Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Delay Indicted.

I will skip the usual crappy newsy details. You can find that all over the web. Instead, I will talk about that sneaky and vile semi-vertebrate species:

Republicanus Felonious.

According to my uncle, Professor Frivolaria, who holds the Munchausen Chair in the Department of Histronic Zoology at Satire State College:

"If you ever get the chance to see Republicanus Felonious on the hunt, seizing its prey, and feeding, it is a spectacle that puts this observer, at least, in mind of a full-sized Indian Elephant on a crack cocaine fueled rampage through a fancy China Shop.

I have never seen a species so reckless in its greed. It is a wonder they have not died out millenia ago, with the way they gorge and gorge on their prey. Biology, however, does answer the question of how they can gorge so gluttonously and not choke to death, in droves. Apparently their throats are similar to the that of constrictors. It will expand to meet the volume. And apparently the species has learned quite well how to breathe through its nose as it is in the process of forcing down excessive amounts of it's kill. If there ever was a species that deserved the reputation of being a Land Shark, Republicanus Felonious would be my choice for it."

"The Species that Should be Endangered, But Isn't. Republicanus Felonious, in the Wild, It's Habits and Self-Destructive Impulses."

By Ian Frivolaria, PhD. (Satire State College Press. 1979.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hannity On The Loose, Again . . .

Loose screws, meaning.

Great description of him, over on Newshounds, relative to his "debunking" of Global Warming's effects on hurricanes.

This, from one of the peanut gallery:

" Hannity operates in three "gears", outright bullshit mode, "shout-down" and self-contradiction mode."

Also, from another spiball tosser:

"Gotta love it when Hannity shifts his proverbial "tinfoil hat" and becomes an authority on climatology."

For the whole story, go here:


Monday, September 26, 2005

I Haven't Excoriated Michelle Malkin Yet . . .

Yes, now I deny being a knee-jerk liberal, but I rush to crack on Skank-a-slore Coulter, like a puppy to his next meal, but I have let Michelle Malkin slide, here at least.

Now honestly, I don't think she is a toxic as Coulter, but than again, Absent something like EBOLA to worry about, HEPATITIS seems like a rather nasty bug to catch.

Hell, forget the "absent" part!

But back to my reasoning for letting this nasty piece of business slide so far with out comment, I will substitue an insight provided by that guy over on Ruthless Reviews:

she was always more 'schnauzer in heat' to Coulter's rabid pit bull persona.

Ok so I guess she is more of a pest then? More of a case of the common cold than HEPATITIS?


Then again, as Coulter's Infame and DarkStar wanes, MM is the likely heir apparent to the title of "Nastiest, Most Ignorant, and most Vapid Female Con Pundit."

Or . . . . the next contagion?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Stop The Presses! David Brooks Crits Bush

On today's Meet The Press. Yes, it was only the first salvo in a rant about how there has been a total breakdown in "authority" in America, ending with the disaster in the Delta. However, before he got there he replied in the affirmative to Russert's Question which basically was something like,"Is the image of Republicans as fiscal conservatives dead?"

Pardon my not gettting the quoted question verbatim . . . I was watcthing in real time, and haven't had my coffee yet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

O'Riley's Lame Excuse

Ok, boys and girls. Not that my little squeaky blog gets any attention but humor me . . .

IF (LOL) B.O. were aware of the award I gave him last week, the following is his refusal of it.

It was a jest, sir. We exaggerate on the radio. You heard a wheel in the background, you know. Wise up.
Now chances are the former senator never even heard the broadcast. He just took the word of an unbelievably irresponsible Web site. He was used. His fault. He should know better.
But this ridiculous incident just points out how desperate and dishonest the far left is. Truth be told, they are the Republican Party's best friend.,2933,170008,00.html

Nope, that was not adressed to me, but I respond thusly.

Did he stop to think about WHY some people are so quick to believe that when a Con, generally, or him, specifically, talks about drowning and killing people, the first reaction is to take them seriously?

Second point:

See what I higlighted there? That should be the new motto for Fox (Not)News. Let's dump the lie about "Fair and Balanced," and replace it with:


This is Satire . . . I think???

I discovered this jewel (zirconium, no doubt) as a link off of Sean Hannity's entry over at Wikipedia.

