Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Well It Is True. Despite the Fact Millions Are Too Deluded to Get This.

Love how this guy just gets to to point:

"Q: What is conservatism?
A: Conservatism is the domination of society by an aristocracy.
Q: What is wrong with conservatism?
A: Conservatism is incompatible with democracy, prosperity, and civilization in general. It is a destructive system of inequality and prejudice that is founded on deception and has no place in the modern world."


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Well. I Feel Tired. From Repeating Myself.

Even if watching Ricky Santorum is comedy, if anything serves as evidence that the GOP needs to go, it is the fact that he is still in the race.

Stepford Wife Bachman Imploded.

Lawn Jockey Cain Imploded.

Why the fuck is Santorum still here?  And I sorta know that.  The christianist faction love him for the very reasons sane people think he is out of his fucking mind.

If Sarah Palin had a penis, and bad hair, she might be Santorum.  Not as stupid as their enemies say, but still, fucking stupid.  Dangerously so.

Oh.  And Poor Newt.  He better say/do something insane soon.  No one is paying any attention to him.  And in a marginally saner party, he'd be the outer limits of indulgence for stupid crazy candidates. 

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Monday, February 27, 2012

GOPers Playing Follow The Leader-Idiot.

Ok.  First Ricky Santorum  mis quotes (likely deliberately) what P. Obama said about kids being able to go to college. Most likely it was an anti elitism dog whistle, or dog bone, or pile of dog shit.

But after that, some truly more idiotic people ran with the talking point.

I could go off on specific wing nuts and/or wing nut curious people who fell for that bullshit.  (But I will only say on a certain blonde law professor's web site, that there were about 40 wing nut tea baggers  whining about P. Obama's sinister plot, before some truth teller posted the full quote from P.  Obama.  That nullifies in total Santorum's bullshit and all his defenders.)

But instead I am going to go off on the allegedly liberal Main Stream Media. 

Why do they let these douche bag politicians on their shows, and not confront them directly and forcefully  when the d-bags flat out lie, and/or set up bullshit strawman arguments?

I mean I know why.  They rather not offend, even at the cost of truth, justice, and The American Way.  So I should instead say, it infuriates me that they let a d-bag like Santorum get away with that shit.  Someone should have put Captain American Taliban Ricky Santorum in his place, and I mean as a lying assed weasel.

Anyway . . .

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Death of an Internet Meme. Well, It Should Be.

I found the first few "I Am . . . ," pics amusing.  Then everyone seemed to be doing them for every thing.  What is it about humans that they love playing follow the leader?

I like this one because it is quietly seditious.  I'm all in favor of that.  One need not reinvent  the medium to be genuinely creative.  One just needs to see the thing from a different perspective.  And show that.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Say It With A Picture.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Professor Dick Face Makes it Easy for Me.

Leave it to him, to come out as an apologist for the ESPN folk who used the "Chink in the armor," line re Jeremy Lin.

How fucking racially tone deaf (and by that I mean racially thoughtless and insensitive,) must one be not to see that for the whopping fucked up ness that it obviously  is?

Professor Dick Face seems to believe that since the offending phrase was 'idiomatic' and not an intentional slur, that all should be forgiven.  I say what the mother fuck, Professor.  I should not have to point out the difference between negligent bad acts and deliberate bad acts.  And that is is not a defense to a negligent bad act to say, "It was an accident.  Sorry."

I should draft a new tag to describe when wing nut lawyers say shit they should know is fucking wrong, to start.  But that would be way too long a tag.  So I will go with the usual suspects, here.

Fuck.  Even Ann Althouse called them out, not for the racial insensitivity, mind you, but at least for the truly  bad writing.

Note to Professor Dick Face.  When Althouse is further on the curve regarding a racially provocative case of hoof in mouth, you should take note.  And really rethink your values.  There are at least two things Althouse never need worry about;  getting younger  (none of us will,) and getting an award from the NAACP or any other major, national anti ethnic/race discrimination organization.    

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Love This One!

May I just mention this is week two of the Santorum Putsch?

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Tea Baggers Think. Hint. They Barely Do.

Below I am going to post this rather long chunk I first published on FB.  It was on someone else's wall.  So I was not really going to go into actual ideology there.  As I was a guest.  And I was involved in this extremely fucked up exchange with another "guest."  Some guy who's anger at government led me to believe he was a garden variety tea bagger, wing nut, conservative, libertarian.  What ever the fuck.

