Tuesday, October 24, 2006

YES!!! I am late but who ever said I had to keep a schedule here?

Anyway . . . ya I have got sucked back into "Weird Computer Science." I started the upgrade friday and I can say I now have a functioning 2.4 gig AMD Dual Core (at heart) sys, with 1 gig of 333mhz DDR.

Ya snazzy but I had to KILL KILL KILL my XP install and that is not the worst part.

The WORST PART is I can't seem to get itunes to install on new (upgraded) sys. That means I am galactia-less! Mahter fracker (as Starbuck might say on a really bad day.)

But hey I have finally re-enabled the "back up" PC. Yes I usually have a back up pc. At least one. Anyway at LEAST the itunes software installed on that one today.

(Oh my backup is running a 1.6 gig chip with a cozy 1 gig of old school DDR mem. Not shabby that, but that piece of crap Power Supply gotta go soon!!! No extra fans on that one.)

So I really am not SOL. I am jut not optimized.

Ohhh and Katie Couric was wearing the white blouse and skirt today.

MMM she looks very good in the white shirt.

I like seeing her in the white shirt.

Makes my day, usually, that~~

Friday, October 13, 2006

I could get used to this . . .

sheee-it!!! Yet another nice week. I could get used to this.

I have had another week of Katie Couric looking pretty and sounding nice and soooooooothing while delivering my nightly news. (*AHHHH*)

Another week of pretty and nice women in the office being nice to me as I am nice to them.

Oh, and today's fun random thing??

I has some random gorgeous lady say hi to me on the street.

That does NOT happen every day in NY City. Well, I get random chat and smiles but I usually do not get the direct HI!

Maybe the cause of that was the fact that I was smiling already; I had a nice mid day walk at that point already, and was feeling good about being in the world and all that.

Hmmm, seems like this feeling good thing has some unforseen benefits.

Hope it lasts~~~

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Mmmm a very nice weekend so far. No stress, no one getting on my ass, no worries other than catching up with the laundry following my vay-cay (and I am done with that shit.)

Even if (particularly today) we have been in these parts enjoying the maybe last Warm Weekend, I have been indoors for the most part, and that has been GLORIOUS!

I have been having a Battlestar Galatica marathon here. Yesterday I picked up seasons 2 and 2.5 at a store and have been getting lost in some very well produced sci-fi.

Hey, I am a fugee from showbiz. I appreciate good TV as much as I would either good cinema or theatre, and this series is as good as TV gets. Not only are the FX outstanding and the acting top notch, but the story and the dialouge is Grade A. Honestly this falls in to the category that I call Drama set in the Sci Fi genre, as opposed to merely particularly good sci fi. This is the real good stuff no mater the genre label.

Anyway, I hava had fun. Shit. They even got to me, emotionally (no easy feat, that!) The episode where the Flight Deck Chief starts the project to build a fighter from scratch and by the end of the episode, everyone on board seems to take a turn at helping out, even that asshole Col. Tigh? Ya, that got to me.

That was great drama that just happend to be set in space. It was a wonderfuly done piece on the resiliance of mankind in extremis, and how people can band together in order to validate who they are as a group and as individuals, even if the exercise may seem futile, it is the trying that make the effort noble. It is in the trying that we enoble our selves, individually and collectively; it is part of what makes us human.

Oh well, before I go any deeper into art analysis and commentary mode (as fitting my education) I will just say again, great stuff!

Now let me get back to it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

(Work)Week Wrap Up.

Not a bad one, all things considered.

Yes, I went back to work after my glorious, decadent, wonderfully and happily human vacation cruise. Ya might think that after a week of seeing smiling faces, happy friendly people who just want to please you (the staff) or otherwise are mostly lost in the bliss of the party (other passengers), never mind my "Hot Tub time," I would have serious adjustment problems. Well??? Damn straight I would rather be at sea, dancing the night away, and HOPING the lovely, pretty Cruise Director Julie solved her missing Dejay Problem and could spare another dance with me (**ahhh** even if it was only that one time, her trying to teach me this semi-complicated Texas dance step), but hey. Work has it's benefits.

Firstly, as I said to folk in the office,

"I only came back to make more money to pay for my next cruise!"

But beyond that, their are perks to going to the office.

It turns out that I timed my vay-cay well as I have been retasked to a new "team," and I am finally getting to know the lovely young lady I have thought of, for weeks, as "The Strong Blonde," as she looks to me like some sort of Valkyrie (with short blonde hair instead of long Nordic Wiking Braids) who likely could take me in a fair fight.

