Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Rand Paulbot Steps on Some Lady's Head. He Asks for an Apology.

Folks, this is what you get for lowering standards so much. This is what you get when you let scum of the earth like Fox News pretend to be a legit news org (never mind the odious right wing web.)

This is what a mis understanding of basic fairness get you.

Some people are too crazy to be given a seat at the table. Some are too stupid. Some are too selfish. Some are too cruel. Some are some if not all of the above.

And that is doing more damage to the society than just about all together all the stupid shit that these asshole right wingers are scared of. Messicans. Mooslims. Gays getting married and serving in the military. All that stuff. Give me a break!

Dunning-Kruger. Will there ever be a day when we no longer need the theory? Not as long as there are conservative republicans fouling the body politic and the public discourse.

Sidebar. I am still steeling myself for the very real chance of Speaker Boehner. Even if he can't get dick done (or undone, given the agenda) the mere fact a shit like that could be given real power in the nation is a cause for woe, and deep embarassment.

Then again after Newt, if you are continuing to spiral down, you are likely to get a Boehner. But they are all vapid bullshit dicks, to me. I'd say.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

So Lots of Media People are Saying NPR's Firing of Juan Was Too Harsh, or

done badly. I Mean I get it, that media peeps don't like the idea of being tossed aside like a used Kleenix, but there is another POV.

Way I say it, the NPR - Juan Williams split was more like a break up in a "relationship" than your standard work relationship. Said simply, NPR got tired of Juan's shit and kicked him to the curb. Rightly so.

Taking that analogy to the next step, if NPR was the girl, and Juan was the two-timing dog of a boyfriend?

Get my drift?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Juan Williams Got Fired From NPR For Bigoted, Anti Muslim Remarks He Said on Fox News . . .

I can not say I am the least bit sorry, for Juan. He has been spending way too much time in the Fox News Green room. He got too comfortable with the way they think and act there. It's nothing new for me to say the main difference between the bigots and the not bigots is the bigots embrace and reinforce their bigoted views. The non bigots fight that crap, as often as necessary, in themselves.

Not to mention, when someone starts out saying,"I'm not a bigot . . . . but ," the next clause is likely to be something clearly bigoted. Again. Spend too much time at the Fox News Green Room, and you get to thinking, seems, that that obvious truth, is not true. That's why smart folk stay away from the bigoted people at Fox. Don't want to catch the sickeness they have over there. They can be contagious!

"Im Not a Bigot, But . . ."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Slight Bright Spot in My Hate-Hate Relationship With Current Pop Culture.

Young Willow Smith's new vid:

Whip My Hair.

(Courtesy of The Black Snob.)

Anyway, the vid kicks. The song, not so much.

I'm not really too much of a real Hip Hop fan. Too derivative. Too boring. (Not to mention I started playing drums and percussion in 4th grade. I despise beat samplers. There. I said it.)

But beyond that genre, so much of pop just bores me. Reality TV bores me. I am proud to say I have never watched a whole episode or either Jersey Shore, or any of the Housewife franchise. I don't want to see see Bristol Palin win DWTS. But it's not like I watch it, so who care, really? Not me. I wanna see dance, I get myself at least a cheap or discount ticket to see the NY City Ballet. $18.00 gets you a view of one of the world ranked companies, and a live orchestra. Can you beat that deal? I mean really!

My tastes run from being (as I claim) one of the then kids who helped invent Slam Dance to being a patron (in the loosest sense of the world) of the MET Opera Company. I am going to see Don Carlo in about a month. Good times. Lots of good arias.

I am not stuck in some one or couple genre grooves. But I do not like shit. There is way too much shit. And that is why I am willing to highlight this vid by the young Smith. Sure, there is absolutely nothing culturally relevant going on here. But its good simple silly fun.

What happened to that? When did that become a rare commodity? Really?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Amy Wax.

What happens when an arch conservative, Federalist Society type Remedies Professor takes on the issue of race and related social problems in America? You get revanchist "Blame The Victim ism." I have not read the book, to be honest. I am listening to her defend her thesis on ""

It's weird, even if sorta predictable, how the intersection of conservative ideology and legal analysis she employs so badly misses the point. Conservatives are against government programs. That's the baseline bias. But in looking at wide, complicated social problems as if it were a mere conflict such as who pays for the fender bender? Before I go off on a tangent (the more she talks the more I am convinced she is a soft bigot and low level racist) let me just say. Ain't nothing new here. Her beliefs are the same old tired conservative crap. It's just coming from a law professor.

There definitely is, among many on the right wing, a strong desire to declare that racism and discrimination are problems of the past, and dismantle all programs to help level the playing field and make up for past wrongs. Whether deliberate or not, this book, her ideas are more geared to helping that initiative, than social problems relative to the horrible, residual, lingering effect of institutionalized racism and discrimination.
Ironically, Professor Wax seems to recognize on one level the cumulative effect. But she seems to, by virtue of her right wing conservative biases, leap to the conclusion that it's up to the individual victims or otherwise inheritors of America's formerly lawfully protected or otherwise institutionalized racism and discrimination, to overcome the often crushing weight of all that.
Contrary to her argument that the active, obvious kind of discrimination and racism is much reduced, the weight of the past abuses has not necessarilly been removed. How oddly simpleminded for a law professor. But for a randomly selected conservative? Not so much.

And she is a rude one. Her opponent just called her out on her polite version of being a verbal bully. Again, things that go together -- bully-ism and conservatism.
On last thought. I would love to see Brother Doctor Cornel West debate her.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

I know! Long Time No Blog, But . . . .

It's been a boring week. Well, since it became plain and apparent that James O'Keefe is a sex offender waiting to blossom. Oh. Since I am here, and on that subject, yes, I have already theorized the possible criminal indictment against him for this planned crime. I'm a lawyer. This is what I do. Anyway, I am not expecting an arrest, but at the rate he is going, if not this time, "Wait." As Wednesday Addams said in the sequel.

Beyond that. Conservatives are still mentally ill. Candidates are trying to win staying away from main stream media. That racist piece of garbage from Alaska is still on the radar screen. It seems she really might be considering to run for POTUS, 2012. In case anyone did not know it already, her husband as an abusive asshole with a short temper. Her eldest daughter who promised not to go slutty for DWTS has chosen to go slutty for DWTS.

Sharron Angle is insane, and in a dead heat with Harry Reid. Christine O'Donnell? How many kiddies are going to dress up like her, this Halloween? (Not the best joke, but better use it while it is timely.)

NY is too close to having a mental patient for governor. We expect better from the voters of the Empire State. What is this? Arizona? South Carolina? Give me a break.

Let me stop there. For a boring news week, I still managed to get my BP up, in the preliminary summation.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Well, It Could Have Been Much Worse.

Christine O'Donnell's ad:

I'm Not a witch!

It could have been much worse.

First, the art direction. Black suit. Dark hair. Dark background. Um, wasn't the idea to move away from witchy imagery? Put a studded collar on her, and it would have been so Goth.

After that, the starting out defensive part? Not likely the best play. Add to that the "Very Special Episode of Blossom," music, and the faux sincerity, and it was quite the saccharine experience.

And she's sorta bad on cam. And by that I mean the weird, unnatural head movements. I don't know if it's some tic, or that she was given some bad stage directions. Anyway, when it is all said and done, I think she is helping her opponent more there, than herself.

Personally, I think she would have been better off not making an ad talking about that stuff. But if she had to mention it, she should have passed it off as "trying to be entertaining" when on an un serious chat show, back in the day. And that's all there's to say about that.

Anyway . . .
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