Anyway.  He started off with that all government is bad, stupidity.  Now instead of taking that head on here, I will go to the evils of conformation bias.  Even if this guy knew he was not at his local tea party. "Get yur Hateon," session, he was cutting lose with the insane ideological invective and seemed  genuinely, if not with reasonable basis, surprised that he wasn't getting the amen chorus.

And to my mind that is exactly what the Tea Bagger movement it.  It is (far as the rank and file goes)  some twisted group therapy session where people who don't really know fuck all about World and American History, or Political Science, or Theories of Government, who as an inbred redneck genetic predisposition just fucking hate fucking government.  And that hatred really for them needs no clear, identifiable basis.

In the last round before my reply, below, the dude switched away from a shockingly ignorant government is evil line (which I never directly refuted;  I just tried to get him to admit the fact that government has been part of human civilization for over 6,000 years, and one of the first things government ever regulated was commerce.) He got closer to Ideology.  He tossed out that This Government Is Too Intrusive bullshit at me.  Now as it shows at the end, I chose not to get into ideology with him.  But I did continue my History and Political Science Lesson.  Which perhaps sunk in  for the moment.  But I am sure an hour later he was back to thinking that life in America in 2012 is the worst time place ever.  What can you do or say to such a person?  Anyway   here goes:

Generally hating government is one thing. Denying that government is not only a salient, but a foundational requirement of that thing called civilization, is another thing. But now it seems the conversation is being moved in a very different direction.
As far as the question of whether or not this current government in The USA is so horribly, specifically invasive (compared to what? The Iranian Regime? Stalinist USSR? Singapore? Red China under the Gang of Four? England during the Reformation? England during the Tudors? I could go on for ever . . . ) is an entirely different conversation Mark. And that would get us out of the realm of plain, objective, incontrovertible, historic, sociological and anthropological fact, and into ideology. Sorry. Pass. 

Now many a better writer, be they linguists or proper political scientists  or historians have taken on the issue of why do conservatives think the way they do.  And if you have been following this blog at all, you know I blame redneckism for this witless version of government hating.  And it is witless since except for the real anarchistic militia types, these redneck wing nuts end up voting for main stream oligarch GOPers who really only care about concentrating more money and power in the hands of a tiny elite.  It's so fucked up.

That is why I say they, the tea baggers are barely thinking.  They'd actually be  supporting more what they say they ultimately want, if they voted dem.  Granted, that is not going to make for a smaller government.  But smaller does not mean less intrusive.  They really don't know the meanings of words, an the natural and logical results of a pro corporation agenda.  What the fuck.  I know not to waste too much time trying to convince them otherwise.  I just hope there is a insurgent wing nut 3rd party during this Election Year.  Split the Right Wing.  And maybe we can finally smash the instution hard enough to keep it from being a viable political movement ever again.  Hey.  I can dream, right? 

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Friday, February 17, 2012

I Don't Intend To Dwell on Professor Dick Face, But . . .

Any wing nut will usually suffice as evidence of how ill mannered, immature and just goat fucking stupid wing nuts are.  But today, he's being used by me only as the intro to the real point.  And I am going to talk about Pat Buchanan's getting fired.  Rightfully so.  Now I did see something about it on Mediate first, but I did not read the article there yet.  But I did go to Professor Dick Face's blog,  and I read what he had to say about it.  Well he really did not say much but for agreeing with Pat's whiny, free speech bullshit, idiotic, immature complaint.

Dick Face Agrees With Pat Buchanan's Hissy Fit.

But I will deconstruct Pat as the Professor Dick Face is just the caboose here.  But I will say up front, this is why I think the professor is a racist's apologist.  Because he does odious things  like agree with whiny racists when they whine about being labeled as racists, and shunned  on account of that.

Honestly, now that I think of it.  There is no need to go that far in explaining why Pat is a racist.

What's the title of his latest  Whiny White Boy book?   Oh.  Right.  It was not the name of the book, but the titles of some of the chapters that got him in the shit:

The book "Suicide of a Superpower" contained chapters titled "The End of White America" and "The Death of Christian America." Critics called the book racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic, charges Buchanan denied.

It takes a special level of detachment from objective reality for one to write a book where one basically is whining about the end of White America, and have the fucking nerve to be upset when one is called a racist, on account of one's whining about the end of White America.