But hey this is work and I am not flirting; I am merely happy to be working with, and near nice women-folk.

This is what I like most in life (within reason, and not involving deep, messy, complicated, emotionally charged REAL relationship stuff); just being able to see and be near vivacious, intelligent and YES attractive women-folk.

Speaking of women-folk, one of my favorites, who sat next to me for something like my first 4 - 5 months on this gig, got a REAL JOB! I am so happy for her. No, I don't have to think she is gone forever. She is going to be working right across the street from where I am working. Funny how that worked!

Oh, and as ever, my other favorite former tablemate is still there. If it were not for the smiles I get eachday from the lovely ladies, I would dread the job-site.

YA, I would be WAY more productive in some closed-off office, or even a high cubicle environment, but ya know?? Sometimes ya just need to see a friendly human face, or hear a friendly human voice . . . particularly when your work is being stuck in front of some inhuman, ugly-assed computer screen, reading endless booooorrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggg words.

Oh and since I am doing the weekly wrap-up, I might as well add my Katie Watch blurb.

She looked very lovely tonight, in a white jacket.

Thank you Katie, for providing me with a suitably human face and voice, for my evening news.

Ya, some ugly-assed middle aged or older male would count as human, but honestly I will choose the pretty woman over the ugly ass-faced male every day.

Oh and before I go, and speaking of ugly ass-faced men??? Today I read some piece mentioning one of the MOST heinously Ugly Ass-faced men on TV, Mr. Sean Hannity.

Now follow me here, as USUALLY I can not describe That Sphincter without resorting to the most foul of profanity for the obvious reasons (the profanity is sooooooooo fitting, like a glove fitting,) but I really like the simple descriptive label this net blogger used at him.


That was very good. I was impressed. I go for the gutter talk too soon, particularly when dealing with some heathen mamluke like Hannity.

Then again, I am from North Joisey -- we call 'em like we see 'em, and if you don't know what I mean, watch a few episodes of Da Sopranos, for some examples.

Wassa matter? yagot shitferbrains? Fuggedaboudit!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Decisions, decisions, decisions. So many things to talk about . . .

Pederast GOP Congressmen, the even more repugnant GOP Congressmen who covered for his stank ass, homocidal pedophiles in Lancaster PA, and the fact that Condleeeeeza Rice has "NO MEMORY," of anything she has or hasn't done (which ever is the case) that makes her look like a bumbling boofoon.

Well I really do not want to deal with politics, so instead let me talk about Katie Katie Katie.

She was looking very nice tonight, in some dark two piece skirt set. Hmm I liked the tweedy number she was wearing last night too. I think tonight's ensamble was just a little bit more "fun."

Ok, so I have have my evening Katie moment. That means it is all downhill from here.

Unless I find something else pretty to look at???

Oh and while I am waiting for my own press pic, let me post a pic of Katie I found on line.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I don't meant to embarass you but . . .

when was the last time you had a chance to do good?

To do something for some person, to give of your self in some meaningful way, that made a real and immediate difference in their then-present life (such person not being a blood relative or intimate person)? When was the last time you did that with out even thinking about what the effort would or could cost you in sweat, in pain, or blood or personal injury?


Hey I am not being judgmental here. For all I know you have never been in such a situation. You may have the most hum drum of lives where the biggest decision you have over any given year is between paper or plastic,or choosing the rice or the baked potato at your nearest not-exactly-gourmet resturant.

So hey you might never ever get called to step-up.

But here is the other part.

What do you do when the price and/or cost of stepping up is sooooooo tiny that to refuse it would expend as much effort as actually step-up?

Has that happened to you recently or often? What do you do then?

These questions are on my mind, now, and partially, as recently I had to do the human shield thing, and I have not had to do that in a while. But it is basically a knee-jerk reaction thing for me to do.

I used to practice family law and I mean the bad bad kind (kids at risk of crazy and or bad parents kind) and I have done that human shield thing more times than I can count.

Well not 100 times, but more than a few times.

Granted I do that sort of thing because it is necessary in the moment, not because it makes me feel good to put myself out like that. But honestly,I like protecting people or otherwise putting my self out for them. Life would be rather meaningless to me, if I avoided things like that.

I would not want to live another day, if I were not that kind of person!

But hey, that is who I am. Now who are you, hmmm? Don't tell me, though.

The question is for you to think about, and honestly answer, to yourself.
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