Monday, August 23, 2021

Every Thing Wrong With Glen Loury's Take on Why Black Folk Are Constantly Behind, Can Be Explained by "Trading Places."

Who has the time to read his books anyway?

But seriously.  Even if everything is not explained in this movie, the most part is.

According to all the serious thinkers  (sorry Glenn  you don't rate on account of your infatuation with Right Wing wrong reasoning,)  and the data.  The most reliable predictor of a human being able to function and live at the bougie level, is being born at and raised bougie.

Fuck your nature argument.  And fuck your paternalistic, judgmental, refried Booker T. bullshit.  There are outliers, but mostly it is the bougie class that breeds and nurtures  more bogie brats.  Because bougie parents raise their children to be bougie.

As a quick divergence,  but related.  I think I did that week or two of my life pulling decades old trust account records at the Wall Street area Citi Bank, before that movie came out.  Nothing can convince a body of the importance of inherited wealth like actually seeing the actual bank records.  Was for me at least.  And that was the Fall after I graduated from my bougie, Northern New England Uni.   

Lastly.  Why am I on this topic yet again?  I started watching some fluffer's vid singing  the  imaginary merits of what Loury recently said about the nature/nurture debate re black folk, following his for lack of  better words,  chat with the racist and ugly Charles Murray.  For those of you who don't know.  Murray  is yet again pedaling his racist blacks are genetically inferior, bullshit.  And Loury was drawing a false equivalence between him and the peeps on the left who say too many blacks and brown folk have the deck stacked against them.  Things that are not the same, are not.  And I did not have to get a degree in economics to learn that.  All I had to do  (I knew already, but work with me here,) was be tasked with sorting screws of different yet seemingly close often, lengths into the right boxes.   That shit ain't a game of horseshoes.  Close is not close enough.

That argument is so unhinged I have no problem calling it a lie.

Anyway . . .

Shout out to my UVM  friends  who showed up to college with inherited Persian rugs, and Volvos, and educational trust accounts.  I was never envious of you guys.  But I usually wish I had some inherited wealth, too.  Inherited wealth is a very good thing to have! 

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Friday, August 20, 2021

I Really Don't Believe in the Cult of Free Speech as

 Most people don't know shit about any shit. And persist in sharing their ignorance as if they are not part of the problem.  Which they usually are.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

You Just Figured That Out? Good Boy. Here is a Doggie Treat for You.

 Law professor finally gets it, that internet memes are not meant to persuade.

He happens to be an extreme anti masker.  I accuse him of blatantly engaging in an ad homenim attack and hypocrisy.  Bitches on both sides post self supporting, confirmation bias validating shit.  

So what is your next brilliant observation; that water is wet?

Monday, August 09, 2021

Conservatives are Toxic and Should be Treated as Such.


Selling Out, Being Bought Off, and Just Being a Whore.


I am going to call this little shit a whore.  Not to be a name caller. In various professions, such as mine, doing gig work is often called whoring.  You do shit only for the money.  And Shapiro's bed of money remark is proof enough he is a whore, and proud of how successful he is at it.  Does he really care about his positions on issues?  He sleeps on a bed of money!  Who cares about values and morality and integrity.

To sell out or be bought out requires having some values and standards, and softening ones passion for one's beliefs.  

Personally.  I don't think I could sell out as a progressive.  If I ever got rich it would not be from selling out my passions and beliefs.  And I would pay my taxes with out complaint.  And as long as I don't sell out, I can still condemn the status quo.

Just because I manage to improve my finances doesn't mean shit is perfect;  that I will rest from fighting the status quo.

Oh.  That little shit Shapiro actually attacked Nance for doing well under the status quo.  Way to show what really matters to you, you self centered, selfish prick.  All of us are not as selfish pricks as you and your fellow conservatives.  Some of us are not only more concerned with the well being of the rest of the tribe, but as well, we are not as easily bought off.


Saturday, August 07, 2021

I Am Sick of This Bullshit!

