Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Follow The Example Of The Aussies

 Their official definition:

Racism is the process by which systems and policies, actions and attitudes create inequitable opportunities and outcomes for people based on race. Racism is more than just prejudice in thought or action. It occurs when this prejudice – whether individual or institutional – is accompanied by the power to discriminate against, oppress or limit the rights of others.

Race and racism have been central to the organisation of Australian society since European colonisation began in 1788. As the First Peoples of Australia, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have borne the brunt of European colonisation and have a unique experience of racism. The process of colonisation, and the beliefs that underpin it, continue to shape Australian society today.

Racism adapts and changes over time, and can impact different communities in different ways, with racism towards different groups intensifying in different historical moments. An example of this is the spike in racism towards Asian and Asian-Australian people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Racism includes all the laws, policies, ideologies and barriers that prevent people from experiencing justice, dignity, and equity because of their racial identity. It can come in the form of harassment, abuse or humiliation, violence or intimidating behaviour. However, racism also exists in systems and institutions that operate in ways that lead to inequity and injustice.

The Racism. It Stops With Me website contains a list of 'Key terms' that unpack some of the different ways that racism is expressed. 

Read more: https://itstopswithme.humanrights.gov.au/commit-to-learning



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The Old White Lady Clearly Does Not Get It, Part Deux.

 She sort of gets the error  of Scott Adams' rant.  Her words:  

"The offensive part was not saying to stay away from people who hate you. It was presuming, based on race, that a person is hateful. That form of reasoning, judging an individual by a trait you ascribe to his race, is racism. It doesn't matter whether the trait is true or false as a generalization about the group. It is racism to make a generalization about the group and use to to determine how you will treat an individual. Stick to that and see where it goes."

But that is not a proper definition of racism.  Personally, my default is the UN definition:  

1. In this Convention, the term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.

And the US DOJ working definition is not that different, as I have said before here.  What Althouse does is sorta get to the core of the diseased way his argument if not mind is/works.  But of course, part of the problem is how so many people have a different and often greatly wrong understanding of the actual meaning of the words and the idea benind the words.  And bigotry, and racism, and intolerance can get mashed up by well meaning people.  

She tried though.  I will give her a C- grade here.  Someone who used to teach American Constitutional law should understand this shit much better.  

But she gets an F generally, for permitting her white supramacist trash post their white supramacist trash on her blog.  Giving a sorta not totally awful definition for racism  and clearly calling Scott Adams out as such is not really nearly good enough.  She is free to do or not do as she pleases.  But she isn't doing Black or brown people any favors,

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Monday, February 27, 2023

No. The Old White Lady Clearly Does Not Get It.

 Ann Althouse, and I stop short of accusing her of more than that.  But for the fact she just happens to be Queen Bee of a Blog where white supremacists routinely spew the most vile racist shit.  And leaves that shit up.  Making it a safe space for white supremacists.

Anyway. She jumped on the Scott Adams goes on a  racist rant story. Which is morphing into the South African Blanco agrees with that racist rant, some what if not greatly, story.

She doesn't see Adams or Musk or her white supremacist spewing motherfucking trailer trash fan boys as terrible.

She does consider the flaming of Musk to be terrible.

Let me take a pic of that sick, twisted,white supremacist enabling bullshit.

Friday, February 17, 2023

If Only Life Worked This Way?


Monday, February 13, 2023

I am not Calling Out Any Specific Pseudo Intellectual

 Or blogger, or commenter.  But I incorporate by reference my back catalog here.

Please read this instead of those Pseudos.

Republicans Are Giving You PTSD.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

Most White People Should Avoid Black Centralized Topics. I Have Said This Before, Ann Althouse!

 No, I ain't getting thirsty for her.  But she is playing the white supramacist issue, game again.  I  pull back from calling her a white supramacist.  But she does have a very fucked up habit of throwing white supramacist bait meat up on her blog, which causes her mostly white supramacist, mostly fan bois to get all agitated, and they in turn spew blatantly white supramacist hatred.  And that is what I greately fault her for.  If you know if you post shit on your blog that will cause your white supramacist fan bois to spew white supramacist hatred?  Then you know that, and should be considered as doing it knowingly, on accout of that whole knowing it, part.

Anyway, the most recent white supramacist bait meat incident is her very recent posting of a link to a cranky piece written by an AfAm AfAm Studies professor.  He was complaining about an incident where the college kiddies were cranky on him, and being even more extremely radical on some of those anti racist and such political issues than he was.

My question for him is, " Bitch why?  At least why in that tone?"  And lastly, "Bitch ain't you supposed to know better as a college professor, there are few people in the world more generally ignorant than people who think they know shit, but really don't know shit?  And between Republicans and college kids, they account for most of that cohort?"

I won't us the "b word" directly at Althouse.  But as a retired law professor, I charge her with the same level of knowleged about youngsters.  In the law school world?  I would argue that after their first year, law students generally know less about the law than before their first day.  That is because they think they know shit, but really don't know shit.

In other words.  The problem with the college kids wasn't the anti racism stuff.  It instead was that they they thought they knew shit, but really don't know shit.

And the college AfAm Studies proff should have known that, and been more mature and philosophical about that shit.  And the retired law professor should have called him out on that.  Not promote his immature, cranky rant.  If not ignore the issue all together.  As a white woman with no real history of being a verified and cherished ally to Blacks?  Shutting the fuck up about anything concerning Black issues should be the only choice for her, actually.  

So she left it to me to call everyone out, on what they actually got wrong.  Thanks for nothing!

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Friday, February 10, 2023

Does She Not Get the Game, or is She In on the Scam?

 The word racist and its variants have little real meaning in America these days.  That was the result of a deliberate initiative.  Or scam, if you prefer.  And I do.

White supremacist Republicans have mis used the word so much for things outside the original definition, the word is now greatly unhinged from its original meaning.  That is why I say white supremacist instead.

So that begs the following question.  Is Ann Althouse deliberately part of the new version of the same scam, regarding white supremacy as a term?

Granted.  Disparate impact that is primarily a matter of economic bias, status will affect disadvantages groups more.  But don't be that vapid.  There are lots more white people still.  And most of them bitches are poor, too.

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