Monday, December 27, 2021

I can talk about this or I can talk about that.

 I can talk about how 

"Racial identity politics in what would become the US, started in 1619 when white colonists bought, and bought into the idea that blacks would make for good slaves as they looked so different than whites. Anyone too stupid to get that, and by extension, that every the fuck body else is merely catching up with identity politics? Is too fucking ignorant, or dishonest, or maybe both, to be taken more seriously than a bucket of vomit."

Or I can talk about how white supremacists often deliberately get this shit wrong on purpose, because they live to protect the remaining vestiges of white supremacism. 

PS.  The quoted chunk above is my own words regarding yet another chunk of the newest chat between Glenn Loury,  and that wanna be country club racist, Amy Wax.  If I were a film director looking for a stock bougie white racist lady?  I would run some Amy Wax clips to the casting agent, and tell them to get me one a them.  Get me someone who can do that shit!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

You Know You Are Dealing With Someone With a Lot of Prejudice

When they are entirely too comfortable in, as she herself admits, painting with a broad brush, about ethnic, nationality groups.  Personally, she reminds me of the snotty, upper class, well behaved racists who dominated the country before . . . . gasp, horror.  "Wokeness."  The Civil Rights Movement.  The end of Jim Crow.

Even Glenn had to try to get her to walk shit back.  It's funny about how at the end of this clip, she admits she is wrong.  But that is actually the clue that there is more going on there than meets the ears and eyes.  That flavor of racist bigot will go on, and on, and on, unless checked.  And they usually start right back saying their prejudicial racist bullshit before you can say, another Old Fashioned for me, please.  

They are are as toxic as a KKK bride.  But they are even more convinced of their superiority than trailer trash.  First they talk about abstract ideas like culture. And even then, they will talk about socio economic class.  But they eventually get around to generalizing about people from 'there.'  And good luck trying to get one of these brahmin bigots to admit they are wrong.  For real, admit it.  

Their bigoted world view is deeply ingrained.  Because their  world view is greatly centered on one absolute "truth."  They are better than anyone and everyone else.  And even when those other people from other places?  The best of the socially and professionally ambitious ones get here, and try to succeed and become proper little bougies?  There always is some if not a few reasons why those other people from other places just aren't good enough.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Let Us Not Go Too Far Down the Road. Maybe Just a Little Bit.


So I saw a tiny bit of a vid of the contrarian black guys from Blogging Heads on You Tube.  They had a chat on the cutting edge topic:  can blacks be racist?  Of course they said yes. I only got a minute into the vid, just in order to confirm that predictable for a black contrarian, fact.

Now before I go too far down that road, I am trying to be better about just letting people be wrong.  That is in line with my prime life directive to minimize agitation.  Despite the fact the world is so fucking agitating.  

Anyway,  at this point I honestly think that, and I also try to avoid absolutes.  I try to be a more honest communicator than those guys.  But I believe they both are greatly, even if not exclusively, seeking the approval of white people.  I could go long on that.  But.  I looked at the comments to the video.  And what did I find there but  a shit load of approving comments from admitted white people.

It is what it is.

But let's take a quick trip, not too far down the road. All the following words have different definitions, even if some are more related in concept than others:

prejudice, racism, chauvinism, intolerance, bias, bigotry.

I will stop there, as my point should be made already.  Many puny earthlings fuck that shit up out of ignorance.  Some do it deliberately to cater to an audience.  Personally  I like best the definition for racism that is included in the United Nation's

International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

"1. In this Convention, the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life."

Merely saying mean shit, when one is not at all part of the power structure, and by that I mean in the in group, is at minimum prejudicial and intolerant.  But it is not racism in the real meaning of the word.  Now the debate can rage forever that if a black person in America has some hate for white people?  They can be called a racist.  I am not going to fight and die on that hill.  But since during the past year I have shifted my focus to white supremacy (greatly, but not only because of useless, sideshow distractions like the professors' chat on this nonsense of a topic, which of course enables and is complicit with the white supremacists.)  I am going to say  the question is pretty much irrelevant.  Except for what I said in the parenthetical part.  These guys keep on breaking what I have repeatedly called the first rule:

Thou shalt  not help the  white supremacists.