So yet another, doing something in America while black, leading to abuse of black/brown folk by police incident is in the news.  This time, it was being black while being a real estate agent.  What you need to know if you don't know, is the cops as a seeming standard procedure, cuffed the black man and his son on mere suspicion of attempted burglary.  Or to get the my real point . . .  in a blatant abuse of discretion, and power, and authority, the police cuffed the black man and his son on mere suspicion of being suspicious.  And being black while being suspicious.

Now I first read about this story  earlier today.  And decided to pass.  I wrote it off as yet more stomach churning shit that honestly makes me want to wish a vicious, two week case of diarrhea on anyone who opposes CRT, 1619 Project, BLM, defund the police, never mind supporting the even more obvious white supremacist bullshit.  But then I went to a certain blogger's page.

Let's mine the comments the blogger deliberately chose to publish on her page:

"There’s something wrong with this story. I don’t believe it. Stories like this rarely turn out to be true."

(Me:  based on what? Your love  of  conspiracy theories?)

"Maybe they thought it was Professor Gates."

(Me:  I am gonna  call that flat out, across the line, white supremacist shit. Yeah, he was trying to be funny.  That makes it a greater offense in my book.)

"Why is the WaPo trying to drive fear and division by twisting this incident into something it's not?"

(Me: cops abusing their power is bad. If they are being white supremacist during?  That makes it worse.  And f you really think the reporting of actual police abuses is what is dividing America, ya should have traveled with Tucker Carlson to Hungary, a genuine dictatorship, and stayed the fuck there. )

And now to the real important part, that just follows what I said above:

" I don't like that either, but the cops do handcuff and detain people, until they figure out who's who and what's what, all the time. It's what they're trained to do. It's department policy in many places. They don't just do it to black people. It's their SOP. Maybe it shouldn't be, but that's a separate issue."  

"It was clearly a misunderstanding." 

Me:  This motherfucker sort of gets it, but he doesn't seem to be committed to the idea that the cops were wrong no matter the color of the irrationally and as it turns out, wrongfully  handcuffed people.  Motherfucker, make up ya damn mind!  Either it is as you say first, SOP, or it is a mistake.  A policy of handcuffing persons of interest before there is actual probable cause to consider them a suspect, is not a misunderstanding.  It is a pattern of abuse, motherfucker!

So I am gong to cut this short and point out, even if redundantly, there was fault here never mind the issue of white supremacy.  Two further points, before I go take a walk, and vent my bad vibes out to the cosmos.  

One:  "The use of handcuffs is a use of restraint and force, subject to the constitutional objective reasonableness standard of the Fourth Amendment."  And Two: the blogger at issue is a retired Con. Law professor. What the fuck with publishing this kind of shit, and not bothering to comment, as like the quote I just used in my next to previous sentence?

It was a wasted chance to enlighten her hive on 4th Amendment law.  And all she had to do was copy paste, like I just did.


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There Are People Who Think It's All Up For Discussion.


And that is perfectly fine, when the topic is philosophy, or theories of art.  But when we are talking about viruses?  There are certain certainties, even if the certainty is that shit is going to change.

There are some morons out there acting as if they never heard that a virus can mutate.  They are acting surprised that public health professionals are changing guidelines when the virus mutates.  Now I think a small number of people really are that stupid and keep forgetting shit they learned in junior high.  Most of the fucking morons who are debating the reality of mutating viruses and the need to adapt to that are playing at a weird and dangerous game.

They really don't give a fuck who gets sick and who dies.  They really are that evil.


Thursday, August 05, 2021

Things White People Who Don't Understand (or like) Black and or Brown Folk Worry About.

 I am going to mention Althouse again.  And I am not going to call her a racist, but . . . .

She has jumped on the bandwagon of racially tone deaf white folk who are concern trolling about the story about some Lutheran College brats accused of "blackface."  What they actually did was wear blonde curly wigs and danced a routine to the theme song of "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

Let me snag a quote from her blog post:

"Are young white people getting the message that they should never sing songs associated with black people? Never do dances that originated with black dancers? Never dance to music performed by black musicians? Or is it just don't demonstrate your enjoyment enthusiastically? Be sure to maintain whiteness as you sing and dance? Who can understand these rules? "

She posted that after noting  the the brats did not literally blacken their faces.   Literally correct, but misses the point.  And I will explain in context of replying to the tone deaf, concern trolling quote above.

