Friday, May 19, 2023

I Will Mute Professor Loury, Yet Again.

He has crossed over from a cranky old man act, to full on troll.

That is above and beyond being a pseudo. 

Anyway, as of today he posted two clips on YT.  That I will not suffer.  

One bore the headline Obama was an empty suit.  The other was about the judgment (right wing white supremacist talking point) that Anti Racism is a scam.

First the trolling of P. Obama.  I don't mean to demean teaching generations of young minds as accomplishing nothing in life.  So let me say but for what ever good he did as an academic? He hasn't done dick.  Next to P. Obama.  Loury sold out for nigger money, and his conservative books and conservative awards will soon be forgotten.  He will never get the status of Thomas Sowell.  And that negro ain't shit, even.

And the "antiracism is a scam" troll?  What is a bigger scam than Republican/conservative publishing?  There is that famous 1971 memo  by Lewis Powell to the US Chamber of Commerce,  that is a road map for capitalist pig dog domination of politics in America.  It called for the creation of conservative think tanks, and other kinds of conservative institutions and terrorist cells, to poison the nation with pro capitalist pig dog nonsense. And work done for the likes of them is basically Loury's side hustle, like 

The Manhattan Institute?

Shit like that shit house.

Scam?  Negro please!  Look in the mirror!

Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

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