Saturday, May 27, 2006

It still all is delusional, but . . . . .

I will skip the Memorial Day tributes, but to mention such, and say thank you to all who ever have served, and are still serving.

Moving on to the subject matter of my teasing topic line?

Ok. This is basically an oldie but a goodie and I do not claim originality or authorship. It is one of those ancient and universal truths (to those who have the minimum number of functioning brain cells.)

Here goes.

Now, if only one individual person believes in a CRAZY idea or ideas, we call that individual person INSANE.

But if we have a handful or slightly larger number of people believing in the same CRAZY idea or ideas, we call that a cult.

And if we have thousands of people believing in the same crazy idea or ideas, we call that a political party.

But make no mistake. If CRAZY ideas are involved, it still is INSANITY, it still is DELUSIONAL thinking, no matter how many similarly CRAZY compatriots you got.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Aw, Hell. It has been a week. Guess I should

say something.

So here goes.

I have officially gone for a week without smoking a cigarette (thanks to the patch.)

I basically quit as not literally but figuratively, I felt my self DYING.

Which is to say, literally, that I got used to a certain low level of discomfort in my lungs, and that was getting worse.

Maybe what I said first really was literally true?

Anyway, enough of that.

Strangely however, I think I am gaining clarity of mind even if my lungs still need time to heal. Oh I said strangely as even if I have had extended moments of clarity, I really am not UP to saying much of anything else tonight.

Oh well. I will find something to say by the weekend, no doubt. Little doubt. Aw hell doubt away. Who knows really?

And if I don't get to it, happy and safe Memorial Day to all, particularly our Vets.

Uh Rah!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Make No Mistake WORLD. I'm On to You!!

Yes I know you think your twisted little game is going to work.

I am telling you . . . not a chance.

You can surround me with affable idiots (or the unsufferable kind, or a mix of both). You can Dumb Down the public discourse to the level of junior high school cafeteria gossip. You can try to Madison Avenue my ass. (Ha on that one. I am too old and too tired to even TRY to be cool, I know I be Old School!!)

You can try to spindle and warp the meaning of the word TRUTH into "TRUTHINESS," and even if you get millions and millions of folk to buy that crap, I will not budge!

You can try to bullshit me, but I know better (BA in Theatre and JD degree? Ya think you could ever bullshit me? I am a double expert professional!)

You can show me stats and evidence that most of the people on the planet will not only eat shit with a spoon, but ask for a second bowl.

Sorry I don't play that nor do I eat that.

I am not lowering my standards for you, you Shitty World.


OK I said I had given up rants, and even if that sounds a little like one, that was technically not a rant. It was a more of a challenge to the world (and I employed the literary technique of personification of the World, which even if arguably is a living sort of thing, it is not itself sentient.)

I just started off the week in a mood to challenge the World's Idiocy and frightening low standards. I can't blame it on Monday. But is the moon still going to be full tonight?

Nah, I checked. La Lune will be (92%) Waning Gibbous tonight.

Ok I just must be in one of those moods when I can not bear to suffer any stupid shit.

More so than usual, I recon!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

You're Not The Boss Of Me!!!

Ok, I started off making that statement personal, but my point is not that I am complaining against or fighting against someone taking liberties against me. Actually, there is usually (barring someone pulling a gun or such on me, or someone I really care about) only one way for anyone to have any power over me at all:

(a) I must love them, and
(b) I must, either deliberately or tacitly, give them power over me and my psyche, my well being, my emotions, my will.

I am just talking generally about the bad things the wrong people will try to do to other folk.

You know what I mean, I hope?

Ya ya. That does not mean some asshole can't get on my nerves, and make me waste precious time thinking about them, but that is not really control; that is a reaction to negative experience. And there are a handful of people I have met in this life (real life and the stinking internet) who I would love to "plank." But I don't spend all that much time thinking about the scum I have met in life.