And they keep on doing it.  They have a right to be wrong, though.  And I ain't gonna change their minds, even if they read this.

It is what it is.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Is America experiencing mass psychosis?


From yet another article talking about the mass psychosis that brought us the conspiracy theory loving, Qanon bullshit-believing, modern, evil GOP. It's not really that political. It's focus and view is more the psychological. I editorialized a wee bit there.

First the quote:

"And there are lots of people, like left-progressives, who asked: 'How did Trump get elected?' But once you really look into it, you're like, that was obvious because there's a huge part of America that's in between New York and LA, and those people are fed up and they feel forgotten."

Part of me wants to say, I am motherfuckingly exhaustedly tired of this talk, even if this is how those fragile fucks think. I am sick to death of hearing about how white Republicans, who are in many cases, living stable bougie lives, with their comfy homes, and electronic goodies, and favorite beer and bratwurst never being out of reach as long as the truck makes it to the Wal Mart on time, feel forgotten.

First world problems, much? Delusionally entitled much? Finding that modern life in a shallow, consumerist, corporate and advertising manipulated dystopia ain't satisfying enough?

As fucked up modern life is, and it is ripe fucked up and vapid. The problem with these people is not that they were forgotten. They might not be valued and validated enough to suit their immature, needy egos. But they still are the dominant market sector that corporate America caters to, and advertisers seek to convince to consume even more of the shit that is marketed to their tastes. Are these insane bitches really that racist and evil they are upset that corporations want to separate Black and brown, and gay, and other kinds of folk from their money too? Seems!

The problem is that they are self aware enough to know they are living shallow and meaningless lives of not always quiet desperation. And as a lot of these counterrevolutionary GOP, mostly digital warrior but many have been stockpiling guns and ammo, treasonous shits are middle aged?

Well you bitches should have been reading John Cheever and Phillip Roth, never mind Alice Walker and James Baldwin, back in the 70s and 80s, instead of watching "Dukes of Hazzard" and "Alf."

Sure. Reading about the often despair of human existence is not the most pleasure to be had. But if you keep shit in proper perspective, you might remain tethered to reality. That is ultimately the problem; disconnect from reality. The why of it might be interesting. But the real problem, as discussed in the article, is the being unhinged part.

Last thoughts. I am a lover of Junginan analysis. But in this case? I think the proper lens through which to view this toxic social disease is that of Dr. Albert Ellis, "one of the originators of the cognitive revolutionary paradigm shift in psychotherapy and an early proponent and developer of cognitive-behavioral therapies."

Off the top of my head, his core idea is that most neuroses are caused by unhelpful, harmful, sometimes baseless thoughts. And the goal is to change how and what people think. Get them to think more rationally. That is why his treatment form is called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Because it is focused on getting people to think more rationally.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The "Woke" Approach To Racial Politics Is A Dead End. Here's What Democr...

Not entirely done with this vid. And I do not totally agree with this guy.  And I think he is sort of making a false choice. We can have (I don't use that 'w' word  seriously)  extremely agitated and agitating activists at the same time we have electable progressives.

But my main point in posting.  And yet again, I was ready to tune out a certain contrarian black English Professor.  (Sidebar.  What a tiresome label and avocation to embrace.  "Hmm. You call yourself a contrarian?  Let me walk away from you and find someone interesting to talk to, like a toddler.")

But that professor who I will only mention by name in the labels?  He would do well to follow the example of Briahna's guest.  You can deconstruct "those people" with out calling them names, and impugning their character.  But I think the professor who I invoke here was more interested in taking shots on his adversaries, than doing anything constructive.

