I mean, they take their biases and announce them to the world as global, default positions, when all they are doing is publishing their biased opinions. There is nothing new about such bullshit. But I hold that moronic technique up as a bright if even not shiny example of why I think people fucking suck, and for the most part, I really do not respect what they think or say.  In the law we talk abut the burdens of pleading, proof, and persuasion.  Anyone's mere opinions fail to meet that standard.  And let us never forget.  Opinions are like an assholes.  Assholes are everywhere, and frequently caked in shit.

Any you know who does that dishonest, crooked, lame assed, 10 year old level of thinking, shitty trick all the fucking time?  The crooked ex POTUS who was 45th in the line.

Need I say more?

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Professor under fire for racist remarks on podcast

My hope here?  U. Penn. Law fires her, damn the tenure.  They only tell her why she was fired.  They tell her she was fired for publishing racist ideas.

Let her sue to keep her job.  And when U. Penn. Law is free to defend against the lawsuit, after she makes it public, because a lawsuit complaint is usually a public document?  Defend the lawsuit in public as much as they believe they can get away with.

My idea is not to give her grounds for another claim like defamation.  This racist lady has a track record of speaking when she she should zip it.  Let her leak that part to the world.  Then sandbag her.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

I am going to pick on John McWhorter for something other than his bitchy feud with the Anti Racists. Who don't like him. With obvious cause!

What is that line from the song, "America," from "West Side Story?"

"Better get rid of that accent!"

John's accent is a fugazy.  I don't believe many people outside of the NYC area, and some other Italian American hoods in the NE know it.  But fugazy means fake.  

First, why I feel entitled to make that call.  I was born and raised in Hudson County NJ; a county then run by the Genovese crime family.  Dat's how Iknowabout fugazys, ya mam'luke!  My mom was born in Mass.  My dad, closer to the city in southern CT.  And I had a severe lisp from buck teeth, and had to go to speech class a couple days a week, until I finally got my braces, to correct my mouth.  

I loved watching BBC and other Brit shit on PBS.  And then I went to college in VT,  and became a Theatre major, and got to work with a fine diction coach.   And a few years later, I went to law school in NH.  And when I lived for a few years just West of Philly on the Main Line, I asked my friend who was in the Master's Theatre program at Villanova, what he thought my accent was?  And he said, a watered down Beacon Hill.  And that was so cool to hear, as that was sort of what I was trying for.

Prince of New England, and shit.

I won't go long on McWhorter's  . . . . where the hell from, what the fuck is that, accent?  But as I said I was in the Philly area for a few years.  And I know he ain't from the Philly hood, hoods. But the boy does not sound like Main Line bougie. So. What the fuck?

In any case.   Great vid.  I should get back to it, and finish.


Dunning-Kruger vs Cult of Free Speech.


What is that old joke of mine?

"The internet.  Where people who don't know what the fuck they are talking about go, and prove it."  I don't believe I knew about Dunning-Kruger when I first came up with that joke.  But they are in the same vein, seems to me.

Anyway.  And I know I should stop posting about a certain blogger.  But her page is part of my daily monitoring loop.  So the shit going on there is usually on my mind, more so, when there is a train wreck there.  Sometimes  her chosen topic is the wreck itself.  Sometimes you have to go into the comments to see the twisted steel and blood stains.  Speaking metaphorically.  But today there as a winner winner, chicken dinner, of a two-fer.

So she starts off the post with remarks from an article featuring of all bloody (literally) villains, Vlad Putin.  He shared some thoughts about cancel culture and racism.  Oddly enough this invader of countries, and assassination ordering despot has views that align with the usual GOP racist bullshit.  And I quote, "Obsessive emphasis on race is further dividing people."

Curious, but not really the issue, as she dovetailed that into a video featuring (JMO, and my deliberately being insulting) goat fucker and racist piece of shit Jordan Peterson.  He doesn't like diversity and inclusion and equity programs.  I have no interest in watching the vid myself, as I have no time to waste listening to a particularly whiny, privileged white guy bitching and moaning how life is so hard for white men.

Here is where it gets interesting.  One of the conspiracy kids in the comment sty went off on Peterson for not going far enough.  And later he goes off on the white supremacy friendly (JMO) lady blogger for being part of the anti white guy forces. She is a retired law professor, and as a result, part of the forces of evil arrayed against white guys, seemingly, according to the white supremacist, conspiracy kid.

I am going to move away from the 
white supremacy part and get to the Dunning-Kruger and cult of free speech angles.  The lady blogger is one of those sad idealist cultists who believes in the cult of free speech.  She actually believes that there is some use to letting some raving loon who seems to believe in replacement theory, and related . . . they are out to get all the white guys, conspiracy theories publish, have their say,  even on her blog.

