Sunday, February 28, 2021

I am not going to point fingers at any particular blogger, but . . .

With all the piglet squealing about  diversity training and CRT?  Seems to me it is the same old shit.  Netflix's new short docu series about The 14th Amendment hammers home the point.  I am in the middle  of Episode 3.  "Wait."  It covers the 20th century civil rights movement.  And it shows that merely telling black and brown folk to wait for white folk to decide they are ready to give up privilege, is pretty much racism, even if a passive aggressive form.

And now for the current racist movement; resisting deconstruction of the remnants of white privilege. White racists really hate the argument, that if you  resist deconstruction of the remnants of white privilege, you yourself are a racist.  Because they see and understand the truth of it.  And they don't want to admit they are racists because that would make them bad people.  And it is easier to tell lies and gaslight their own selves than give up their white privilege. 

I am not going to point fingers at any particular blogger, but  if you give cover to racists who are obviously about the business of preserving their white privilege to ignore that shit, and not have to deal with black and brown people's genuine grievances? You might honestly think you are not a racist.  So I ask you, if only rhetorically.  What do you think is the right word for someone who who is a willing and knowing ally of flat out racists?


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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Current State of the GOP:

 It is a delusion of perception, tied to a delusion of entitlement.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

You Deserve to Go to Jail for Being that Stupid.

Back in 1969, Hells Angels were hired as security for a Stones concert.  Despite not being an established security company.  Shit went south, people died. 

I mention that historical fact to establish a fact based baseline.  If your job is not security, and you do not have the gig through an established security company, if you do not turn the gig down. You are a fucking moron who deserves to go to jail for being such a  fucking moron.  And if the felony or misdemeanor murder rule applies, based of the facts?  Which they do, based on my understanding of such, for anyone involved in the conspiracy to orchestrate the insurrection?  And if for some dumbassed reason you don't get charged with the murder count?  Consider yourself lucky, bitch.  (But that could happen, after the new USAG is sworn in.) 

I say all that because  one of the treasonous, trash insurrectionists is using that as part of their defense:  I was working security!  As bad as that is for a defense, one you remember how amateur 
security gigs are the stuff of fucking idiots?  It gets worse.  She claims to believe that Bozo was going to (illegally) invoke the insurrection act and (illegally) stop Congress from doing its  (actually) lawful constitutional duties and confirm Biden/Harris having been (lawfully) elected.

Yeah.  If she actually believed all that bullshit, she deserves to go to jail for being that fucking stupid.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

I am parking this shit here for now

I am mean.  The experts say be kind to people stuck in that shit. Or is it stuck on that shit?  Anyway, I still write off people who believe in conspiracy theories as mostly plain fucking stupid.  And one can have a college degree, and an advance degree after getting their BA or BS, and still be mostly plain fucking stupid.  Not that I want to give any moral support for those tiresome idiots who spend too much time being whiny, complaining anti elitists.  That is itself a form of elitism.  And one must be mostly plain fucking stupid not to see that.  But enough of that.

I do want to take issue with something said in this article.  Yes.  Lots of people, particularly those lacking in education, lack the knowledge to tell good primary authority from stupid shit, and know not a thing about disciplined thinking.  Now let's talk about my former friend who is a lawyer, and a graduate of BU  undergrad.  What the fuck is his excuse for not utilizing his trained at logical and critical thinking lawyer brain?

I could guess.  And yes.  None of the answers are pretty.  However, I am reminded of the declaration against interest I saw some pig fucking Republican admit to, on a message board, years ago.  He said he used stereotypes because, and I quote,"Saves time."

Like I said.  Not pretty, and mostly plain fucking stupid.

Funny how people who complain about the idea of white fragility

 Seem to be so fucking fragile.  There has been a story kicking around about some lady at Smith College.  She could very well be a perfectly nice lady, usually.  But she first got famous for posting a vid on YouTube complaining about racial sensitivity training.  Some such.

Quick sidebar.  I used to be an employment lawyer. Your job is basically to do what the fuck you are told to do.  Your job is not to be your most fulfilled, and expressive, authentic self.

So if you are complaining about what you are being told to do.  And as long as that is not illegal, unethical, or harmful to yourself or others?  If you complain  because it challenges you on some internal value level?   Go ahead and quit.  But you are not a martyr.  You are just fragile.

And if your internal value is some how related to your discomfort with how race sensitivity programs are triggering your white fragility, you are more than fragile. You too white.  You are trying to preserve the value of your white status.  And yes.  That is what racial sensitivity training is supposed to do.  It is supposed to challenge white people's value of being white.

I tried to read the lady's letter about quitting  with as much as an open mind as possible.  But when I got to the part where she was whining about how her presentation got shot down because she was planning on doing it as a rap song?  I had to stop reading.  Few things scream I am a white pickanny as loudly as a white lady being upset when told.  Loose the rap song.  Some people my take offense.

