Saturday, June 30, 2012

It's All About Conflict of Interest. (Loyalty.)

What this guy says, in the clip so totally explains something that happened in my personal life, a few years back.  But I will not go there.  Better judgment is in control.  But take for guidance, this discussion on dishonesty.  Now I think I heard about this guy and this book before.  And his thing is conflict of interests.  How that people you deal with in ordinary life might not be really awful people, but if they see their interests going one way, and yours another?  Well they might chose their self interest over your interest.

I will cut to the chase and say beware when people's  interest diverges from yours.  At least, pay less attention to their words, per se, and judge them  based on where their seeming motives and actions  join, and where their actions  differ from their words.



Thursday, June 28, 2012


John Roberts did something not  totally evil today, siding with the liberal wing of the SCOTUS and finding most of the ACA  constitutional.

I still want him off the bench.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quoting Uncle Thomas on any Matter, is Not Recommended, But on Affirmative Action?

If there is the slightest truth in the assertion that (some) liberals are possibly being a tiny bit patronizing with their social programs  that might benefit minorities, then concern trolling over the possibility that Affirmative Action cheapens  a person or their degree?  That's flat out contemptuousness.

Again.  I think Ms. Althouse is honestly befuddled.  Granted, one must be to take Uncle Thomas's word for how worthless his Yale Law Degree was  (as my Jewish ancestors would say, oy vey!)  But Althouse seems to be one of those  . . .  how to describe such a critter?  She's one of those people who seems to totally miss the truth.  And the truth is, most people do not think people who make arguments are playing devil's advocate, or otherwise  engaging in some grand intellectual debate about petty and common things.  Most people will take people for advocating the ideas that come out of their mouths, and or are published by them in what ever media so fixed.

Do I really know what she thinks about AA  here?  Fuck if I know, really.  And the only reason I am not associating her with the stupid shit she's saying is, I know her pattern, and she gets off on argument the way any hobbyist usually gets off on their hobbies.  But she does advance that sort of concern toll argument that I find nauseating, regarding AA.  If she's merely quoting Uncle Thomas, or not?    I find that sort of argument . . . indefensible and saying so at the time so quoted, would be a good idea.  If one did not want to be associated with such a repugnant thought, idea, argument.

I'm using the Racism 2.0 tag here.   Because that anti AA argument is decades old, but it is one of the founding pillars of non proud-to-be-a-bigot racist thought.

Helping people is actually hurting them.

A cradle to grave system of assistance  is like being kept down on the plantation.  Because  being given good nutrition in school, being given a scholarship to go to college, getting a job down at the local Social Security  (what ever) office is the very same kind of harmful treatment as being a slave who's every day could be the one where they are beaten to death, raped to death, or just plain worked to death.

Ya.  That shit's the same!

What kind of stupid ass would fall for that shit?

For the record, I am not saying Althouse buys that particular  and particularly racist right wing argument.  But as often is the case, I have no fucking idea what she actually thinks.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Re that SCOTUS Decision on the Montana Law Against Corporate Corruption in Political Expenditures?

Impeach the Republicans on the Supreme Court. Or trade them to some visting space aliens for a handful of coloured glass beads.

If what I read is accurate, its as if the Republicans stuck their fingers in their ears, and sang,"La la la la la! Your real world facts mean nothing to us, Montana. In our fantasy land delusion, corporatons have never tried to corrupt government with large sums of money. Even if that is why you all put that law in place, a hundred years ago!"


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Way to Miss the Point, Althouse!

Naturally, she did not follow my counsel. Even if she were aware of it (and that's a remote maybe. Even if her husband hasn't trolled me in a long time.) But getting to the matter, Althouse is talking about race again. This time, it's about a story about how the demographics have to break for Teams Obama and Romney in the election for a win, by race of voters. She says, regarding the story and how the story that is obviously about breaking the future election down along racial lines, talks about breaking things down along racial lines:

"The "white margin to watch"... is that the way we talk now? I find that pretty unpleasant . . ."

Go here for that shit.

No Ann. It is not the way we talk about the reality of race and politics in America, in 2012, that's unpleasant. It's the reality of race and racism in America, in 2012, that is unpleasant.

Wake the hell up!

Now that might not be as offensive, to me, in the sense that I find stupid thinking offensive, as some other whoppers  regarding race.  But it does merit my Racism  2.0 tag.  Follow me.  There's this idiotic mindset, mostly on  the right, that in some way shape or form, identifying race issues  and talking about them is in some warped way, racism.  I don't believe Althouse thinks that way.  And yes as a side bar, I should say that yes her words regarding the late Derrick Bell  were commendable.  She did not get on the racist wing nut band wagon that promoted the slur that a black scholar who wrote about race, was therefore racist, by saying racism still exists in America, and is going to be around for a long, long time.   