I think it is satire (but as I was reading Grover Norquist's entry there earlier, ya never know what kind of crackpots are lurking out there!)


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Just a Quickie for now . . . .

Not likely an original thought, but desperately pregnant with TRUTH:

"To be a bit crass about it, what the hell are we paying our government for, if not to take care of its citizens?"

I found this on the new spin-off (from Daily Kos) site called:

Some interesting stuff. Let's see where they go with it.

Monday, September 19, 2005

In The Doldrums . . .

Yes, the circus that never was, the Roberts Confim. Hearing, is over, and people all over the country are waking up from their slumber.


I think that my earlier prediction that this was (for all intents and purposes) a fix (as long as nothing sexy/secret turned up) is playing out. I'd have preferred a clone of Souter, but that is just me. So given that is a non-story, and I imagine lots of Americans are, as I am, sorta hung over on Katrina (not that my heart or wallet is closed.) But I am bored and the news cycle has nothing in it right now.

But WOO HOOO . . . . new Fall TV season is starting :)

Oh . . . . but I did hear (actually read) something today about ONE BILLION DOLLARS having gone missing in Iraq from the gvt. coffers (sorry, I did not bookmark the link.) Now that is on top of the other billions that went up in smoke like some primo hash in a Cheech and Chong movie.

Meanwhile, meatheaded ConCoxSuckers like Hannity are bitching and moaning about the debit cards FEMA distributed to Delta Disater victims being "Missused."

Shit, I personally don't give a FAWK what people buy with them.

"Mr. Robicheau. Your house, your car, your job have all vanished. Here's two grand. What are ya going to do with it?"

"I'm gonna find me a good girlie bar, get drunk on some hard liquor, and look at some huge, hard, fake titties."

Hey Mr. Robicheau . . . if that is what you need to do now . . . fine with me. This one is a freebie.

But next time (meaing if we actually get PROPER relief assistance services up and competently running) it won't just be free money. So enjoy the distraction while ya can.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

The DUMBASS of the Week Award, Goes To . . .

Bill O'Reiley.

For his outstanding ignoramosity in the field of UN BASHING and Using The Katrina/NO disaster for a partisan cheap-shot.

His pearl of (not) wisdom: O'Reilly publicly wished that Hurricane Katrina had flooded the United Nations building in New York. O'Reilly then added: "And I wouldn't have rescued them."

Sorry Bill (not really sorry) but you sir, are a true scumbag.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

STOP THE PRESSES!!! BUSH Admin Admits Fault and Takes Responsibility

Lampoon News Network Dateline Sept. 13, 2005

BUSH Admin Admits Fault and Takes Responsibility.

The Nation is STUNNED!

In the greatest suprise announcement since DNA testing by a triple blind study proved that Ann Coulter is in fact a woman, today President Bush admitted his Administration made errors in the handling of Disaster relief following the disaster in New Orleans following the flooding.

Fox News anchors sat dumb in their chairs. Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a local Hospital Emergency Room (not for an overdose.) During his radio show, Sean Hannity, at a loss for words, instead read directly from his latest book, just to fill up air time. Loud honking sobbing punctuated his performance.

Unconfirmed reports have Michael Savage on a bender, last having been reported in a Lesbian Biker Bar in San Berdino,and, according to the report, drinking Mai Tais, and begging the bar's regular patrons to,"Have their way with him."

On the other end of the poltical spectrum, Staffers of the New York Times were reported to be dancing in the streets of Times Square. According to one observer,"At first I thought it was a remake of that movie FAME. But as I looked closer, I saw no cameras, many of the dancers were way too old for High School kids, and most of them did not have any rhythm. Hell, it looked like my cousin Edna's wedding, last spring."

Uptown, at CBS News' West 57th Street Broadcast Center, staffers blocked traffic in both directions by blocking the street with news vans, mounting speakers to the tops of the vans' telescopic masts, and boogied-down to Kool and the Gangs' "Celebrate."

The dancing was reported to be much better than that of their print journalism counterparts from The Times.

In a perhaps related story, Juan Mota, of Hackensack NJ, reported that while playing his original copy of Ozzie Osborne's vinyl album, "Blizzard of Ozz" backwards, he heard the following message:

"This is Lucifer. Hell has frozen over. Send blankets now. And some Little Debbie Snak cakes."