It takes talent to prove and miss the point why racial sensitivity training is needed in one instance.  Rethink that.  That likely is more common that I first thought.  I will guess.

Anyway. I always guessed the next critical step in decolonization of Racist America was going to be hard.  I thought  the extreme Republican racists would go down fighting and screaming.  That was an easy guess.  I did not expect better educated, liberal white women to be so fussy.

But that is the sickness of white privilege on full display for you.  Some people are going to resist having their presumptions challenged.  Even if they mean well, usually.

Nota Bene.  Education is the process we undergo to learn how to play by the rules, and also how to challenge the rules.  And hopefully at the same time, we gain the wisdom to know when to do the one or the other.

I could say that one should never quit the job they have on account of some mere socio political twaddle, at least not before you have the next job lined up.  But personally I have been part of the gig economy for most of the past 40 years.  But still. If you have a real job with benefits, don't vote with your feet until after you have the next job with benefits properly lined up.  


Friday, February 19, 2021

Peeps are still arguing that stupid argument.

 Let's say your local Neo Nazis are having a picnic.  And they are going to serve some kick ass strudel.  And you love strudel.  And you go to the picnic just for the strudel.  Didn't you still decide to hang out with Neo Nazis?

So much for the fine people on both sides, argument. 


That Algorithm is Unforgiving.

 I ended up in FB jail again. This time for a three day stretch. I actually bothered to complete the application for an appeal as the algorithm fucked me big time, and I have time to kill today.

My offense was to have  a race or ethnicity w/in 3 of a list of nasty words.  That is my guess.  But my actual post was a reference to how bad the Brazilian slave plantations were with that whole working people to death part.  And I said the Brazilians were as bad as the Dutch motherfuckers.  Murderers.

Basically all the slave colony nations were engaged in mass murder.  Some were worst at that across the board.  The Dutch were considered to be particularly brutal.  Even the Spanish were some of the time.  A lot depended on the work.  Sugar Cane was the worst.  If the work was live stock?  Not so bad. You wanted healthy skilled slaves for that work. So it was bad business to abuse and work to death your slaves under that circumstance.

Anyway.  I could paste the main body of my argument here, but I like what I have said so far.

And yes. I totally believe the black and brown folk are getting it worse from that damned algorithm.  I don't think it is deliberate.  But it is hard to criticize historical atrocities committed against not white folk by white folk, in the ordinary way people talk, and not risk setting off the alarm.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Shit I won't say on FB even if the bitch unfriended me already.

 No loss, really.  I knew she was a Republican.  But she did not engage me in my sort of constant posts calling them evil, and racist, and shit.  But apparently she was reading all the posts. Took them all personally.  Particularly, the all Republicans are racists, stuff.  We will get back to that.  But first!

What triggered her, was my remark that Rush Limbaugh did more harm to the USA than OBL.

And I did not flesh that out.  I did not even go on about how Rush normalized the grotesque as a if not the defining value of the GOP.  How grotesque Rush directly lead to grotesque DJT.

And she unfriended me before. I made the direct association between him and the cancer that killed him.

So the racism thing.  I say sometimes but not always.  If one is a Republican.  And one doesn't like it when people like me paint all Republicans as racists?  Don't get mad at me.  Get off your ass and work on purging your party of the racists.  Don't support the racists.  Don't excuse the racists.  Don't defend the racists.

Now for the part I will not post on FB.  

(I deleted the original shit.  If ya missed it ya missed it.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

White Pickaninny

 It has been some time, since I was a trend setter;  ahead of the curve.  Like four weeks, maybe?  

Anyway, I propose we dump the word "Karen," at least for the trashy, right wing, entitled skanks  who are at least racist adjacent, if not flaming racist, and instead call them, "White Pickaninnies."

I like this, and think it is fitting for several reasons.  Firstly, because I love the idea of taking a racist slur whites have used against blacks, and repurposing it against white racists. And secondly, because the term pickaninny historically brings to mind an exaggerated image.  As originally employed, in some instances, as there is a difference when young black children were called pickaninnies, as opposed to the caricatures found in print and other media, white racist Karens are actual living, breathing caricatures.  They are grotesques of their own making and choosing.  

I have been thinking about this topic, racist Karens, as I am feeling the weight of 21st Century Denialist Racism.  All them bitches who deny America is still racist?  All them bitches still fighting against CRT and 1619 Project, and who basically want to preserve white supremacy?  Fuck them!  Particularly fuck the ones in denial of their own flaming racist thoughts, beliefs, and words.  

I know enough about Psychology to know that people can be really good at denial.  But I am fucking sick of it.  I am fucking sick of being a Black/Brown in America, and being expected to treat, if only slightly, watered down racism as if it were a mere different POV.

