Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

One of the Reasons I Post Here Less . . .

Is because I am post whoring over on my FB page. Ya. I post about politics there (sometimes, and by that I mean close to daily.) Good thing 99% of my friends there are either dems too (really almost nearly all) or just accept me just the way I am.

Cool, particularly that last part.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

So That Asshole Mark Levin Wants to Drag MSNBC into Federal Court

if anyone there says his hate radio show (or his hateful self, otherwise) led/leads to violence.

I could just call him a fucking asshole and leave it at that, but I got one better for this embarassment to the legal profession (and that is saying a lot!)

NBC is in New York. Levin in New York.

No federal jurisdiction, asshole!

What an ignorant asshole.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

The Giffords Tragedy, Attempted Assasination.

I am just going to say this out loud. Now that we know the assassin was clearly psycho, and that he bought into that anti government right wing bullshit, I ask out loud:

What is it about right wing ideology that attracts the homicidal psychos?


(Note: I edited psychotic to psycho. After a spell I got to remembering the distinction, and argued against the armchair diagnosticians. Not only was it likely wrong, but why on earth give the monster a defense?)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Rank and File GOPers Have Their Heads so far Up Their Asses, They Can Kiss the Backs of Their Throats From Inside. Case in Point: Anti Unionism.

No, you idiots. It was not Big Business that gave you a 5 day work week, better wages, health care, and safer workplaces. It was the unions who fought Big Business for all those things. In most cases none of those things we now take for granted were given to us workers out of a sense of generosity (in smaller companies? Maybe. Not Big Business. That's what the record shows.) Union men and women fought, were bloodied and bruised, and in some cases murdered, in the long, hard fight for those benefits.

So if you, Mr. or Ms. GOPer/Right Winger want to support the US Chamber of Commerce's war plan against unions, you might as well park yourself in the middle of the street, douse yourself in gas, and set yourself on fire, for all the good supporting that agenda will do you.

Now I have seen the following bumper sticker: "The Weekend. Brought to you by Unions!"

I would go several steps further: "The American Middle Class. Mostly brought to you by Unions!"

Now get your heads out of your asses, you asses!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

GOPers Suck. And are Crazy.

Welcome to 2011. This is an important year. We the sane, the reality based community have our work cut out for us. The allegedly (according to some of those douchbag crazy wing nuts) left wing media has been consistently failing to even be neutral, leave alone on our side.

We need to defeat the evil wing nuts.

So if you are at all committed to the idea and reality of ENLIGHTENMENT. If you are a fan and follower of the writers who actually formed and authored the ideas that our nation was actually based on, you must fight the GOP. They are trying to not only revitalize the evil ideas of the Confederacy. These evil bitches want to revanche back to the 13th century. They suck. They are wicked, and they must be stopped. Oppose these evil dbags every way you can short of criminal acts. The future requires it.

Oh. And Happy New Year. Now grab your gun, and bring in the cat (homage to "Battlestar
Galectica," there.)
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