So the raving loon has his own case of Dunning-Kruger, for the idiotic shit he believes.  And she has her own as she actually tried to steer this stubborn conspiracy kid to change his mind or behavior about anything.  Granted, I have done a bit of reading of the futility of even trying to convince a conspiracy kid of anything.  And years ago, I used to argue politics on line.  Futile.  It is futile.  It is not hard to figure out it is futile.

But admitting that is a refutation of one of the underlying philosophy of free speech.  So she may get it herself, she is wasting her time not only with that guy but even having a comment section?  But she already tried to micro manage it, a few months ago.  And that did not last long.  So she is in a shit hole of literally her own making.  

I think she should kill the comment section.  But I would have to guess her clicks diminished during that time all comments were curated by her and her husband, before publishing.   Yes, it is less entertaining that way. But it never gets that interesting to begin with. 

Quoting one of my favorite fictional characters, Cheryl, from "Archer."  

I go there, "Just for the shits, and grins, and screams."

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

(As With All I Say Here. Just My Nobody Opinion.) Congratulations Glenn Loury!

You keep on putting that racist (JMO) Penn Law professor Amy Wax on your sho-gram, and she keeps spewing racist bullshit.  She keeps getting in trouble.  If that was your intention?  Congratulations!  If not?  You need to stop giving racist (JMO) white ladies time on your sho-gram.   Before I get back on Amy's case (pun intended,)  I noticed you had that other racist (JMO) white lady, Heather MacDonald on, recently.  I am in no rush to watch that shit.  But I might take a peek when it lands on bloggingheads. The topic of the clip on the Youtube vid shows you are back on that childish, idiotic topic of patriotism.  I don't really seem to have a minute, leave alone more, to waste on that bullshit.  

Anyway.  Wax on, wax off.

(Ok.  I had fun with the "text" for the link.)

Penn Law Begins Process Against Amy Wax for Saying Anti Asian Racist Bullshit.

How racist is Wax's latest violation?  She is so lost and deep in her biases and prejudices, she went off the GOP marching orders.  The Grand Dragons of the GOP have decided to use Asians against the Blacks and the browns.  And that is clear with the GOP support for the Harvard lawsuit, where the claim is admission policies favor the Blacks and the browns over Asians. Likewise what happened in the VA governor's election.  Smarter people say the Asian population had something to do with that win.  One of the counties with a high number of Asians flipped and helped flip the state.

And there are other locales where the GOP is fighting against changing testing and admissions that are said to favor the Blacks and the browns over the Asians.

And here comes Amy, spewing some of the ugliest anti Asian bile, I have heard since I watched the first season of "Deadwood."

But there is a silver lining here.  The GOP is less likely to sacrifice its embarrassments than the Dems.  So she might still have some support.  Its a weird situation.  GOP hates Ivy League "Elites," at the same time they worship the members of their team that are.  They prefer the team to be loyal to the cause, but hate to take the side of Ivy League "elite" administrators.

What to do???

One last thought.  Even if I don't believe in the cult of free speech, and what gets called  "debates" as being a useful thing, usually.  I am Theatre people, and I love a spectacle.  I'd pay $25.00 for a good seat to watch Yale Law prof Amy Chua  (A.K.A. "Tiger Mom,") vs Amy Wax.  Set the subject as White Europeans are no better for America than Asians.  Let them at it!

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Monday, January 17, 2022

Yo! Glenn Loury and John McWhorter. So this white lady does a better job of explaining the Black experience in America then you two lunk headed negros.

The part where she explains how she got white audiences to get the history and warm up to supporting reparations is deeper in.  It was a joy, for me at least, to partake.

Marianne Williamson on CHALLENGING Biden from the Left, Andrew Yang, Rep...

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What Conservatives and Liberals Get Wrong About MLK Jr.? He was a Radical.

But honestly, I despise more how Republican racist white supremacists use that one line about "content of character."  That is flat out, white supremacist bullshit.  That is, on an emotional level.  But the practical and net harm the moderates are causing?  And I mean you fuckers, Sinema and Manchin?  You are not only discrediting MLK's memory and mission, by getting in the way of those Voting Rights bills.  You are effectively signing death warrants not only for the party, but the democratic republic, itself.

What was that line used by Civil War era Confederate diarist, Mary Chestnut about how the Confederacy died of a theory?  Well them two fucktards are on the edge of doing that to the whole country;  killing it over a long extinct idea about bipartisanship.  We had eight years of near lockstep obstruction by the GOP on almost everything Obama  tried to do.  And now we have had a year of that with Biden as POTUS.  What more fucking evidence do you need to get it, that bipartisanship is a lost cause, for almost all intents and purposes?