But there's some related  idea here, I think.  I think there really is a discomfort level with/in a lot of white Americans, about the reality of the persistence of racism and race related bias and bigotry  that's mainly (as in most of it)  of and about white folk mistreating  and mistrusting not-white folk.  The reality of life on the ground  for not-white folk is something they usually don't have to see or deal with.  And for some, merely seeing or thinking about the projections of how much of the white vote either POTUS candidate needs in the next election to win, must trigger some cognitive dissonance.  Seems, so, in those who have enough smarts and inner morality to be bothered about how far apart their view of how things should be  (none of that shit should matter,)  is from how things really are  (you bet your ass they matter,)  it seems.  Leastwise.

So oddly enough I got to sorta say, at least how she seems to deal with it still tells me she is not a racist.  The racists would  deny that shit actually matters  (there's no racism in the USA  'cept by them not-white folk!)  And/or after that they would accuse whoever wrote the article as being some kind of racist, for the crime of insinuating that white on black racism could have an effect on the election.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Please Ann Althouse. Shut The Fuck Up About Race.

Althouse is one of those really, really weird white Americans. Any and every time she brings up a topic related to race and racism, she totally fucks it up.  But that's not the weird part.  Too many Americans  might as well be trying to speak Attic Greek, as try to effectively communicate an understanding of race issues in America.  That's the fucking norm for at least a 1/3 of Americans, I'd say, off the top of my head.  Maybe more.  But the oddity is she can be so consistently goat fucking wrong about race, and yet I don't think she herself is racist.  I think she's clueless, not racist  (unlike a couple of the other law profs on her blog roll, who have convinced me they are indeed, beyond any doubt, racists.)

Althouse is, to use the phrase, "Tone Deaf."  Usually, someone has to be born and raised in some homogeneous society and country to be that tone deaf.  It is rare for anyone who grew up in the Mid Lantic region to be so clueless.  Anyway, long set up.  Let's get to the story.

Today she posted something about some campaign about the reality of white privilege, and embedded the video, where white people  talk about their white privilege.  And how it is not fair.

Here's her comment and evidence of cluelessness:

Feel free to discuss, in addition to the relative effectiveness of the 2 videos, whether it's good for American society to push white people to become conscious of the way their race gives them privileges. (Obviously, for one thing, you can't deliver that message solely to white people. If the message goes out, it is also received by nonwhite people, who must hear that they are continually at a disadvantage.)

Don't Just Read The Blog Post. Take a Look at the Comments.

She actually asks the question whether it is a good thing . . . ." to push white people to become conscious of the way their race gives them privileges?"  As opposed to fucking what other alternative?  Keeping shit as is?  What the fuck!!! ( And trust me  Ms. Althouse.  Those of us who did not grow up white while growing up in America do not need some video to tell us  this American Society was not made for us.  We learn that shit way before puberty.  Years before, actually.)

But go take a look at the comments.  Even if I would not call Althouse a racist.  I really think she is not. But she is Queen Bee of a nasty hive of goat fucking racist trash.  The company she keeps there on her blog is the redneck racist shit of the land.  Make that of the American Virtual Redneck Nation.  Boggles my mind, why she doesn't delete the incendiary racist shit her racist drones post.  I mean I get it, in theory, her warped views of free speech.  But I would not let anyone slap up a Confederate Battle Jack on my house.  I refuse to be associated with certain kinds of trash, if you get my drift.

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Boycott Politico. Here is Why.

The Forces of Evil Have Won -- in this incident.
I read the copy first. Then I watched the vid, as the statement seemed so objective and mild in print, I had to see if I was missing anything histrionic or what-not in the vid. There's no there either.
If we in America are at the point where pointing out the fact that a candidate for POTUS (or any office for that matter) is a . . . . to quote .Anita from "West Side Story," "One of your own kind; stick to your own kind," person is a career threatening event? Then the forces of evil have indeed won. And that evil has a name. It's racism. 
Or, as I may or not have explained my theory here yet, it's Racism 2.0. This is not your father's racism,  where there were difference between the races -- whites were better than blacks and the rest of them "others," As Was Ordained By God. This is a twisted version of it, where some folk assume there is no real racism left in America, and pointing out any glaring obvious evidence to the contrary is now racist.
Shit is fucked up and bullshit.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Going Lazy Again. And I Don't Even Have the Father's Day Excuse . . .

