Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I Used to be Such a Hard Ass . . .

Ok. I confess I almost went off on a political rant there. I typed most of it, and then, decided to send the dragon back to the back of the cave.

It is strangely good to know the dragon is still down there.

But best we leave it sleeping, hmmm???


(the following is not worthy of it's own entry, I will just tack it on here.)

YES. I just went back into the cesspit of that message board (I need to stop doing this ... so much, but anyway . . .) and this (for lack of a better word) TWEAK that has been fermenting in my mind for weeks (and I have actually used, in person, at least once, in some variant thereof) keeps coming to mind. It goes something like this.

"As a citizen of the great state of New Jersey, I say that the tax base here is rather heavilly dependent on the Pharmaceutical Industry, so call the following sentiment self serving if you must, but . . . . Please!!! There is a pill for that! I Swear! Get on it and you will feel soooo much better. Help keep the New Jersey Highways in good condition. Get that Scrip!!!"

Ok. That is actually a variant of one of my favorite stand-by comments and that is

"Either that one there needs to get on some meds, or get on the RIGHT med."

Again, I say I am from Joisey. Our unofficial state motto?

Better living through chemistry!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OK. I will NOT take a shot at Jerry F. or his ilk. Let me say that THIS is more to my . . . spiritual taste and understanding than what them sort of

people espouse.

Or to say it plainly, I am of the "Make a Joyous Noise Unto God," school of thought, than the mean old crabby, judgmental, fire and brimstone school.

Granted, I never thought this old EWF chart was particularly religious (back in the day), but it does very nicely in the remix/rerecord.

Oh and Maurice White came outta Memphis.

If you don't know what that means . . . either spiritually or musically, sorry I don't have the time to 'splain it. I got some rejoicing to do here. I suggest you just roll the vid, listen to to chart and just let the Spirit Take ya.

And if it don't?


If these folk (in the vid) can't do it for you with the joyous noises, I don't think I can 'splain it to you any better than that!

Hey . . . . is that Alabama Ruben I see there in the chorus?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jerry Falwell Has Left the Building

Not that I have scoured the internet for tell of his demise, and report of his life, times, and reactions to his departure, the essay that I quote below, likely sums up my . . . core . . . sentiments fairly well.

I have covered that "Spiritual Bully" thing before (or some idea basically akin to it), it should be no suprise that this writer's take appeals to me:

"My initial reaction to the Rev. Falwell's death was, and remains, relief -- not unlike the ease I felt when a particularly nasty bully who used to spit at me on the playground and threaten to beat me up after school moved to another town.

The Rev. Falwell was a spiritual bully. He was the Tony Soprano to Pat Robertson's Paulie Walnuts.

People who know both of us have told me over the years that we'd probably have liked each other, the Rev. Falwell and I, that he was an affable, almost jolly man, not nearly as smug and awful as his public persona made him out to be.

I'm sure, were he real, Tony Soprano also would make a charming dinner companion, sharing his lasagna and an expensive bottle of Orvieto while telling great stories and asking how your grandmother's doing in the home. And then he'd have you whacked and thrown over the side of his deep-sea fishing boat. But he'd send flowers to the funeral.

After all, as another famous as another famous Christian leader once told me by way of explaining how some evangelicals turn on each other (never mind their perceived enemies): "We shoot our own." "

Granted, that is as harsh as she gets, and well she does try to keep the door open to the possibility that Falwell made it to heaven.

Hit the link for more. The next best part was her speculation on what The Rev's meeting with Jesus could look like.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

How TOTALLY Crazy are the Two Crazy guys at work???

This is how much.

Both are not talking to me, because

(this is too ironic, well, in a moronic-ironic way)


to their crazy shit anymore.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ok, so I am not really going to set the night on fire with this one. I am a little . . .


Now I could describe things at work (STOP STOP RIGHT THERE!) Ok, there has been a ruling by the judges and WORK shit is off limits, as I am (mercifully) home now. So skip that as a topic.

Oh ok. I could go on another tear about racists, generally, or the particularly odious ones I keep finding on the forum. Ya, like the twit who asked the question,"Why are racial insults worse?"

I shit you not. Now some folk just really don't get it, like just don't get what it is to be . . . other than a member of the dominant racial group.