I am so sick of that shit!

Anyway.  Some famous racist Republican died today.  Fuck him too.

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Sunday, February 14, 2021

I know I have no magical powers!

I can't stop white racist people who do not appreciate how racist they are, from thinking and expressing what are flat out racist ideas.  I can't even get them to consider that they make themselves look totally flaming racist, when ever they speak about anything having to do with black or brown folk.

Then again, hardly anyone sees my blog.  But me, I, yours truly is not the real point.  As because there is so much published advice of the same meaning out there, be it in long form non fiction book, essays, articles, videos and interview segments  on TV that there is no excuse.  There literally is no rational excuse at all, at least, why these white racist people who do not appreciate how racist they are, and that they make themselves look totally flaming racist, when ever they speak about anything having to do with black or brown folk.

Well there is Dunning-Kruger.  But Dunning-Kruger is a perfectly rational theory that explains totally irrational thinking.

So comes the real question.  How many of them are merely pretending not to appreciate how racist they are?

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Stop Complaining. And shut the fuck up!

I find each and every bitch who complains about so called cancel culture, or pimps viewpoint diversity, and/or breaking away from groupthink to be extremely tiresome.  The idea that people should be free from being judged, and judged harshly for their expressed opinions is truly alien to me.  Then again I started performing in public when I was nine.   I am no stranger to taking the risk. So . . .

I believe in the freedom to fail, to fail spectacularly, and have people say, "You suck!" And I believe that when I suck people have the right to run for the exits.

It is not so much that I want to live in a world where everyone is petrified to express themselves for fear of being judged. But I want to live in a world where no fucking one whines and complains when they are told they suck, their opinions suck. Or even told, fuck man, your opinions suck so bad you need to get the fuck away from me. And stay the fuck away from me, you fucking freak.

I don't ask much of the world. Do I?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

It Bears Saying, Repeating . . .

I don't suppose I know for sure what will work to end white on not white racism in America, although I know some writers like the late Derrick Bell had some good ideas.

But I am sure about what is necessary for it to end.  The social and other measures' value of being white must be reduced to zero.  And the vast majority of white folk are going to have to be ok with that.  But as long as either or both are not the case?  America will continue to be a fundamentally, if often subtly racist society.

For the record, I know I am not the first person to publish such a thought.  But it is Black History Month.  And I always am consuming a stream of white Republican racist bullshit, no matter the month.  And I want this shit to end.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Not Disgusted, but Disappointed


Again, it is Black History Month.  It is Festivus for the Black of us!

But seriously.  I've got to stop talking, either directly or indirectly,  about a certain retired U. Wisconsin Law Professor who habitually misunderstands any facet of race with the same complete ignorance we would expect from a 5 year old, on the question of how to properly calibrate the control rods for a nuclear breeder reactor.


Anyway, it seems  the racist trash who comment on her board were giving her racist shit for drawing the line for using the word nigger.  And related matters.  And a looney tunes tangent about the word elite, which should never be considered a pejorative, IMO.  And yea.  I just pulled out my "I'm Black so fuck you, I get to use the word,"  card.  And honestly, I rarely use the word.  But getting back on topic.

Not so much only on her, but I say the following to every person who thinks that drawing the line on that word is the moral high ground, if not the front lines of the fight against racist bullshit.  I am not sorry to inform her, or anyone else who thinks racism begins and ends on which side of the use of that word you are on.  That is not the line.  That clearly is not the front line.  That is miles behind the front lines.  That is the Champs-Élysées, in the early days of WWI, when men in Paris jumped into taxis and direct the drivers to take them to the front line.

Don't get me wrong.  I prefer people to plant their flag miles behind the front line than not plant it anywhere.  Or alternatively, like far too many of her racist hive, march under the Trump flag, the traitors' Confederate Jack, or the suspiciously Nazi Navy like Kekistan flag.  But Ann Althouse has too many race bases problems.  One is her own flaming ignorance.  And the other is her running a racist hive, of racist scum and villainy, where racist scum are free to say flat out racist bullshit like how they are tired of black people complaining.  And other rancid shit  I am not going to bother to go copy paste.

She is too affectionate of people (and by too much I mean at all) who would not pass even a circa 1977 are you a racist, test.  Never mind the stricter standards the CRT 2.0 camp are trying to shift the nation over to.

And the fact she felt the need to defend herself to her racist scum and villains?

I repeat.  Not Disgusted, but Disappointed,  If the CRT 2.0 scholars are too far out there, read or re read (as it were) some Derrick Bell.  Get your head closer to informed on race, if "woke" is a bridge too far for you.  But still.  As I said earlier this week.  Fucking stop talking about fucking shit in public you don't know shit about.  Not for my sake, but your own.