Lastly, the following press release from George Clinton.

THE MOTHERSHIP HAS FINALLY LANDED. Me and the Atomic Dog are gett'n the FUNK outta here. Peace, out.

(just having some fun here.)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Just A Quickie: YES, based on the Debacle in the Delta . . .

and failures of leadership, management, and logistical planning and execution for NATIONAL disasters.

Particularly in light of what we all have been hearing, and also admist grinding of axes named "cut FEMA out of Department of Homeland Security," and additionally in light of Secy. Brown's resignation (PRAISE JAH!):

Anyone else think that this might be a good time for a top/down reevaluation of the Department of Homeland Security?

Anyone else not comfortable in just letting them fail on this order of magnitude again?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bushies Caught STEALING WORDS from Dems AGAIN!!!

This time, they have stolen the much maligned by them:


from the last presidential election, and now are shouting it at the top of their lungs,
insofar as Finger Pointing and blame casting, over the Debacle and Disaster in the Delta, is concerned.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Faith Based Administration STRIKES Again!. Roberts NOW qualified to be CJUS

Da-yam! In one of the most NERVY displays of Imperial Arrogance, by a U.S. President, Bush has now nominated Roberts for CJUS, upon the passing of (as I often notated in my law school textbooks) THE RHEN.

(Honestly I don't recall ever notating him as THE EVIL RHEN, but likely was thinking it.)

Anyway, for a President who's approval rating was down in the 30's even before the Disaster in the Delta clearly demonstrated (well to some of us who mostly believed it to start) A Failure of Leadership Ability, Lack of Serious Purpose in Execution of the Executive Function, and perhaps more importantly in this regard, Appointing People to Jobs Above their Ability, nominating someone as CJUS who still hasn't even warmed the bench as an Associate Justice for FIVE minutes, is SERIOUSLY NERVY.

We will see how this plays out. Now will the Bush Admin's Increasing of the Pressue on the Roberts nomination serve as (as I am sure I am not the only one guessing) a distraction on the Disaster in the Delta?

Honestly I don't think so, as the bodies will be stacking up like cordwood, soon I am guessing. But with Bush in the weakest position he has been in in his entire presidency, can he and his minions pull off this stunt?

We will see. I would have guessed Roberts would have survived the hearings for becoming an Assoc. Justice. But now I am not as sure he will get through, even by a squeak!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rehnquist Struck, Vacated, Expired

But I am not going to go off on that tangent (but I will say reading his opinions gave me more headaches than my Law Professors likely did, back in the day.)

I am instead going to go off on the blatant hypocrisy of the Right, concerning Judicial Nominations.

They accuse opponents of nominees of being partisan and political.

However they support nominnees based on those nominees being "Good Conservatives," rather than something like . . .

IddaKnow . . .

Being Fair, Neutral, Dispassionate, Apolitical Arbiters of The Law, who have no AGENDA?

So how is it they don't get it, that they are no better than the opposition, as least insofar as being

Partisan Political Hacks?

Well you know how some people labor under the illusion that their own farts do not smell.

I guess that goes far to explain that congnitive dissonance.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Everybody Smack that Bush

Yes, if the lack of coordination and LEADERSHIP in the face of the worst natral disaster in about 100 years does not prove to the Bushies that the Emperor Has No Clothes, what is required?

Does Bush have to betray the planet to Aliens?

I can hear the excuse makers already:

"He means well. Stop being a Bush Hater. Oh, and watch out for the blue haired alien on the right. Ya he is very quick on the draw with his laser-whip."

Anyway, so much Bush spanking is going on right now even from CONS, that I will be brief.

I will just publish my idea for my next Statue of Liberty T-shirt.

This time she says:

Either you are With ME
or With BUSH.

Make the Right Choice
This Time, Damnit.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

No Suprises Here

I just took yet another of those on-line Political Tests.

You are a

Social Liberal (71% permissive)

and an

Economic Liberal (28% permissive).

You are best described as a: Democrat.

You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

I like that last part. Seems to describe me well enough.

Makes me wonder what it says about Cons, though???

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