Friday, April 28, 2023

Get Off My Lawnism is Fucking Lame. Just Fucking Stop it!

 So earlier this week I went off my discipline and remarked on some vid featuring both Glenn Loury and John McWhorter.  Now the "notes" I chose to give them are not the point.  However, I am going to call them both out here for the same lame, cognitive and behavioral error.

Both are essentially cranky old men.  Now you don't have to be actually old, to act like a cranky old man.  Decades ago, I remember reading some piece about the young fogeys.  The idea was that young Republicans, in adapting the beliefs and mannerisms of their elder Republicans, essentially became cranky old folk.

And I could go long, but I will try to be brief.  No matter your age, when your way of engaging with the world is to complain about people who don't live their lives as you want them to?

You have become a cranky old man, woman, person, shit.

I have to note that people are free to be a cranky old man, woman, person, shit.  But fucking no one generally loves them.  As soon as a crank starts a crank that people disagree with, the odiousness of the cranky person is obvious.  But if they crank on something agreed with and or about?  They are tolerable.  Until they say something not on the other party's crank worthy list.

I am reminded of the old George Carlin joke about how anyone driving slower than you is a fucking asshole  but anyone who drives faster than you is fucking crazy.  It's that kind of dynamic.

Anyway.  Feel free to be a cranky shit if that is you doing you.  But understand the dynamic.  And that means most people will find you tiresome and well dull, most of the time.  Because that is what cranky shits are.

One last jab at another offender. Bill Maher?  this includes you too, babe.  But honestly  you are playing at a higher level.  Like drunk uncle at the bar after his 5th beer, level.

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Saturday, April 22, 2023

White Entitlement to be Cruel. It's What they Want!

 I will only briefly mention the old white lady. It was on her blog, I noticed a post dealing with the Bud Lite transgender influencer, train wreck.

First things first.  I despise Republicans.  They give me so many reasons to despise them.  And if one of those reasons is not under the category of hypocrisy, it likely falls under the category of cruelty/hate.  If not both.

For this exercise, let us lead with hypocrisy.

Republicans say they care about so called free speech.  And yet they wage their culture war on people who dare have different thoughts and beliefs than they do.

They say political difference needs to be tolerated, when it is them, though, specifically when they are being cruel and hateful.  (We will get back to this part.) But and again, they wage their culture war on people who do not share their socio political biases and prejudices.  That is what this anti woke shit is all about.  It is blatant, and obvious.  And it more resembles a 21st Cent. Witch Hunt than any thing they call a Witch Hunt.

So let's get back to the trigger event.  I have got back in the habit of maybe a couple, two times a week, on average, taking a peek at the commenters section on the old white lady's blog. While I mention her, I still call her out for maintaining a safe space for white supremacist, hate mongering, shit faced, dick nosed white trash.  (I can't use that term on FB. But I can here!  Vive la difference!)  In any case, usually when I do that, I start off with the default setting:

read until he first lie, or flat out hateful shit you see.  

But sometimes I stick to it a little longer.  so I get a full reset and refresh on the matter of why it is only fitting and proper to despise Republicans.

(Let me check.)  Eight posts in, I find this post.  And before I post his words, at least this particular white supremacist, hate mongering, shit faced, dick nosed white trash isn't hiding his true feelings:  There goes your proof.

No one really cares about Mulvaney. there is no organized opposition to him as an individual. The opposition is to the movement that would cancel me for referring to Mulvaney as him. It was a boycott of Bud Light, not Mulvaney. Focusing in on Mulvaney is exactly what the Left wants you to do.

"Oh look, that nasty Republicans are being mean to poor Dylan. That's not fair! See I told you they were evil, just like Whoopi said!"

There goes your proof.  I's not even about the target of the attack.  It is about their sense of entitlement  to be cruel and hateful.  I am sure many of them truly despise anyone who they feel is inferior to them, and will go to any length of deceit and deception to oppose people who are different.  But yeah.  Some of them are in it just for the shits, and giggles of being cruel and hateful. They feel entitled to be cruel and hateful.  They care more for that than being a good citizen, a decent person, or even a good Christian.  

Before I end this.  And I likely would not last that well and long in a debate with Jonathan Haidt, the Psychology professor who argues that Republicans, conservative are not wicked, but just have a different sense of morality.  I would not last long as my refutation of that argument mostly is:

what the fuck kind of morality is it, where the group and its members claim superiority because their leader says they are superior, and gives them, either directly, because the leader is alive, or through the sacred texts, because the leader is invisible magic people in the sky, the sacred right to be cruel and hateful?  I am calling bullshit!

By that definition of morality, every evil movement, nation, clan, or mere tribe in history gets the cover of being an alternative moral unit.  I repeat calling bullshit.

Well, and the irony hit me, just now.  The only justification for the existence of the GOP is the most disgusting sort of moral relativism.  Which those guys say they hate.  Which brings us right back to the hypocrisy part.  That is used to defend the being cruel and hateful part.

And so on, and so on . . . 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"I Wish Black Folks Didn't Civilise Y'all". The Read Of The Century... T...

One of my stock phrases of late goes like:

White people are only 15% of the world population.  White supramacists need to stop the bullshit, and learn their place.  And be  nicer to the rest of us.  Because they are not special people.  They are just people.

And my other favorite of late, is the idea that there is no such thing as "western" culture.  And most of what white supramacists think of as the good parts of their alleged culture, came from some place else.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

It Would Be Sweet If He Is Arrested Too!


But word on the legal street in NY, is Jordan has committed the crime of obstruction.  I doubt it will happen,  but he is subject to arrest, in theory,  if he steps foot in Manhttan.

And some NY politicians are making a stink about him bringing his stinky ass to our city.  So  even if I doubt he will be arrested if he shows?  I wonder if he can be made to worry that might happen?

So for my Bingo card, I have he cancels the field hearing does not show up here.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Why is the Old White Lady Promoting Greenwald, Who in Turn is

 promoting McCarthy, who in turn is promoting bozo?

I am not going to say Greenwald is a shit.  But I have to say I lost respect with him over Assange.  I am sort of contempteous of self appointed journalists, and did not think Assange really qualified as such.  I took Assange for a shity troll, and Greenwald, by extension, was rolling around in the shit, with shit.

But who is a shit really isn't my point here.  Neither is the Old White Lady.  Speaking for myself. I have a very strict moral code, and as a result I am hard to persuade with argument.  And becoming a lawyer made it that much harder to make a point to me  with only argument.  My pet peeve of  . .  . if not late, at least constantly lately, is the cult of argument.

Fuck argument!  Fuck anything that is supposed to persuade me about shit that is just fucking someone's opinion.  I don't like people much, as a default.  So just based on that (never mind having been a lawyer for over thirty years,) I do not give a fuck what people think.

The Old White Lady is a retired law professor.  I am happy to say  I grade much harder than she does!

So am I really concerned who's idiotic opinion, about another idiotic opinion, about yet another idiot  the Old White Lady is promoting?  Hell naw!  I am just at the meta level surprised that a lawyer who has 10 years on me is that easilly impressed by argument, opinion.

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