Sunday, July 30, 2006


Granted, if peace love and understanding would break out, all over the world, that would go far to improve my mood and outlook.

Barring that impossible result (as it is plain that we live in dystopia and not utopia and always will), I would settle for a little peace love and understanding just for myself.

Or even a personally directed and deliberate plot to make me feel respected and held in above mean esteem would do?

How about an accidental cheap thrill?

Mmmmm that would do me mightly well, for now!

Friday, July 28, 2006

"I don't swim in that shit."

That my friends is the key line in the key scene in the season finale of the first season of "Deadwood."

At risk of being a spoiler, that is what ex-Wyoming Marshall Seth Bullock says to Deadwood camp's boss' #1 assistant, after explaining a little situation that would likely cause both said boss and assistant lots of grief down the road -- Pinkertons, who back in them days got away with murder in more civilized parts than the camp known as Deadwood, then in the no man's land of not-even US territorial Dakota land, Black Hills.

Seth Bullock is a complicated man/character. He knows right from wrong. Prefers right to wrong, and has and, as the series develops, will again serve the forces of right against wrong.

But he is no angel. He will kick the shit out of them that deserve it.

Oh, and the line that Dan the #1 man says to Bullock as Bullock is squeezing the sheriff's badge most recently possed by the incompotent fool Bulllock had just liberated it from?

"Why don't you put that on, you are hypocrite enough to wear it."

Ya, sometimes it takes an imperfect man to do right, in a world filled with lesser abled and more degenerate characters.

And that is what makes the civilized folk of the world more civilized; the fact that there are more degenerate bastards than them running around.

"I don't swim in that shit."


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Since the World Is seemingly such an ugly nasty place full of ill mannered folk . . .

I might as well be having a "DEADWOOD" marathon.

Just officially got hooked on that show, as of this past weekend (watching on DVD, as I am one of them dirt worshiping heathen who does not have cable TV).

Yes, many if not most of the denizens of this fictionalized version of the real former pioneer gold rush camp are the foulest bunch of folk ya ever seen on TV, but at least they are entertaining.

Hell, look at the state of the world today. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Lebanon, oh and the cowardly psychopathic pundits on various bad cable TV shows and elsewhere in print, and . . .

some fictional Wild West killers who play basically only with six shooters and knives look rather quaint by comparison, even if they can't go for a minute without cussin!

Oh and I stopped right before the episode in Season One titled "Mr. Wu."

Now if Mr. Wu ran a resturant, I don't think I would want the Pork Fried Rice, or any pork products from his hogs.

(Inside joke there!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

About that Rant?

Sorry for the rant; I am just feeling rubbed RAW lately. It is just that between the shitty news on the news (WAR! All WAR all the time! Nothing going on here but WAR!) and the fact that

Raw . . . waR? Raw . . . waR?

Ok somewhere there is a witty punchline to that set-up, but it escapes me right now. Point is I really need a vacation from death and destruction, rudness, and poor table manners.

Maybe I should just go back to planning my cruise. YA . . . let the rest of the world burn up, but keep them Bahamas Islands pretty for me will ya?

I be comin' on down hopefully in September!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deleted --

yes I was on a tear and I was ranting.

I hope I can go without doing that again, for some time.

Suffice to say . . .

I had an unpleasant and totally unnecessary encounter with the exact sort of trash I was talking about before, in my last post.

And before I go further, I apologize for being redundant but . . .

why do SOME fucking assholes not know they are fucking assholes?

I have met assholes who were totally aware of their asshole-ness and embraced it. Them are the one that I can suffer. But it is the shit for brains, "I can't be a bad person cause I am me," thinking motherfuckers I can't stand.

I just wanna scream at them, until the power of my voice makes them melt.

Oh and changing topics, yes things I like about my life. I like going to work.

Not in every way, but for the following reasons.

(a) I go into NY City (yea!)

(b) I see people -- I mean actually see & hear them.

(c) I see all these different looking, sounding people (I would have to kill myself if I were around the same sort of people day after motherfucking day -- that is HELL, damn straight skippy!!)

(d) And then I actually get to work and even if I can't flirt in the workplace, if I am lucky I get a little flirting from the women in the office.

Hey - - I don't need sex, but I at least need to feel like an above average attractive male.

Can't get that feeling on the internet, not dealing in text at least. Text wipes out all the things that make men men and women pretty and interesting.

Again, I apologize for repeating myself but hey, that is what I feel.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Aww HELL I might as well make a point further . . .

In My opinion (this Monday Evening) it is not our foreign enemies who have the best chance at destroying our American Way of Life, but it is selfish and irresponsible and thoughtless and greedy Americans who are gonna fuck it all up for the rest of us.


We are FAWKED, Part Deux.