I'm no one's father.  Yet.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Correction and Apology

Last night I went all batshit on Ann Althouse here, on what I thought were her thoughts regarding the shit about that Daily Caller shit head heckling P. Obama.  Turns out I don't know what the fuck she actually thinks about that, as what she had done was post what was a tongue in cheek quote from another writer.  In the context of the full piece, it was obviously  so.  But as quoted by Althouse, it looked like it could have been meant to be taken at face value.  And was her thoughts. 

So apologies for going bat shit.  But I have ragged on her for this shit before.  When one just slaps a quote and a link on their blog, and does not provide their own commentary, they run the risk of being associated with the quote.  Turns out I did try to read the article at the link, last night.  But the link did not work for me  (it might have been a browser issue.  Whatever.)  But that just proves my point.  I usually try to read the link.  I could not, last night.  Some folk don't even bother.  So I say again, not just to her, but anyone who blogs.  If the fucking story is not interesting enough for you to comment on, yourself.  Don't fucking blog about it at all. 

Who do you think you are?  Drudge?  We definitely do not need another of him.  Nor even Instapundit.  I hate his site, as well.  The layout is only slightly less ugly than Drudge.  And he also does that hit and run style of posting.  And it's sometimes hard to figure out what he thinks and what he is merely quoting. 

It's a fairly stupid way to go, actually.  Better to let people know exactly what you think.  That way one should only incur wrath for what one actually endorses.

Anyway . . .  I fell for that stupid shit, again. Mea culpa.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

I know. I've Been Lazy.

But I have a bigger audience on Face Book.  And lots of positive reactions.

And ya.  Even if that fuck assed so called reporter heckling P. Obama was every bit as racist as that fucktard congressman who did it during SOTU, a while back?  Well  there's hardly any point in going bat shit every time some fucking evil racist republican proves they are a racist piece of shit.

So let's go with an eCard. 

Hope I haven't posted this one, yet.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's The Opposite of "I'm Not a Racist, but . . . "

Structurally speaking?  The "I'm Not a Racist," construct starts with a bullshit disclaimer and then what follows is the exact kind of behaviour allegedly disclaimed.  Professor  Racist Dickface  (JMO) flips that on it's ass, defending  Killer Zimmerman's lying assed wife, for lying during the bod hearing for her killer husband.   Here, Prof.  Racist Dickface gives Mrs. Zimmerman a full defense  (argument.)  Then disclaims it by saying he is not condoning the behavior.  Go here for the   Mealy Mouthed Sack of Bullshit.

Then he says:
"I  am questioning the bringing of a felony perjury charge without greater specificity of the false statements, particularly while the alleged perjurer’s husband is awaiting trial in a highly publicized case."

Um.  Dickface.  Here's the thing.  Don't fucking kill anyone.  First and   foremost.  Second.  Don't shoot some unarmed kid.  That's gets you the publicity.  Third.  Don't bullshit the court during the bond hearing.  If you are the wife, don't bullshit.  If you are the defendant husband, tell your lawyer,"Um.  What she is saying is not exactly true."  And thirdly if you are the lawyer, and you know better than the testimony, you should be quickly disbarred. 

Any questions?

Lastly, if the unbiased analysis I read somewhere else is accurate, both these shit excuses for human beings might get hung up on federal charges do to structuring transactions to come in under the federal reporting requirement.  It's looking more and more like jail is the inevitable outcome here.  Ironically it might end up as his and her prison terms.  Ye Haw!

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I'm Raising the Flag.

I think it is well past time for The Obama Admin./Campaign, and the Dems to declare ALL OUT TOTAL WARFARE against FOX and other Wing Nut propaganda outlets. What's the worst that could happen? Will those alleged people all of a sudden start attacking Obama with greatly if not mostly if not totally bullshit accusations, and increasingly race baiting if not out right racist attacks?

I mean really!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


"Actually, since nonprofits are preponderantly left-leaning and the nonprofit sector provides a lot of lefty infrastructure, Republicans should probably support abolishing the charitable deduction out of political self-interest . . . ."

I found this odious bit of bile on instapundit.  I won't link it.  Well I guess I should:


Just when you thought GOPers could not get any meaner and vicious, now this. I guess to some shits, the very idea of charity is some left wing plot. And the arts. And the sciences. All that wicked elitist stuff has to go, according to some people I guess.

Honestly these people make me so sick I just want to scream my head off!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Entry for the The GOP is Just Evil, File.