And I repeat.  His 200 page slam book is a not very shiny example of the . . . "Waaa!  Waaahhhaa!"  School of cry baby, "Those mean kinds who don't wanna play with me are a bunch of mean meanies!  Poopy Heads! I will get back on them," school of academic rigor.

How Dr. West let him in the Master Class vid, I will never get. But I get Dr. West is a kinder man than I am.  He is a genuine Christian. As I said elsewhere today.  I am a former Roman Catholic, who still is following some of that Roman shit.  

Bring on the games!  Send in the lions! Fight to the death, you gladiators!


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Friday, December 10, 2021

Get Your Heads Out Of Your Asses, Bitches! It's a Scam!


Growing up, and going to school in a very good public ed. district, and living on the border with NYC, and getting to see the Fifth Avenue mansions, and all the other things immense wealth produced.  That gave me a good idea of the difference between us and them.  And then, for a short period of time when I was fresh out of college, I did a temp gig at the Trusts Department of Citibank.  And it is a whole different level of awareness when you see the financial records of the people who own and run shit.

The system was made for them.  Not us.

Why So Many People Are Idiots. And Why There Seems To Be So Many More Idiots.

 Yet once more. I delve into the morass of a swamp of a quicksand pit that is human stupidity. As it says in the quote I will post below. The quick and intuitive kind of "judgment" is natural. But I am a hard ass. I don't like people all that much, and don't give a fuck if people get upset by my articulating uncomfortable truths. But we all are born with perhaps not an inner child but instead, an inner idiot.

The second style of judgment is basically science. So. My theory is those fucking morons who are anti science sort of know that science minded people are right. But they resent them too. They are too fond of their inner idiots, and have let their inner idiot take over so much of their functioning in the world that they are hostile to the other system. That is why they fight science.

Science reminds them they are lazy and stupid. And they know that is true, but hate being reminded of it. Just like a lot of white Republicans really hate being reminded they are basically racists. That shit is related!

Anyway. Before I get to the quote. I have been thinking a lot lately about the critical scene from "Mad Men." The one where Don Draper explains in a pitch meeting to Lucky Strike executives what the purpose of advertising (and the commercial economy it services,) really is. It exists to assure people that they are ok. And every and any thing that threatens that sense of being ok? Must be opposed.

That is modern life. Read the blurb below, and after that? Class Dismissed!

"Explaining gullibility
Gullibility occurs because we have evolved to deal with information using two fundamentally different systems, according to Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman.

System 1 thinking is fast, automatic, intuitive, uncritical and promotes accepting anecdotal and personal information as true. This was a useful and adaptive processing strategy in our ancestral environment of small, face-to-face groups, where trust was based on life-long relationships. However, this kind of thinking can be dangerous in the anonymous online world.

System 2 thinking is a much more recent human achievement; it is slow, analytical, rational and effortful, and leads to the thorough evaluation of incoming information.

While all humans use both intuitive and analytic thinking, system 2 thinking is the method of science, and is the best available antidote to gullibility. So, education tends to reduce gullibility and those who receive scientific training in critical, sceptical thinking also tend to be less gullible and less easily manipulated.

Differences in trust can also influence gullibility. This may be related to early childhood experiences, with the idea that trust in infancy sets the stage for a lifelong expectation the world will be a good and pleasant place to live." Gullible.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Critic of "Wokeness" CLASHES With Leftist Magazine Editor

I was hoping someone would deconstruct McW. and his bizarre book.  This guy does a very good job.  I won't go long, but McW., several times, sort of admits he is full of shit, but pretends to be some kind of Republican politician and doubles down on his bias.  I was thinking, wait till I finish it before commenting.  But a little before the 30:30 mark he gives up the charade.  Called repeatedly on his deception by omission of key facts that contradict his thesis?  He goes for the ultimate bullshit excuse. 

My book would have been 400 pages instead of 200 if I put all that in there, and no one would read it.