That's all I need to say about Pat.  Game.  Set. Match.  It's all over but for the whining.  No.  He's whining about getting fired for his whiny assed racist book.  So it is OVER!

But getting back to professor Dick Face.  It's equally unhinged from objective reality to agree with the whiny assed racist about how it's so wrong for him to get fired on account of his being a whiny assed racist.  And the asshole idiots in the comments section of that post?  Again  motherfuckers.  (I am using that word not literally but in order to communicate the deep level of despite I have for them.)

Tolerance has limits.  The philosophy of Tolerance ends where bigotry begins.  And by that I mean  there is no hypocrisy or double standard being employed when otherwise tolerant people say, nope, you gotta go, BECAUSE you are a racist, a homophobe, or a christianst, or other kind of religious bigot.   Society has always had standards.  Standards are now higher than they have ever been, thanks to progressive thought.  Bigotry used to be institutionalized and respected in this country.  Nowadays  it is something to be avoided at risk of public ridicule and alienation.

And no, motherfuckers.  Denying that one is a racist, a homophobe, or a christianst, or other kind of religious bigot is not going to get you anywhere, not with anyone who truly believes in tolerance, and social standards.  We people who believe in all that  know that the standard is good.  The standard is necessary.  That the old ways of bigotry have to be defeated.  But more to the point, individual people have to do the work to change themselves from being bigots, to being decent.  And that means people need to stop saying bigoted shit.  And in order to really accomplish that, people really need to stop validating bigoted thoughts in their heads, to begin with.

Like I used to say on the message board, you have to do the work.  Every day of your life you have to exert some kind of self control, some sort of discipline in order to not be a bigot.  It's not a status that people reach one day and that's it.  They are born again as a clean soul.  It's not like that at all.  It is a process.  One that Pat Buchanan holds in utter contempt.  Well, sufficiently in contempt to not do dick to change his bigoted ways, at least.

I'll end there.  This gets exhausting.  Having to explain the same basic shit, over and over again.

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Why do GOPers feel compelled to crack jokes about policy, particularly policies where other people have to suffer the consequences of GOPers not taking them or their concerns seriously? Wait a minute. The answer might be right there in that first sentence.

In any case, and I am addressing Aspirin Man here:

"Yo! Bozo! It's not really the specific, obvious, and awful joke you told. It the fact you are telling any joke in the first place. You belittle and demean people when on the one hand, you advocate policy that will hurt them. And it just doubles down on the mean ugliness if you crack jokes about those people, directly or indirectly."

Now people. I am not saying each and every GOPer is a sociopath. But they are looking like the Sociopathy Party. Have been for years and years, really.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Motherfuckers Are Just Too Motherfucking Stupid. Or Intellectually Dishonest. Or Both.

And I am talking about a particular person, who I refer to here as Some Wingnut Professor.

Now I usually rank on his slimy, wing nut ass becasue he's a particularly odious racist's apologist. Likely he's got some shitty thoughts going on behind his dick face that I would say, close enough to me, he's a fucking racist too. But that's not the kind of shit he oozes, usually. His thing is perpetuating the racist nonsense that wing nuts say about black people being too sensitive to (wing nut. Let's be particular) racism. He's one of those enemies of humanity, who if left to his own devices, seemingly, would redefine racism to include only neo Nazis or worse offenders,  and black racial activists or any like minded Democrat.

But that's the contex. Here's today's violation. Talk about getting it wrong. The bit I linked above is him, Professor Wing Nut Dick Face touting some PEW stats about inter racial and inter ethnic marriages. Nothing wrong with that (except if you lump both together to get a 15% fig, one who's smarter than a bucket of snot would likely ask, what's the real numbers? How much of that is interethnic vs what most Americans would agree is actually interracial?)

Personally I am a product of about 500 years (at fucking least) of inter racial marriage and or what not. So Yea That, far as I am concerned.

I call the motherfucker out as a motherfucker for posting this line:

"We keep hearing about a demographic time bomb, usually from Democrats who hope it will work to their advantage.

