Friday, May 31, 2024

What Do Megyn Kelly and the OWL Have in Common?

 Both are lawyers, who are so sympathetic to bozo they are acting like they don't remember the most basic things about criminal law.

As a predicate. The criminal law allows for a misdemeanor to be bumped up to a felony, under the right circumstances.  Usually it's where there is a conspiracy.  Now Bozo wasn't charged with a conspiracy in the case he just lost. But the facts of a conspiracy were alleged.  And the NY law seems to allow for this kind of enhancement, under these circumstances.  And I am qualifying it with seems, as the very well regarded judge seemed to think it wasn't a stretch.  But based on personal experience.  Ya really can't predict appellate courts, particularly where the prior case law is a little thin on the exact or near same circumstances, and concerning the exact same laws.

Megyn Kelly had a better lawyer than her, or her podcast last night.  So I read.  She asked him to explain shit.  He explained shit. She ignored his I assume, accurate analysis.  She substituted her desired version.  And iirc, he properly stated the relevant legal standard.

Either the bitch was flat out not properly prepared.  As in, she should have looked up the law herself (or her assistant.) And she should have had a print out of the relevant law in from of her.  

Or bitch lied.  Or both.

On to the OWL.  See the whack chunk from her blog.  I have pointed out similar shit before.  She does not seem to get it, that she has an eccentric brain.  Se isn't main stream.  Nor is she exceptionally insightful. And she doesn't seem to get, either that no the fuck any one else is obligated to think as she does, about anything.  And the onus is on her to be persuasive.  And she lacks the motivation to even try.  At least there (but it seems to be a pattern with her.  She makes an observation, and conclusion, and publishes it out to the world as if she were Athena, or Hera, or some other Goddess.  To my mind she resembles a drunk bar babe more, when she publishes her free thoughts, than she seems to realize.  And I have spent too way much time in bars. talking with drunk bar babes.)

 And she isn't merely a not bozo hater. She has been very sympathetic to him, over and over.  Supportive, even.  And here she just ignores the way the law actually works.  Buying into the conspiracy theory shit is really shitty.  

I don't expect better from her.  I expect this level of professional shortcoming.  Anyway . . . 

Couple things more before I finish.

Anyone who thinks this is a conspiracy to get bozo, is a fucking moron.

Anyone who thinks this is a tragedy is a fucking moron.

Anyone who thinks this is, was mostly a politically motivated thing,  is a fucking moron.

I am a native of the Greater NYC area.  Large amounts if not a mere majority of people with an opinion of that evil fucktard have hated on his punk ass for decades.  Never mind since because he started a political career.

But in the end.  by itself, the conviction doesn't mean shit.  Its what happens in the next few weeks and months that matters.

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Friday, May 24, 2024

Not Naming Names Part Deux. How Fucking Stupid

 Must one be to pretend Alito's excuse is only a tiny bit not a flat out lie?

Granted.  Loyal Republicans don't care their politicians lie.  They have been using bullshit as part of their usual diction and communication for decades.  So for them, Alito's nonsense is in keeping with their cult practices.  The libs are upset he was clearly engaging in partisan wing nuttery.  And never mind that is a clear ethical lapse.  His crazy excuse is making the Libs even more distressed!  So yeah that, yeah for him!

Oh.  And the other flag he flew at his NJ vacation home is associated with Christian Nationalists!  Double yeah!  If you are a MAGA moron at least.

Like I said on FB a couple days ago.  I'm horrified.  But by now I am used to being horrified.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Not Naming Names, But . . .


Some people just don't seem to be able to do this.  No matter what academic honors they have earned. No matter what jobs they have had.  They speak or type some thought about some shit,  and a reasonable person has to think the following about them.  (The .gif's message.)

And this overlaps with my increasing pet peeve about non experts taking about shit they know nothing, or next to nothing about.  For example.  Bill Maher has a podcast.  And recently he had other comedian Bill Burr on.  I did not watch the vid, but according to the account, Burr ripped the shit out of Maher for talking about the problems in Mid East, Gaza as if Maher knew shit. Burr was plain in saying Maher did not know shit!

I believe we need more of that in the world.  People who don't know shit being called out on the fact, they don't know shit.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

White NC lawmaker interrupts his Black colleague with racist question

Ignorant, Trailer Trash Republicans actually think there is nothing wrong with them.

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Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Get Kristi Kill!

 Puppy killer, to be specific.

I do not have enough data to make a general statement but.  This trashy crazy bitch is only lately coming to understand that not only democrats.  But even other republicans could see her as a trashy crazy bitch.

