Friday, March 11, 2011

Peter King's Racist Hearing.

(Before I even get to the issues raised in and about the hearing itself. The pictures of "The Girls," on fire in the hearing room? That was actually as offensive as the racist mindset behind the hearing. But on a whole different level. What sort of sick mother fucker decorates a room with people burning to death and falling to their deaths? Doesn't matter if you don't see them dying in the pictures. We all fucking know people were fucking dying in the moment of time that picture was taken. Dying as horribly as with as much suffering that humans can be made to suffer. Actually. Making the analogy of the US Government's displaying those pictures in a public government room to a human being, displaying that picture is every bit as mother fucking insane as a victim of rape displaying a picture of herself being raped, in her living room. Sick mother fuckers! But I digress . . . .)

Ya. I have no problem saying it that way. Did Mr. Racist Chairman King have a hearing on domestic terror? Nope. How about domestic "radical" terror? No. He zeroed in on Muslims. And he took Hillary's famous "It Takes a Village," remark, turned it upside down, twisted it, and then used it as an indictment against the innocent. I think Donny Deutsch said it best (on Morning Joe a day or two ago, I think) that we did not blame moderate whites for Oklahoma City (and whatever other white American, radical, evil shit he may have mentioned.) So why is it ok to do that for Muslims? Most of them have brown or at least not even close to white skin, maybe?

So I call out Mr, Racist Chairman King as a racist, without hesitation or guilt. Either he himself believes the racist premises that underlie his theory behind the need for that hearing on that narrowly defined scale, or he is such a cynical, evil bastard that he's playing to that wing of the GOP. And where racism goes, we grade based on the rules of the game of Horseshoes. Close is close enough. More importantly, generally, you own the shit you publish, and the shit you do. So if you sign on for the racist "crusade," you get stuck with the label of racist crusader. It's that simple, dammit.

And I know that some white Americans, usually right wingers, think that being called a racist is the horror of horrors. (Ironically, but not in the least bit surprisingly, though, they fail to understand that's nothing compared to dealing with the business end of racism. The fuck wads.) And unfortunately it seems this racist, apologist mindset is taking hold in society. Consider the fake NPR scandal. I say fuck that shit. I will continue to call out racist bastards where and when I see them. I don't give a fuck about the sensitivities of even weakly borderline racists. Never mind, mother fuckers need to be called out on that shit. Still. All the damn time and almost all over the place, seems.

I expressed the idea, if not here, on my FB page, that I hoped that someone or some ones called King out during the hearing as a racist. And I mean in the harsh, accusatory, call that shit out for what it is way I do here. And that did not happen. Shit. Damn. Missed opportunity. But Rep. Ellison's take down was a thing of beauty to see. He was much more restrained than I would have been. That shows the difference between him, a Congressman, and me, some on again off again advocate for such things. And as a lawyer (who hasn't argued in court in years) I know that for an effective cross examination, one does not really go scorched earth on some one's ass. But that was not court. That wasn't even merely a government hearing. It was a public spectacle, with nationwide media coverage. I would not have been satisfied with Counting Coup (that Native American Warrior custom of merely scoring a mostly symbolically hit on the opponent.)

This is hard ball politics. If I had the chance to destroy Mr. Racist Chairman's "face" (not literally, but in the psychic sense) I would have. I would have deliberately tried to (again metaphorically) drill down into the deepest darkest cesspits of his ugly mind, and let loose the racist hate, and the rage, and the contempt that lies there, barely under control. I would have tried to make him blow his lid. Now that would have made for some "Must See TV."

And I say again! Peeps on my team. Remember. Behind the facade of every right wing Republican bully is a weakling and a coward. There's an emotionally and intellectually deficient basket case there, right below the surface. And you don't have to dig deep to expose it. And that is what we need to do against these fuckers. We need to keep their true faces exposed as much as possible. One of the main reasons we have not utterly defeated them, or at least neutralized them, is they keep that facade up too much. Got to keep the ugly showing. That is the way to keep moderates and indys from voting for them.

Lastly, apologies for my going heavier than usual with the cussing. The combination of GOP exploitation of 911 and GOP Racism as topics got my pirate blood boiling.

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Blogger Ebon Krieg said...

I found your site googling "rhetorical despotism." Thank you for your honesty and I will be looking forward to your commentary in the future.

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