Watergate revisited. Woodward and Bernstein on CBS "Face the Nation." Can't remember which one said it (I was in the other room and only heard.) But he said the Nixon White House basically became a criminal enterprise. That fact makes anyone who is a Nixon apologist (or greatly or minorly was on board with the get the Democrats back at all costs,) on the side of at least excuseless wrongfulness, if not ordinary evil.

Come to think of it, the Reagan White House was a criminal enterprise too (Iran Contra.) Likewise Bush the younger (Lies to congress to get the Iran war approved; waterboarding, All that shit.) What is it with these republicans? Are they all crooks at heart?


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why Do Racist (or Otherwise Wicked) GOPers Double Down on the Stupid?

Well they do get away with it a lot.  I recon.  But the numb nuts in mind, the one I call professor Racist Dick Face, mentioned yesterday, is doubling down on his attack on the Georgie Killer Zimmerman prosecutor.  Again.  The unstated as such argument was originally that she was thin skinned.  This time, though, the accusation is about her habit (if you will) of  calling statements against herself that she considered to be libelous, libelous.  And that somehow in calling  statements against herself that she considered to be libelous, libelous, Professor Racist Dickface asserts, she has done something that could merit "investigation."  As if it were professional misconduct.

So it seems  that Professor Racist Dickface is being libelous himself, it could be argued.  (And before anyone calls me a hypocrite for calling him a racist dickface, check out the buttom of my main page.  I have the disclaimer there, plain and obviously  --  JMO, people!)

Oh.  Speaking of stupidly doubling down, there another recent example on that blog.  Yesterday they posted some stupid shit about how one of the other bloggers of that page got dissed and outed as a hack at Netroots.  The hack blogger was harassing  Elizabeth Warren over the non story about her being mistaken over having Cherokee  blood.  (BFD. As if she's the first person to be fed a load of shit about the family history.  I mean  fucking please!)

Anyway, they added some follow up.  and I will link because the punch line here is nearly hilarious.

The bullshit part is here,     where she pretends to be some oppressed journalist.

But her bio on the blog shows how much of a high level political hack she really is.

About: Anne Sorock

Anne Sorock is a marketing researcher and co-founder of The Frontier Lab, a nonprofit organization that conducts cutting-edge research in the civic, consumer, and political spaces. She pioneered the “deep values” approach to in-depth insights cultivation and market segmentation within this space and is an expert in investigating the emotional and values-based connections individuals hold regarding political ideas, movements, and candidates. Anne's career has spanned consumer packaged goods marketing to book editing and working on Capitol Hill. Anne holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the Johns Hopkins University and a M.B.A. from Cornell University. Follow her on twitter at @annesorock

Personally, I would not be surprised if she was on some one's payroll that day, for that trip.

I can't see such a pro partisan hack going anywhere like that just for the bullshit (and set up, mind you as such) moment.

Republicans make me sick, so often.  This sort of bullshit is particularly sickening.  If you don't have press creds, stop behaving as if you do.  And furthermore, stop being so fucking dishonest.  Stop blurring the line between journalism and partisan hackery. I am sure that these fuckers who pull this shit can live with themselves.  But as a society we should not have to put up with that kind of shit, anymore.

Ok.  That's how I am starting my Saturday.  Bitching and moaning against the wicked Wing Nuts.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Jacobson At It Again. Famously and Stupidly.

Brave or stupid, Professor Racist Dickface,

to call out the thin skinned prosecutor for being thin skinned.

Ok.  You got such a hard on for Georgie Killer  Zimmerman.  So we know not to treat you like an objective commenter.  You are sucking his cock by choice.

But I got to hand it to you.  Taking shots at the prosecutor, even if sourced, is pretty shitty.  Even for a shit squirt like you.

Um.  You 'sposed to be a lawyer?  You ever do crim work?  It's been years since I have.  And I am not going to say  ALL PROSECUTORS ARE ASSHOLES, BUT . . . .

Ya see where I am going with that line of argument.  I don't know dick about the woman.  She's a prosecutor.  Not my kinda people.  I'd rather not sit next to her at the banquet.  But if she was with the FTC or the SEC or the Civil Rights or Civil Division of the DOJ?  Ya.  I'd wanna  sit next to her at the banquet.  Try to give her my card.  Hope for some good networking happening.


Thursday, June 07, 2012

It's Immoral, That Anyone Thinks Different From Meeeeeeeee!!!!

I did not get up super early today, only normal time.  So I am not even half way though the loop of net news and not-news yet.  But I point out this gem, not on account of the transgender issue.  (I don't really give a shit one way or another about how that could change the pageant world.)  But what I find interesting is the disgruntled contestant's  bullshit complaint.