{How do I get on these tangents? Hell, just living in the world, dealing with the stupid beautiful ugliness of it all, I recon???}

Anyway I guess this is a follow up on the first of yesterday's posts.

For what ever reason, mebbie -- most likely the lingering effects of dealing with the stop the haters petition over at media matters??? Go here and voice your dismay with the haters:

(Oh -- they should add that shit Savage to this list. What filth we honor in the country nowadays -- alas, discordia, but I nearly digress there.)

Anyway, let me get up to date and time here.

I did one of my semi-random googles here, and my query was: "self centered children."

This is a chunk from the article on the second return:

4. A sixth grade teacher recently said: "I've started substitute teaching after being away for eight years. Kids have changed - I can't believe how cruel they are to each other. If it's not physical, it's verbal. It's constant, and it's intense." The Carnegie Commission report, "When Dreams and Heros Died," says today older adolescents have a "titanic mentality." They think the ship of state is headed for disaster, but they want to go first class. Their goal is not to better the world but to make a lot of money, have status, and live well.

Television sitcoms teach children that put-downs are funny and cool. And a steady diet of TV commercials (the average child sees 20,000 per year) fosters a self-centered appetite for ever more things and makes it harder for parents to encourage children to think of the needs of others. The bottom line is that the society around us, perhaps more than ever before, teaches our children selfishness and cruelty.

When the changes of adolescence, the changes of mid-life, and the changes in our world and our society come together and converge within our families, we feel the pressure. Sometimes it feels like an explosion!

Can sensitivity neutralize the pressure? Can extra-centeredness become a practical, day-to-day atmosphere and pattern of life that prevents some problems and solves others? We think it can - see if you do.

Oh and here is the link (haven't read the whole page yet myself. But I recon I will.)

Main reason I am posting this up here is I am continuing with my "self-centered assholes are going to destroy us all, if we do not make a stand against them, and DEFEAT them," thing . . . if you haven't sussed that part out, yet.

But hey, like I say up there in the header of this blog,

"Failure is Highly Probable."

That don't mean I am giving up the fight, now. I still got some fight left in me, yet.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Let's Get Cynical . . . . Cynical!

Ok, so I am reading this paperback, written by Dan Brown ("Da Vinci Code" fame -- nope I haven't read that one yet) called "Digital Fortress." Now one character, an NSA Supervisor, discovers something downright ALARMING about another character, but (apparently in a basically conscious act of DENIAL) thinks to herself:

"True, [He] was obnoxious and arrogant . . . but he wasn't a traitor."

And then comes the part that made me sit up and take notice:

"And yet, Susan realized, there was nothing to stop him -- nothing but honor and decency."

Oh, and this character was very short of both. But I am mentioning that here not to praise Dan Brown's writing. That phrase about "honor and decency?" Made me think, cynic that I am, that if that is what we as a nation or species are relying on, for collective success and survival, we are FAWKED! Sorry, I know many people are honorable and decent, but many people ain't (or not consistently enough) and all it takes is one shitheaded, selfish, asshole to ruin things.

Who is more powerful?

A football stadium full of honorable people, or one shitheaded, selfish, asshole?

And as my Tax Law Proff would say, "It Depends."

And what it depends on is circumstance, such as, is the asshole in question in a position to ruin only one person's day/week/year/life, or a few, or a dozen, or hundreds, or thousands, or millions and millions?

Scary thought for a Sunday, sorry for being a downer.

That is what is on my mind. Hey it could have been worse. I skipped watching McLauglin Report today, in favor of typing this up. Ok; back to reading for a bit.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Things I like About My Life

But before I get to that, first the thing that is BUGGIN' ME!

I made the step-down from the stage II, 14 mg nic patches down to the 7 mg patches. Shit! Hell! I feel the change, in a large and unavoidable way. I am tempted to get a box of the 14 mgs and go back to that! As I was saying to folk on my job site; I quit the smoking after more than 20 years -- my entire adult life, and if I have to be on the nic patches for a whole year, NP. I am better off still being addicted to the Nic and/or still on it, as long as I am not smoking.

I basically quit smoking (minor exaggeration here) because I felt myself dying. I have not smoked in two months. Goodie Goodie. BUT . . . . this is my last chance. I know if I go back to smoking, I will not last 10 years. Might not even last five.

Oh now where were we?

Hell, I have gone long enough here. I will do the other topic later this weekend I believe.

Mmmmm, I still have one 14 mg patch here . . .

I am saving that bad boy for tomorrow. I will be doing a full shift on Saturday at the workplace and will want the boost!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Independence Day (Almost)

Not a whole lot going on here.

I am still on the nic patch.

I am likely still a little more cranky than usual (although I had a very nice day yesterday.)

I am still angry at the world, when I let my self think too much about things I have no control over (like the state of the world.)

And whoo hoo I still got two days off to go.

Ok, that is it for now.
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