His antagonist, Nathan James Robinson,  is actually quite fair,  in the sense he is polite.  And not a lawyer, because he is not really trying to corner McW.  as much as he is trying to peel the layers of the onion.

But here is my take.  McW. admits a lot of animosity between him and some of the people he slams.  And since he bothered to bang out a 200 page book to slam them?  Well, res ipsa loquator. Or in the common tongue,

it is what it is.

And he sort of admits, first time I have seen him, heard him, that he really doesn't believe it when he says it's a religion.  He gives up that, if not fully at least in a sort of, opps  did I admit that sort of way.

My last comment.  Negro please.  If you are going to dabble in the social sciences?  Do the fucking work.  Anecdotes are shit, I tell you.  Shit as evidence of anything.

Oh. One bit further.  The math shit?  I was actually a weirdo kid in high school who could solve quadratic equations in my head.  And I had an intuitive sense, method, that did not follow standard methodology.  I actually flunked Algebra II  twice.  Until I had to retake it in summer school to go to my chosen Uni.  When forced to to it the usual way? I did it. 

But when someone at first denies that math is taught badly in USA no matter what color the students are.  And then admits, oh well.  I had it easier than most people?  Well  negro.  You admitted to being bullshit in your book  bro, backhandedly at least, again. And shit like that is is why I no longer think I could have a polite conversation with the man.  

Oh oh oh.  One last major piece of of bullshit?  You spent your entire adult life in academia, and you have the audacity to deny that faculty members have been trying to dog other faculty members in all sorts of petty and tricksy ways since even before Hamlet Prince of Denmark went off to Wittenberg?  Negro please!  I got sucked into the vortex that was my law school's faculty political abattoir as a student. But a kindly faculty member was my guide.  And I got out alive!

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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

John McWhorter Shares About Holding Power in Book "Woke Racism" | The View

So I was ready to put McWhorter and Loury back on indefinite mute. But I could not resist seeing how it went down with the ladies of The View.  This is at least part two of the clips.  Everyone seems on their best behavior.

Notes about McW.  I repeat my recent "No negro, fuck no," remarks about his basic lack of power to change any Black or brown lives for the better.  No one, for the most part, who he believes needs to hear what he has to say and could in theory be "helped" is part of his audience. The only good he can likely do is give some of his ill gotten money to people who can make good use of it. (Lots of worthy Black  and brown charities out there, bro!) I ain't calling him a sell out.  Mainly because you have to have been in the avante garde before you go commercial  and in doing so, sell out. He never was one of us. He might have been a liberal.  And he might still consider himself a liberal.  But I never have seen him at the radical's meetings.

And I have to call out his imitation William F. Buckley rap.  And furthermore, if you are thinking you are needed to defend the institutions and you see that is important to defend the institutions?   (More couch potato savior complex?) Ya know? Ya might be more than a little bit conservative.  But I repeat myself again.  Man might not be a sell out, but the man is clearly bought into the society as it now is.  Compared to me? Not literally, but burn the motherfucker down, as an imperative,  is more my speed.  And yes, I believe in preserving existing and enduring artistic forms and styles.  But I also believe in promoting the avante garde.  Because, not literally, but time to time we need to burn the motherfucker down.

I like to hear it when he admits  that yes there is systemic racism.  He is not unhinged.  And I like it when he talks about policies, and shit.  Welcome to my world.  Oh.  I have been in the trenches, and even used to be a lobbyist.  So you are welcome to actually come into the world I have had dabbled if not toiled in, time to time, for years and years!  I know the NYU Law Radicals, but I am sure there are Columbia Law  Radicals.  Go hang with them.  They might put you to use.  You can write sort of decently, English Professor.