One last thing.  Fucking stop quoting McWhorter.  Now me?  I would enjoy having a few beers with him at Tap a Keg or more my speed, Dublin House,  and explain to him why so much of what he says about black race issues is wrong.  And I am sure he will eloquently respond in reply.  Hell, I would even sit down with Glen Lowry.  That would be more contentious. But ya.  I can do that.

Shit.   I have managed to go to Hillsdale College alumni events, without incident.  Then again,  I know when and what not to speak.  So again.  Fucking stop quoting McWhorter.  Fucking stop talking about race.  And you are more likely not to need to explain yourself to racist scum.  JMO!

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Monday, February 08, 2021

If you ain't black or brown


I am not going to name names.  I will not link to any particular infraction.

But if you ain't black or brown.  And as well, if you don't at least have credentials as an expert in race issues that most black or brown experts would and already have said, "He/she is ok.  They with us."

Just fucking say no to even talking about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.

First and foremost, we black and brown folk don't need to hear your bullshit.  It likely is going to be racist bullshit anyway.  You are likely to make shit worse by adding your unwanted comments to the discussion.

And here is the part you should worry about.  Particularly if the act, event, or default that has caused you to have a desire to talk about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness is yet another story about how some dumb assed, ignorant white person got "cancelled" for talking about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.  What the fuck is wrong with you?  Are you waiting for a personalized cease and desist latter?  For fuck's sake, take the obvious lesson, and stop talking about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.

It is not an act of bravery to talk about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness, when you are neither, and likely have no fucking idea what the motherfuck you are talking about.  It is an act of deliberate ignorance!  Even if you quote some right leaning black person who says things you agree about?  You are still you.  You should not talk about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.  Because you are white, and ignorant about shit like that.  And you are likely to say something racist yourself, particularly if you are quoting, either directly or even worse, indirectly some right leaning black person who says things you agree about.  Because you don't know what they are talking about, even if you agree with it.  Because every fucking right leaning black person who says things you agree about,  is pursuing their own agenda.  Not fucking yours.  Theirs.  It might be personal, academic, social, or political.  And likely is some combination of all.  And the percents of the components might shift day to day, hour to hour.  It is that person's life.  Fucking leave them to it!  Stop being so entitled and selfish!

I could go all day, or at least till my fingers hurt really badly, on this topic.  But I am looking for the door here.  So last thoughts.  If you run a blog.  And your blog comment section tends to drift to resembling a hive of racist scum and villainy, then you really really should just fucking say no to blogging about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.  Because you are not only likely to say something racist yourself, out of your white ignorance and recklessness.  But your doing so will encourage your scumbag racist commenters to say shit that is even more racist than the shit you said.  And then you are going to have to draw some virtually imaginary line for what is or is not tolerated.  (Because most white racists don't really get that they are racists.  But that fucking asshole who just said something you would never get caught saying?  They are the racists.  Not you.  Never you.) And in doing so, not just that confusing if not hypocritical flare up, but in daring to go down that path and getting stuck to several tar babies in the process (I can say that.  Not only am I black/brown, but I qualify for citizenship from a West African nation.)  You have proven the truth of my guidance:

Just fucking say no to even talking about anything having to do with human blackness, or brownness.

But are you smart enough to learn the lesson? As you are still trying to get the tar out of your blonde hair?


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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Impeachment Trial to Start Tomorrow.

 I hope enough GOPers come to follow

what it says there on Columbia's scroll. And as a result of that guidance, convict DJT and bar him from Federal office. Forever and ever.

Saturday, February 06, 2021

If Karen is just some (male, female, or other) bitch who complains too much, or

 without cause, or disproportionately to the unserious bullshit they chose to take offense to?  (Redundant blog disclaimer;  all content is my worthless opinion, just and only.)\  What is the correct term for a blogger who Karens?

Hey, am I the first person to turn Karen into a verb?  If so, I am so clever.

But I doubt I am the first, and you likely are not worthy.  But anyway . . .  we can just call them Karens.

I am thinking about you Ann Althouse.  You complain a lot about stupid shit.  Are you aware of how you complain about stupid shit so much?  And how complaining about shit is about as attractive a thing as rotting animal flesh after a good five or few more days?

If the stupid shit stories you see about stupid shit on the stupid Internet published by stupid people, who infect the stupid Internet like everyone with just at least half a stupid brain expect to find on the stupid Internet, so move you to have to kill poor defenseless digital bits to bitch and moan about it?  Get the fuck off the fucking internet for a while.  My advice.  Go spend a few weeks or months someplace with bad or no Wifi.  De fucking tox!

Ranting about random shit is just so 1988!

Granted, I personally go to her blog expecting some Karenesque train wreck.  But if your took some time off line I would not miss you, and likely  might do something else with the three to seven point five minutes of my daily life I will have suddenly available.

Just saying.


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