Regarding her questions; if it is necessary for them to be totally disincentived from doing that, which is literally the epitome of appropriation?  Yeah.  White kids should not do that if they are just fucking around, as opposed to being serious about actually singing the song like a serious performer.  (And beware the trap.  never sing rap that is too "black," as in too deep in hip hop slang.  Just don't do it bro!)  If you are auditioning for American Idol, yes, you can use a song written by and or performed by a black or brown person.  Just do it respectfully,  meaning, don't try to be black or brown while doing it, either as drag or for fun.

I repeat, as this is the punishable social crime:

 "Don't try to be black or brown while doing it, either as drag or for fun."

So to answer the last question in Althouse's quote.  A fourth gra
der could understand the rules, never mind  a college student.  And to prove my point.  Social and Emotional Development of Fourth Graders.  From the list at this linked page Fourth Graders should be:


  • Learning to take responsibility for his/her own actions

  • Self-aware.

Re the blackface charge.  Of course it was black face even if they did not burn cork, or otherwise darken their faces.  It takes Megyn Kelly level racial ignorance to not get that was every bit as much blackface as Al Jolson in that damn movie.  I am not going to summarize the entire history of Minstrelry but here goes the thumbnail.

 Minstrelry is defined as:

"A simplified depiction of another culture, especially black African, for entertainment purposes, generally seen as offensive."

People who are  less informed  than me, but get the wrongfulness  at an emotional level, would simply label some things as blackface, without having the knowledge to articulate it as well as I can.  Blackface is just one aspect of Minstrelry.  And that is the more proper term.

America loved that shit.  White boys dressing up like black folk, to entertain themselves and other white folk, by making fun of black folk. Can't say what year the shift happened,  but actually blackening faces fell out of style/favor.  But Minstrelry continued  on and off, and eventually died out as far as on stage/on film and TV entertainment.  These days this revolting remnant of white supremacy is mostly performed by stupid brat college kids.  

Here is the part where I cuss extensively to add emotional context to the underlying message.

Fucking intent fucking matters.  Fucking using fucking blond curly wigs and fucking calling them "Napoleon Dynamite wigs,"  is  a fucking patently obvious white supremacist fucking lie.  The fucking white supremacist brats were not acting out a scene from fucking "Napoleon Dynamite."  

Oh, and this reminds me. If the choice is between accusing someone of being too fucking stupid to not get the obvious, or accuse them of being (knowingly) evil and trying to get away with it?  Chose the latter.

This was just another example of white privilege and insensitivity.  But as far as Althouse's defense goes, I am going to say the general rule does not apply to her.  She is so tone deaf about racial issues that if she ever sees this, she still isn't going to get how fucking wrong she is on this shit.  That fucking racially clueless.

Oh.  And just for the record.  I remember when the sport was Pimp and Ho Balls, parties.  They were popular on college campuses in the early  '90s.  I was already out of law school, but was hanging out at my local bar in PA that was a hangout for Villanova kids, and saw the brats in their drag.  I did not lose my shit over it.  But my brain registered that shit at least as evidence of white entitlement.  And that is the foundation on which white supremacy is built.  And that is why colleges are stomping down on that shit now.  Every fucking body, on some if only weak level, knows that shit is not tolerated anymore.  So it must be called out.  And any bullshit excuse must as well be called out.

"Napoleon Dynamite," my black ass!  I could write a academic Theatre report on the history of Minstrelsy mostly off the top of my head, and just track down the footnotes after my first draft.  Not the point, though.  The point is, you don't have to have a knowledge of the stock characters in a typical Minstrel Show to know on an emotional level.  That shit is not right.  What those boys did is not right.

Lastly, Will Smith did not wear a fro during the run of Fresh Prince, you fucking racist bitches.

Oh.  And just to make the lives of white appropriators harder.  Blackfishing!  Althouse posted about this a few weeks ago, naturally adding nothing of value to the conversation.

Is Ari blackfishing?