She is the perfect example of a self bullshit, self and public liar, who conflates her own bigotry and bias as morals.

No dear.  It doesn't work that way,  No matter how pretty you are, and how shapely (if natural) your tits are.  Your biases are not necessarily moral imperatives, even if your church says, this is right, that is wrong.

[I refuse to be] part of a pageant system that has so far and so completely removed itself from its foundational principles as to allow and support natural born males to compete in it. This goes against ever moral fiber of my being. I believe in integrity, high moral character, and fair play, none of which are part of this system any longer.

Go Here For That Shit.

Come to think of it, if she really wants to level the field so contestants are judged only based on how nature basically meant them to look  (save cosmetics.)  Advocate for a no fake tits, no fake asses, no nose or chin jobs, and no padded bras or butt covers  rule.

But (based on what I know about pageants) hiney and boob spray are still allowed.  After all, they just hold shit in place.  They are not artificial parts.


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

What Did You Do During the War of 1812, Daddy?

It's an important anniversary year for the War of 1812.  If Korea was The Forgotten War, then 1812 was the war no one seems to know dick about.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

It's Primary Day in NJ.

Any day I get to vote for Barak Obama is a good day. Come to think of it, I haven't done it in person since the previous primary. Since I was doing E-Day Lawyer Duty, I voted by absentee ballot for the general, in 2008.

And it's a big day in Wisconsin.  I hope they vote that evil lizard out of the gov's office.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Yes the Internet Can Make You Stupider. Blame Breitbart.

I am happy every day that fucker is still dead.  But it would have been better for everyone else if he had never been born.

The Sherrod video was also an example of the limits of another of Breitbart’s gifts to modern media: the false “proof.” It is a sad fact of online publishing that some ridiculous portion of readers only read the headlines and look at the pictures before moving on. (The percentage of online commenters who do this is approximately 90 percent, according to studies I have skimmed and had strong opinions about.) Breitbart’s sites exploit this: “OBAMA MARCHES WITH NEW BLACK PANTHERS,” or something like that, goes the headline. The story can’t support the claim. It doesn’t matter. The headline means it’s true for the majority of the readership.
Shirley Sherrod’s anti-white racism became a “fact” that led to her firing because of that convention of online muckraking. The headline said she was racist and there was a YouTube video attached that probably proved it, if anyone bothered to hit play and listen.

The Cancer that is/was Breitbart.


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ya. This is How I Really Feel. Sometimes.

Back in my day we fought against nuclear proliferation, clubbing baby seals to death for their fur, land mines and cluster ammo, pollution, and things like genocide and apartheid.

Nowadays people are fighting against the regulation of unhealthy - obesity inducing drink cup sizes. Sometimes my fellow humans make me want to just throw up.


Friday, June 01, 2012

It's The End Of The World, And We Know It!

Ok.  That was for laughs.  On to more serious shit.  Romney admitted to sending goons to disrupt a speech by Team Obama poo bah  David Axelrod.  To re write the line from Belatrix LeStrange, He DOESN'T know how to play!

Speaking of goons, as I found out by rubbernecking Ann Althouse's house of racist mean crazies  (I mean her fan bois.)  Some fucktard acted like an asshole at some event for the Dem challenger in the WI  Governor  Recall fight.  Now the story's  all about HIMMMMMMM!  And the cops for arresting him.  Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

Speaking of such bullshit, bail has been revoked for Zimmerman, killer of Travon Martin.  No, it's not bullshit that his pass has been revoked. It is bullshit that he told the court that is cause for that.  He had more wing nut racist money in the pot from his web collection  site than reported.  And he has a 2nd passport he did not surrender.

Fuck him.  Well . . .  he's going to county, so that might happen.

Other than that.  What?  Ya.  Keeping in mind that after a certain point  (IIRC) I might have stopped talking about a certain shit-headed  shit who's allegedly a businessman who is also a reality TV  fixture  (I refuse to say star.)   I will try to at least keep from mentioning his name here.  But he represents  a troubling aspect to the Romney effort.  Granted, money had something to do with it.  But one of the main reasons  he's the presumptive GOP nominee, I believe, is that next to all them clowns, he looked good.  Being all stiff, and boring and  likely was prematurely  mature.

So I don't want any of the clowns near him from now till Election Day.  It's the Unattractive Friend  Theory  in play.  You know.  That's when the normal-ish but not really hot girl gets herself an unattractive friend, so when the show up anywhere, she's always  the better looking one?

Ya,  I can see Team Mittens  playing that shit.

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