Tuesday, September 28, 2021

White Racists, and Not White Enablers Pedal This Black on Black Crime, Racist Bullshit.


Instead of going on a tear about how this kind of 'we white people get to set the narrative,' (proving their white entitlement, if not racism) bullshit. I will take a moment or two to repeat the real question.  And but first I will repeat the wrong question.

The question is not whether America is a racist nation?  The question is how can any country in the Americas not be racist?  If someone wants to figure out which Caribbean black and brown majority countries, with black and brown majority governments and power elites, and are actually functional, are actually less racist?  That means I am taking Haiti off the list.  Obviously!  Have at it.  It would be a better use of time than fucking white racists running around, or just blabbing on the Internet about the horrors of 'black on black crime.' And they might actually learn something beyond their so limited it is useless, understanding of black issues here in the Americas.  

Point is.  They are still contaminated somewhat, somehow, from white on not white racism.  but I have been to the Bahamas.  Seemed nice there.  Racially.  For a black or brown skinned person.  Wasn't there long. But I have to be clear here.  I wish I felt as 


in the USA as I did walking around in the Bahamas.  Granted.  I could literally disappear into the crowd in one of the larger cities in Brazil.  But Brazi has been getting more racist, so I have read, heard.  And that was before that Nazi became head of state.  

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