Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Old White Lady Mis Quoting about White Supremacy Part Deux. Her White Trash Commentors Comment.


The above sentiment well represents some of the truly insane, white supremacist shit following  her post about the non white white supremacist phenomenon, Firstly,  I think a lot of her shit headed trailer trash fan bois do not even bother to read the linked, triggering articles.  They just spew their bigotry and biases  because . . . . reasons.  And opportunity, I suppose.  Anyway,  I find it disturbingly humorous that the reply to a post based on an article where the author makes clear that white supremacists use the idea western culture as a really inadequate cover for their white supremacist beliefs, just reaffirms that shit.  And the fucking moron misses the fact.  But again, I bet the fucking moron did not read the article.

Maybe not this moron, but another moron misidentified the newspaper that carried the article as the Times.  Yet another made the argument that despite the clear and plain fact this most recent shooter  . . .  my words . . .  was out there doing Nazi cosplay . . .  was some how evidence he wasn't a Nazi?

Yet that was not the most incoherent comment.  At least one poster got it right.  He said the the evidence that the shooter my words . . .  was out there doing Nazi cosplay was actually evidence he was a Nazi.  So everyone there is not a complete moron.

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