Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Even More Shit I Can't Put on Facebook.


So one of my few Republican friends posted an image from this movie as his new profile pic.  And to be cheeky I posted that I always saw that movie as a Neo Marxist indictment of capitalism, in response to his oddly accurate for the wrong reason observation, it was alagorical.

Before I posted my remark, I checked.  The director, John Carpenter meant for it to be an indictment of Reagan era capitalism.

So there!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

She Still Has an Affection for, or at least Pimps for, Fucking Morons.


So. That blogger  Ann Althouse.   Who dumped her comment section for various reasons. She said she got tired of doing clean up.  She was Queen Bee of a racist hive of racist, Republican right wing, nut job,  scum and villainy.  Although I am not sure how much she minded the racists. as for years and years she let them post obviously racist shit, and well.  What does that mean to you?

Anyway.  She quickly instituted this fucked up system (if you really hate moderating) where peeps are free to email their moronic comments to her, and if she wills it, may publish them.  There I go, telegraphing.  So.  Even if this new system has cut way the fuck down on her promoting racist, ignorant  bullshit.  She still is posting fucked up bullshit, idiotic shit.

Now  I want to be sort of fair.  Peeps got their tastes. But my tastes say she has an affection for fucking moronic ideas, or fucking morons.  Some of the, attractive to her, observations  she has been posting, to my mind, are no more cogent than the fevered dreams of a malaria patient, who is also on meth. And has a delusional disorder.

But I grade hard.  Just yesterday  I cut off a chat topic with a friend of mine who was insisting on me validating  an "a lot of people" form of argument.  And I at least twice tried to get her to see reason and downgrade that observation to "some people."  So yeah.  I grade hard. 

Like I said to my friend.   I prefer data.

Anyway, life goes on no matter who was wrong or right.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Not that surprised a fellow lawyer I know

 Is being held on a warrant for a murder rap.  And it is not even that it is a female lawyer.  There is this one piece of evil business I got too close too in law school.  And I finally, too late figured out she was borderline psychotic.  I would not be surprised if she went into the system on a homicide charge.

But the woman I learned is facing a murder rap?  Totally surprised.  Even if last time I saw her she informed me she was dealing with some drama.

This is a whole different level of drama.

Cut to my theory of her case. Based on the allegation they can tie her to the place where the body was found?  And that the other two alleged perps are family, one younger male and other a slightly  older female?

My guess is she did not do the deed, but helped hide the body.  And they did a bad job of it.  I wish her luck.  Damn.  This is a serious crime with serious time.  I don't expect to see her ever again.  Not unless I find myself in TX and go pay her a visit at the clink.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

It's a More Important Idea to White Supremacist Republicans.

 From an article about CRT. Love the brutal simplicity of this definition of race.

If race, were a disease, we CRT campers just want the fucking cure, actually.


Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Follow Up. She was getting tired of the Fuckbois?

 And I mean the crew of right wing nut agitators/squatters who she finally criticized for setting up shop on her blog.  I started reading the insane thread there, that merely started off as a poll.  But the reaction and comments by some of the fuckbois  led her to decide, to kill the standard, real time comment section.  

So she says.

She seems to have finally got around to my view of life, particularly from my POV as a black liberal in America, who is exhausted by all these ignorant fuckbois, trolls, and other entitled racist trash:

"People are just not respectful enough of my time, and it's just plain depressing."

I only got so deep in the thread.  So far.  And much as I do when I read a pleading or opinion from a case for myself?  I am looking for the shit that actually matters.  Here (there?)  it is where she speaks up to/with the commenters, be they semi reasonable, or from among the deplorable, ignorant fuckbois, trolls, and other self entitled racist trash there.

This story reminds me about the story of that last political message board I used to post on,  But that story is the reverse.  It was a perfectly revolting hive of scum, and villainy, and disrespect, when I started there. And I admit, I am one of the O.G.  original political message board trolls.  I go way way back with that shit.  I was well enough comfortable there being an asshole with all the other assholes.  Now the original owners called it quits, and eventually one of the lady members took it over tried to clean it up.  So she basically killed the board by changing it.  People would go there to specifically shit all over the place because it was known as a shitty place.  It was the virtual version of a squalid gang bar.  And her attempts to convert the place to her house, with her rules  seriously backfired.  Because the draw was the lack of rules, and manners, and oftentimes respect.

Now Althouse is kinda tired of her blog being treated like a shitty gang bar.  I can respect that.  Granted, it took her 17 year to get it.  But she got it.  It always was her house.  It still is her house.  So to the dick weasels who are unhappy about being shut down?  Fuck you, grow up, get a real hobby!  Entitled fuckbois are the worst of scum!  Stop whining, ya babies!

As for me. I am going to have to find someone else to monitor.  John McWhorter perhaps?  I could actually have a real conversation with that brother from another planet. But he doesn't blog,  And I haven't posted a comment over on bloggingheads for years.  I outgrew that shit years ago. And rarely did, to be honest, actually. 


Monday, April 05, 2021

She Gone and Done It! Excellent!

 That blogger I refer to, but rarely actually name, Ann Althouse,  gone and done it!  She killed off her comment section.  Glory be!  

My main, general criticism of her was she was providing a safe space for a bunch of obviously racist shit bags.  It is one thing to believe in the cult of so called free speech.  Which I do not.  Because people basically suck, I am not all that interested in other's opinions, and the older I get the less time I have for repetitive hate speech. But it is another thing entirely to host racist bullshit; to enable the publication and exhibition of that kind of racist bullshit.

And her cluster of racist fuckbois is so revolting.  How revolting?  That the last time she posted something touching on Critical Race Theory, the gang got whipped up into  a veritable lynch mob frenzy.  I imagine she would have deleted someone posting about actual violence against black and brown people.  But one of the comments that stuck in my head was the one about how the commenter was sick of hearing black and brown folk complain about racism.  And that is textbook racism.  That is a classic white supremacy and white privilege sandwich, with  a generous dollop of hate sauce.  

Shit like that was common, in her comments sections.  Flat out racist bullshit.  To her credit, however, in that instance, she did try to neutrally explain what the theory actually is, as opposed to how it is scandalized and mis described  by GOP politicians and political hacks.  And some of her rabid guests set about harassing her for daring not to toe the line of GOP racist hate for anything that is seen as a threat to white racist rule in America.  So she was only getting the love from the lynch mob when she was seen to be close enough in line with them.  

And she says it was getting to her, to keep up cleaning up the even worst of the trollish posts there.  So she might not miss it that much. But but but . . . If I had to guess, she well enjoyed being Queen Bee, even if it was only of a hive of hate and racist bullshit.  And I suspect she deliberately shit stirred with her posts, time to time, to get the bois excited.  

So ya know?  I am going to give it one month before she returns to some sort of allowance of group participation.  As opposed to me, who is used to having almost no one comment here.  She was used to a raucous even if inconsistently adoring throng.  We will see how it goes, ends, flows.  Who knows?

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