Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ann Althouse is surprised

 Her blog got dinged by Google for bad content, and might lose ad revenue.

I still stop short of calling her a racist. And I restate my general disclaimer.  All content generated by me is just my fucking opinion.  But she is Queen Bee of a hive of racist comments.  And of course her fan bois don't get it; they are the problem.  Well. Fact Althouse doesn't delete that shit is part of the problem too.

Even before this twist, I was thinking.  She went to NYU Law.  I go to events there for civil rights law, particularly the Derrick Bell Lecture.  I would love to see her show up there.  I would love to see her express her opinions about race before that crowd. 

But I suppose the event will have to be virtual this year.  Maybe next year she will show up and show how out of touch her thoughts about race and racism actually are.

Again. Just my opinion.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Son of Shit I Can't Post on FB.

 So my friend who I posted about here a couple times?  He closed his FB wall for a week or few.  And he went gonzo with settings and shit when he came back.  He either hid or deleted any contrary post on every thread going back a couple months.  And he managed to dump his older posts.

So I can either think he lost his shit, or?  I can think I finally got through to him.  I told him over and over that some of that shit he was posting could get him in trouble with the law.  And he is a lawyer too.  I should not have had to remind him.  However, he has never practiced crim. law.  He was a little blind in that regard.

So good luck friend.  And I hope he stays away from any anti government hating boogie bois.  I told him,  I am not going to rep him if he gets arrested with that lot.  Joking about revolution can get you in trouble when the revolution fails.  Dontcha know?

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