Monday, January 10, 2022

Why Republicans Don’t Want A Democracy

Motherfucking Republicans!  They are the Worst!

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Her Blog's Commenters are Poster Children for Dunning-Kruger. And I am Thinking Ann Althouse is on the Dunning-Kruger Spectrum Herself.

 Despite her list of achievements, Ann Althouse really acts really dumb sometimes.  But she has a right to be wrong, and dumb, both at the same time.  But what is triggering this post is not so much the underlying story of her blog post about the Ray Epps  conspiracy theory.  (Go look for yourself about that if you don't know of it yet.   I am not linking a legit news source, even, over some looney tunes, obviously insane conspiracy theory.)  But I am  . . .  perversely fascinated by her delusional views about herself and the importance of her voice to the world.  She takes her self as baselessly seriously as John McWhorter does, with out the record of published useless books he has.

First things first.  It is her blog.  She can do anything she likes there.  She can even break TOS for the host and risk being purged by the host.  And she most certainly can play devil's advocate over stories about conspiracy theories, claiming she is being a watch dog of the media.

Now she might be a well known blogger, but there are bony assed white teen girls who can barely dance, who are getting more notice on line  on TikTok than she ever has or will.  So yeah.  That is what I mean by takes her self baselessly seriously.  If she is lucky  some more influential blogger like instapundit will link her.  But even if.  The NYT don't give a shit about her opinion.  Even if they let her be a contributor for a short period of time, years and years ago.  So acting as if she is doing anything other than amusing her own self and anyone who reads her shit and is amused?  That is some pretty dumb stuff.

And on the other level.  In the comment thread she resorted to one of her more dumb, stupid human (blogger/writer) tricks.  She often seems to be serious when she challenges people to do shit in her posts.  She does that lame assed . . .  the paper should have done this.  The writer should have asked that shit, in her post.  But she went a bit further and issued a command to her Dunning-Krugerish conspiracy theory loving hive drones not to repeat the same dumb . . .  read this (illegitimate) source for the truth. . . comments they always actually seem to be making.  She said instead show her the evidence they got that the NYT did not seem to get.

Not that I care one way or another.  but that whole taking yourself too seriously thing can be evidence of mental deterioration, particularly when it is over trivial shit.  Just saying.

Speaking of that.  It was yesterday, while I was processing the goat fucking lunacy of GOP denialism over the (as I call it) attempted putsch of 1/6/2021 that it came to me.  Those people are not only as fucked up as a street corner crack ho.  They are as fucked up as street corner crack ho suffering withdrawal, while in a Malaria induced delusional fever.

And she was trying to get those kinds of  goat fucking loons to behave reasonably?  Talk about dumb shit.  Not just because, but I have gone long.  But over the years I have thought she was weak in some cognitive functions.  And her trying to get her goat fucking loons to behave like her former law students is really evidence of occupying some sort of position of the Dunning-Kruger Spectrum. If there actually is a spectrum. And if there isn't I call dibs on credit for the coinage!  But I digress.

She ain'ts as dysfunctional as her hive.  But she really is a weirdo.  Sometimes.  Just my opinion.  and that is why I bother to visit her blog. I go to see how bad the latest train wreck is.  And the conspiracy theory story thread is a 10 alarm catastrophe. Pretty cool stuff!

Oh.  I am using the word weirdo because I watched the Hawkeye series on Disney this past week.  And Yelena, one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time, used the word weird all the time.  So it is stuck in my head.  But I hear it in a (not real, actually) Russian accent. 

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Thursday, January 06, 2022

Anti-Critical Race Theory Politician Maud Maron Explains Her Position - ...

"Stop trying to propagandize children  to tell them that  the only way to look at their peers is through the lens of race."  --  Anti CRT white lady lawyer, who should have at least known better than to set herself up to be sandbagged in such an embarrassing self owned way.

"We did not invent that lens of race, though"  --  The Black guys.

Funny how it just gets clearer and clearer, it is still mostly about white supremacy in America.

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Oh The Irony.

 To explain.  There is a fauxtraversy over some law review refusing to publish some racist drivel from some known to harbor racist thoughts, law professor.  Some wing nuts are trying to frame this as some censorship thing.  As if publishers and their editors don't get to decide what they publish?

Fucking idiots! Free speech is an ideology, not a right.  No one has a right to say what ever they want in what ever medium they want, or access to  any audience they particularly want.

Grow the fuck up, bitches.

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