Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mrs. Palin Does Not Heart the D.C. Press Corps Dinner.

 I will be brief. And employ sarcasm. (You have been warned.)

"Yea Sarah Palin! You tell them girl! Cause the fate of the nation, if not humanity itself, rests on the matter of whether the DC Press Corps throws one party a year. Or not."

What a twit.

Change the  I in twit to an A  if you like. 

And since the last job she had was with the elite media, and got fired, I think she has some issues, here.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fox News Nazis: No Constitution For You!

Go here for  Jon Stewart's brilliant take down of the freedom and constitution hating racists  over at Fox. 

And I am not sorry  Bob Beckel.  You are cast out.  You have a long way to go for pennance, and redemption.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Look In The Mirror Part Deux.

(I went longer on my FB  Wall.  Here is that output.)
It has come to my attention that wing nuts are doing some kind of victory dance over the fact that the bombers were not Tea Baggers, but were (dread, awful, dangerously other) Muslims.

Naturally that shit made me sick. And of course to make it not just bad, but beyond stupid, these wing nuts are ignoring the incontrovertible fact: they were white boys!

I just posted in answer to one of the witlessly stupid FB cards touting that fact:

 "It appears the Boston Bombers were white boys. All white people in America go look in the closest mirror. The face staring back at you is the face of "Islamic terrorism" Let the racial profiling begin."

 Now do I actually believe we need to be profiling white boys now? Hell no. I was hoping to make the point by way of ridicule that profiling is a idiotic and racist game.

 But the celebrating by the wing nuts? That is so stupid wrong, that I will have to do inventory.

Ok. Up until Monday the face of Domestic Political Terrorism was white boys. You could call Tim McVeigh the original Tea Party Patriot. He did not just hate the Fed Gvt. He did something about it! And there are many, many more similar minded Americans. Luckily only a few ever go through with anything. On account of them being cowards at heart.

 Up until Monday the face of Domestic Antisocial Terrorism was white boys. Columbine, Aurora, and most recently Newton. (And I still think to a great extent Boston,) were terrorist acts by malcontents, antisocial misfits who mostly wanted the thrill of blowing shit and people up. Not much else going on there for lots of these homicidal assholes.

 Up until Monday the face of Domestic Christian Terrorism was white boys. Abortion clinic bombings, and shootings, and attacks on other religious institutions. Shit. Even some of the so called leaders of major churches and ministries can give the worst of the radicalized Imams and Clerics a run for the Savagely Insane Hate Mongering violence encouraging money.

 And now with the Chechen boys we have a new status, a new reality in America. And now the face of Domestic Muslim Terrorism is white boys.

Is there any domestic terrorism category left or is this a clean sweep in all categories?

 Not that I would ever say we need to start profiling white boys. Buy by the same token, when catch some wing nut spewing that shit, I just want to send them off to Gulag. Not Stalin's. But The one in that Mad Max movie.

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Look in the Mirror Assholes.

Wing nut assholes  are wetting their pants  in joy over the fact that the Boston bombers were Muslim.

Perhaps  not oddly, they seem to forget they are/were white boys.

There is one of those FB  slides making the rounds to day  that makes much of the fact that they turned out to be Muslim (white boys,) rather than  Tea Party  (white boys.)

One of my republican friends shared that idiocy.  I usually (90% at least) ignore his political shares.

I had to respond to that one, and did so, thusly:

It appears the Boston Bombers were white boys. All white people in America go look in the closest mirror. The face staring back at you is the face of "Islamic terrorism" Let the racial profiling begin.

I am sure to piss a lot of his friends with that.  Good!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Queen Bee for a Bunch of Ignorant, Hate Mongering Racist Shit bags.

Ok  Kids.  It has been a while since I called out Ms. Althouse for running  a racist's paradise over on her blog.  But Ya Can't Keep Some Creeps Down!  And her evil minions  (drones,  maybe?  Continuing the Queen Bee metaphor) decided to go bat shit on the

MEMBERSHIP OF THE OFFICIAL  US DELAGATION TO  that mostrously  evil  Peggy Thatcher's  funeral.

You heard me right.  The racist  drones are all upset that the OFFICIAL delagation was led by peeps who no longer are in gvt.  But fuck a duck.  What a fucked up idea.  The OFFICIAL delagation was led by people who actually worked with her back in the day, and we can guess, actually liked the old, evil, monster.

Bad Obama  bad.  

Putting George Schultz and James Baker in charge of the OFFICIAL  delagation.  Sending former SecyStates who actually admired the monster.  What the fuck was he thinking!!!! 

Now I have for a while been ignoring the comment sections  for a while,  both there, and on other parts of the web.  But this one  sucked me in.

Ms. Althouse  as of this moment  (make that 10 minutes ago) let the following  and is continuing to host and publish the following  racist comments.

