Sunday, May 10, 2020

The GOP. Party of Crack Heads!

I usually vent on my FB wall. But there is some shit I just can't put up there. So here it is. I found this delicious nugget on an add-on twitter burn list, to an article flaming Todd Starnes for a whiny post about how he was forced to use hand sanitizer and wear a mask to shop for a toaster. There were better flames in the replies. But this one is great because it is universal for all dicks, douches, and deplorables.
Not really, but in a world where I make the rules, this should be the core of a blanket attack campaign on the GOP. They sound like they are on crack. They act like they are on crack. Just say no to crackheads in elected office!
(The stupidity of the things a GOP conspiracy theory spewing GOPer says are definitely on a par with the stupid shit crack heads say. Brain not working. Brain not functioning. Insane in the membrane.)

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