Thursday, May 25, 2023

It's as Insane as Believing in The Lizard People.

Believing that there actually is a thing called western culture, never mind believing it is superior.

First, the quickies:

 The Dark Ages only happened in Western Europe,

the Eastern Roman Empire remained civilized, and greatly Eastern, culturally.

The renaissance wasn't the rebirth of European culture.  That was just when some Florentines came up with some interesting painting techniques, as

The real rebirth happened when the Moors and other North African Muslims conquered the Iberian Peninsula, and brought the following to the savages:

        math, engineering, architecture, medicine, literature, music, dance, fine and decorative arts,                   education, hygiene, sciences, astronomy, cuisine.  

Did I miss anything?

This is why as of today, I am saying belief in the superiority of western culture is as insane as believing in lizard people.  The evidence that so called western culture is Eastern, Middle Eastern, North African culture in origin, is incontrovertible.  Particularly if you are a middle aged or older adult who has spent your career in academia.  And have been surrounded by this evidence on a daily basis.  For years and decades.   And that leads to my point about how I hope to never be in a room with either Professors Loury or McWhorter.  Because both have made public allegiance to the mythical lie that so called western culture is superior to others.  As crazy as believing in lizard people!

Granted, just because of where I live, I am more likely to run into McWhorter.  But I should avoid talking to him because I think that anyone, never mind a Black, who believes western culture is superior to others is too fucking stupid a person for me to waste a minute talking too.  And in my free time I have actually war gamed it out.  Basically, but for perhaps some relatively obscure facts about the Muslim Caliphate in Iberia?  I would not tell any professor any thing they have not already been exposed to.  So why should I waste my time if given the chance to waste my time thusly?

It's like the experts say.  It is a waste of time to try to educate someone who has given into some conspiracy theory.  That is why I am making the link to lizard people believers.  It's the same kind of  emotionally stubborn stupidity, but for a different untrue belief.

I am less than obsessed but curious about Blacks who to my mind have an ugly and obvious case of  colonial victim Stockholm syndrome;  Over identifying with the so called western colonial oppressor's  so called culture. Granted.  The pressure is hard.  Assimilate!  Fit in!  Be more like a white TV family! But this is the 21st Century.  And we do have the internet.  There a many videos and essays on line explaining human civilization and history.  There really is no excuse not to get the basics about how so called civilization did not spring out of western Europe.  It was brought there!

But I would like a better term than colonial victim Stockholm syndrome.

So I googled for  "what to call a black who over identifies with white culture?"

Did not find any candidates.  So until I or anyone else comes up with better?  Colonial victim Stockholm syndrome.   Oh.  But I am a Star Trek fan.  And there is the evil species that assimilates others, and makes them into drones.  Yeah.  Drone works.  But I doubt it will go viral. But I have tried before.  I have some friends with bigger platforms  and audiences.  And I can always comment  on big media sites.

Drones.  Yeah.  Honestly, that came to me while writing this.

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