But the reality is that the demographic time bomb is that race matters less and less, and that is bad news for Democrats who feed on racial division as a political strategy."
Now for the deconstruction. Motherfucker. It is particularly disturbingly funny you start out in the post talking about falling stereotypes, and then end with a particularly odious, and unfounded one, about how Democrats use race to, as you say,"Work to their advantage." What the fuck do you have for evidence of that? I am willing to bet you actually believe that for fact. But it is an odious stereotype. Fucking remember you motherfucker what President Johnson said about the Democratic Party losing the South, and remember that the party did in fact lose the South. And it's over 40 fucking years later. And the South is still lost to the Democratic Party. Motherfucker.
Now for that other part. Again, I am willing to assume Professor Dick Face believes that shit, but again, prove that it is Democrats who,"Who feed on racial division as a political strategy."
Again, with the factually baseless stereotypes. But to get more particular and factual. As between the two major parties in America, only one, the Democratic Party is committed to the idea of a level playing field where past, generational and institutional harmful effects and results of racism are eliminated, so we can arrive at a fair and just society.

Fucking GOPers think they can just declare it a race neutral society, despite the mountain of stats, that not only show otherwise. But motherfucking GOPers have no shame about and are bizarrely hypocritical enough to trot out those very same stats of inequality when it suits them to do so. And, motherfucking GOPers will use those stats, either specifically or as general basis for the argument that the Democratic Party is running a plantation where they are deliberately keeping the black folk down (by? I don't really get the rest of the argument, actually, unless giving them help in housing, employment, food, health care is some how more oppressive than letting them go with out, if they happen to be so disadvantaged?)
Lastly, and I don't think Professor Motherfucker Dick Face ever saw that brilliant movie by Warren Beatty, "Bullworth." There's that great scene where the newly awoken ethnic activist Senator Bullworth does that rap where the end line is about how racism will not end until there are no more white folks or black folks? I am not saying that's the goal of each and every registered Democrat. But I'd be my last dollar more Dems than GOPers sorta get that. But the truth of the matter is more that, and I admit, more likely as an ideal than as a true party platform plank, is that we are for elimination of white privilege. It's not white people and black people being eliminated (through interbreeding) that really is the goal. It is the elimination of whiteness as a status that is needed. Once we get rid of the idea and the reality that white means something more in American that any other ethnic/race category does, then we will be that much closer to a colorless society. And motherfucker, we have a fucking long way to go. Particularly as long as the motherfucking GOP is still around.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Now Get The Bishops' Point of View! ( Well Not Really, But . . .)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy St. Valentine's Day.

I'll try to make it through the day with out cussing out some wing nut.  At least here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Wing Nuts Hate So Much of America . .

Bill Mahr's  brilliant take down of those  notorious America haters.  CPAC, the GOP,  and other wing nuts.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Play Jeopardy. The Answer: Just Tell Them What the Constitution Actually Says.

Abs hits  his buzzer and says,"What is how do you piss off a Wing Nut?"

Poor Ann Althouse.  Over the past day she did what she does now and then.  She says something I agree with.  Usually this occurs when she talks about law, and a rule of law so universally understood by lawyers, that only a dishonest one would disagree.  And she did that on one aspect of the, as I call it, not a religious liberty matter but rather: The War on Worker's Rights to Be Free of Employer Meddling With Their Insurance Coverage,  matter.  (Like how I framed the issue?) 

She called out the wing nut redneck horde, particularly Rush Limbaugh, for finding/declaring some invisible, actually imaginary  broad right to Religious Liberty in the actually narrow Free Exercise Clause.

And I say poor her, because I went and looked at the comments, and some of her minions  are attacking her.  For accurately stating the current and historical and actual meaning  and limited nature of the Free Exercise Clause.

Sucks to be  near wing nuts. I don't recommend it, unless one is itching for a fight with idiots.
Go Here for That Shit.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Evidence Why There are so Few Conservative Comics.

Don't Watch This Shit!  You have been warned!  I am only posting it here so you can take a quick peek and know you do not want to watch more.

This shit is not only wrong on so many levels.  It is wrong on every level.  Somewhere near the end, these racist buffons  dare go into that whole  who can say "nigger," territory.  I guess now, at least according to culturally illiterate white conservatives, merely  doing one of the worst, worst rap performances, this side of Vanilla Ice on Meth, is entitlement to use the nigger word, while clearly mocking blacks.  (And I am still sorta  eh, about hip hop.  I think the more seedy shit is, well seedy.  And there is a place for seedy, but I digress . . .) 

18th Century powdered wigs and track suits?  They are making those idiots who showed up to CPAC in full 18th Cent. costume look like the sane people in the room.  

Racist Conservatives (Attempt to and Fail to) Rap at CPAC.


