Tuesday, August 30, 2022

See The Corruption Inherent in the System!

 Gibson's v. Oberlin verdicts and findings stand.   The four corrupt (IMO) Republicans on the Ohio Supreme Court were happy to let the travesty of a fucked up and bullshit trial verdict stand, and the three Democrats wanted to hear the matter.  

I will not go long.  There is a pretty good law review article that well explains exactly how the trial judge fucked up.  Specifically, the judge committed error in his handling of the racist statement is defamation part.  He mis applied the case law very badly.  And in my mind, the judge basically went way the fuck out of his way to decide the issue out of his own biases.  I really do not think this was mere incompetence.  This was flat out desired outcome driven judging.  That is how I see it.  

See The Corruption Inherent in the System!  It's people.  And it is a review system that is not only inadequate at the task of fixing errors.  It's not even dedicated to that task.


Oh.  For the record.  If the judge followed the law and applied it properly, and kept this bag of shit away from a jury?  Remove the pre trial finding that use of the word racist and related implications was defamatory, and there is no rest of the case.  Zip.  Snot.  Bupkis.  Whether or not a mere allegation of simple assault justifies a defamation case, per se or per quod?  There was a physical altercation involving the people  in the original incident.  So that doesn't really fly. Claiming the allegation of simple assault suffices where there actually was a fight of sorts, that would have been bullshit, and legal error as well.  If memory serves me correctly, the appellate judge at the intermediary court tried to spin it as if that would fly.  Total bullshit underthis fact pattern.

In many US states,  this bag of shit case would not have lasted past a motion to dismiss.  Ohio's definition of defamation per se is more vague and permissive than most states.  But even their prior caselaw says  this shit should not have ended with a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs.  But like I said, four Republicans rubber stamped the underlying errors. I have been a lawyer for over 30 years.  This isn't the first time I saw judges  rubber stamp obvious underlying errors.  I know it is not only done by Republicans.  But I do believe Republican judges tend to be corrupt as default.  Or at least, are more likely to put political and cultural biases ahead of other considerations.

Oh. The original trial judge is a Democrat, if memory serves.   I can't accuse him of being a partisan, but he definite has some issues that drove his errors.  Whatever.  The Forces of Evil won this round.


So Glenn Loury Yet Again Hosted Notorious White Supremacist, Amy Wax.

 Despite the shininess of the troll play, I stuck to my provisional decision to not watch his trash.  Because he hurts my pretty brain.  

I do allow myself a peek at the comments.  He was met with praise from some quarters. Let's call them the white trash faction.  And he got some contempt and ridicule from the other side.  Call them the voices of reason, and high standards.

In a related story.  Last night I watched a documentary featuring a Scots academic on the origins and history of the Klan.  Who started off not with lynching, but worked their way to that ugliness, starting first with protecting their idea of their "culture."   Nazis started off that way too.  But we need not spend that much time rehashing my old proofs.  According to the US  DOJ Civil Rights Division, discrimination based on culture is the same as that based on race, ethnicity or national origin  (see my screen cap.)  It's the world wide definition based on the UN Declaration against Racial Discrimination  as well.  Not only should law professor  Wax  know this, and know that whenever she criticizes culture she is engaging in white supremacist discrimination, even if not necessarily a crime, as individual people do not violate the law merely by holding insidious points of view.  I accuse Loury of knowing this, not because he is some kind of expert having written books about race.  But because he has been in academia for decades.  He has been given the work books, and the emails  and likely has attended several trainings over the years.


If one is defending, under some fucked up absolutist definition of academic freedom, a white supremacist?  One deserves to be considered an excuseless  piece of shit.  My 2c.

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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Like a Broken Clock, Ann Althouse Can be Accidentally Right.

But she accidentally made a smart observation about something she really wasn't talking about.  On her blog, she has this train wreck habit of obsessing about truly drab, trite shit.  For example, her new, regular feature is curating Tiktok vids. Talk about shit the planet does not need.  But her accidental good observation was in some post based on some idiotic twitter non event regarding something Sam Harris said about the Hunter Biden laptop "conspiracy."

Firstly, there is nothing there there, about that fucking laptop until someone of impeccable reputation says  hey guys.  Actual, indicatable evidence of crimes. Here is a list.  After all, it isn't a conspiracy theory if you can prove it. And the other idiotic part of it is, who the fuck gives a fuck what Harris says about politics and law, and shit?  None of that is within his academic or professional wheelhouse!

Anyway, this story gets away from being trite when I mention that she observed that the particular over use of the word conspiracy in that matter, perhaps instead of being a declaration of fact, it is more of an analogy, to call that a conspiracy?  That is the bingo moment.

But I would say it is a baked in trait of Republicans, to misuse language that way.  They use the most negative and extreme words for people and things they oppose.  And they use the most excessive, exaggerated words to describe their claimed victimization when that is their spin. And so on, and so on.

