Thursday, November 28, 2013

Public Service Announcement. How do you know you are a gulible idiot?

When you see "miracles" where a simple understanding of reality  (Occam's Razor) explains all.

Before we get to the matter in mind.  My definition of miracle.  When an amputee goes to bed missing parts, and when they grow back spontaneously?  Call me up when that shit happens.  Less than that and  Um.  Not buying it.

So there is this vid.  Of the woman.  In the car.  Under water.  And the one guy says he reached through the window and pulled her out.  And when they pulled the car out of the water after, all the windows were intact.

Simple answer according to science and Occam's  Razor  is that when water pressure inside the car got to the necessary  level, the lady in the car got the door open, and the guy is mistaken. 

But the gulible idiot  sees a miracle.

Again.  I repeat. 

When an amputee goes to bed missing parts, and when they grow back spontaneously? Call me up when that shit happens. Less than that and Um. Not buying it.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Example of Brevity.

  Ann Althouse used   hundreds of words to show that Rush Limbaugh is a troll.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

I haven't Posted Much About Anything, Leave Alone Ann Althouse

But in keeping with my tradition of telling people who have no respect for me  to stop doing shit, knowing  they will not stop doing shit because I say  stop doing shit?

Althouse.  Those  bad  dog photos?  Just.  Stop.  Maybe I am in a mood because I was at NYC's Met Museum  today  and was exposed to all that high art.  Or maybe it is because  I have had so little free time lately to waste on her blog.  Or some combo of the above.

But still.  I think she has a better eye for photography, than she does  for either political or social commentary.  She does some really nice  shots of things.  But the dog pix are just shite.  It's  boring  shit.  So says I.

Anyway,  that is my thought for the day.

PS.  My cheap thrill of the day actually was taking pix  of the baby Snow Leopard cubs at the Central Park Zoo today.  I should have bought fresh batteries  and  some 1000 speed  film for the Nikon SLR.  But I just used my crappy  phone cam.  My next phone  will have a bettter cam.  I have to have a better camera phone.


Saturday, November 09, 2013

Republican Usually = Asshole. Have To Say. Not Always, But . . . .

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