Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Not Just The Owl.

Not only is the Owl engaging in deep, weird speculation about the intent of Gov. Noem, writing about killing the puppy.

Can I prove I am right and they are wrong?  No.  But I believe in the likely operation of Occam's Razor, over some idiot's ability to read another idiot's mind.

I think the simplest explanation is she thinks she is a perfectly normal person, and anyone who judges her for what she thinks, says, or does is the weirdo.  The hater.  The woke menace.  What ever other criticism her twisted, seeming to me at least, sociopathic mind can consider.

Yeah. That makes sense to me.

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Monday, April 29, 2024

What's Worse Than Dunning-Kruger? What Ever is Wrong With The Owl.


Dunning-Kruger is that thing when dumb people are so dumb, they don't know they are dumb.

What do you call it when someone who has accomplishment, and decades of experience in a highly technical, demanding field, like law, doesn't know their limitations?  If there is a separate word for that, I admit I do not know it.  That is me  knowing my limitations.

Anyway. Far as I know, Owl ain't go no real trial experience.  That is leading to her limitations.  As all litigators, even we former ones, know, humans tend to overrate their ability to read minds.  And here  (above) see her try, and very badly, to read someone's mind.  

Now in fairness, her first selection is not bat shit crazy.  The other two options  are pretty much cray.

At least No. One sees to be a plausible consideration for an ambitious politician, hoping to be picked to be VP nominee.  The other two are crack pipe theories.  That doesn't mean there is no chance of them being true.  Anything is possible!  Point is  Owl  just pulled it out of her . . .  near by air.  It's not thoughtful or evidence based.  It's a wild guess.  Not a sign of intelligence.  Just a dumb assed wild guess.

Some people are more willing to publish crack pipe theories out loud than I am.  And that again  seems dumb assed to me.  I will end here.

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Sunday, April 28, 2024

So True


Saturday, April 20, 2024

This Is So Fucking Stupid.

 Yo!  Owl! Ever hear about this thing called Psychology?

Psychiatric Medicine?

Mental disease, and or dysfunction?

This is so fucking stupid.  In any way drawing a link between some person who clearly was.  To use a term of art.  Fruity CoCo Puffs cray, to the ordinary emotional immaturity and lack of self control that admittedly.  It affects people all over the political compass.  That is plain stupid.

In the near past, I have called out Owl for believing  bozo, the ex POTUS wannabe again, of being, for lack of a better way to say it.  A rational actor.

I could make a crack about her herself not being a rational actor.  But I will go softly, and instead say.  She is not only an eccentric.  But I would guess, in denial of that.

My guess.  And my opinion.  And I lack the creds to diagnosis anyone.  But I know someone who sets themself on fire, is under way more mental distress than someone who hates liberals because . . . reasons.  And supports bozo because . . . reasons.

And someone who can't tell the difference?  Can't tell an easy difference.


Saturday, April 06, 2024

I Am Not Going To Call The Owl a Racist,

 But personally, I suspect a lot of the criticism of VP Harris to be racist.  Particularly, when it's about trivial shit.  Particularly, when also about her cognitive ability, fitness for office.  All that shit.

The Owl.  Who's functioning I find to be extremely eccentric as a default, and flat out bewildering, time and again?  She has chosen to jump on the bandwagon of people giving Harris shit about some likely mostly ad lib remarks about women's college basketball.

Now to be fair.  I do not consider VP Harris to be at her best ad libbing.  But the racist assholes accusing her of word salad or worse are just shit talking her for their own amusement or what not.  VP Harris seems to just come across as a regular person, thinking out loud, when she talks off script.

Thinking out loud is not the same a working a script, people!

She is an experienced lawyer.  And she was a killer in the senate hearing rooms.  When she is all prepped she is a force to be reckoned with.  But in ordinary discourse?  She comes across like ordinary people.  Bright ordinary people, yea.  But she does not seem to have the rare gift of blarney.

She doesn't seem to have that ability that Obama and Bill Clinton had, with just talking and communicating very well to people off the cuff.   Most people don't. But hey.  I have an earned degree in Theatre.  I used to do improv exercises.  Most people never have.  Oh.  And the kind of legal and professional career I had, threw me into situations where I had to adapt and improvise.  Such as when I was a lobbyist. Some days I got to stick to my script.  Some days, I literally did speed lobbying. Which is  having a prepare elevator pitch, but being prepped for any of a number of questions about the bill at issue.  Or other stuff the legislators could ask.  

Oh.  But none of that is the real point.  That is.  VP Harris' sport is tennis, not basketball.  You fucking haters!

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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Apparently, She Doesn't Know Shit About Psychology.

 Ann Althouse, the blogger I call OWL, is at it again.  Within the past few days, I called her out for the grievous error in assuming bozo, the ex president, behaves like a rational person. I say that because he has a well documented record of behaving irrationally.  Or at least like a bratty, bully child.