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Does anyone actually believe that the Catholic Church has a right to tell anyone they employ in the stream of ordinary commerce (meaning not a priest, nun, or employee of an actual parish who has to be a Catholic to get the job in the parish) they can't use their salary to by some rubbers?

(Almost) no one would say the church has a say in how ordinary employees spend their wages. So why the hell does anyone think the church can meddle in employee choices when it comes to ordinary employees' health insurance? Religious Liberty my ass!


The American Taliban Argument. In a Nutshell.

Well, in one picture, actually.

(Or Al Qaeda.  Six of one.  Half a dozen of another.)


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Karen Handel is a Monstrous Liar!

Karen Handel, formerly of the Komen Foundation speaks, I mean lies!

Liar liar liar.  Pants on fire.  I am not saying all republicans are liars of this magnitude.  But everyone who is spewing that lie about how PP  coerced  Komen, and the straw man argument about charities being able to spend their money how they like (tacit argument  -- with out the pesky part of having to answer to anyone else  -  and that  is so bull shitty, it's a lie too,) is a big fat pants on fire liar.  Even if Komen,  as an organization, was a unskilled David going against the giant Goliath that PP is, it really was not PP who had their say.  And I will explain that it was the stakeholders  who were the real victors here.

Let me break it down.  This evil liar here(Handel) used to be in government.  An as everyone involved in government knows, institutions and issues  have stakeholders. That includes charities, particularly those who solicit contributions from the public, a Komen does.  And that's one way how you get stakeholders. That kind of charity is a gatekeeper, only.  It's not the bank.  Here, the public is the bank.  To make any argument against that plain fact is a lie of monstrous proportion. 

And in this case, the offended stakeholders made their anger known.  The bank roared and the gate keeper responded.  Granted, the fight is not over, and the damage Komen did to itself is huge.  But this wasn't coercion. It wasn't thuggery.  It wasn't extortion.  It was the democracy of the marketplace.  Funny how some  (and I man so the hell many) republicans claim to love both democracy and the marketplace, but when push comes to shove, they hold both in rank, utter contempt. Horrible hypocrites.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Keeping Things Short and Sweet, Today.

As found on FB today.  I don't think I could do any better for a self made remark.

Monday, February 06, 2012

I Was on a Tear on My FB Wall.

More on the Komen Wing Nut Political Hackery story, and then contraception gate. Turns out that anti choice,  anti Planned Parenthood hack concocted the  broad no funds  for anyone under investigation-rule,  to excuse the cuts  to PP.  And she thought she was going to get enough cover with that that they could not be accused of acting politically. 

What a dishonest idiot.

This is what you get when you hire a political hack to do what should be a professional  lawyer/lobbyist/Government Affairs executive's job.  Shit.  I just got to checking her bio.  She's uneducated.  (How the fuck did she get to be  Secretary of State of Georgia  with out being a lawyer at least?  The entire fucking job is legal wonkery.  Well, some political hackery if one swings that way.  But on paper it's a lawyer wonk job.)

Anyway, moving past that, there's contraceptive gate.  Cause, according to wing nuts at least, refusing to grant a groundless exception to the general rules for the civic marketplace to religious organizations engaging in commerce in the civic marketplace is not only religious discrimination, but a war on religious liberty.  Again,  wing nuts  and lies.  Isn't there some commandment against that?

Go here  for vid of Rachel Maddow going after some lying assed wing nut, on "Meet The Press."

Oh and in other news, the home team won the Superbowl  thing.  I just could not get excited.  I was burnt out on the very idea of the thing, by several days ago.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Conservative Blogger Dicked Over by Conservative Group.

I'm not feeling schadenfreude here.  I mean it.  I have been doing gig work on and off since I was like 15.  So I get the wrongfulness of how this con blogger got dicked over by what ever con group is at fault. 

But I am reminded of that old joke where the other animal, after being bitten by the snake, complains.  And the snake says it's the other animal's fault.  "You knew I was a snake."

But still.  I am not blaming the victim.  But I am blaming conservative philosophy.  Fuck the village. It's all about what I can do for me.  I doubt the victim  here will begin to question her politics and associations  primarily based on her conservative activities.

She fucking should, if you ask me.

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That Silly Person Being Silly Again.

Well I haven't mentioned any of the stupidity going down on silly person Ann Althouse's site in a while.  Not deeply or too specifically at least.  But that doesn't mean they have stopped serving Freak Salad Sandwiches  with a side of Weird Slaw at the Meadehouse Cafe.  I have been . . . abstaining.  Resisting.  Holding back.  Anyway, this is something that merits the stupid tags.