They did not invent that shit. But they have expanded it to such a point that is it fair to say they used the words of English, but because of their peculiar group usage, it is a different dialect of the language.

So thanks  Ann.  I have been calling that dirty trick Republicans deliberately use, exaggeration and bullshit. But the term analogy helps clear shit up a bit.  The actual words they use in context are well described as exaggeration and bullshit. But the dialect is one where deliberately speaking in analogy instead of literally, is what is going on there.

You might have heard that bit about not taking DJT literally but take him seriously?  Well that dialect is how Republicans have communicated for decades.  He just took that shit to a whole new level.

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Sunday, August 14, 2022

They are against kindness and compassion.

 Firstly, our daily affirmation. Fucking Republicans fucking suck.

Now on to my sermon.

Republicans have been spending a lot of time and energy opposing this mythical beast they call "wokeness." Now as a practical matter, wokeness is really just their current term to describe liberal, progressive thoughts and values. Really, that is all it is. The insult, buzz word du jour. But really what is at the core of progressive thoughts and values? Why it is nothing more than Christian Values.

And by that I mean, all that be kind to strangers, and wayward sons, and don't even judge harshly hos because hos gotta eat too, shit.

Kindness. Compassion. Not oppressing people.

And this is what they waste their time opposing? The idea that they should not only leave others to live their lives in peace, but as The Carpenter would have said, help the needy? This is what they are opposing?

Fucking Republicans fucking suck.


Saturday, August 06, 2022

Nichelle Nichols on how Dr. MLK, Jr. dissuaded her from quitting Star Tr...

And the full clip from the interview with the MLK story.

Drunk History - Nichelle Nichols Lives Boldly

I don't think I felt a celeb death as much, as save for Diahann Carroll. And Nichelle having that recurring ensemble role, helped pave the path for Diahann getting the lead role.
I practically bawled over EVH. But that was not only not related to civil rights victories, but instead was related to Covid days stress, and a lot of bottled up emotions, and stuff.
Mourning EVH was about a lot more than EVH. As it were.


'Star Trek' Alum React To Nichelle Nichols' Death

In Memory of Nichelle Nichols (Simpsons Cameo)

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock (3/8) Movie CLIP - Be Careful What You...

What someone like Ann Althouse forgets, is most people who are fans of Trek don't merely think of where Uhura started, but her path.  In this scene from one of the movies, she has seriously ranked up. She is a Commander.  That is the equal rank of a lieutenant colonel.  

In one of the more recent series, "Picard,"  we learn her fate.  She ranks up yet again to captain, and gets command of her own ship, and semi retires to help train "the next generation."  Literally, in that imaginary realm, as she trained cadet Picard!  

Anyway. Between the Trek nerds, and the military nerds, her misunderstanding of both cultures  lead to her getting flamed to a crisp.

She has a well documented history of vomiting forth on topics she either really doesn't know, or not know enough about.  I remember this one time.  Back when she was still doing bloggingheads vids.  Se admits out loud, she really did not know all that much about politics.  And then she goes on at length, talking about politics.

I want to say my tag   "cult of incessant chatter" was inspired mostly by her.  But that is not true.  There are a lot of people out there vomiting forth about things they really don't know, or not know enough about. 

Anyway.  In her last post in that thread, she was comically defensive.  She claimed she was proud about not keeping up with the subject matter. And as well, went on about her (she said she was proud of it) limited knowledge of the subject.   She used a lot of words.  I mean, really a lot to say nothing really.   All she had to say was something like:

"Thanks for setting me straight.  I learned a lot here.  Have a nice day."

But she didn't . . . 

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She Is Not Alone In The Sentiment, But . . . Classist?

 Leave it to Ann Althouse to fuck it up, totally.  The passing of Nichelle Nichols?  She is one of the judgy folk  (some are black, let's make that clear,)  who are dismissing her importance in her role in Star Trek.  Mischaracterizing her job as a future, space going receptionist and or secretary?

Well if that is only the case, she was still the first black woman to get that kind of gig on TV, back when that shit was really groundbreaking.  So check yourself on that count.  She wasn't cleaning up after white people, or cooking for them.  Not that there is anything inherently wrong with that kind of work.  But that was not only a trope, but a reality of how racism was still working in America, back in the 1960's.  So check yourself and your narrow, unpretty brain!

But wait.  There's more.

Before I ever was a lawyer (even after, actually,) I did time as office admin. help.  Shit.  I was in the shipping receiving dept. of CBS  in NYC, for a year.  It actually was then that I learned the truth of the world.

If they don't actually run the world, admin. staff keeps the world running. So it takes not only ignorance, but an amount of ugly snobbery to diss the admin. staff.

Just saying.  Really bad, classist bias!

I am going with a pic from one of the movies.  She looks so distinguished and accomplished.

RIP  Nichelle.  You did far more good in the world than most folk, be they lawyers or law professors.

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