Rightly or wrongly, I am a hard grader on other people. I let very few people in. I am not at all a trusting sort. I am not really paranoid, but I expect people to be true to their own nature, and unfortunately too many folk are self-centered and selfish, combative, rude, lacking any sense of actual self awareness, and not very trustworthy. Now I can't say that is because I don't want to let many people "have a piece of me" and be able to exert any control of me.

However, I can't say that is not part of the equation either.

Now before I go off on another tangent, I will wrap this one up. Yes, there is not much any individual can do to change folk who are self-centered and selfish, combative, rude, lacking any sense of actual self awareness, and not very trustworthy . . . .

but for . . .

keeping them at a distance.

Generally works for me!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

I Have Publicly SWORN off Ranting, So . . .

consider this just another of my observations, please?

Hey that is a good place to start. The word PLEASE.

Please is a charming, mannerly and very useful word. Likewise, I hold the pair of words "Thank you," in such high regard. It is frightfully indecent how many people do not use those words, habitually. Some need to take measures to remind themselves about the need, the timing, and proper circumstances for their mandatory use. Some need prompting. Some need to be smacked in the face with a plank, before the critical synapses fire off the electro-chemical signal to their brains, and they remember:

"OH SHIT! The World Really Does Not revolve around me and my wants and needs. Someone did something for me (or I want someone to do something for me.) I should never expect that. And I should THANK THEM (or ask politely if I want them to do anything even something small for me.)"

In a related matter, next week at work should be sooooo much more bearable. The co-worker who sits near me who so often needs to be "PLANKED" (as described above), will be away for the week.

Ahhh, sometimes life can be rewarding.

Thank you!

(Note to self; consider drafting a longer bit on the pandemic of selfishness.)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tempted to Revisit Trodden Ground . . .

Yes, the urge to babble and fume about things I have already is upon me (internet culture, mean people, political partisans, folk who fail to appreciate the HUGE difference between viewing the world with child-like wonder as opposed to acting like foul and bratty children.) But today I think I will sort of touch on some of that, by addressing the Asshole Question.

Yes, I am talking about humans who's personality, demeanor, and conduct earn them the accurate description:


Granted, one person's asshole is another's forgiven poor, minor, weak, fair-weather friend (covered that already with my vamps on things like confirmation bias and groupthink.) But honestly, if your Buddy acts like an asshole to other people, but not you (or not most of the time, he or she is STILL AN ASSHOLE!

Now I am not talking about people who can act like an asshole on their bad days (unless their bad days are something like 100 days out of the year -- that makes one too-often an asshole, which is close to being mostly an asshole, which is the same as being a plain asshole.) I am talking about them dog-shit on the bottom of your shoe on any given day, can't make it through a single day with out stinking the room or fouling the couch, no matter what counterbalancing qualities they have, they basically are . . . just plain assholes.

GAWD! I hate assholes!

Now from my unscientific POV, there are mainly two kinds of assholes:

Them that know they are assholes, and them that don't.

Personally I rather deal with "Them that know." If you are dealing with a self-aware asshole, you can shut them up in the middle of their assholeness, by complimenting them on how big an asshole they are. After all, what is the core of a real true dedicated asshole? Excessive and unwarranted SELF LOVE. You can buy a few moments peace by acknowledging their prowess.

However??? Them that are clueless to their assholeness? Them are the worst ones.

Their excessive and unwarranted SELF LOVE is so malignant, so pathological, so delusional, that they operate day to day, 24/7, 365 a year under the unfathomable delusion they are not in fact assholes but are not only decent people but . . . .

are SUPERIOR people.

I don't believe in the Death Penalty, but I will be willing to make an exception for delusional assholes; they can't be cured, unless the ever get to the point (for whatever reason) of developing enough of an accurate sense of self awareness to realize

they are the scum of the earth, and embrace that fact.

Not likely, though.

Generally speaking, assholes (no matter which flavor) are uncurable.

Save some life threatening or changing event that forces them to really look deep inside their selves, past the facade of normalcy (or embracing the evil selfish qualities that infect their personalities like pus in a blister), real assholes are assholes for life.

I am sick of assholes.

Someone PLEASE!!! Save me from the Assholes! At least, be nice to me, damnit!
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