Her latest failure to grasp the most easily understood psychological truth?  That other people not only can and do think differently than she does.  That there is no reason anyone should think as she does about many things.

This incident involves her posting about the 28 y.o. 

Dutch Woman Chooses Euthanasia Due To Untreatable Mental Health

The Owl's own remarks to my mind, shows a total lack of ability to emphasize.  Now in my past, I was a family court lawyer.  An I had so many clients with mental health issues, I know from having seen it myself.  Severe mental dysfunction is really a thing of suffering.  

Euthanasia is legal in Holland.  Her docs says there isn't a damn thing they can do for  her  (except maybe pump her full of the kinds of drugs that will turn her into a zombie, and keep her as a zombie for ever.)  She says her life is unbearable.  And I believe her.  Never minding for now, the type of toxic personal entitlement to believe one has the right to judge someone else's mental suffering?  It's the taking of the personal medical, and making that a matter for public comment, I am more decrying, here.  Yeah.  It's a news story now because, reasons.  But I want to say that this is why I believe personal medical choses belong to that person, only.  I don't think Owl is making any public policy argument here.  Her wrong is in thinking her opinion about this means shit.

Now for my ugly experience with someone with BPD.  She was prone to performative self harm,  Playing with razor blades on her arms in a way guaranteed not to kill her.  And her emotional turmoil was of the kind, that I totally believe she lacks a real conscience, and enjoys fucking other people over. 

She not only yet lives,  Her job is being a public defender for the mentally ill.   Isn't it ironic?

But yeah.  Way I understand it, lots of people with BPD never learn to embrace the evil.  More likely it is they just can't cope with the chaos.  I go back to my premise.  People don't all think the same.  And other people should not have to experience what I have, witnessing a full blown mental meltdown, to get that.

I had a client who's Bi Polar Disorder meltdown in open court, was so ugly and raw, some of my fellow layers came over to me and comforted me.  Cause family court lawyers know.  All we can do is encourage our more dysfunctional clients to keep with the treatments, and ask the docs to change the meds when they don't seem to work.  We were more helpless than the doctors.  And when the doctors say it's a hopeless case?  Damn.  Just damn.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2024

We're living in corporate dystopia and Gen Z is reacting accordingly

The kids aren't just alright. The kids get it. Some of them, at least. My argument is. If you ain't rich, you really should be aware that we, that you, are actually living in a dystopia. Now! Right fucking now!

No matter that this still technically counts as the height of our "civilization." This is hell on earth. With toys, though.


Monday, April 01, 2024

The Owl Has Lost it!

 This is so stupid. I think at least.

She says bozo, if needing to be jailed, but wins election, should have to do house arrest in the WH?

She was replying in some way to some commenter on her blog, suggesting bozo might want to get arrested.  Her words: 

"Trump wants a prison sentence? I don't believe that. I think he's fighting hard, in his own stubbornly perverse, insubordinate, rebellious way."

Ok.  This is worse than the house arrest suggestion.  Not so much in disagreeing with the comment about how bozo might want that shit.   I'll get back to that.  But the really stupid shit she is doing here, is she is presuming rational thinking for a carbon based life form known  for, and well documented to not act in a conventionally rational way,  A lot of the fucking time!  

Said plainly, she is acting as if the crazy man isn't.  Even of she thinks he is only acting crazy?  How the fuck do you know what the creature who deliberately is acting crazy, really intends?  The observer with a rational mind knows.   You can't really make a good guess what either the actually crazy person, or the just pretending it, really is thinking.

Now would I bet my last dollar  he wants to go to jail?  I don't think he wants to lose any of his criminal cases.  But I think he considers he might be able to make getting jailed for contempt, to work in his favor.  (Edit to add.  I finally went back and looked at the comment.  That person was making that argument.  OWL might have deliberately blurred that up.  Or maybe accidentally?)

Anyway, The case for he might, sort of, deliberately be pushing for a contempt jailing:

1.  He actually can control himself.  When he gets hit with a gag order,  he complies, if only barely.  And gets his lawyers to appeal that, because

2.  He has it in is head that part of his election strategy is to fight the law . . . that is arrayed against him. His lawyers have said as much in filings, if not in open court, and 

3.  I keep seeing a fundraising ad with him, where he basically rails against the judges and prosecutors.  He is literally using his status as a defendant to fundraise.

I am not sure whether this is at all an effective strategy?  I am willing to believe, that he just might be crazy enough to believe it.  And there are more than a couple analysts who are saying his martyr act is not only part of his campaign, but go so far as to say it might help him, at least with the base.  

But if the base is with him already, what is the fucking point?  I would not be willing to believe the martyr routine is winning him new supporters, without  seeing well executed research from at least three of the best ranked researching outfits saying, yes.  That is helping him outside of the base, in a statistically significant way.

But he might believe it, without the data.  Some people believe shit, without having any data that says, yup.  This  is likely true.  

Crazy people!  Cant figure them out!

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