Wednesday, February 17, 2021

White Pickaninny

 It has been some time, since I was a trend setter;  ahead of the curve.  Like four weeks, maybe?  

Anyway, I propose we dump the word "Karen," at least for the trashy, right wing, entitled skanks  who are at least racist adjacent, if not flaming racist, and instead call them, "White Pickaninnies."

I like this, and think it is fitting for several reasons.  Firstly, because I love the idea of taking a racist slur whites have used against blacks, and repurposing it against white racists. And secondly, because the term pickaninny historically brings to mind an exaggerated image.  As originally employed, in some instances, as there is a difference when young black children were called pickaninnies, as opposed to the caricatures found in print and other media, white racist Karens are actual living, breathing caricatures.  They are grotesques of their own making and choosing.  

I have been thinking about this topic, racist Karens, as I am feeling the weight of 21st Century Denialist Racism.  All them bitches who deny America is still racist?  All them bitches still fighting against CRT and 1619 Project, and who basically want to preserve white supremacy?  Fuck them!  Particularly fuck the ones in denial of their own flaming racist thoughts, beliefs, and words.  

I know enough about Psychology to know that people can be really good at denial.  But I am fucking sick of it.  I am fucking sick of being a Black/Brown in America, and being expected to treat, if only slightly, watered down racism as if it were a mere different POV.

I am so sick of that shit!

Anyway.  Some famous racist Republican died today.  Fuck him too.

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