Are ya ready?  Ann Althouse starts a thread to boast of her husband's Internet Trolling.

It's like a weird mother/child relationship. My opinion.  Makes me wonder,  is the outside of the fridge in the kitchen covered with Meade's finger paintings?.  Yes I went there.  That was deliberate sarcasm.  I mean really.  If this guy was getting published by a legitimate publisher, even some wing nut shit hole like PJ Media, or World News Daily, I could see the reason for pride.  In theory.  But Internet trolling?  I mean  really?

(Would it be wrong, I ask, to say notorious, serial Internet Trolling?  Just for the record. )

Hey.  Don't get me wrong.  I have done my share of trolling.  I did time on the Hannity board, and I know that game.  But it's a stupid game for people with time to kill.    Ya might as well feel pride in a family member's farting loudly in public, as to feel pride in their trolling some Internet discussion thread.

I have been known to slum.  But you have to know what the standards are, and spend time living up to those standards, to appreciate the joy of slumming.  Sure, it can be a guilty pleasure, at times.  But the operative word is "guilty."

It's only the fucking Internet, people.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Komen Capitulates. Sorta. Maybe.

Well the right wing wing nuts' latest mission, campaign  against Planned Parenthood, as it played out in the Komen scandal, hit a snag.  Granted, it's only that.  The ridiculous "no investigation" standard  has been re written to mean no criminal investigation.  And current funding has been restored.  But that does not mean  it will be  granted again next year.  but PP will be allowed to ask for it.

Oddly enough,  the people on the right?  Well their heads were exploding, metaphorically speaking.  I enjoyed that.  But some of them were clever enough to see that all is not lost for them.  But they did suffer a set back.  Well deserved, I do say!


Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shit You Already Knew About Conservatives.

They are that way because they are stupid.  Or to say it the kinder way, the complexity of the reality of human life on Planet E.  hurts their tiny brains.  So they gravitate to simplistic, child like ways of thinking (no matter how stupid the ideology is, or detached from objective reality it might be.)

Ok.  I did vamp there, but the idea that low IQ is related to both racism and conservatism  (what I call redneckism) is the conclusion of the study at issue, here.  Yes.  I know the thing has been setting parts of the Internet on fire.  But I back burnered it.  Till now.  Here is my favorite chunk from the version of the story I found on Huffpo:

Why might less intelligent people be drawn to conservative ideologies? Because such ideologies feature "structure and order" that make it easier to comprehend a complicated world, Dodson said. "Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice," he added.
 Dr. Brian Nosek, a University of Virginia psychologist, echoed those sentiments."Reality is complicated and messy," he told The Huffington Post in an email. "Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies."
Racist Redneck Conservatives Are All That 'Cause They're Stupid!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fake Apology NOT Accepted.

Firstly, you grossly nasty, GOP, New Jersey, Racist Redneck. Apology definitely not accepted! On account that is was one of the GOP Non-apologies, where the piece of garbage redneck gets caught saying something at least borderline racist (or otherwise widely offensive) and only apologizes to those offended. As opposed to a true apology, which is to apologize for the offensive conduct/remark in a blanket fashion.

And deconstructing the offense? What you said was so unforgivable for a lawyer, that I would hope (against any chance of fulfillment) they yank your law degree for embarrassing the granting school. Civil Rights legislation and the court orders that followed were necessary because the racist, redneck states did not seem particularly inclined to abide by the plain meaning and language of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with out being forced. So you really think letting the offending racist, redneck states vote on whether they should continue to ignore the 14th, or give up their racist redneck ways, makes any sense to anyone not a racist redneck?
And to make matters even worse, this grossly nasty, GOP, New Jersey, Racist Redneck is standing by his insult "numbnuts,' to the NJ legislator who . . . follow me here . . . correctly characterized Christie's remarks as something historical and notoriously racist southern rednecks would approve of (by mention such historic southern racist rednecks by name.)

Cause this is how it works for republicans. State the obvious. State the facts. Describe context, circumstance, and present sense impression of the the state of objective reality in objective terms, and that is just cause to be insulted as an idiot (or what ever other such meaning term the GOPer chooses.) I repeat my conclusion. The GOP must be destroyed. (And Redneckism is ruining this country. And it must be resisted.)
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