For my money, Ariana Grande gets a pass.  She is so talented, and pretty, and has been making bank for so long in the dance/soul/pop genre?  Not only is she eligible for being one of us, she has been, for years and years.  Same goes for Dua Lipa. If you are talented and hot we will claim you as one of us!  That tradition goes at least as far back as Teena Marie.  

Trick is, if you are not talented and hot enough, don't do it bro or babe.  Don't even fucking try.

Link is to a vid about Ariana.  Pic of  the late, great Teena Marie.  Miss you!

PS:  If Rick James  says you are in the club.  You are in the club.

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Penn Jillette on What Trump is Really Like | Joe Rogan

Ahhh.  Now we know why the wildebeest can't dance.  The answer is at the end of this clip.

And I repeat what I said in sum. What flavor of meth must one be smoking not to understand, the bitch can't dance?  

Monday, August 02, 2021

I Am Biased, I Confess. I Think the Very Idea of Invisible People in the Sky is Dumb, but Still

 This is the dumbest article I have read in a while:

It's The Liberalism

In brief.  I though this was going to be some sort of take down of liberalism by some idiotic, toxic  conservative.  I found the link to it on Real Clear Politics, after all.  Turns out the writer really wasn't talking politics, but was writing a backhanded endorsement of monotheism and organized religion.  

He did not differentiate between Old and New Testaments.  I don't think he considered how very much not liberal most strains of Islam are.  That sort of wrecks his point.  But in any case. If your argument is liberalism bad, because people are worshiping and living life less under the dictates of some Invisible People in the Sky?  So the answer to that is to worship and live life under the dictates of some Invisible Person in the Sky.  Well, you just be recruiting. And badly.

Oddly enough, telling people who reject the at least outward and organized worshiping of  Invisible People in the Sky, is not likely to convert any one to your side, with out doing something like advancing a case for monotheism and organized religion.  Hmm?

Oh.  And this fucking guy, pulled a McWhorter.  He sets up liberalism as a religion.  Which it is not really, unless you accept the most wide open definition of religion as any shit any one might believe in, with something approaching more than neglectful interest.  And then at the end, his argument is really nothing more than, try the original flavor of religion.

I don't get it.  I truly don't get it.  

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Sunday, August 01, 2021

I Am a Proud Snob. An Unrepentant Elitist. Particularly Where The Arts Are Concerned.


After all, who wants to waste time on shit?  Save when shit is so bad it is good.  Like an Ed Wood movie.  But where our recently made ex POTUS  is concerned, I call what he has been known to do as trying to dance, and failing,  revoltingly.  But a certain female blogger who I have discussed before, and will not name, has recently yet again described that wallowing wildebeest as enjoying dancing?  

Are you smoking  good Meth, like Heisenberg's Blue, or some really bad, street poison?  For the joke to work, I have to say the latter.

Now speaking of myself.  I don't want to make this about race but, I am the grandson of West Africans.  So that.  And I grew up in the NYC area during the disco era.  My old joke was you had to be able to at least fake Meringue and Salsa steps to graduate my HS.  Not literally, but I grew up in a Cuban neighborhood.  By your third Quinceañera you would know how to fake it.

And I took 2 1/2 years of college dance.  And when I tell real, professional dancers, who I like to socialize with that, I follow it up with saying . . .  I can't dance.  The unspoken part being, well, next to most Americans  I can dance. But next to professionals like you?  Hell naw!

Two of my favorite moments of my life.  The one time I went to the 20th Anniversary of Complexions  Contemporary Dance (picture,) and and at the after party I was dancing for fun with members of the company and other supporters.  And this other time, after a performance of NY City Ballet, there was a surprise, post show beer and dance party.  So at minimum, I did not earn dirty looks  dancing for fun among real dancers.

So yea.  I did not embarrass myself.

But Bozo?  Was he that fuck barn yard animals, lame  and bad when he was hanging out at Studio 54?   I would bet it.

Some people are so bad, they should not try in public.

Oh.  And my college dance teachers  loved me  They would give me special attention, and cause me more pain.  That is how you know your dance teacher favors you.  They push you harder.  But next to really talented dancers,, I can't dance.  but I am at least in the 80%tile  in America.  I am likely shorting myself there,  at least at my best when I was younger.

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