The one where some asshole calls him "white trash,"  is an attempt at actual reverse racism.  Now ya can't call the current  POTUS    . . . . rhymes with digger.  But he figured he could get away with insulting the white side  insteady?  I mean REALLY?  REALLY?  What the fuck Althouse.  You condone that shit?

And the other one.  This one  is totally  over the top.  The other asshole who makes reference to a archetype  minstrel show character.

You really  comfortable  publishing that shit,  Althouse?

Talk about reaching a new low!

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Still A Monster.

I am going to pick on Laura Ingraham, for saying monstrous things, following the Boston Bombing. 

She has not said the most monstrous things.  I think the flaming  piece of shit who wanted to kill all the mooslims ( Erik Rush ) takes that award (a black conservative   . .  . my fucking word!  Looking hard for someone else to nigggarize maybe???)

But linking  the bombing to her bigoted, racist  POV on Immigration Reform is monstrous enough.

(Go here  for the ugly particulars.)

Point is this.  No matter how attractive some of these conservative women are, they can still be monsters.  And I am NOT saying all are monsters.  Some are just wrong minded.  But I have personally been victim of one of these pretty  blonde monsters.  Don't let the outside fool you.  Find out what lies in their heart.  And take it from me, people.  Don't walk but RUN the fuck away, as soon as you find out they believe in monstrous, evil stuff.



Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am not going to say much myself here.  But for the obvious.  Shit like that makes me angry.  My heart goes out to all affected (viewed generously.)  And I am angry at the way many of my fellow Americans  are behaving. 

I won't repeat all I said on FB  over the past two days  but I have been semi livid over the racism and supidity that we know is always  there in Ameica.  And like I said, though.  Times like these can bring out the best in people, and the worst.

Now  (hat tip to WARN)  let me link their post for today. 

It features  a unrelated, and not, clip of a speech  by Brother Doctor Cornel West.

P.  Obama is NOT a LIBERAL.  This is what a real liberal sounds like.

WARN -- Dr. West On The Niggerization of America.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tax Day? Let's Call it Stop Your Pathetic Whining Day Instead!

I am just dead set on cutting against the grain today.  I am not following the heard. 

Among the most tedious experiences  I have ever suffered in life is hearing  my fellow Americans bitch and moan about their tax rates.  It's every bit as tedious as listening to a top fashion model bitch about being too fat, or some millionaire about how he ain't rich enough.



Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Absentee Week for Me.

Ya.  I was expressing myself over on my FB  page, and to a lesser extent, my YT  channel.

I have toned down the politics  on FB.  Since the glorious election.  But I still vent some.  Usually  I comment.  But I do vent time to time.  But this past week has just been sorta  dull.  Yes, I got into it with someone over the issue of gun control.  I bypassed all the usual on target (pun intended) points, and resorted to the ultimate truth about humans  and guns.  Well  honestly  this is the way I put it up on my wall:

My short argument for gun control:

(1) Humans tend to be very delusional about their intelligence, their skill level, and physical abilities, so
(2) we have a nation full of gun totin' assholes, who live under the delusion they are Seal Team Six, When in truth they are Elmer J. Fudd. On their best day!

And I had some other fun "observations."  I'll let them slide for now.  But I have been having fun with Rand Paul and his tone-deaf minority outreach efforts.  Tell a room full of well educated black folk how your GOP buddies think you are brave for visiting a room full of well educated black folk? 


Speaking of race stuff.  I have been made remotely  aware of this song about "Accidental Racism."  Even before starting this post, I saw that one of the bloggers  I follow  wrote about it  recently.  I have not read his bit yet.   But I will repeat my age old rule of thumb.  The core of racism  is  thoughtlessness, running in tandem with ignorance.  The hate really isn't necessary.  So do I think there is such a thing as accidental racism? 

Fuck no!

Peace out!

Friday, April 05, 2013

A Double Dose of Pre Packaged Argument.

It's not that I am lazy.
I have basically said it all already.
It's just redundant typing  if I were to type it out.
So why not go with the pre pack stuff until
there is something new and fresh to comment  about?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

90 percent of Mitt Romney’s voters were white,

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

They Are Playing Ice Hockey In Hell, Today.

Speaking of religious themes, Hell Must Be Frozen Over! I agree with Bill O'Reilly!

Since when do bible thumpers dislike being called bible thumpers, anyway? What up with that bullshit?

But I confess, that I love the trend, among the wing nuts, to respond to every comment, no matter how trivial, and ancient a word usage or phrase, as if it were the gravest of insults. I love how they are unconcerned that when they do that, they look even more ignorant and unbalanced. And I love how, if the pattern continues, they will themselves destroy any remaining shred of credibility they have as people, individually or collectively.

I love it how they are their own worst enemy.

Bill O'Reilly Schools Laura Ingraham On Bible Thumpers.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Eric Deggans, Media Reporter Explains It.

Monday, April 01, 2013

I Could Start The Week With Politics. But I Won't.

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