Then you got the real retards who don't even get it that


But I need to move away from that. Don't need the agitation, to be clear.

Instead I will say . . .

Damned FINE weather we had today. Outstanding. Now I have (not so much verbally but more by act) declared Spring to be here and Summer to be only a wink and a nod, away:

I took the plastic down over the AC unit and test fired it. Oh I still got some testing to do (fan mode only. Let me grab the remote). Ohh ya baby!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

This is so good. I wish I wrote it.

Honestly, this is one of those accidental finds. I was researching "hannity racist" and a few mouse clicks later I found this blog, where the owner/blogger linked something he had written for yet another blog.

So much for the provenance. Now for the real set up. The inspiration for these pearls of wisdom was that Hell Spawn of Hate and Hysteria, the unapologetic self described (*choke*) christian racist, 'only was joking 'when she published that she wished certain Supreme Court Judges be MURDERED, disaster in a short skit with a bony ass and a pestilent heart . . . Ann Coulter (*I make the proper warding gesture* spin to the left three times and chant: Merciful God in Heaven, save us all!)

Now that my hyperbolic fit has ended, and before I post the quote, let me say that the following is not only an apt description of many of the other hate mongering pundits out there . . . but I have to say DA WANNA-BEs too. I think that the greatest argument in favor of the obliteration of Planet E. as as Public Health precaution for the rest of the Universe, is the sad and repulsive fact that such hatemongers are not only well paid in many cases, but admired and copied. I think I covered that sorta recently. Anyway . . . . the quote:

Stop it. Ignore her.

Ann Coulter is a gadfly, a mosquito bloodied with
teen rage, “like a bad-tempered prom queen at a
homecoming dance.” When a child throws a fit, you
don’t coddle them, feed them tarts and cookies, and
send them off to play. That reinforces the behavior.
If a tween burps and farts at the table, you don’t laugh
or snort (even though it may be hilarious). That
reinforces the behavior. If your teen son or daughter
starts a shouting match, you don’t take the bait. You don’t
escalate the situation. Not only does it reinforce the
behavior, but it will always end with a lack of the wondrous
satisfaction that is the goal of digging in and screaming
at the top of your lungs.

She may appear as Shiva shouting Oppenheimer’s sexier
“I am become death, shatterer of worlds,” but it’s Wet n Wild
lipstick, turquoise eyeliner, and papier-mâché prosthetics.
She is an attention whore, a psychic vampire feeding her giggles
on left-wing rage. It will be difficult, but we must simply turn
our backs, stem the bleeding, and starve the pathetic creature.
It’s for her own good.

Posted by Ricky Shambles EMail This Post

Now some folk might wonder why I bother to be preoccupied so much with the likes of Coulter and the rest of the Toxic Pundit Club.

My answer? Did you manage to miss the TOXIC part? Did you miss how this sort of cancerous malignancy is sucking the health, vitality, wholesomeness, and life itself out of the public sphere?

Sorry, I may crack the occasional Kali joke, but I am not really down with DEATH CULTS.

My favorite Goddess these days is Athena:

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Helmeted Athena, of the Velletri type. Roman copy (1st century) of a Greek original by Kresilas, c. 430 BC In Greek mythology, Athena (Greek: Άθηνά, Athēnâ, or Ἀθήνη, Athénē; Doric: Άσάνα, Asána; Latin: Minerva) was the goddess of civilization, specifically wisdom, weaving, crafts and the more disciplined side of war (violence and bloodlust were Ares' domain). Athena's wisdom encompasses the technical knowledge employed in weaving, metal-working, but also includes the cunning intelligence (metis) of such figures as Odysseus. The owl and the olive tree are sacred to her. Her name is derived from Greek Ἀθεονόα, Atheonóa (= from god's (theos) mind (nous)). Her nicknames were Άτρυτώνη, Atrytone (= the unwearying), Παρθένος, Parthénos (= virgin), and Ή Πρόμαχος, Promachos (the pre-fighter/-tress, i. e. the person who fights in front).

She is attended by an owl, and is often accompanied by the goddess of victory, Nike.

Yea Athena.

Boo wicked witches who preach hate and death and ugliness.

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