That is my ultimate question.  Whether or not these GOP Nazis actually or not get it, that they are trashy crazy bitches?

Not, her.  Seems.

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Saturday, May 04, 2024

Hope Hicks is Trash.

 Hope Hicks is trash. (And pretty much a basic bitch, too. stick a pin in that, though.)

Here is my nearly irrefutable case. Chris Rock has this routine, where he slams the kind of (Black, particularly?) man who brags about paying his child support. As Rock says, you don't deserve credit . . . for doing what ya supposed to do!
That describes Hicks to me.. You get sworn in. You promise to tell tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It's what ya supposed to do! But yeah. She gets bravery points with all those death threats, and shit. But still. The case why she is trash.
What came to me today was what I want to call, the first date red flag, test. Imagine she was on a first date with a guy. And the guy said, what he likes to do is grab women by the pussy and see if he can get away with it.
I don't think she would have let that date go much longer at that point. What woman would?
However. She stuck with bozo for four years after the Access Hollywood tape came out.
Yup. She trash.

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They Call It an Unforced Error.

 It doesn't mean she is off the list for VP.  As anyone could guess, Bozo would love to get near that pussy.  But even he thinks Noem's shoot the dog story, is bananas.

So we shall see.  Not that I thought she was on the short list.  But there is that Latina Republican Congress critter.  Who is seriously gorgeous?  Ana some thing?   

Anna Paulina Luna

Anyway.  Since the choice usually really doesn't matter.  I expect it to be an attractive woman. Because Bozo does enjoy being around attractive women.  And has a history of manipulation if not worse, to make it happen.


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Wednesday, May 01, 2024

More Slipshod, Candy Assed, Shallow, Silly, Mean Thinking, by the Owl.

 But first things first.  I have to take a break from posting about her.  But my problem is, I have so little tolerance for GOPNazi bullshit, I can't even handle FNC, these days.  I do go to Real Clear Politics. But . . . and have I said this here yet?  Not only stories about bozo, all other GOPNazis seem like deliberate click bait.  Even when the headline is a direct quote.  Not twisted out of context.   And I am cutting down on even clicking on any clickbait.  And I go to the Owl's blog, just to get a peek of what the people to the right of me are saying.  (But I am back to ignoring the white supremacist trash in her comment crew.)  Anyway.  I will take at least a week off posting re her brain droppings, starting after this post.

And this latest shit seems to my mind, nothing better than pre adolescent stupid shit, from the Owl.  I say that, because.  Instead of recognizing the limitations of her data set, as being woefully inadequate evidence upon which to make a broad statement.   She makes a broad statement about a large population, based on one person's quote.

Is this an example of the reasoning, lack of skills, of a dull witted sixth grader or seventh?  In any case, it is below what an eight grader student should be capable of.

Never mind the dullness of her  . . . let us not call it analysis.  That is too fancy a word for what seems to my mind to be a knee jerk, bigoted, old people smear of the kids.  I love the kids. A lot of those kids are actually smarter than a lot of people over the age of 70.  Shit, make that over the age of 40.   Bad enough to be so shallow to smear a whole bunch of kids based on one kid's quote?  But to get shit all that wrong?  But I have called out Owl's seeming lack of understanding of the most basic and obvious bits about human psychology.  And I mean above and beyond the mere onanistic  (not in the fleshy parts sense,) tiresomeness of looking at everything from one's own narrow point of view, and expecting others to share that, or be some how wrong, or inferior. I know I am being critical here. But there is a point I am leading to.

What the Owl does, or more is the point, failed to do, is take into account the actual reality of what it could have felt like, to have lived through the events at Columbia U., last night.   Shit.  I only started in the afternoon, listening to the campus station, then when shit really started going down, I was watching one of the local NYC news report web sites, for the video.  And just being a remote viewer, I went to bed, perhaps not shaken, but disturbed by what I saw.

So,  I am not only calling out shallowness, and lack of thoughtfulness on the part of the Owl.  She seems to lack basic human empathy.   At least here, with some kid who had just lived through that shit a few hours ago.  I have done some marching and protesting, and walking a picket line, in my years.  Never have I been caught up in shit like that.  Like I saw last night, on the web feed.

But it seems either the Owl was so lacking in empathy for others she just did not think.  That kid likely is still some kind of traumatized.  Or she don't give a fuck about other's people lived trauma. Some such.

She never seems to have thought about that kid, maybe she should not judge her?  Never mind, make some baseless generalization of a much larger population of kids, based on what this likely still cranked up and emotionally stressed kid was able to do and say, or not do and say, after that trauma.

My take. 

Ok.  Owl is on a blackout, for at least a week, starting now.

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