I loved that last bit where Sunny tells him what time it is, or was, when the Civil Rights laws got passed.  Unfortunately the convo ended there.  I am still of the mind that I would be better off not having a convo with him, ever.  He still hurts my pretty brain.  Oddly enough, I would be better off having lunch with Loury even if he hurts my pretty brain, too.  But it might be worth my time  provided, I can lure him into a Cape Verdean restaurant in Providence, and have some cousins for back up, at least.  But I would love to bring them into the convo, particularly, some immigrant CV.  I would like Loury to hear the truth out of the mouth of peoples who were born and lived in a country were most everyone is mixed race, including the ruling class, and then moved here.  The eyes of someone who is Black/brown who immigrated here from a Black/brown country see way differently than the native born.  I can't speak for all, but as fucked up as shit looks to me, to my CV born cousins, it must seem twice as fucked up!

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Friday, December 03, 2021

Anger, Shame, Sadness, and Race in America | Glenn Loury & John McWhorte...

I was a little bit tempted to remark on the Youtube page.  but the fanbois over there are too fucking stupid and toxic.  I don't want near them. I don't swim in that shit. 

Yes, I had these too serious, and disturbingly funny, too full of themselves, negroes on indefinite mute.  But the attractor blurb over on the Bloggingheads.TV page led me to think there might be a little bit of introspection in this vid.  And there was.  It came late.  And it was . . . indicative of some really deep problems Glen has with his anger, and it seems related to his couch potato superman/savior complex.    I am not a psychologist.  But my guess is there is still some residual born again Christian, toxic malware running in his brain.  Just my guess.  Let me help Glen the tiny bit I can,  if there is any chance of him seeing this.  Actually, this applies to both professors.

No, no,  fuck no, negro no!  You are not going to do anything that will help the peoples on a macro level, doing and saying what you have been doing and saying.  I can all but guarantee that!  I am not saying stop trying.  That would be arrogant of me.  But I will say . . . as the discussion started off.  You negroes are wasting your time doing shit the way you do shit.  (Never mind your message.)

If the negroes you want to help never read or see what you publish, you are truly wasting your time. 

I might have said that on this blog regarding these guys before.  It is still as much true now.  If you want to go out there and try to help people one on one, fine.  Or if you want to contribute money to charities and let them spread your bread around where it could do any good, then fine.  But being angry at negroes ain't going to help.  It actually hurts your public standing, Glen.  You might get some stupid conservative fanbois cheering you on.  Toxic energy is their favorite fuel!  But people who actually know something about Psychology are gonna think.  He got some issues and could use some good counseling.  Work on those anger issues!  You will be a much happier person when you learn it is ok to say to yourself, fuckit. Those bitches are on their own.  Let me find a good Portuguese restaurant in Providence, and have some lovely arroz de marisco. 

But reality check.  You ain't got a single solution to anything. Not at all.  Anger might be an energy, but it is not a program for change.  And John?  You make more sense when you say conventional liberal stuff.  You might not be totally lost.  Yet.  But you really are not coming up with any new ideas.  Now you made a comparison between your field and engineering.  There are two kinds of engineers;  design and operating.  (Three, if you count sales engineers.) As a former real world operating engineer, you are at best that.  You have to invent shit to be a design engineer.  That is not only a fact but it is a dare.

Last observations.  Ya'll need to at least entertain the idea that you are totally wrong about everything and wasting your time, really deeply  think it through, in order to be an intellectually honest person.  Ya'll seem too certain in your biases, I mean opinions.

One more.  I had this thought before watching the vid.  And it is me at my passive aggressive best:

"You have an opinion about something? Good for you. Now let me go find someone interesting to talk to."

One really last more.  I am well aware of the really low hit rate I get on this page.  I am engaging in what is a mostly useless, ego satisfying to some extent, mostly performative activity.  But I know it. Now do you negroes know the same about yourselves?  I think John knows. He did have that one acute observation that his audience is mostly white,  and therefore not the people he claims to want to help.  But he is getting paid.  So it is more than some mere masturbatory exercise for him.  It's monetized!  

And Glen has some monetization side hustles going on, too.  Got to say that.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Why do we believe things that aren't true? | Philip Fernbach | TEDxMileHigh

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