Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Super Special Triple Post. YES I am The Cultural Elite damnit!!

As sentimental as the JT concert was, I was not totally fully moved to make my pledge to PBS for that DVD. The program after that did it. Pushed me over the edge that one, yes.

And what could do that?


My favorite classical soprano!!!

That reminds me -- I need to make it my business to see her live sooner than later.

Bonus Extra Sentimental Post

Ok . . . this past year has not be AWFUL but most nights for me are dull as I am usually not doing what I WANT to doo but am just tracking the minutes.



Tribute concert tonight for JT. And if you are some Young-In or just brain dead I mean JAMES TAYLOR!!

I am not even going to get into all the performances I saw heard so far -- Sting, Bonnie, Dr John, Taj Mahal, BRUCE. But I am talking about the last segement with (praise her saintly self) Carole King doing "You've Got A Friend."

Now that was the one that caused Sweet Baby James to slip back stage and on stage to finish off the chart with Carole.

I cried. I am not the least bit embarassed to say. And since no one else was here to hear me murder the harmony, I can't even be embarassed by that.

Hey I do not apologize for getting sentimental for that.

I hope they do the Brazilan one tonight. Oh and where is Leyland Skylar (playin bass?)

Steve Gadd is there behind the drum kit.

Oh Ya good stuff. I wish I wish I wish I was there for the taping.

The Temptation is Sooooo Strong . . .

to go political here but I will try to resist . . . at least totally giving into the pull of it. Now maybe what I said to one of my co-workers at work?

Maybe that will push the envelope but not bust it open???

Well Ya -- that might do it as I am not even trying to answer the question, but I am merely trying to ask the right question.

Ok Here goes.

Now we were talking that mess in that . . . . .

naaahhhhh getting too close to politics there.

Instead I will merely mention that lovely Katie Couric was broadcasting from Amman Jordan today.

I had no idea that as many as 1,000,000 Iraqis got out of Iraq and specifically to Jordan (in exile.) Oh and them are the more than less affluent 'fugees. the broke-assed 'fugees gotta go to either Syria or Eqypt.

Ya got to be able to pay your way in Jordan.

Ok, now that is not EXACTLY political now, is it?

Oh, but the stuff about the Iraqis is not important. Katie is! She looked sexy smart hot in a dark blue suit, and the turquoise silk "Tee" peeking out from between the lapels.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is NOT me reverting to Politics . . . it is more vital and important than that.


Remember that (those of us who learned it at all, decades ago)?

Part I

Part II

Yes, I have had my partisan moments, but I have to say (and have said many times before) I am not proud of that. Point in case . . . I have backed off posting partisan crap here.

There is enough of that "NOISE" on the 'net already. I do not need to add to the bullshit pile.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I had a thought on the bus today . .

Can't remember what the hell it was about.

Likely was inspired by my fellow commuters . . . . a topic I have avoided as I am supposed to be cutting back on the RANTING!

So let me do the cliche thing and give thanks for family, for friends, for money in the bank, for quitting smoking (yea that, as that I recon leads to) better health than I had when I started this year.

Beyond that?

Well that is the important stuff, right?

Have a happy Turkey Day. But I don't think I will be having Turkey myself.

Now THAT is something to give thanks about!

Not that I hate turkey or anything, but it is such a usual and common part of my diet. I am sure my sister will cook something more interesting than Turkey-Bird!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Today's Words of Wisdom, from Battlestar Galactica

This may become a recurring thing but not scheduled.

Anyway . .

in the episode "Resurrection Ship part II, " Adama says to Starbuck,

"It is not enough to survive, one MUST be worthy of survival."

I say, true that!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

RIP Ed Bradley

When I learned he died today, my reaction was as short and unprofound as saying:


I think about what that man had done in and with his life and I think I am nothing but a slacker, by comparison.

Ed Bradley

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I should not be suprised . . . my guess was she was definitely pretty enough . . .

to be a model, but she let me know who did her headshots, earlier this week.

I am talking about the woman at the office who I thought was pretty enough to be a model, and would not you know it, it turns out, actually did some modeling prior to going to law school.

Oh, and the how of it, that she let me know, was innocent enough. I did have that copy of one of the sho biz trade papers by my area (Backstage) and she saw it and pointed out an ad by the photag who had done her headshots. Was the same guy who did the headshots of our actual working (off off broadway) actress in the office. I saw her head shot when I went to see her in a show a few weeks back and ya that photog does great work (as merely having a pretty model is only the begining.)

Oh but this post is really not about some photag.

I am sorta curious about and wondering why model pretty chick was chatting me up this week. ya sure -- I have talked to and with her before, but not much and she seems to be clearly having (or had??) some thing going with some guy in the office.

And YES YES; I am charming and chicks dig me (every now and rare then) but honestly I hope I am not being used for a decoy there.

That would suck now would not it?

But hey even all the other pretty women in the office chat me up so it might just be my good looks and winning personality.

I said MAYBE! I do not have delusions here!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No, I am NOT going to talk about the upcoming Election . .

any more than that teaser.

Ok. My hot rod computer is stable and FAST. Yee Haw! Work is ok, but for the fact is is seriously boring assed a lot of the time. How b-o-r-i-n-g assed, you might ask?

This is not only what I was thinking for lots of the day but what several of my co-workers were saying:



But for the fact the manager/owner of the temp firm showed up for some announcement, I was the source of maximum entertainment today by almost tripping over something.

I did not fall, even to my knee, but merely banged my foot against something and loudly enough that people heard.

Ya -- that boring assed, it all is!!!
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